Bedtime Story for My Pet (#3)
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Add: 5 August 2015 / 15:39
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The first two Bedtimes Stories were created for the woman who was my pet at the time. This new one has been created specifically for the enthusiastic listeners to the first two.
I asked for suggestions and most of the responses I got contained the thought that my pet should be punished for something this time around. So since I've learned that many listeners enjoy following the instructions as they're given, I've arranged for my pet to punish herself (so you might want to have a belt handy).
Spoiler: since my pet is being punished she is not allowed to come. Listeners who follow along can either enjoy that aspect of the punishment or disobey instructions (which will give you a good reason to be punished all over again in the future).
I hope you'll enjoy this third Bedtime Story. Your feedback is always welcome.
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