My best friend's dad part two
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It had been three months since I snuck into my best friends dads bedroom and ended up having sex with him. We had continued our affair ever since, sneaking around. I would go over when his wife was at work or stay home from college to have fun with him.
I couldn't stop thinking about him. He was always on my mind. I thought about him so much that I stopped enjoying sex with my actual boyfriend and we broke up. It wasn't a tragic loss, he was just a boy. A young and inexperienced boy. My new lover was a man. A strong, sexy, confident man with great skills in the bedroom.
I stood in my bedroom alone. I lay down on my bed and stared at the ceiling, thinking about him. I thought about the things we had done together. We had explored each others bodies so much that I knew every part of him. I knew what he liked and what he didn't. I knew what made him moan...
I suddenly realised I was playing with myself. I decided to carry on. I licked my fingers and began to rub my clit again, thinking about him. We had acted out our fantasies, he was my teacher and I was his naughty student. He would smack my ass to teach me a lesson. He was the police officer handcuffing me to the bed, so I wouldn't escape while he did a full body examination.
He was always in control. I liked it. I began to rub harder and faster, images shooting through my mind. The moaning, the pleasure and the hot sweaty bodies rubbing against each other. I rubbed even faster and my body began to shake with pleasure and one final image of him came into my mind before I let myself go. I sighed in relief and panted a little. I was so hot.
My best friend had no idea still and neither did her mum. It was our dirty little secret. After I had finished playing with myself, my phone made a noise and I ran to pick it up. It was a text from him. It said, come over, now. I didn't stop to think. I grabbed my bag and keys and headed out of the door and down the street.
He only lived around the corner. I thought about what he would do to me today. I got warm and wet. When I got there I took a moment, took a deep breath and knocked on his door. I heard footsteps and he opened it, smiling down at me. His dark brown chocolate eyes stared at me.
He let me in and we went into the kitchen. He had two glasses of wine set out on the table. We drank them in silence. We didn't talk much. It was mostly a sexual relationship. After we had the wine I headed for the bedroom, but he pulled me back.
"Not up there today. In here."
He lead me into the living room. He had set out a video camera, pointing to the sofa. I remembered now, he had said he wanted to record us having sex. That was fine by me. I would do anything to please him. Anything.
He told me to take off my clothes and I did. I took my top off and unhooked my bra, letting it fall to the ground. I slid out of my skirt and pulled down my thong. He stood still and stared at me for a while. He pressed a button on the camera and a red light came on, recording.
I felt a bit cold, my nipples were hard. He came over and rubbed them until they were warm again. He kissed me softly on my lips. Then moved across my cheekbones, and kissed down my neck. He sucked it a little and kissed down to my shoulder and down to my breasts. He moved the tip of his tongue around my nipples, circling them. Then he licked right across them. And sucked them. He moved down my belly and down to my area, kissing it. The he made me lie down on the sofa and open my legs.
He moved the camera for a better view. He licked the lips around my opening. And licked my clit, flicking it with his tongue making me twitch a little and moan quietly. He put his tongue inside me and licked me all over inside. It felt great. Amazing. He licked me clean, I felt wetter and warmer.
He rubbed my clit with his fingers and then put them inside me. He jiggled them about inside me and it felt great. He pushed them in and out. He slowly went faster. I really enjoyed the feeling. He was so great at it. He knew what he was doing.
He took out his fingers and made me lick them clean. It tasted great. He took of his shirt and pulled out his throbbing penis. It was huge, hard and I wanted it inside me. I took it in my hand and put it straight into my mouth. I licked the tip, round and round. Then sucked the tip, moving down further. I sucked up and down, slowly getting the whole thing in my mouth. I gently let me teeth graze against him while I sucked and went down again taking it all in.
He moaned in pleasure which turned me on even more. I grabbed his balls and massaged them while I sucked harder and faster. He moaned louder and louder. I sucked up and down and rubbed his balls while he rubbed my hair in pleasure. But he stopped me before he had the chance to cum. He wanted to wait.
He lay me down once again and opened my legs. He tied my hands together and blindfolded me. This was exciting. He opened my legs wide..
"I want to try something new today, can you see through that blindfold?" he asked me.
"Nope, not a thing. Just blackness." I said truthfully. I could see nothing.
"Good. Wait here I will be right back." he said.
I heard him leave the room. I lay there, naked and tied up on his sofa. The camera was still rolling. I felt cold again and knew my nipples were hard. I wondered what he was doing. A few minutes passed before I heard footsteps coming back in and the door closed. I heard the camera move again. And then felt fingers run down my body, across my breasts and down to my area. It felt like he was wearing gloves.
"Are you wearing gloves?" I asked.
"Yes, they're massage gloves." he answered.
"Ive never heard of them." I told him.
There was no answer, he was too busy to talk. He fingered me slowly and then rubbed my clit a little. This only lasted a minute though and then I felt his penis around my opening. It moved around it a little, rubbing it, teasing me. Then he slowly entered me. He felt different somehow. I thought he had some kind of lube on.
He pushed inside me and pulled out. He did it again, faster this time. I rubbed my clit while he did it. He went faster and harder, ramming into me. I rubbed quicker and it felt amazing. I moaned loudly and he continued to slide in and out faster.
I panted and bit my lips. He was so fast this time, and he hit my spot every time he pushed inside me.
"Oh my god! This feels so great. Oh wow." I shouted.
He continued to push in and out, now also moving his hips so his penis was moving around inside me which felt even better. I could feel the tip near my belly, jiggling about in and out.
I began to really moan loudly. I could feel myself reaching the end and I rubbed much quicker and harder, also rubbing my nipples and moving my hips into his as he thrust into me. I couldn't take it for much longer and let out a loud moan and felt myself cum. I panted a while and then realised he didn't cum like he normally did. He normally would normally cum and I would lick him clean. But he didn't. He pulled out of me and I heard footsteps as he got up.
"That was great." he said.
Before I had chance to answer I heard another voice, a woman's voice.
"Thanks baby. You were right she is sexy."
It was his wife. My best friends mum. I felt my hands being unstrapped and my blindfold came off. I lay there naked, looking at him and his wife. I was confused at first, then I saw her wearing a strap on penis. She had fucked me while he recorded it. They both smiled at me.
"Don't looked so afraid, you were great. It's no wonder my husband talks about you so much." she said to me.
"What? Erm, you talk about me? You knew about us?" was all I could say.
"Yes, she knew about us. We are swingers. We do this kind of thing. It keeps our sexual relationship hot and interesting. We have a lot of video tapes of our other lovers." he told me.
I couldn't believe it. Swingers. I didn't know what to think.
"I really don't know what to say. Why didn't you tell me?" I asked him.
"I thought it would be more fun this way." he said with a cheeky grin.
I couldn't stay mad at him when he looked at me like that.
We spent the rest of the afternoon watching our sex tape. They both gave me compliments and advice on the things I did. It was a very strange day. They offered to take me to their swingers club, but I decided I wasn't into the swinger thing and said I wouldn't be sleeping with him again. There were no hard feelings between any of us.
My best friend never found out I had had sex with her dad and her mum.
But I did get a copy of the tape. For memories.
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