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The other evening I was watching a travel programme on TV featuring a short item on the joys of a narrow boat holiday on the UK canal system and it brought back vivid memories of a sunny July afternoon walking along the canal towpath near to my home.
It was only a few weeks after my eighteenth birthday and, having left school with very few qualifications, I was looking forward to starting as a trainee hairdresser at my Aunt’s salon next month.
The brightly painted canal boats coming and going were a familiar sight and although I’d never actually been on one, I often wondered what they were like inside. The towpath was a haven for couples walking their dogs, cycling, or just holding hands as they absorbed the atmosphere and tranquillity.
It was an idyllic way to spend an afternoon and I was lost in my own little world plugged into my music player and occasionally throwing handfuls of bread scraps to the ducks and drakes that eagerly splashed around in an effort to devour every crumb. As I walked down the path beside a flight of locks I came across a section of the canal where several boats were moored. I was enjoying my music and wasn’t paying much attention but I couldn’t help noticing one particular boat where a fit looking guy was sitting in a canvas chair on the rear deck soaking up the sun. He looked really familiar but, in shorts, bare chested and wearing shades, I couldn’t quite place him.
It was only when he said "Hi Candice, how are you?" that I realised that it was Mr Davis, my former geography teacher from school but, dressed so casually, I hardly recognised him.
"Is this boat yours?" I asked.
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