Southern Love Part Two
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We have both thinking about the last time, remembering all that touching, kissing, licking and fucking. You are still wet between your legs and I am still hard. The room is large, white and has the most amazing wooden floor. We are right in the middle of it, nothing within three or four feet of us. You look amazing standing there completely naked. Your hair cascades around you, your pussy glistens with our lovemaking and your nipples are hard. We are standing facing each other, completely naked, looking at each other. As I move towards you, our eyes lock and we just fix our stares, looking deeply into each others eyes. My left arm goes around your waist and yours does the same. Together we reach out for each other and as my middle finger runs lightly along your pussy lips, your right hand reaches out and grips my hard cock. Our eyes don’t flinch as we start to touch and stroke each other. My finger parts your pussy lips, feeling your juices. Your hand grips my cock and moves in time with my finger as it runs up and down your pussy, catching your clit before sliding down again and into your wetness. Our hands move ever so slowly. The only contact is our hands and our eyes and we can tell by looking at each other, the effect we are having. Every slow, slow stroke you make on my cock causes a reaction in my face. Every time my finger runs over your lips and clit, your mouth gives away what your are feeling. Your slow strokes and my slow finger continue as we stare deeply at each other, our breathing getting heavier with each stroke we make. Your nipples are standing out, your mouth dry and your hips beginning to move in time with my finger. Suddenly you feel my finger part your lips. You respond by squeezing my cock, causing pre-cum to leak onto your hand. My finger makes small circles just inside you, teasing you as you circle the wet end of my cock with your thumb. Then my finger slides deeper inside you and my thumb hits your clit. You exhale with the pleasure and as my finger begins to slowly fuck you, you start stroking my cock up and down. We stand there, eyes staring at each other not blinking. My finger fucking you slowly, my thumb rubbing your clit, your hand stroking my hard cock up and down. As we stand there we both begin to feel the pleasure rising in our bodies. Our breathing is getting shallower and faster. Our hips are moving in unison as we continue to give each other pleasure. Slowly we increase the speed of what we are doing. My thumb moves faster, two fingers replace one and move faster in and out of you. Your right hand moves up and down my cock faster with each stroke. As we feel our pleasure rising and our orgasms beginning, our eyes stay locked, our movements more urgent. You feel my cock go rigid as your pussy grips my fingers. As we continue, we both start to shake as our orgasms start. Groans come from our mouths as our orgasms start to take us over. Faster and faster go our hands, fucking, wanking, bringing each other to the edge.  When our orgasms hit, we call out our names. My come spurts from the end of my cock as your pussy spasms around my fingers. Our legs give way but we hold each other up as the orgasms continue to take us over. At last our eyes close as the orgasms subside and we hold each other tight, covered in our own juices.  "God that was good," we say.
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