Michigan Snowmobile Adventure
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My buddy Brandon and I had planned our snowmobile trip to the upper peninsula of Michigan for weeks in advance. We planned to drive to the upper peninsula of Michigan and be there a week. I had reserved six nights at a small bed and breakfast complete with a guide to take us for some off trail riding and we were eagerly looking forward to a great time. But three days before we were to leave Brandon came down with the flu. This posed a dilemma as I put a non-refundable deposit down on the room and guide. I called some other friends, but no one was able to go on such short notice.
"Why don’t I go in Brandon's place?" my wife asked.
"The kids will be at my parents all week and I don’t have any commitments. I would love to go," my wife added.
My wife and I have been together since high school and have been married for ten years. We have two wonderful children. My wife and I have gone snowmobiling around where we live a few times so she had some snowmobiling experience. Finally, I was persuaded I thought it would be fun to be alone together on a snowmobiling trip with my wife and to rekindle our sex life. We worked on getting our gear together as we bought some additional clothes and things that my wife would need for our trip. We were finally ready and my wife was especially thrilled to go.
It was a long drive to the upper peninsula of Michigan. When we arrived at the small bed and breakfast we were 100 miles from the nearest town. All the snow made it look beautiful. Our host and guide Tom was waiting for us as we arrived and he helped us haul all our gear to our room. He was pleasantly surprised to see a woman with me as I explained the circumstances. Then we agreed to meet Tom downstairs in the dining room for dinner in an hour. 
My wife and I showered and dressed for dinner before we settled into our room. My wife was dressed in a sweater that showed a little cleavage and jeans that hugged her hips nicely. We then met Tom in the dining room for a couple of drinks before dinner. The dining room was large with a fire in the fireplace. Then we had a very good dinner prepared by Tom which we had with a bottle of wine. When we finished dinner we sat around in front of the fire and talked with Tom. Tom filled us in on the trail conditions and what we might expect. 
I noticed Tom glanced at my wife throughout dinner and the evening, which was understandable as she was a very attractive woman. My wife is 29 years old, 5' 6" tall, 125 lbs and curves in all the right places with large breasts and a gorgeous ass. She would receive many admiring glances whenever we went out. So it wasn’t unexpected that an older man who spent much of his time working in the wilderness would appreciate having an attractive woman around. Tom seemed to be captivated with my wife and more than once would compliment my wife on her beauty. 
"Don’t get any ideas she’s already spoken for," I said jokingly.
However, I noticed my wife glanced his way a few times. Tom was an attractive older man and a solid build. I estimated that he was in his mid-forties. It was a long day and Amber and I decided to bed.
"Tom seemed to enjoy looking at you as he spent quite a bit of time doing that. I noticed you seem to enjoy looking at him," I said while Amber and I were snuggled in bed.
"Well, he is an attractive older man in a rugged sort of way," Amber replied.
"Don’t enjoy the attention too much. I don’t want him to get any ideas about you," I answered as we kissed each other good night.
We were up at dawn the next day. After a great breakfast prepared by Tom we headed out on the snowmobiles. The trails were great and it was a beautiful day in the upper peninsula of Michigan. We were surrounded by a lot of snow and the scenery looked amazing. We stopped for lunch at small restaurant along the trail. Then we returned to the bed and breakfast late in the day utterly exhausted from riding 200 miles. 
My wife and I went to our room to shower and change clothes while Tom started dinner. When my wife exited the bathroom her hair framed her lovely face as she looked amazing in her blouse and tight jeans. 
"Let's skip dinner," I suggested as I squeezed my wife's amazing ass. 
"There will be plenty time for that later," my wife said as she started to walk out of our room.
We joined Tom for dinner who whistled when he saw my wife. She blushed as Tom gazed at her, obviously pleased at the attention. We had some drinks and another great meal as Tom payed more attention to my wife which she seemed to enjoy. We sat in front of the fire talking and laughing as Tom regaled us with snowmobiling stories while we enjoyed our after dinner drinks. We were pleasantly intoxicated while we continued listened to Tom's stories. Tom continued to pay a lot of attention to my wife while she enjoyed his stories.
Tom looked at us then he asked if we ever thought about where a man would share his wife with another man. 
"I heard about swinger parties, but it was the host who shared their wife with another man," I replied.
"That’s right, but sometimes when there was only one woman it would be reasonable for the men to share her," Tom replied with a laugh.
I knew where this was leading, but I refused to bite as I looked at my wife who looked stunned by the conversation. "That it not our way of life," I said as Tom laughed.
Then I took my wife's hand and led her to our room. The attention from Tom and the conversation must have stimulated my wife as we enjoyed some great sex. I’m sure Tom heard us from his room.
"I think you were fantasizing about Tom while we were doing it," I said to my wife afterwards.
"I could not’t help it. I did enjoy his attention and he is very handsome," my wife admitted.
"Do not to get any ideas," I said to my wife, but I did enjoy the spin off sex.
The next morning I awoke with a small hangover alone in bed. I got out of bed and went downstairs to find Tom and my wife at the kitchen table drinking coffee and talking. Then all three of us had another cup of coffee before Tom made breakfast. When we finished breakfast my wife and I went up to our room to get dressed.
Then we went for another snowmobile ride. The trails were in great condition and Tom led us on some new trails. While riding on the trail Tom stopped and pointed to a waterfall. Tom then turned off the trail and rode towards the waterfall as my wife and I followed him. We pulled up to the edge the water and looked up at the amazing waterfall.
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