The Cuckold's Reward - Jeff's Story - Part III
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Jeff never wanted Philip to visit them; there were too many dangers. He feared that Elle might fall in love with him, for one thing. He knew that she would enjoy Philip in bed more that she enjoyed him. He had no doubt that breaking the taboo of sleeping with a black man would make the sex more exciting but would she want more and more of it? He knew the saying about ‘Once a girl goes black’!
There was also the fact that no other man had touched her apart from himself. Once that boundary was crossed would it open the floodgates for more men? He could hardly say no to her once he had allowed her to sleep with Philip could he?
Most of all was his fear about himself. He was already finding that the thought of Philip fucking Elle was exciting him. It just shouldn’t be; a man should not be getting turned on at the thought of another man fucking his wife. Though he was also jealous at the thought of her with Philip he was also excited. What if he wanted her to do it again and again? What if he became hooked on her sleeping with other men? There were so many fears to contend with.
He never wanted Philip to visit them but the following Saturday afternoon he found himself opening the door to a black stranger standing on his doorstep. He found it hard to imagine that the well dressed gentleman, who looked more like a businessman than anything else, was a man who enjoyed fucking other men’s white wives.
He watched him closely as he shook Elle’s hand. He watched his eyes quickly look her up and down and the saw the smile that lit up his face. There was excitement there. There was lust. He also saw Elle’s reaction. Her eyes never went down as far as his feet. They stopped at his groin. They didn’t just stop; they lingered. Philip smiled again but Jeff winced from the pain of jealousy.
They went into the kitchen and sat down at the table and talked over coffee. It was just small talk at first. Philip owned a small hotel chain, inherited from his father, and was involved in the tourism industry. He was also well educated; his parents having educated him at a private school in the South of England. He could tell that Elle liked him and he could see the chemistry between them growing. Every now and again Philip would look across at her and smile.
It was Elle who brought up the subject of the purpose of his visit when she asked him why he wasn’t married.
“Well, with my lifestyle I wouldn’t make a very good husband; at least not a faithful one,” he told her.
Elle laughed.
“And is your visit purely business?” she asked him.
He smiled, looked at Jeff and then looked at Elle, “Well that depends on you good people.”
He was putting both of them on the spot now. Elle suddenly got up and excused herself before leaving the room.
“So Jeff,” he said, “Elle and me, is it going to happen?”
Jeff opened his mouth to speak but couldn’t find the words to say.
“You know that Elle wants me don’t you?” he said. “And it goes without saying that I want her.”
Jeff still sat there in silence.
“It’s not going to happen without your say so Jeff,” he said just as Elle came back into the room.
This time instead of sitting next to him again she sat on the seat next to Phillip. Jeff was left in no doubt that this was a them and him situation.
“I...I don’t know.”
“That’s understandable Jeff,” Philip said, “I do know what goes through a cuckold’s mind. You’ll be torn between jealousy and sexual excitement.”
Jeff nodded in agreement.
“But you can rest assured that I have no intention of breaking up your marriage,” he told him. “Yes sure, I will fuck her as often as she will let me but she will always be your wife.”
Jeff watched as his hand suddenly rested on Elle’s thigh. His large black hand rested partly over the hem of her skirt and the stocking covered flesh of her lower thigh. Philip was making a statement.
“I would never want to leave you darling,” Elle said, “No matter how much I enjoyed being with Philip.”
Jeff could not take his off the sight of his hand on her leg. It was compelling. It was hurting and yet the sexual excitement was hard to contain.
“Is it yes or no Jeff?” Philip asked him.
Jeff started to shake his head as he looked away. “I...I don’t know. I just don’t know.”
There was silence for a few moments and then Philip stood up. “Is there anywhere more comfortable where we could go?”
Elle too stood up. “We can go into the lounge.”
Moments later they were sat together on the settee with Elle between the two men. Philip’s hand returned to Elle’s thigh and Jeff found himself staring at it again. Again there was a silence between them in an atmosphere of expectancy. Elle broke it by resting her hand on Jeff’s groin.
“ there anything I can do to help you make your mind up?”
His reaction was instantaneous. His cock sprang to full erection under her touch.
“Can I kiss Philip?”
Jeff was taken aback by her question. However, she did not wait for his answer. Elle turned and with one hand touching Philip’s cheek, she kissed him. It was a long and passionate one. Jeff just sat there watching and listening to the sound of their lips. A few minutes later she pulled away and turned to Jeff and kissed him as she touched his bulge again.
“Did you know that Philip is only the second man I have ever kissed in that way?”
Jeff was in a bit of a state of shock and just shook his head.
“Is that right?” Philip asked.
“Yes,” she told him.
“Well I feel very privileged.”
Elle smiled.
“And is there anything else that no other man has done that I could do for you?”
Elle was silent for a few moments and then gave Jeff’s bulge a squeeze, “I...I’ve never touched another man’s cock.”
Jeff’s jaw dropped but Philip made an open arm gesture. “Well I sure would like to be that second man,” he said.
Elle looked at Jeff and then turned to Philip. Her hand alighted on his bulge and then she pulled her other hand away from Jeff’s bulge and began to unzip Philip’s trousers. Jeff was mortified as he watched her pull the zipper down. She tried to reach inside with her hand but the gap was too small for her to get at Philip’s erection. “I need to unbuckle your pants,” she said.
Philip got to his feet and stood in front of her. Elle glanced at Jeff and then reached for the buckle of Philip’s trousers. Jeff helplessly looked on as she unbuckled his trousers and tugged them down. The bulge in Philips boxer shorts was huge. Elle touched it momentarily and then reached for the waistband. Moments later his boxers joined his trousers around his ankles.
Elle looked at the enormous cock jutting out before her for a few moments. Jeff found himself looking at it as well. Elle had already told him that it was bigger than his but he never realised until that moment just how much bigger and thicker it was.
“It’s enormous,” she commented as she reached for it.
Jeff watched her run her hand over it and then watched her cup the large testicle sac that hung below it.
“I didn’t know balls could grow that size,” she told him.
Jeff felt the pangs of jealousy hitting him as she leaned forwards and guided it to her lips. Philip groaned and reached out to stroke her hair.
“That’s it babe, you feed on it good,” he told her.
Elle did just that for a few moments as she cupped his testicles in the process. When she pulled away Jeff was left with the sight of Philip’s huge cock wet from the saliva of Elle’s mouth.
“Hmmm that was good babe,” Philip said as he began to kick off his shoes to step out of his trousers and pants.
Jeff felt that feeling of dread in the pit of his stomach but as Elle’s hand returned to his bulge he also felt a surge of sexual excitement.
“I’d like to be only the second man to take your panties off Elle,” Philip suddenly said as he sat down next to her.
Elle looked at Jeff and then stood up. Philip slid across to where she had been seated and reached for buttons at the side of the skirt she was wearing, “May I, Jeff?” he asked.
Jeff looked at him. What could he say? He knew that he should say no. He knew that he should put a stop to all this now; it had gone too far. He knew that the next step would take things beyond the point of no return but he just couldn’t bring himself to do it. He found himself giving a silent nod and seconds later Ell’s skirt was on the floor around her ankles.
Elle stepped out of her skirt and stood there in just a red blouse, red lacy panties and black stockings and suspenders. Philip reached out and rested his hands on her hips.
“Sure you want this?” he asked Jeff.
Jeff nodded.
His thumbs slipped inside the waistband of her panties and began pushing downwards. Suddenly Jeff gasped as her pussy came into view. She had shaved off her pubic hair. Philip made no comment as he took her panties all the way down to her ankles.
“Mmmmm,” he murmured, “very nice.”
Jeff seemed frozen in his seat as Philip ran his fingers over her mound. “Did you do this, Jeff?” he asked.
Before Jeff could say anything Elle said, “No. I did it this morning.”
“Mmmmm,” Philip said, “I just love a shaved pussy.”
Jeff was aghast.
“You do have a first,” she told him. “The first to touch me shaved.”
Jeff gasped. He didn’t know what to do or say as Philip ran his fingers up and down the grove between her pussy lips. He tried to look away but all he could focus on next was Philip’s erection. It seemed to be pointing directly at her pussy. It was almost as if it was honing in on her.
Elle suddenly disturbed his thoughts.
“I need Philip to fuck me, darling. Can he?”
Jeff glanced up at her. Her eyes were half closed and Philip was openly fingering her now. He could see that they were clearly glistening.
She looked down at him. “Please, darling?”
Jeff didn’t know what to say. Elle suddenly broke away and knelt down in front of him. It took her just a few seconds to unzip his trousers and release his cock. He was wet and sticky from his precum secretions. He opened his mouth to speak but Elle’s lips alighting on his cock stopped him. He closed his eyes momentarily and when he opened them he saw Philip getting down on the floor behind Elle.
It happened so quickly that he hardly had chance to take a breath. Elle pushed her bottom out and Philip was quickly into her. His cock slipped out of her mouth as she cried out. The size had clearly taken her by surprise. She pulled away from his groin and rested her head between his legs as she gripped his knees.
“God he’s big,” she cried out.
Jeff reached down and found himself stroking her hair. She was groaning; she was moaning and she was pushing her hips back and forth as Philip fucked her. Jeff could see Philip’s huge brown cock moving in and out of his wife. He could see Philips facial contortions as he enjoyed her tight pussy and he could hear the flesh slapping sounds coming from them both.
Elle reached with her hand and took hold of his cock again. As she slowly moved her hand up and down his sticky shaft, she began to shout out obscenities. She kept telling him how good Philip’s cock felt inside her and she also told Philip to fuck her harder. He didn’t need much persuasion.
Jeff watched his hands gripping tightly. He watched him reach and grab at her hair and he also watched him slap her bottom, telling her to move faster. He kept looking at her face as she cried out with each orgasm. He could see the enjoyment from the pleasure that Philip was giving her and he could also hear her thanks. Elle kept thanking him for letting Philip fuck her.
Her hand was still gripping his cock; she was still masturbating him. He tried holding back but his groan brought attention from Elle. She opened her eyes and looked up at him. Giving him a smile, she speeded her hand movements up. She wanted him to cum and he did. As he lay there groaning with his orgasm, Elle cried out to Philip to fill her pussy with his cum.
“I want your cum Philip,” she told him. “I want your cum deep inside me.”
Philip duly obliged.
They untangled a few minutes later. Philip stood up in front of him. His cock was still erect and it glistened with his cum and Elle’s juices. Elle sat back down next to him and kissed him briefly as Philip sat down next to her. Jeff watched as Philip parted Elle’s thighs. His purpose to expose her cunt; not just expose her but show Jeff the white cum that was gathering there. Philip touched her, gently squeezing her pussy lips together before releasing his grip.
“Time for your reward, Jeff,” Philip suddenly said.
Jeff looked puzzled.
“I think he wants you to go down on me, darling,” Elle said.
He looked at her; looked at Philip and then looked down at her pussy. Moments later he was on his knees between her thighs. He couldn’t stop himself; he couldn’t help himself. Jeff found himself lapping away at her pussy.
Elle began to groan and he looked up. Philip was kissing her. Not only that, he was also toying with her nipples. Philip glanced down at him, “That’s it, Jeff,” he said, “get her nice and ready for me. I’m taking her up to bed in a few minutes.”
Jeff found himself hurrying to complete his task.
A few minutes later he felt Elle’s hand on the back of his head. She gripped his hair and began to lift. Jeff opened his eyes as his head began to move away from her pussy. She was guiding him towards Philip’s cock. His huge thick cock, still wet with their juices was awaiting him. Jeff closed his eyes again as he surrendered himself.
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