Something Strange in Iowa, Part Five
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Even though he spent the night in a sleeping bag, on the hard floor of his wife’s church, Cain had the best night’s sleep in recent memory. Being snowed into the church with his wife’s extended family, spending the previous night initiating his wife’s young cousin, Ellie, in the ways of sexual pleasure, and then that afternoon in carnal delight with the girl’s mother, Sheri. Cain had been more tired than he could ever remember.
His wife, Carolyn, had doted on him, proud of him for saving her cousin and bringing the snowmobiles back to the church. She had made sure that the children allowed him to eat and go right to bed. She watched him sleep for a long time and didn't complain about his snoring.
The next morning, after getting cleaned up, Cain was sitting at a table, sipping coffee and checking the weather on his phone. It looked like the wind would finally die down tonight. Maybe tomorrow things would open up and they could make their way home.
As he sipped his coffee, he noticed his wife’s cousin-in-law, Brenda, make her way over and sit down in the chair beside him. She had her own coffee with her.
“How’s it look?” Brenda asked him, nodding to his phone.
“Looking better,” he said. “We probably won’t get out today though.”
“Good,” she said, taking a sip of her coffee and watching him over the rim of her mug.
The look in her eyes confused Cain. Good?
“Why good?” he asked, smiling at her politely. He tried to keep is eyes on hers, but they kept wandering down past her coffee mug. She was a very small-framed woman with medium sized breasts, but on her they were amazing. Cain couldn't be certain, but it looked like her nipples were hardening as she watched him.
“I have something to find out,” she said. Brenda had been seventeen or so when Cain had met her. She was dating Will, his wife Carolyn’s cousin. She had been lovely then and Cain had enjoyed watching her mature. Having three kids hadn't wrecked her figure at all. She was still trim and strong, even though she was now pushing forty.
Truth be told, Cain thought that she was too thin. Aside from her lovely breasts, she could have done with a few pounds of padding. Still, her face was lovely and she had tons of energy. He had always imagined her to be a wild-woman in bed.
“I would like to find out…” she said as she leaned in close to Cain, “why Sheri was in such a good mood yesterday when she got back here.”
Cain looked away from her and down to the table. He decided that saying nothing would be the best course of action. Saying anything right now might give him away.
He glanced at Brenda and she sat back in her chair and crossed her legs, holding her coffee up as if enjoying the aroma. Her honey colored hair was down around her shoulders. It looked damp, as if she had washed it in one of the bathroom sinks.
“I’m not sure what you mean,” he said and immediately cursed himself.
Brenda smiled. “No?” she asked.
“I mean,” he said, “Obviously she was glad that things turned out well.”
“I heard her singing in the bathroom as she got ready for bed last night,” Brenda said.
“You did?” he asked. The thought made him unreasonably proud of himself and he smiled.
Remembering who he was talking to, he glanced back to Brenda.
“Oh, well,” he said, composing his face, “She does love to sing, doesn't she?”
“Yes,” Brenda said. “She does. Still, it makes me wonder.”
Cain went back to his phone, trying to think of some way to end this conversation.
“And young Ellie,” she said.
Cain’s mouth went dry.
“What?” he tried to ask, but all that came out was a dry, raspy sound.
“Yes,” Brenda said with a smile. “She was in such a good mood yesterday that it was positively rude.”
“You don’t say,” Cain managed.
“I do,” Brenda said. “Very…touchy-feely too.”
“Um…I’m not sure what you mean,” Cain said, again.
Brenda looked around conspiratorially. She leaned toward him and beckoned him with a curled finger.
“I think they both had…” she whispered and then mouthed the word “sex” without vocalizing it.
Cain’s mouth dropped open.
“What?” he said, whispering. “They’re mother and daughter for crying out loud!” he said, intentionally misunderstanding her.
“No, no, no!” she said. “Not together. Are you perverted?”
“You’re the one that said it,” he whispered, looking around.
“I said,” she said, “that they had , not that they had it together.” Again, she refused to say the word ‘sex’ out loud.
“Well who do you think that they had with?” he asked, his heart in his throat.
“Paul!” she said loudly, setting her cup down.
“What?” Cain asked.
“Good morning!” Uncle Paul said from behind Cain. Cain jumped and spilled coffee on his hand.
“Whoa!” Uncle Paul said. “Time to switch to decaf?”
“Morning Paul,” Cain said. “I didn't see you there. How are you today?” His hands were shaking as he set his coffee and phone down and reached for a napkin.
“Fine, fine,” Uncle Paul said. “It’s really great to have everyone here together, even if it’s a little longer than we planned.”
“That’s exactly what we were just talking about,” Brenda said, putting her hand on Cain’s arm.
Cain’s head snapped around to look at Brenda, who smiled sweetly at him.
“Yes,” he said feebly. “Um, looks like maybe tomorrow morning we’ll be able to head out,” he said.
“Good,” Uncle Paul said. “ We've got enough food to last until then. What should we do today?”
“ We've got a few people with laptops here,” Brenda said. “We should start writing a family history.”
“Outstanding,” Uncle Paul said. “Can you get us going on that? You being the power blogger and all?”
“As soon as I finish my coffee,” she said, smiling sweetly at the man.
Uncle Paul got up and went to help in the kitchen with breakfast and Cain tried to go back to his phone.
“Where were we?” Brenda asked. “Oh, yes,” she said and slid her chair fractionally closer to Cain. She recrossed her legs and used her dangling foot to barely touch the back of his nearest leg.
The casual contact sent a tiny shiver through Cain. He looked to Brenda and saw her giving him a smoldering look over her coffee mug.
“In the basement is the church office,” she said. “At the back of that office is the Records Room. In that room is a desk, several filing cabinets, several book cases, and lots of boxes.”
Cain looked at her and frowned, uncomprehending.
Brenda looked at her watch. “It’s now 7:30. I’ll be in the records room by 10:00 to find details for the Family History.”
“Brenda, I don’t understand,” Cain said, fearing that he understood all too well.
The slender woman suddenly sat forward in her chair, all pretense of relaxed congeniality gone. “Meet me in the Records Room this morning Cain,” she said. “Just you and me. If I leave the room smiling like Sheri, then nobody has to be any the wiser.”
“What…are you serious?” Cain spluttered in a loud whisper.
Brenda’s hand was back on his arm. “Absolutely!” she said and her smile was so full of lust that he felt his dick start moving in preparation. Brenda stood up, turned around and was gone.
Cain wanted to sit there and put his head in his hands. Just then, as luck would have it, Ellie pranced over to him and plopped down in the recently vacated seat.
“Hi!” she said.
Cain smiled weakly at the young woman. “Hi,” he said. “Sleep well?”
Ellie giggled. “Yes, I did! I didn't get much sleep the night before!”
Cain glanced around the room, trying not to cringe. “Ellie, please,” he whispered.
“Sorry,” she said, somewhat more quietly. “How about you?” she asked.
“Oh, yes,” he said. “Like a log.” He smiled at her again.
“Need more coffee?” she asked, getting up.
“Oh, uh…sure,” he said. “Black.”
“Black. Got it,” she said and pranced over to the kitchen.
“Is she hero-worshiping you?” Sheri asked as she came over and sat in the chair that Uncle Paul had used.
“What?” Cain asked, startled. He realized that he had been watching Ellie’s butt as she crossed the room.
“Oh, you mean for saving you,” he said, then laughed a strange, high-pitched laugh, realizing how ridiculous it must sound to her. He looked over to Sheri and tried to smile.
“No,” he said. “I think she’s just being nice.”
“Hm,” she said, apparently unconvinced. “Well, is there anything I can get for you?” she asked with a smile.
Cain tried to laugh, but his throat constricted and it came out sounding choked.
“Ah, no…thanks,” he said weakly.
“I’m teasing you, Cain,” she said. “ We've already talked about this, no need to go over it again.”
Yesterday, before they had left her parent’s house, Sheri and he had agreed that, while they had enjoyed their time, it would never happen again.
“Still,” she said, reaching out and touching his hand, “I’m indebted to you. I won’t forget that.”
Cain looked at her and saw the sincerity in her eyes.
“Ah! And here’s your lovely wife!” she said, just a little louder.
Cain turned and saw his wife crossing the room.
“Mornin’,” Sheri said to her cousin.
“Morning,” Carolyn said. She didn’t look especially happy to see her cousin holding hands with her husband.
“I was just saying ‘thank you’ to your hubby again,” Sheri said.
Carolyn smiled, but to Cain, it looked forced. He didn’t know if if it did to Sheri. She sat down on the opposite side of the table from her husband.
“Want some tea or anything?” Cain asked her. “I don’t think breakfast is quite ready yet, but I heard something about cinnamon rolls.”
“Your favorite,” Carolyn said.
Sheri leaned back and away from Cain, sensing some awkwardness. Just then, Ellie came bouncing back across the room with Cain’s coffee.
“Here you go. Careful though, it’s hot!” she said, setting it in front of him. Carolyn looked at the girl, a puzzled expression on her face. Cain didn’t know what to say, so he changed the subject.
“Paul and Brenda were just talking,” he said. “They want to start writing a family history today.”
“Really?” Sheri said. “That should be fun!”
“Mom’s been working on the genealogy for quite a while,” Carolyn said. “I don’t know if she has the stuff here or not though.”
“I think what Brenda has in mind is more of a historical narrative,” Cain said. “Of course, the genealogy is hugely important, but they want more than that.”
“Sounds like a huge job,” Carolyn said.
“Yeah, but what else are we going to do, stuck in here for another whole day?” Sheri said.
“It will definitely help pass the time,” Cain said.
He was trying to avoid thinking about his conversation with Brenda. He didn’t understand where she was coming from. Was she going to blackmail him? Did she just want to hear the story? He didn’t know her all that well, usually only seeing her a couple of times a year. He did know that she and her husband Will had been separated for a few months a couple of years ago, but had apparently worked things out.
They chatted about possibilities until it was time for breakfast. Everyone sat down together, the food was blessed, and they began eating. During the meal, Uncle Paul outlined the weather outlook and what they had planned for today. He and Brenda divided everyone up into teams, and they all received assignments.
Carolyn’s mother, Wilma, did have her genealogy information with her in her van. They used that as a framework, and began structuring the recent history of the family.
Since Cain had married into the family, he didn’t have a huge part in this project. He was asked to help with the kids, and to help with the archives if needed. Brenda caught his eye at one point in this conversation, but he couldn't read her expression.
After breakfast, Cain organized the kids to do the dishes and clean the kitchen while the adults and teens got to work. The kids decided to make a game of it and pretend that he was the King, and they were the servants. He had to tell them what to do, but use the “Royal We”. If he forgot, then he had to do whatever it was.
“Rose,” Cain said, affecting a royal drawl while addressing Ellie’s younger sister, “err, we would be most appreciative if you would consider putting all of the baking supplies in the cupboard. Thank you!” and he bowed formally.
“Dearest Emily, would you be so kind as to sweep our floor? Thank you.”
“We require three strong lads to take out the trash and make certain the dumpster lids are closed. Thank you.”
The kids loved it, trying to imitate his accent, and bowing to each other. They got all of the dishes done and the kitchen cleaned in a half hour, then went on to play. Cain looked at the clock. It was 9:15. He had some time to kill, so he sat and thought things over. He didn’t come to this reunion planning to be unfaithful to his wife. Now, he had been sexually involved with two women besides his wife for the first time in almost 25 years. And a third was demanding his attention.
Would he even be able to perform after the sexual marathon he had been running? Inevitably, his mind wandered to the two blue pills in his pocket. He looked at the clock again: 9:30. Should be enough time.
He made his way into the hallway, popped one of the pills and washed it down with the last of his coffee. He then went to brush his teeth and make himself as presentable as he could.
He was actually very nervous now. The other encounters had been spontaneous, and this was anything but. He managed to make his way downstairs without seeing anyone. He had an idea where the office was, but not the Records Room.
The ceiling was low in the basement. The office area had not been remodeled as recently as the rest of the church. There was cheap wood paneling from the ‘70s on the walls, and a horrible green sculpted carpet on the floor. It smelled musty and old.
Cain found the door to the Records Room and went to it. It was closed so he knocked twice, then turned the knob. He went through and saw Brenda in the back of the room, flipping through files in a filing cabinet. She didn’t acknowledge his presence.
“Um…hi,” he said.
“Hi,” Brenda said without turning, her low pitched voice was soft and rich.
“You, uh, need any help?” he asked.
Brenda kept her place in the files with one hand but swiveled her head to look at him.
“Help?” she asked. “What kind of ‘help’ are you offering?”
“Er,” he stammered, “that is, I thought that you…I mean, when you said…well, I’m just trying to help.”
That was fantastic, he thought. Now she thinks you’re a moron too.
Brenda smiled a tight-lipped smile, and turned back to the filing cabinet.
“Lock the door,” she said, “and then get undressed.”
She resumed rifling through the filing cabinet after she spoke, her back to him. Cain stared at her for nearly thirty seconds before she stopped again and turned to him.
“Did you hear me?” she asked quietly.
“Yes, but…” he said.
“Listen,” she said, keeping her hand in the drawer, but straightening up and turning slightly to face him. “I said lock the door and strip. Otherwise we’re going to have problems.”
Cain looked down and shook his head, not believing what he was hearing. Still, he reached back and turned the lock on the door handle, making sure that it was engaged.
Brenda kept him skewered on her gaze. Cain sighed and began unbuttoning his shirt. As soon as Brenda saw this, she turned back and kept searching through the filing cabinet.
I really hope she  doesn't  kill me and leave my body down here to rot, he thought. That would be embarrassing.
Cain kicked off his shoes as he slipped out of his shirt. Trousers and t-shirt followed. When he was down to his boxers, he thought about stopping, but he knew that it wouldn't be enough. Finally, Cain took hold of the elastic and stripped them down his hips and legs, stepped out of them and laid them on the rest of his clothes.
Should he say something now? It was kind of cold. Cain looked around for a thermostat, but didn’t see one.
Pulling a file from the cabinet, Brenda turned and walked to the desk.
“Found a record of funerals that were held at the church during the first half of the 20th century,” she said, not looking up from the file folder. “Should be helpful.”
Standing with his arms crossed over his chest and buck naked, Cain had nothing to add to her statement. He watched her move across the room. Watched her breasts sway just a bit as she stepped around a stack of boxes. He felt his dick begin to fill out and overcome the effects of the cold and his embarrassment.
Brenda set the file down with others on the desk. Finally she looked up at Cain, holding his gaze for several long seconds, then allowing her stare to travel down his body. He saw her eyes linger on his groin and felt himself rising under her attention.
Brenda’s response to his rising erection was a single raised eyebrow, then her gaze continued traveling down his legs and finally flicked back to meet his eyes.
“Not bad,” she said. “Hardly anything to fall in lust over though,” she added, sounding unnecessarily cruel to Cain’s ears.
He dropped his gaze from hers, shook his head and reached for his boxers.
“What are you doing?” she asked gently. “Put those down.”
“Why am I here?” he asked, beginning to be angry.
“You’re here to satisfy me,” she said, not responding to his anger. Her glance traveled down to his semi-erect cock. “My…curiosity, if nothing else.” She glanced back up to his eyes and flashed a small, perhaps insincere smile. Brenda walked over to a stack of chairs and began unbuttoning her blouse.
“Tell me what you did with Sheri,” she said.
His mind went back over the lovely, terrifying afternoon spent with this woman’s friend and sister-in-law. “She was wet and freezing,” he said simply. “I undressed her and warmed her, slowly, with my body heat.”
Brenda stepped out of her slacks and was down to her bra and panties. She looked up at him as she continued to undress.
“And?” she asked.
“And, after she warmed up, we were both aroused. We…played. Without having sex,” he said.
“Played. How?” she asked.
Her bra was gone and, with her back to him, he could see her ribs. Her shoulders and legs were muscular, but she was definitely too thin. She slid her panties down and turned to face him as he began speaking.
Cain tried to concentrate. He relayed to Brenda the types of things that he and her sister-in-law had done with each other. He didn’t want to incriminate Sheri, but he had a feeling that Brenda wouldn't stand for anything less than the truth.
As he talked, she kept his eyes captive with hers. He wanted to look at her body, but couldn't break her gaze. Finally she was as naked as he was, and covered the few feet between them in slow, even steps. She swung her hips as if she were a voluptuous young vixen rather than an athletic middle-aged woman trying desperately to hold onto her youth. Both her voice and her body reminded Cain of the lesbian physical education teachers that he had known. He wondered if lesbian tendencies had been the reason for her separation from her husband a few years ago.
As she approached Cain, he watched her eyes move to take in his whole body, as if she were taking inventory. As her eyes left his, he stood up straighter, perhaps hoping to gain some advantage from his superior height, or maybe just because he was becoming self-conscious. He was also able to watch the wobble of her lovely breasts as she came closer. The closer she came, the taller he stood, and the higher his eager cock pointed.
Brenda looked down at his penis. She reached her hand toward it as if she were going to grasp it, and shake hands with it. Instead, she stopped short and extended just her index finger to touch the drop of pre-cum at the end. She pulled it away, seemingly fascinated by the string of material connecting her finger to his cock. Finally the protein bridge failed and fell away. She raised her finger to his mouth, as if asking for a kiss. She touched it to his lips, but he refused to cooperate.
Pulling her hand away, Brenda cocked her head to the side in question.
“What’s wrong, Cain?” she asked. “Don’t you want to ‘play’ with me?”
“What happened between Sheri and me wasn't planned,” he said. “I don’t cheat on my wife.”
“And yet,” she said, looking down at his erect cock, holding her hands out, palm up “here we are.”
This time, Cain reached out to her. He put a hand on each hip and pulled her close, trapping his erect cock between them and causing her to cry out.
“Yes,” he said coldly. “Here we are. But I still don’t know why we’re here.”
Rather than put her arms around his waist or neck, Brenda folded them up between them, placing her hands palm forward against his chest. She wasn't pushing him away, just creating some space. He could feel every move she made transmitted through hips to his. She was lean and strong. Her smell, after several days with no shower, wasn’t bad, but was definitely musky. He was as much turned on by her presence, her pheromones maybe, as by the sight of her body.
Cain’s taking charge had created a slight change in Brenda’s behavior. She looked down and seemed to be lost in thought as she stared at the tangle of hair on his chest. Curling her fingers through it, she opened her mouth to speak a couple of times, but nothing came out. Finally, her hands slid down his chest and around his waist. She leaned forward into his embrace.
“I was jealous,” she said. “Will is a good man. He has a great body and a marvelous cock. He can go for hours, but he’s never made me feel as good as Sheri looked last night. All night. I want to feel that way, just once.”
She looked up at Cain. “Can you do that for me?”
Cain just shook his head, as if he were clearing it of cobwebs.
“Wow,” he said. “Honesty. That’s a trip.”
Brenda pulled away and looked up at him. The venom in her gaze was building and he could sense the explosion rising behind he eyes.
“Look,” he said, pulling harder on her hips and sliding his hands around to the small of her back. “You were honest with me, now I’ll be honest with you. I don’t know if I can make you feel like Sheri did or not. It was an intense situation.”
The rising explosion was apparently defused. Brenda looked at him for a moment then looked down, swallowed, and nodded.
“Fuck it,” she said. “Let’s try anyway.”
She reached up and grasped his neck, pulled him down to her and kissed him hard. Her language, here in the church, shocked him so much that he didn’t resist her. Nor did he kiss her back for five…long…seconds. Brenda’s kiss increased in intensity though and finally he had no choice.
They kissed there in the Records Room, naked and clasped together, raging erection pinned between them. Kissed for a long time, with rising intensity, with tongues, with biting, with roaming hands sliding up, down, and around, tangling, tweaking, pinching and scratching. Kissed until the intensity melted into slow, lingering, sensuality.
Brenda pulled away finally.
“That’s a good start,” she purred. “What else you got?”
Cain was sitting in the rolling, swiveling chair behind the desk. Brenda was sitting on the desk in front of him, leaning back on her elbows. Each of her slender hands held a lovely, full breast, pinching and pulling the nipples. Her mouth opened and closed as he alternated between sensuous kisses to her quim and long strokes down to the bottom of her slit. Cain explored her whole pussy with tongue and lips, fingers, nose and chin. He had heard that some women loved it when men used their chin hairs to stimulate their clits. Brenda was one of them.
They had been in here together for fifteen minutes and Cain thought that she had come twice already. He wasn't sure about the second one, it had come so quickly after the first that it may have been an intense aftershock. Still, she  shouldn't  have anything to complain about , he thought.
As Cain continued to make out with her pussy, he felt his erection press up against the underside of the desk. In his mind, his spirit, he didn’t really want to have sex with this woman. He looked up as her moans began building in intensity again. Placing his tongue flat against her clit, he rapidly vibrated his head back and forth for five quick seconds.
Brenda’s moans turned to a sharp, quick shriek, and then melted back to moans as he changed to the long, slow licks again.
Cain didn’t want to have sex, but he did. Cain finally gave in, stood up and placed the head of his dick to her opening.
“Yes!” she said, quietly and urgently. “Yes, please fuck me!”
Her change in attitude was jarring. Cain couldn't quite figure it out. There was some relationship dynamic between her and her husband that he didn’t understand. Had to be. At first she was acting like she was in charge and Cain had no choice in the matter. Now she was begging him to fuck her. Cain spent several seconds thinking about the strangeness of it all, then decided to stop thinking.
He thrust forward, filling her with his cock on one long, deep thrust. Her pussy was marvelously wet and warm and soft. Cain felt his eyes roll up and his mouth fall open as he plunged, slow motion, inside this woman. With a hand on each slender hip, he pulled her to him and remained inside her, not moving, just experiencing the feel of his third strange pussy in as many days.
“Ooh, Cain. That’s nice,” she whispered. She lifted her lovely long legs and rested her calves on his shoulders.
Feeling as if the top of his head had been peeled back, “nice” didn’t quite do it for Cain. Shivers ran up his back and he pulled out and thrust slowly back in, crying out softly as she gripped him internally.
Sliding her legs back down, Brenda sat up and pulled on his shoulders, leaned in and captured his mouth with hers.
“Oh god, Cain, that feels good. My Will is a lot bigger, and fills me up more. He drives me crazy and fucks me hard. He never goes slow like this. Not really,” she whispered. She held her cheek to his as she talked, one hand on the back of his head, the other clutching his shoulder.
Cain kept moving slowly, in and out. He would slide all the way in, hold for three seconds, then pull out and hold it with just the tip nudging the entrance for a count of three. He kept this up for a long time, finally drawing a small, shivering climax from Brenda. After this third climax, he sat down in the chair again, cock still standing up proudly in front of him.
Brenda sat up and slid down onto the floor in front of him. She captured his cock in her mouth and Cain discovered that Brenda was a consummate fellatrix. Once again, his eyes rolled up and he threw his head back as she engulfed him in her lovely, small mouth.
Cain had hoped to enjoy her mouth for some time, but within thirty seconds, he was cumming, shooting burst after burst of semen into this lovely woman’s mouth and throat. He resisted the urge to grab her head as he came, instead taking her hands, which had been wrapped around his muscular thighs, in his and lacing his fingers with hers. The connection was very intimate and Brenda looked up at him, surprised, as he filled her mouth with his fluid.
When he was done, and she was sucking lightly at his shrinking cock, he used his grip on her hands to pull her up to him. Brenda climbed into his lap and he held her there, one hand around her back, the other reaching across and holding her hip to keep her there.
Brenda snuggled into his chest and drew her knees up, draping them over the arm of the chair.
“Cain,” she said softly.
“Mmmm?” he asked.
“Thank you,” she said.
“Thank you,” he said back. He felt her smile against his chest.
“That was very tender and warm,” she said thoughtfully. “I can see why Sheri liked it. And Carolyn for that matter.”
“Well,” he said, “thanks. I enjoyed it too. Your pussy is amazing.”
She just sighed against him, running her hands over his chest and arms.
“You’re very strong, aren't you?” she asked, her voice slightly different.
“Um, yeah, I suppose,” he said, a little embarrassed.
“Do you think you would be up for one more round?” she asked, sitting up away from his chest and looking him in the eye.
“That’s probably not a good idea,” he said. As soon as he said this, they heard feet coming down the stairs in the other room. There was no time to make themselves presentable, so they both stayed put, eyes wide with fear and looking at each other.
The door knob rattled and one of the kids, Emily, Cain thought, called out, “Anyone in there?”
“Yes!” Brenda answered loudly, startling Cain.
“We’re getting lunch ready.” Then, “Whey’s the door locked?”
“I’m moving stuff around. I've got boxes piled in front of the door,” Brenda said.
“Oh!” Emily said, accepting the explanation. “Is Cain in there too?”
Crap, he thought. “Yes,” he said. “Yes, we are helping Ms Brenda with…the moving. We shall be out for lunch presently. Thank you for your kind consideration.” Brenda looked at him as if he were crazy.
“It’s a game we were playing,” he murmured in her ear.
Emily’s giggle from the other side of the door told him that she understood. It also told him that she wouldn't be thinking about him being locked in a room with another man’s wife. They both heard her footsteps retreating back across the room and up the stairs. As he listened to her go, Cain let out a sigh of relief and looked to Brenda.
She was looking at him, one hand on his chest, the other snaking around his neck.
“Was that exciting?” she asked him.
Cain didn’t understand what she meant until she wiggled her slender butt in his lap and he felt his erection growing against her.
“Oh!” he said. “Well, he just kind of…has a mind of his own sometimes.”
Brenda pulled him into another kiss, twining her fingers in his dark, shoulder length hair. She began moaning as he continued to grow, and finally she sat back with a cry and lifted the leg that was closest to his chest. She swung it over his head and turned to face him, a leg draped over each arm of the chair.
“You have to fuck me again,” she said, arousal thick in her voice.
Cain didn’t say a word. He knew what she wanted and slid a hand under each hip, lifted her up and slowly slid her down onto his cock. They both moaned as she was impaled on his second erection. They didn’t break their kiss, moaning into each other’s mouths. This position allowed Cain to penetrate more fully into Brenda than he had previously and by using her body weight, he was slamming harder into her this time as well.
She cried out, loving it, reveling in his control of her. She began pulling his hair, turning his head with it, using his hair like the reigns on a horse. She turned his head to one side or the other, kissing along his jaw line, nibbling at his ears, being alternately rough and gentle, driving him crazy.
They were kissing each other’s mouths on and off, their tongues in and out, saliva covering their lips and necks, dripping onto their chests.
“I need one more thing,” Brenda said biting his right earlobe.
“Aaah! What’s that?” he cried.
“I need to come with you fucking me doggy style,” she said.
“Done,” he said, standing with her in his arms. She gasped at his display of strength and hung suspended on his cock, legs locked around the small of his back.
“Oh,” she said, wistfully. “I love when Will holds me like this. His cock feels like a spear being trust up through me.”
“Ok,” Cain said. “Not exactly the type of thing you say to your lover.”
“I’m sorry,” she said, still breathing hard. “It feels wonderful with you too.”
It was too little, too late. Cain’s mood had darkened. He still wanted to come, but he wanted to make her feel cheap. Like he felt now.
Lifting her off his cock, he lowered her feet to the ground. Brenda whimpered at his retreat. Quickly, she turned and laid her torso down on the desk, her full breasts resting on the file folders. She spread her legs and Cain stepped up, sliding home into her cunt easily and quickly.
“Aaah!” she cried as he impaled her roughly.
Cain grasped her hip with one hand and a handful of hair with the other. He fucked her hard, causing her to cry out over and over, arching her back up, allowing him full access. She tried to turn her head to see him, pulling her hair tight in his grasp.
“Oh!” she cried. “I love it! I love it! I love what you’re doing! I love it when Will does this to me!”
Cain slammed hard into her pussy, one last time, coming to an instant decision. He sucked on his thumb for a moment, then pulled it from his mouth, leaned forward and spat on the woman’s ass hole. Pressing his thumb to her sphincter, he roughly plunged it in as he plunged his dick into her pussy. Brenda cried out and tried to turn toward him, but Cain kept her upper body pinned to the desk. For a whole minute, he fucked her ass with his thumb at the same tempo that he was fucking her pussy.
She cried out, over and over at the dual penetration, but he tugged hard on her hair and told her to be quiet. She began cumming then, one of Cain’s hands full of her long, blond hair, the other fucking her ass, and his dick driving hard into her pussy. She came with a high-pitched gasping sound that he hoped didn’t carry very far.
Cain never let up. Even as she came, he kept fucking both holes as hard as he could. As she finished and relaxed back on the table, he pulled out of Brenda all the way. Taking hold of his rock-hard cock, he positioned it at the sphincter of her ass, removed his thumb, and began pressing his cock in.
Instantly Brenda’s low moan of satisfaction changed to a low hiss of pain. Cain pushed down on her waist, pulled his torso back, and looked down at the point where his cock was beginning to impale Brenda’s ass. So far just the head was in. His dick was very wet from fucking her for so long, but still, he needed more lubrication. He spit on the shaft of his cock, pulled it out and used his hand to slide his saliva over the head. Reinserting it into her ass, he plunged forward again.
Brenda didn’t say a single intelligible word. She cried out, she moaned, she thrashed, but she didn’t resist and she didn’t tell him to stop. She grasped the front edge of the desk, whimpered, and allowed him to fuck her ass.
Finally, Cain felt like he was in as far as he could go. He began pushing and pulling, back and forth, occasionally pausing on the out stroke to add more lubrication from his saliva or her pussy. He fucked her for a long time in this position. The woman was tight and he didn’t know how long he would last.
Cain’s bad temper was spent and he was genuinely enjoying his first anal sex. He thought that Brenda was too, judging from the thrashing and grunting that she was doing. Deciding that he wanted to see her breasts jiggle as he fucked her ass, he pulled on one arm so that she turned her upper body toward him, looking in his face and allowing one breast to fall freely in the air. Back and forth he watched it thrash as his cock plunged forth and back in her ass.
With her head up, Brenda caught Cain’s gaze and the look on her face, as he fucked her ass hard, was nothing short of perfect lust. He had never seen a sexier look on a woman’s face. Pleasure and pain mingled with ecstasy and fear, longing and desire stirred with equal parts satisfaction and fulfillment.
Long minutes later, they came together, Cain plunging as hard and fast as possible into Brenda’s ass; there in the church basement while their families prepared lunch and waited for them to begin writing the family history. Four times, then six, and finally Cain was done spurting into his wife’s cousin’s wife.
He stayed where he was, with her impaled on his cock, and reveled in the feeling. She dropped her torso back down to the desk and whimpered. As Cain tried to pull his dick from her ass, it almost felt stuck. It was painful to remove it, but he did. It came loose, and was followed out by a small trickle of his semen. Cain left his dick resting in the crack of her ass and leaned forward to embrace the woman lying on the desk.
With his head resting on hers, and most of his weight on his hands, he whispered to her.
“Are you okay?” he asked. He felt her shiver.
“Yes,” she said. “I’m wonderful.”
“Are you smiling?” he asked.
He felt her smile against his face.
“Yes,” was all that she said.
“I’m glad,” he said. “Shall we go have some lunch?”
“Mmmmm,” she said. “Yes, I suppose. Honestly though Cain, I've never felt this well-fucked in my life. What did you do to me?”
“You mean besides sodomizing you in a church basement?” he asked, sitting down in the swivel chair again.
Brenda pushed herself up and turned to look at him, leaning back against the side of the desk.
“That’s stripping it down to brass tacks,” she said.
She leaned forward, opened a drawer and took out a container of baby-wipes. She opened it and began to clean herself. Cain thought about offering to help, but decided that they weren't really intimate enough for that.
“I’m sorry if I was a little bit rough,” he told the woman. “You kind of pissed me off.”
Brenda gave him a look that he couldn't quite decipher.
“I was trying to piss you off, Cain,” she said. “The whole ‘tender lover’ thing is okay, but I wanted something more…physical. I have to say that you came through in spades!”
“Why didn’t you just ask me to be a little rougher?” Cain asked.
“I thought that this way would be more fun, more spontaneous,” she said. “And it was!”
Cain leaned down and held his head in one hand for a moment. Finally he sat up, took a wipe, and began cleaning the slime from his cock.
“You know,” he said. “That’s the first time I've ever had anal sex.”
“Really?” she said, excited. “Me too!”
“What?” he said. “I thought that the way you talked, Will must bend you over and take your ass every chance he gets.”
Again, Brenda knelt in front of Cain.
“Look, Cain,” she said, “I mentioned Will to piss you off. He does have a really nice cock, but whenever we've tried anal, it hurt too much.” She leaned in and pulled him into a quick kiss. “Thank you.”
Cain kissed her back, sad that he would never kiss her this way again.
“I’ll miss you like this,” he said.
“Mmmm,” she said. “Me too.”
As they dressed, she asked him what had happened with Ellie.
“Oh, with Ellie?” he asked, trying to avoid the subject. “Nothing much.”
“I know, Cain. ‘Nothing’ happened between us either,” she said. “Were you gentle with her?”
“Yes,” he said, giving in. “I was. She was amazing . A real talent. Very sexual.”
“Yeah?” Brenda asked. “I wish I could have been there to see that.” Cain saw her give a little shiver and wondered again whether she was bisexual.
Finally, after one last kiss, they left the Records Room. Ducking into the tiny restroom, Cain found the expected can of air freshener and used it to cover the smell of their adultery.
“See you upstairs,” Brenda said, grasping his hand, then releasing it as she walked away. She gave a last, wistful glance at him and smiled as she walked through the door.
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