Late Night at the Station - Part One
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Damn... I knew I'd left something. The paperwork! How could I forget it? I groaned and walked back into the empty station. I quickly ran into the other side of the interrogation room. I grabbed the file and sighed. Good. It was still here.
I was about to walk out of the room when I heard voices.
"Kevin!" I heard a woman squeak. "Can we be in here?"
"Not at all, baby, but it's just more exciting," a male voice rumbled. I knew that voice. It was the voice of Kevin Greendale, a bass ass cop who was a little more than just hot. I'd often fantasised about him when I touched myself.
I saw the door to the interrogation room open, the side I was not in. I looked through the one-way glass and saw them run into the room. They were both grinning as they kissed each other. I knew I should leave. I knew it was wrong to watch them, but I couldn't help it. I sat on the chair and put the paperwork down next to me.
Kevin ripped off the girl's shirt; buttons flew everywhere. To my surprise she wasn't wearing a bra. Her brown nipples stuck out of her B sized tits hard. She then ripped off Kevin's shirt; the same reaction happened.
Kevin moved his mouth down to her nipples and sucked one of them before clamping his teeth down on it. Hard. The girl screamed and squirmed and Kevin repeated the action to the next nipple.
I slowly un-buttoned my shirt. My silk purple bra come off too, at the same time Kevin ripped the girls skirt off. I slowly pulled on my pink nipples. My breasts were bigger than the girl's at 34C. I groaned softy as I saw the wet patch on her knickers. What a dirty girl.
Kevin's removed his trousers too and began lightly rubbing her wet pussy with one of his thick fingers, over her panties. She bit her lip and sighed. 
"Amy, how about we try something new?" Kevin asked Amy, her name I was guessing.
"What did you have in mind Kevin?" she purred.
"I find it really hot when a girl squirts, Amy," Kevin whispered.
"Kevin... I can't squirt," she said with a sad look.
Kevin gently removed her panties and nibbled her ear, causing her to groan. "I think we should try." He growled before slamming Amy's little body down on the table. This time I squeaked. My hands travelled down to my skirt.
Kevin wrapped Amy's long legs around the table and fastened them with a pair of handcuffs. Where did he get them from? 
"This should keep your legs nice and wide." He grinned. As he spread Amy's pussy lips, I pulled my skirt down and my panties too. Amy's big clit popped out.
"Ah, my little friend has come out to play," Kevin teased as he stroked her clitty with one finger. Amy shuddered with a small whimper.
Without warning, Kevin slapped Amy's cunt hard. She let out as our gasp as she moaned. Kevin slapped her four more times and smiled. "Time for a few fingers, I think," Kevin said with a wink. He slammed two fingers into her wet pussy. Amy screamed again, but Kevin stilled inside her. Amy tried to move her hips but no friction would come.
"Oh, please!" begged Amy. That was when Kevin's fingers curled upwards, and I could tell he'd found her g- spot.
My fingers were slowly circling my clit as I watched the live porn in front of me. Amy started to spasm. She was going to squirt! I moved my hand faster awaiting her burst... But it didn't come. Instead I saw a yellowish liquid pour out of her tight cunt. Amy face went red. She kept repeating 'I'm sorry' as the liquid trickled out. That's when I realised - she'd pissed herself!
"Aww, poor baby, can't hold it in?" Kevin said meanly. Then he laughed in her face! I kept circling my clit.
Then Kevin did the unexpected. He licked her slit. Licked all her piss out of her cunt! "Mmmm," I heard Kevin moan as he tasted her pee. He softly sucked on her clit, as Amy panted. A finger slipped inside my pussy. I slowly curled it up to my g-spot. My hips started to move as I saw Kevin tongue her moist hole quickly. Her big clit started to throb. I could see it throbbing! 
"Oh god, oh god, oh god!" Amy screamed as she came hard onto Kevin's tongue
I saw Kevin the whisper in Amy ear. She nodded and he left the room. I was cumming hard in my fingers. I knew when I could squirt soon. Amy's pussy looked red and wet. I looked at the pussy and instantly started to feel the urge to cum. 
That's when I heard the door to the room I was in open. Kevin stood at the door. I quickly whipped my fingers out of my pussy but ended up groaning as I did because three shots of squirts followed my fingers out. My face went red, but Kevin smirked. 
"You liked watching Amy and I?"
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