Please, May I?
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My lover grunted as he filled my pussy with ropes of hot sticky cum. All too soon, his softening cock slipped out, he dressed and departed. I looked at the man kneeling by the bed and waited. This was going to be the hardest part for him and I reveled in it. Within minutes I heard him clear his throat and then, after one false start, the words flew from his lips. "Please, may I?" he asked. "Of course you may," I replied. He dove between my legs like a starving man and attacked my sopping cunt with gusto. He plunged his tongue inside my dripping center and lapped up the mixture of cum as though it was his last meal. I felt him point his tongue and dip it inside over and over. After he scooped out all he could with his tongue, he clamped his lips over my gaping snatch and suckled, hungrily devouring the remainder of love juice that oozed into his waiting mouth. "Oh, you naughty fucking thing," I cooed. He finished slurping the sweet and salty mixture and then slid up, focusing on my clit. Using the tip of his tongue, he coaxed the tiny bud from its hiding place. Then he flicked his tongue against my hard nubbin. My hips bucked as a moan escaped my lips. He flattened his tongue and licked my aching clit. I buried my fingers in his hair and pulled him tight against my pussy. "Right there," I moaned. "Don't you dare stop . Don't fucking stop until I cum." I held his head in place and rode his tongue, not caring that he couldn't take a breath. It wasn't long until I felt the familiar tingles spreading and my body convulsed as I came hard, screaming my climax. My juices erupted from within and he lapped them up ravenously. The sensations soon became too much and I pushed his head away. "That was wonderful, honey," I said in a low throaty voice. "I think you deserve a special reward. Come lie down and relax."  He scrambled up beside me and lay on his back, his cock hard with anticipation. I whispered in his ear to close his eyes and not move until I told him otherwise. Slipping from the bed, I padded to the closet and stepped into the harness. I adjusted the straps and made sure my fake cock was snug. Climbing back onto the bed, I straddled his chest. "Are you ready?" I asked him. "Yes." His voice was husky with desire. "Open your eyes," I commanded. His eyes drifted open and widened at the sight before him. A thick 6 inch cock dangled in front of his face. I watched as the emotions played across his face. "Do you want to cum?" I asked. "Yes," he whispered. "Then suck my cock! " I ordered. He briefly closed his eyes, leaned his head forward, opened his mouth and gingerly licked the tip. I tilted my hips and shoved the cock deep into his mouth. "Suck it," I bit off, "unless you want it going in your asshole dry." I watched as he began to lick and suck the fake phallus. I pressed forward until I heard him gag, and then slowly pulled back. I continued to thrust in and out of his mouth as he worked to get my cock wet. I fucked his mouth for a few minutes, thoroughly enjoying the sight. I slid down his body and knelt between his legs. Reaching over, I grabbed a pillow and placed it under his hips. I gazed into his eyes as my nails traced a lazy path up and down his hard cock. "Ready to cum?" I asked as his cock throbbed under my fingers. "Yes," he groaned. Slowly I lined the head of my cock up with the entrance to his virgin asshole and pressed. I felt his last bit of resistance give way as I pushed further. A moan escaped his lips as the head popped in. "I think you like this, you nasty, dirty little whore," I said, working all six inches into his tight asshole. His cock was twitching as I began to thrust in and out. "Stroke your cock for me," I said. "I want to see you cum with my cock buried deep up your ass." He reached down and began to frantically stroke his cock as I watched. I matched his pace, fucking him hard and fast. His hand was a blur as he neared his climax. His hips jerked and he cried out as thick jets of cum erupted and landed on his belly and dribbled onto his hand. The motion of his hand slowed and then finally came to a halt . I withdrew the dildo from his ass gently and moved to his side. Swiping up a glob of cum, I brought it to my lips as he watched. At the last second I changed directions and fed it to him. There was no hesitation as he eagerly enjoyed his treat. I continued to feed his cum to him until it was all gone. "Oh dear," I exclaimed. "Your poor little dick seems to have gone soft. I bet you want my warm wet mouth on it, don't you? Coaxing it back to its full hardness? Licking and sucking your shaft, bathing your balls with my tongue? Letting you feel the back of my throat? Sucking your cock deep in my mouth until you cum again? You want that badly don't you?" He nodded eagerly. "Too bad," I giggled, sliding his soft member inside the cage designed to prevent him from getting an erection. I slipped the key, dangling from a gold chain, around my neck. "By the way, he wants to fuck my ass later. Maybe, just maybe, if you're a good boy, I'll let you have your first anal cream pie."
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