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It must have been about 9 in the evening. I woke up slowly, not sure exactly where I was. I opened my eyes and there was Eva, Greta’s girl, standing beside the bed. She smiled down at me and I realised I was alone in the bed.
‘Miss Greta would like me to help you prepare for the evening, Miss Kitty. I have chosen clothes for you that I think will fit and which will be prefect for your evening.’
She slowly, almost lovingly, pulled the silk sheet that covered me away and I thought, perhaps hoped, for a moment that she was going to touch me. She stepped back and rather reluctantly I sat up then got out of bed. That the situation was somewhat bizarre did not occur to me at that moment. Eva led me first to the shower which was already running and she stood patiently as I washed myself. I washed my hair and body.
When I stepped out of the shower she was ready with a large towel and I dried myself before she led me again to another room where she dried my hair. I felt totally pampered. Eva then helped me to dress. It could have been arousing but somehow she was professional and although she naturally touched me, at no time did it occur to me that she would attempt anything sexual. I do not know if I would have minded because the whole experience since the evening before had been so sexually charged that I had rather lost all sense of reserve.
She handed me stockings, black and seamed silk and I carefully rolled them on. She asked me to stand with my back to her and she placed a satin corset around me. My breasts, small as they are, were exposed above it and she laced it tightly, then a little tighter until she was satisfied with its fit. I clipped the stockings to the little suspenders that dangled from he corset. A deep red latex skirt followed, falling to my ankles and very flared. Above this she helped me into a transparent silk blouse with long sleeves and a high, mandarin collar – it buttoned down the back. I looked in a long mirror and saw myself, breast and nipples clearly visible through the filmy garment. Was this really me I saw? Christ, Kitty, what are you doing? I stepped into 4” high heels which were strapped around the ankles, Eva kneeling at my feet to fix them. Everything fitted me perfectly – how was that possible?
I went downstairs carefully – holding the skirt up and away from my feet. I heard a sound of clinking glass and followed it to find Greta looking absolutely stunning in a long, silk dress of many hues of blue, yellow and gold. It was slashed to the waist so her cleavage showed. Her hair shone in the subdued light of the salon.
‘You are lovely, Kitty. Eva has performed well, she will be rewarded later.’ She handed me a glass of a wine which, to my surprise, was not Sekt. She ran her hand over me and said, ‘It is the dark night, Kitty. Are you ready?’
That really was the question. The trouble is I had no idea what I had to be prepared for except the pain of the dark night. I stiffened my sinews and summoned up the blood.
‘Yes, Miss Greta, I am ready.’ There I had said it.
Eva appeared in the doorway. She was wearing a chauffeuse’s uniform but like no other I had ever seen. It was a black suit made of leather, the trousers were tight – like a second skin. The jacket was long and had a flared skirt. It was open and she was naked beneath it.
‘The car is outside for you now, Miss Greta.’
‘Thank you, Eva. Come, Kitty. Let us go into the dark night.’ She took my hand and led me out to the car where Eva stood holding firt Greta’s door and then mine. She smiled reassuringly at me as I slipped onto the leather of the seat and felt Greta run her hand over my leg.
‘You will refer to me as Miss or Miss Greta when we are at the club, Kitty.’ She turned to face me. ‘You are safe with me, you know that I hope?’ I said that I did but the truth is that I was not entirely sure.
Opening a cabinet in the rear of the front seat, Greta pulled out a bottle of the ubiquitous Sekt and poured two glasses.
‘For courage, Miss?’
‘For pleasure, Kitty, everything is for pleasure – just not always your pleasure of course,’ she said with a smile that suggested she liked making me feel uncomfortable.
‘Some of our guests are very senior – lawyers, politicians and such. They expect discretion and that is what we give them. There are four floors – the first is for mixed guests, the second for men only and the third for what Lise calls her angels. The fourth is, well, perhaps you will see for yourself. Lise will be there. You will see, perhaps, a little of her true nature I think.’
It was around midnight when we left the car in the bay outside the club. An anonymous door, black with brass furniture and a lamp in a cast iron arch above opened as we arrived and was held by a woman in a black dress which reached the floor. She was attractive, with well cut, shoulder length blonde hair.
‘Good evening, Miss Greta. Your table is ready for you.’
‘Thank you Lise.’
Greta held my hand loosely as we entered a lift and ascended to the third floor – the floor for Lise’s angels. A vestibule led to a large doorway and through it I could see what appeared to be a restaurant with tables occupied by women in a variety of clearly expensive attire. Some were clearly Mistresses, others their subs. Lise came across the room to greet us. She was almost naked except for a pair of leather leggings which were open and revealed a large dildo strapped to her groin. Her breasts were in a sort of chain bras, her nipples showing dark and clear.
‘Ach, Greta, she looks divine. So do you of course – this is normal I would say, Kitty.’
She smiled warmly and then kissed Greta and then me. She led us to Greta’s table and we sat in comfortable chairs. I noticed that the tables were arranged in concentric circles around a space on the floor, empty except for a sturdy, high backed wooden chair.
‘You are a little later than I expected, Greta. But we have waited for you. Make yourselves comfortable.’
She left us and a waitress came immediately to our more Sekt. How I could drink so much and remain sober I do not know. The waitress was, like all the others, naked apart from a long apron with a bib which covered her breasts. There was nothing covering her back aside from the tie that held it in place at her waist.
Greta took my hand and half turned and started to point people out to me. The woman almost behind us was naked above the table and had clamps on her nipples. She was, it transpired, the owner of one of Germany’s largest steel companies. Her Mistress was a large woman in a striking, vivid purple dress. Another couple were two sisters and also the daughters of a senior politician. Greta went on describing each couple and their positions in Berlin society.
“Lise and I could make fortunes from blackmail,’ she laughed, ‘but we make enough, more than enough and enjoy our lives. Why should we spoil that?’
The lights suddenly dimmed and girl, totally naked, came alone to stand at the centre of the empty space in front of the chair. Lise, wearing the same attire as before now appeared but she had a slim bamboo cane dangling from her belt. In her hand she carried chains of shiny steel and some leatherware.
Slowly, menacingly, she circled the girl whose long black hair was tied in a knot at the top of her head. She placed cuffs at each wrist and ankle then slowly turned the girl so she faced the chair and, with her chains, secured her to it, legs wide apart. She placed a collar around the neck and then pulled the girl with a chain so her face was fixed to the top of the chair’s back, a little bent at the waist. A spotlight concentrated on the girl’s backside. Lise circled her again, stroking her, feeling her breasts gently, running her fingers down the cleft of her buttocks. Lise bent to kiss and lick the girl between the legs, and slowly began to work her fingers into her pussy. She paid loving attention to her, fingers in her, lips across the white flesh of her back. The circle of light expanded and another light illuminated them from the side as Lise entered the girl with her dildo. She bent over her back, the chains over her breasts stroking the girl’s skin. She continued to caress her, almost massaging her as the dildo entered deeper and then began to rock her hips. The atmosphere was charged and I felt Greta’s hand on mine, squeezing it.
Another spotlight fell upon a shape at the edge of the empty space and we saw a woman in black, a wide-brimmed hat above a masked face – a leather cape covering her body. Heels clicked as she walked towards the copulating couple and she bent to kiss the chained girl, then kissed Lise, very erotically.
To my astonishment she took the cane from Lise’s belt and stroked Lise’s back with it. She ran the cane over the legs of both participants and then, without warning she slashed the cane across Lise’s buttocks. The swish, the impact and Lise’s guttural cry made me jump and Greta squeezed my hand tightly. Lise continued to fuck the girl while the caped lady walked around them. She opened her cape and showed that she too had a large dildo poking from her crotch.
She slashed the cane once more across Lise’s buttocks and then entered her with one brutal push which made Lise arch her back and thrust into her chained lover. The three of them began to fuck together, in a growing frenzy punctuated with occasional swipes of the cane on whichever the caped lady chose.
All through the performance I detected a growing excitement in Greta. Her hand moved between my legs, her other to her own and she stroked me and gripped the latex. Her hand moved up to cup my breast and she squeezed my nipple with each slash of the cane.
The performance ended with a communal orgasm which began with the chained girl, followed by Lise and then the lady in the hat. Each one groaned as her climax, real or simulated I could not tell, rose and arrived – the chained girl’s was muted but Lise’s and the woman behind her let rip huge cries of ecstasy. The lady in the cape slowly withdrew from Lise and stepped to one side. The performance was clearly not yet over. Lise pulled back from the chained girl and a sort of hush descended. The cane was handed to Lise who stroked it over the back of the girl chained to the chair.
The caped woman said, ‘Three.’
Lise lifted the cane and then, in a quick tattoo laid three strokes of the cane across the girl’s back. She did not scream but I wanted to for her. The marks were clear to see, crossing her beautiful flesh.
Greta let out a small gasp of excitement.
Both women kissed the chained girl who said, ‘Danke, Herrinen.’ She sounded as if she meant it. She was unchained and then she sat in the chair as Lise and the other woman left to applause, loud clapping and cheering from the audience. I did not applaud. All I could see and marvel at was the sheer pleasure on the girl’s face.
‘So, my English woman,’ Greta said eventually, her face a little flushed, ‘does Lise not perform well?’
‘I am amazed, Greta.’ Her eyes darkened and I realised my mistake. ‘Miss Greta, I meant of course. I have never seen anything like it.’
She took a draught of her wine and smiled at me. ‘Are you wet?’ I had no idea and said so. ‘Then find out, Kitty!’
I squirmed in my seat trying to feel but she was urgent and lifted my skirt and plunged her hand between my legs and touched her finger hard on my pussy. She smiled again.
‘This is good, Kitty.' Lise suddenly appeared at her side. ‘Lise, I tell you this English slut is wet – you have made her wet. See, again she wears no panties – I was right, she is a whore.’
Lise smiled and kissed Greta. ‘She is probably wet because she sits with you, darling.’
‘No, it is because she is a decadent whore. I think she needs to be corrected? Do you need that, Kitty?’
I hesitated and then said, ‘That would be your decision, Miss Greta.’
She seemed delighted by that. Lise definitely was.
‘My God, Greta, she is perfect. You must take her to the fourth floor immediately I think.’ She turned to show us the marks on her arse. ‘You see, Kitty, it is real and delicious, no?’
‘You were amazing, Miss Lise.’ She smiled and kissed Greta before leaving us to go and wantonly kiss and touch the girl still sitting on that hard wooden chair.
Greta stood and told me to follow her. I got up and walked behind her as she passed the other guests, stopping occasionally to speak to people. She did not mention me but some of her customers appraised me and I could read in their eyes – who is this woman who has found our Greta – or did Greta find her.
We re-entered the lift and she pressed the button for the fourth floor. The doors parted and there was a short corridor along which I followed her. No words had passed between us. My heart was thumping in my chest. Greta opened a door and led me into a dark room – I could barely make out anything until she touched a switch and illuminated the room a little. It was a normal room and I had been expecting instruments of pain and furniture for the torment of a sub.
There was no wine this time. She took me to a couch and pressed me down into it.
‘This is the anteroom, Kitty. That door in the corner leads to the dark night. I am going through that door and you will make a choice. You either come to me or you go back downstairs. I will not mind if you choose to go back, I know you are frightened. If you need the toilet there is one through the other door. You see the clock?’ I nodded dumbly. ‘You will sit here alone for precisely ten minutes and then you will do whatever you choose.’
‘May I ask a question?’
‘Of course.’
I could not think of the right words and she filled the vacuum. ‘You will be safe. You will cry perhaps. You will hurt but you will be safe.’
She leaned forward and kissed my mouth.
I watched as she walked away, her lovely dress shimmering in the half light. She opened the door that led to the dark night and I could see nothing the other side of it. It closed behind her and I sat and watched the clock.
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