Becoming Her Real Man
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I'll never forget the first moment I laid my lucky eyes on you...
I'm enjoying a few pints and in a great mood, and lucky for me, in you stumble-- you, the sexy young feisty sex goddess, strut into the pub showing too much cleavage and too little clothing covering your totally fuckable ass. It's an upscale touristy-like pub. You're definitely cruising for cock. I eye-fuck you and you smile back, but you cozy up across the bar and start shamelessly flirting with some lame, much too older men. I'm thrilled to see you're basically begging for their attention, and then I realize, you're a working girl. You're flirting to get them to pay for some fun.
Now I'm not one to pay to play, but for you I'll make an exception. I wait until you've stumbled back out of the back room with what must be your first client a few steps ahead of you with a big smile on his face. I walk right up to you with a shit eating grin on my face. Your sexy eyes see my movements and you freeze in your tracks, with a broad smile forming across your sensual lips coated with a fresh bit of come-fuck-me lipstick.
But then you shyly look away. Out of the corner of my eye I catch you looking across the room, towards a guy. I quickly ascertain by your questioning look and his sheepish nod that you're together somehow.
"Hello, beautiful," I say.
"Hi there, big man," you coo while dragging your nails across my barrel chest.
"So does your caretaker over there approve of me taking you into that back room?"
"Oh, um, yeah, he's actually my boyfriend, and he just watches after me and protects me, but he's cool with it all." You bat your eyes as the important part was about to be conveyed. "And even though you're very cute, there is a menu you could choose from based on what you want, but it does cost money to date me."
I laugh. "Date you? Honey, I'm going to fuck you. In fact, I can guarantee that you'll never be the same after I ruin your holes. And your wimpy little boyfriend over there is going to secretly love watching you become my bitch."
"Listen, you can't talk to me like that," you snap back, but as you see me reach into my pocket and pull out a huge stash of big bills, your tone changes. "Okay, so it's three hundred pounds for anal, two hundred for my pussy and a hundred for a BJ. Trust me, I'm worth it." You wink and push your tits out.
"I'm sure you are my dear. How about this? I'm going to give you a thousand pounds and you're going to do whatever the fuck I want to you for the next hour. I have a hotel room across the street. Your little wimp is welcome to come sit in the lobby."
The large stash of cash hits your hands and some nerve deep inside you is struck by my cocky demeanor. You are instantly drenched and curious as to if I could be your new favorite rich client. You tell me you'll be right back and you rush the money over to your boyfriend. He tries to size me up and he cannot hold my rigid stare back. He smiles and says he'll follow behind us but you have already made your mind up that you're about to my fucktoy for the foreseeable future.
When you walk back up to me, I grab your hand, and lead you out of the pub and across the street to the nicest most expensive hotel in town. You've only been inside a few occasions and you hope the doormen will let you back in.
The doormen greet me and you can tell I am a regular customer. I hand them each a tenner and one of them says that they just finished cleaning the penthouse for me and that fresh champagne should be out on the porch as requested. Your level of intrigue hits a new high. We enter the elevator and you quickly take a look back to see your boyfriend walking behind entering the hotel. You can tell he's uneasy with how quickly this has developed.
Once the elevator doors close I use my penthouse card to gain access to the top floor. You get even more anxious as I give you a thorough look up and down.
Abruptly I say, "So the other lad you went with in the back room, which hole did he use?"
You blush but feel your wet cunt gushing at my brazenness. "Ummm, well, he just wanted a blow job, but I promise, I cleaned up-"
I grab you and give you a deep kiss. My tongue forces its way into your mouth and you feel me probing all around. You are taken aback, and I break the kiss.
"Yes, you did freshen up. I can barely taste cock in your mouth. Tell me, what's your name?"
You are breathing hard now for some reason, and you stammer out, "Stacey, sir."
"Good girl, Stacey. I think you'll do just fine."
Ding. The doors open to a beautiful penthouse with 360 degrees of huge windows. All curtains are drawn back so sunlight fills the room.
"Stacey, take your clothes off and walk out to the patio."
It wasn't a question, and hence you don't question the command. You think about it, the fact that you would be exposing yourself to onlookers down below, but you don't hesitate when you realize you have a whale of a client on the ropes.
My reluctance to grab you, fuck you, and cum for you is bugging you. I nonchalantly walk outside, watch you pace around trying to fake your comfort in the nude out in the open, and act as a true gentleman and pour you a glass of champagne, then myself one. I clink your glass, stare at your sexy eyes as we take a sip together, and then motion for you to sit down with me on the outside couch.
"So tell me about that little wimp you call a boyfriend. Does he like to watch?"
"He isn't a wimp," you say and I smile, enjoying that I am striking a nerve. "He's very open sexually and obviously so am I, so we enjoy this together. Sometimes he likes me to tell him what men do to me, or sometimes he likes to see me get used or right afterwards, I can't tell you everything, I just met you."
"Stacey, you can, and will tell me everything."
"But, sir, I don't even know your name. I mean, this is cool and all, and you've paid me a lot of loot for my time, but you really do think you're some kind of big shot, I mean, like I said, I don't even know your name."
"My name is inconsequential. Stacey, from here on out, you will call me Master. In time, your little boyfriend will call me Master too. And from what I can tell, you're going to love how I'm going to treat you and your little boyfriend." You notice how I don't call him a wimp again, and you like it. I enjoy relishing that you don't object to me calling him little. Compared to my 6'2" broad shoulders and overly imposing stature, he is tiny.
You are still shellshocked as to my arrogance, and the fact that I just met you and told you you would call me Master is almost laughable to you, but you can't control it. Your inner thighs have your pussy juices dripping down them and you can't stop squirming in your seat wishing I would reach out and touch you. Almost too naturally, you can't look me in the eye, and you respond to me, "Yes, Master."
Things move quickly but to you they don't move quickly enough. I dive onto you. My mouth engulfs one nipple and then another. Your mouth flies open when the force of my sucking your big nips turns from pleasure to borderline pain. You feel like a vacuum is on your tits. Before you know what has happened, three of my fingers shove themselves down your throat, and like a well-trained fucktoy, you instantly suck on them and throw your tongue around them in circles, bathing them in your slickest saliva.
The second you feel the fingers pulling out of your mouth you instinctively spread your legs. Knowing three fingers are about to plunge into your soaking gash you spread your legs wide. You're almost embarrassed how wide your force your legs and you stare into my eyes hoping your new Master loves what he sees in your pussy with visible dampness all over your sexy, powerful thighs.
Two of my big manly fingers roughly find their way home in your shaved cunt and the third prods its first digit in your tight asshole. You moan slightly enjoying how hot, how fast and how forceful I am. My mouth leaves your tits as it envelops your mouth and you moan into my tongue as my third finger drives its entirety up that cute little asshole of yours.
The rythym picks up and you unabashedly gyrate your cunt and ass on my hand. You've never been finger fucked like this before and you can feel you're getting close to an uncontrollable orgasmic release. I use my other hand to expertly shed my belt and pants and drop my boxers revealing a cock that makes your mouth water. Thick, veiny, the perfect length.
Your cute innocent eyes look up to me in a both of sign of begging and thanking me for putting you on the verge of cuming so soon. I increase my hands' pace in your holes, and nothing is said as we enjoy hearing the sound of my fingers smashing in and out, curling inside your cunt and using my offhand to strum your clit. Your head is thrown back and then you lower your chin to your chest amazed with how hard my hands are making you cum as you stare down to your crotch and are shocked to see my strong forearms' muscles ripping back and forth as I push you over the edge.
You look up at me as your pussy begins twitching and you feel my left hand rubbing your clit even harder and in the most natural, submissive way, you lock eyes with me and scream, "Thank you, Master!" as the most pounding waves of orgasm rip through your hot body. You shake and writhe back and forth as I hold you down and continue my expert use of your pleasure box. You begin to beg for me to stop as another wave racks your body and you switch back to thanking me. Before you know it, your whole lower body is cramping, your cunt feels like a jet engine reverberating waves of pleasure throughout your midsection and the last thing you see before your eyes roll back is a big smirk on my face.
When you come to, I am relaxing shirtless in my underwear, reading the Financial Times and you startle yourself back awake with the shame that you came to the point of passing out.
"Hello, Stacey. I'm sure you enjoyed that, there's no need to thank me. But you have an important decision to make."
"Un-huh, what?"
"Well, the hour is up, and by the amount of annoying beeps your phone has been producing, I think your little wimp wants to know if you're okay."
You scramble to get your phone, look at the time and realize you must been asleep for almost nintey minutes.
"Before you reply, I want you to know that I am disappointed that for that kind of money, I haven't even been taken care of, and almost as importantly, I believe I am due some free time for making you cum better than you ever have before. Don't worry, you don't need to tell me. I know. And besides, you haven't even cum with my cock in you yet."
I stand and yank my boxers off, letting my cock free and jutting towards your face as you sluttily stare and lick your lips as I walk to you. Nothing needs to be said, you forget about your phone in your hands, forget about reading his several texts or listening to any of his voicemails, as you feel my cockhead enter your mouth, and you know right then and there, you've never been as excited to suck cock in your life. The head fits perfectly in your mouth and you love knowing you're going to have to work your throat and jaw to get enough down to please me. You look at me, see me smiling, and instantly feel a connection you've never felt before. I pull your head off my cock.
"I think you should text him and tell him you're going to spend the night with me. That is, if you want to."
I plunge my cock down your throat using my large hands to demand a deep throat from you. Feeling your gag reflex, I pull out and you disappointingly watch my cock retreat as I go back to my chair.
You grab your phone and text:
-hey. sorry. I fell asleep. long story. I owe him more time. he's really great. sexy as hell. huge cock. i'll be awhile. don't worry.
You set the phone down and crawl over to me. You enjoy seeing my eyes watch your swaying ass as you crawl, feeling even more juice leak between your legs as you finally get your lips back on my cock and don't even notice as I pick up your phone from the ottoman and see your little boyfriend's response:
-ok. I love you. i'll wait downstairs.
As I use one hand to force you deeper on my cock, I use the other to type on your phone:
-this is her new Master. Her holes belong to me now. We'll be awhile but I will send for you when I finally decide to fuck her. It will be important for you to hear her profess her love for my cock for the first time, so you can realize who she truly loves. Now make yourself useful and go buy some lube and rope. Sometimes I need to tie sluts down when I take their ass for the first time. You'll understand.
I set the phone down and lean my head back, thrilled to hear the devoted work that Stacey's doing on my cock as the noises of my cock pummeling her throat reverberate around my balls covered in her saliva. I love a good, thorough, sloppy blow job. This girl might be a keeper.
End of Chapter 1.
As always, this series will be dedicated to my new slut, Stacey, and her very generous boyfriend, Jamie.
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