Venezuelan Paradise
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Her name is Venezia Martinez and, like me, she’s twenty-three years old. We met on an online hookup site that caters exclusively to those who take their sex lives seriously. We have no interests in selfish sextivities, ignorant or dishonest sexual experiences, or foolish practices. With that being said, I have had quite the number of mind-blowing acquaintances. But when it comes to Venezia, I get the feeling she’ll be more than just a fun acquaintance.
Perhaps it’s because our profiles match so perfectly. She’s a thick, tight piece of pure passionate Venezuelan pussy, and I’m the serene, girthy nine-inch piece of cocoalate she craves. She has the perkiest thirty-two C cup tits that stand out above her perfectly curvy thirty-two – twenty-four – thirty-six figure, and I spend hours a day working out to keep my ripped muscles bulging through my satin smooth skin.
She likes sucking dick just as much as having an expert licking her pussy, and I can’t go a single day without drinking as much pussy juice as possible. She loves multiple orgasms in multiple positions, and I love feeling girls’ pussies quivering on my dick every kind of way possible. But more importantly, we are both overly affectionate and willingly lose ourselves in wave after wave of pure orgasmic pleasure.
With all of these perfectly matching urges, we finally decide to meet in person. So, I fly all the way to Caracas, the capital city of Venezuela, to have a nice, exotic dinner at her favorite restaurant. I am currently sitting at the best table they have, overlooking a stunning city view. As the waitress brings me a bottle of their most exotic sparkling, the entire room seems to get quiet.
I look over at the entrance and see Venezia walking over to the hostess’ podium. She is pointed in my direction, and our eyes lock for the first time. We’ve been waiting for this moment for months, just so that we can fuck the living hell out of each other; and for the few seconds we’ve been staring into each other’s eyes, it only ensures both of us that the sex to come will be of mythical proportions.
She tosses her hair back and begins the greatest ‘I wanna get fucked hard’   walk I have ever seen. As she gets over to the table, I stand up and pull her towards me for a very personal hug so that I can feel how soft and tight her body is. While enjoying the soft, youthfulness of her ass, I feel her hands slide down to the front of my pants and she gets two hands full of my bulging hard dick. We squeeze each other so vigorously that we both groan into each other’s mouths as we kiss for the first time.
Again, the thoughts of our future fucking courses through my mind as her tongue slides into my mouth. I slowly pull away, remembering we were in the middle of a crowded restaurant that probably wouldn’t want us breaking all the furniture with our ‘first encounter fuckfest’. But don’t get me wrong, both of our profiles clearly display our love of fucking in very public places in front of absolute strangers.
We both sit down and smile at each other after looking around at all the whispering faces, no doubt talking about our graphic display of affection. I pour her a glass of sparkling, and we enjoy each other’s company while talking about how beautiful the view is. Talking about just the view seems odd to me until she says something more along the lines of our previous conversations.
“I would love to have you bend me over this table, facing the city, and fuck me so hard that I pull the tiles off the floor with my toes.”
I look over and see the fiery yearning in her eyes and know she’s serious. I grin at her before finishing off my glass of sparkling and lean back to give her a full view of my upper torso. I can see her eyes following the shape of my body, and she grins as she realizes I’m doing to same to hers. After a minute of admiring her body tightly wrapped in a bright yellow dress that contrast her sweet brown sugar skin tone perfectly, I am able to respond to her invitation.
“Well, seeing as how this is only the place we chose to meet, and neither of us is hungry for any of the restaurant’s food, I think bending you over and making you scream until your throat is sore sounds far more, appropriate.”
She licks her lips at me before biting her bottom lip as I call for the bill. The waitress returns with the bill but seems a little confuse as to why I asked for the best table only to have less than a bottle of sparkling before leaving. We decided to leave the waitress with that little mystery as the bill was paid, and Venezia began leading me to her place.
As we get to her condo, we stumble into her door because we’re too busy kissing and rubbing on each other. She stops kissing me to unlock her door but is so distracted by me nibbling on her neck that she has to turn completely around to get the door open. As soon as her back is toward me, I slide my hands downs to her thick hips, and then down further to begin rubbing the slightly moist, wrinkled spot on the front of her dress.
She gasps so hard as I lift the front of her dress and slide my fingers over the soaked spot of her panties, that she’s barely able to get the door open. She turns around and pulls me into her condo and slams the door shut.
“You are such a naughty American boy.”
Her eyes are filled with nothing but horny lust as she pulls my hands away from her pussy and leads me to her bedroom.
As we get to the bedroom door, I pin her against the wall next to the door, to kiss her again. She wraps her arms around my neck and tries pulling me into the bedroom, but I pin her against the wall harder.
“Not here. In the bed,” she’s able to groan while rubbing her legs against mine.
I lean away from her long enough to let her remove my shirt, and before I pin her up again, she leans forward and begins kissing and licking my chest. I slide my hands back down to her hips and pin her back to the wall so that I can deal with her dress. Before I can move my hands, she reaches up and pulls the top of the dress down over her shoulders, and lets it fall to her waist. Her perfect tits are so perky that she wasn’t wearing a bra, and I didn’t even notice.
“No. Not here. In the bedroom,” she urges me again.
“The bedroom’s too far away,” I respond while leaning down, and kissing in between her perky mounds.
I feel her hands on the back of my head as I kiss back up to her lips while slowly grinding my hips into hers. I slide my hands down to the bottom of her dress and slide it up to her naval with my left hand while grabbing the front of her soaked panties with my right.
“Moan for me baby,” I say to her as I tear her panties off with one hard jerk, leaving little red marks from where the fabric tried not to break.
She squeals and moans just like I told her to as I toss her ripped panties out of the way. She groans something in Spanish before throwing herself into me for a deeper kiss as I cup her bare ass and lift her feet off the floor.
She leans her head back to breathe while sliding her hands down to my pants and begins trying to undo them. I pin her back against the wall and continue kissing her as she finally gets my pants undone and pulls my throbbing, hard dick out. She strokes it with both hands while moaning inside my mouth as I grind my hips into her strokes. A huge glob of my hot precum oozes out onto her hands, and she’s reminded of her dripping pussy.
She pushes me back a little, and we both look down at the small puddles around her feet as her pussy quivers from the attention it’s not getting. My eyes follow the trails of juice leading up her legs to her wanting pussy before looking back at her. Before she can encourage me to fuck her silly, I pull my dick from her hands and thrust my entire length as deep as possible. To both our surprise, she takes all nine inches like this isn’t the first time we’ve fucked. She leans her head back, her mouth opens, and her eyes roll into the back of her head as her pussy screams around my dick.
I lean over and bite her neck as I feel my dick bulging and throbbing harder than I’ve ever felt it. It’s such an amazing feeling, being that deep in such a perfectly hot and tight pussy that it hurts just as much as it feels good. She whimpers softly as she lifts her legs more and wraps them around my hips, but she’s so weak from the initial thrust that her legs drop, pulling my pants and underwear down with them. I slowly stop biting her as I feel her pussy adjusting, and she starts moving slowly, silently begging me for that fucking we’ve wanted since we first saw each other’s photos online.
I squeeze her ass cheeks in my hands and hold onto her as best I can as I pump in and out of her hotness. Her pussy is so wet that it seems like she drips juice every time I slide outward.
“Oh fuck, your pussy is so much better than I could have ever imagined.”
She’s so wet, it’s like sliding down a water slide. You couldn’t stop even if you wanted to. I am lost in her juicy folds, and I wouldn’t want it any other way. Her moans and squeals only make me want her more, and I’m already having all of her. I look up into her eyes, and she can see how much I’m enjoying being lost inside her pussy. She leans over and kisses me gently before leaning back and squeezing her pussy around my dick.
I groan just as hard as she’s been groaning, and I can tell she felt the exact same way.
“Your pussy is perfect!”
“Is it really that good? You like my juicy pussy that much, do you? Well then now, it’s your turn to moan for my baby.”
She squeezes her pussy against me again, and slightly rocks into my thrust. I start rocking into her more and more, picking up speed, but without slamming her into the wall. Her moans get harder and come in shorter waves as she moans with every thrust I pump into her. I can feel her juices sliding down my legs, creating little puddles under my feet, and it fuels my affection for her even more. I can’t help but groan again and again as her pussy takes control of the fuckfest and has me at its beck and call. I feel my entire body quaking with anticipation of her approaching orgasm.
“You want me to moan? Huh?”
My legs shake a little as her body begins tightening and quivering against my thrust. I moan into her mouth as the feeling of her pussy squeezing my thrusting member overpowers me. It’s such a good feeling that I get light-headed, which only makes me thrust faster and harder. I can hear her trying to moan something, but she can only groan harder and harder as her pussy begins clinching more with every deep thrust.
“Oh that’s it!” she’s finally able to scream as her hands violently shake against my shoulders. “Fuck me! Yes! Yes!”
Without realizing how hard and fast I’m fucking into her, she grabs my arms and digs her nails into my skin as her pussy convulses on me. I snap out of my trance and realize how hard I can make her cum right now, so I let her ass cheeks go and use pure thrusting speed and power to keep her pinned against the wall. Her knees bend up and her legs open more as her nails dig deeper, sending a pain-pleasure sensation up my arms. I bury my dick into her deeper with every thrust, and pin her against the wall harder as she screams at the top of her lungs while cumming all over my pelvis. It’s such an explosive orgasm that large drops of squirt gush out around my pounding dick.
I continue relentlessly pounding her into a harder orgasm until her body is shaking so violently that I have to let her stop before she blacks-out from exhaustion. As her legs hit the floor, my dick slides out of her and small streams of squirt spray out onto the floor. She leans her body against the wall for support while I rub the rest of the squirt out of her pussy, nearly sending her into another orgasm. I lean over and kiss her softly as she regains enough strength in her legs to stand on her own.
“I have never, not once in my life, made any girl cum that hard.”
We smile at each other as I slide my hands up to her waist to give her a little squeeze massage. She responds to my massage by wrapping her arms around my neck, and pulling me in for a kiss to moan a ‘thank you for the massage’ in my mouth. She didn’t actual say anything, but her moans came every time I squeezed her just right. She starts kissing me deeper and moaning harder as my massage turns more vigorous, and I start massaging her deeper, with a purpose. We start rocking into each other and soon feel those orgasmic urges wanting to be expressed.
She suddenly pulls out of the kiss and reaches down to soften my massage.
“I have never, in my entire life, been fucked that hard and that right; ever!”
She leans back over and continues kissing me while rubbing her nipples into my chest, making me want her again. I break that kiss and kiss my way down to nibble on her neck some more while grinding my dick against her slippery pussy lips. She groans in my ear, and slides her hands down my back and cups my ass.
She squeezes my ass cheeks just like I was squeezing hers, and I moan on her neck as she whispers in my ear, “And we’re just getting started.”
I kiss my way back up to her lips while pulling her away from the wall to lead her somewhere more comfortable. I walk her into the bedroom backwards toward the decorated bed she was so eager to show me.
“See, I wanted to give you a proper welcoming party. You know, before you so grandly took me in the hallway.”
I lean down and kiss on her neck while grinding her against me as she puts her hands on my arms. I let her back away from me to sit on the edge of the bed while I take in the beautiful décor she’s created for me. The room is dimly lit by twenty or so scented candles that are placed around the room. The smell of them seems familiar, but it’s so faint that I can’t pin point what it is. But whatever it is, the scent is driving me wild and making me light-headed again.
I hear her moaning softly as she slides her hand down to her dripping pussy to rub her, by now, burning clit. I look back at her sitting on the dimly lit bright white sheets that are perfectly contrasting with her brown skin. She leans forward and arches her back in the sexiest pose she can as she pulls her dress over her head. She tosses her dress away and gives me her sexiest horny grin while pointing at my shoes.
I quickly bend down and pull my socks and shoes off just in time to look back up and see her slowly fingering some juice out of her soaked hole. She leans back on her elbows and seductively lures me over to her with some sexy fingering moans and, like a horny schoolboy, I wander right over to her.
I lean down over her and begin kissing from her stomach up to her chest and neck as her fingering hand leaves her pussy and starts stroking my throbbing shaft. I just barely kiss her lips as her strokes squeeze out another large glob of precum, this time making me groan so hard that our kiss doesn’t last long. She grins up at my groaning face while slowing her strokes to pump out any remaining precum. As I regain most of my composure, or at least enough to speak, she lets go of my throbbing member and brings her hand to her mouth to lick the mixture of pussy juice and precum off.
While she’s enjoying her handful of sex juices, I take control by grabbing her ankles, and slide my hands up her legs to her juice covered thighs. I pull her closer to the edge of the bed and slowly kiss my way down her body. Stopping every so few inches to really enjoy the tastes of her brown cinnamon sugar skin, I pay extra attention to any and all of her hot spots. As I get to her perky, soft tits, her nipples are rock hard and feel like little metal tabs as my tongue licks over them.
The first one to slide into my mouth is the right one, and I feel her chest quiver under the pressure of my licking tongue and sucking mouth. I can feel every little pump covering her dark areola. Her entire tit seems to respond to my every touch as I slide my tongue up and down her nipple while sliding my hand over to her other tit. She grabs the back of my hand as I cup her breast and gentle squeeze up to the nipple, then pinching and pulling it softly.
She moans softly as I let her nipple snap back, and switch from one to the other. Her other tit now receives the same attention while my hand now massages her right tit. She puts her hands on the back of my head and encourages my head down towards her juice soaked pelvis.
I stop her hands from guiding me any further and kiss softly down to her pubic mound at my own pace. The small patch of soaked black hair becomes a target for my tongue to brush through. By this time, she has become so wet, that I almost get a mouth full of juice from just sucking it out of her pubic hair. She opens her legs more and puts her feet on the edge of the bed next to my shoulders.
That’s when I notice her sexy six inch clear heels shining in the corners of my eyes. I lean down and kiss her clit softly before standing up, and grabbing her ankles again. I slide my hands up to her feet and begin taking her heels off. She giggles softly as I pull her heels off one at time, remembering how much I love for my girls to be completely naked.
She rubs her bare feet against my chest and pushes me back a little before I pull her legs apart, and quickly dive back down between them. She puts her feet back on the bed next to my shoulders, and runs her hands over my hair while pulling my face towards her hot spot.
I completely kneel down in front of her for a more comfortable access to her honey spot before slowly approaching her promised lands. The scent of her hotness hits me like a block of gold and then, suddenly, I remember the familiar scent of her candles. Somehow, she had made candles that smells just like her pussy, and that turns me on even more.
“Ah, this is the greatest smell I could ever hope to smell.”
I’m barely able to keep my focus as I take my first pure taste of her into my mouth. Her clit feels almost like a soft vibrator as I take it into my mouth to play with it, and feel how it’s quivering. Her body shakes a little as the first sensations of my tongue licking her clitoris swirls over her. She softly moans while rubbing the back of my head as I dive deeper into her juices.
“Oh fuck! You are so good at this. I didn’t think American men knew what to do down there.”
Her back begins arching and her moans get heavier and harder as my tongue dances on her clit. I can feel her body slowly starting to quiver more as she puts her feet on my shoulders to push herself into my face more. She lies flat on her back and grabs onto the bed sheets with both hands as I squeeze her thighs to pull her toward my face more.
Her clit spasms a little under my tongue and I slowly slide my tongue under her clit to her sensitive area to lick away at a place rarely licked. She squeals softly and slides her hands over to her breasts to caress them as I push deeper into her. I can feel drips of juice touching against my chin and quickly slide my mouth down to lick them up while replacing my tongue with my thumb to continuing rubbing her clit. She bucks her hips down and groans harder as my thumb rubs every part of her clit with force while I suck and lick up every drop of juice she has to offer before it even has a chance to escape. Her swollen pussy lips open more as I push my tongue deeper into her while rubbing her clit faster and harder.
Her breath quickens, and she starts moaning harder as her body tenses up and nearly freezes. I feel her thighs jiggling in my hands, and her pussy convulsing inside my mouth as she cums on my face just as hard as she did in the hall. A wall of juices flows into my mouth so quickly I’m barely able to swallow any before I have to pull away to catch my breath. She moans and whimpers as her orgasm rushes over her, and she feels my mouth again sucking her pussy to get all the juice. She reaches down and pulls on my hair as I push my tongue deep inside her, trying to lick at her G-spot.
I reluctantly ease off of her near the end of her orgasm to let her calm down in hopes of not tiring her out too soon. I try to sit back on my legs, but before I can take a breath and let her relax; she reaches down and grabs my braids, and pulls me up to her face. She passionately kisses me to taste her juices on my lips while letting her hip finish bucking softly against my stomach. I slide my hands around to her ass to lift her off the bed a little, and lay her in the center of the mattress.
“Time to stop playing around,” I whisper in her ear between deep kisses.
“I didn’t know we were playing,” she seductively whispers back. “Show me what you got pappi.”
I lean up and look down at her fully exposed pussy twitching under my throbbing shaft before placing the head of my dick against her dripping hole. She squeals a little and smiles as it re-enters her tightness for another round of pounding. This time, I waste little time warming her up for a hard thrashing, seeing as how wet and hungry her pussy is for more orgasms. I lean forward a little to get a closer view of her tight body jiggling against my fast thrusts.
She starts moaning in Spanish and rubbing on her tits while licking her lips at me, making me thrust into her harder. The sounds she makes from my initial thrusting are just to entice me to fuck her hard and fast, and I soon oblige her by rocking the bed with my movements. I reach down and grab onto her hips to prevent her from sliding away from me because of how hard I’m pounding into her. Her entire body is shaking violently, just from my thrusts, and her screams are sounding sexier than any of her screams before. Her eyes roll into the back of her head, and her back arches as I use my entire length to pound into her as fast and hard as I can.
The feeling of how hot and tight she is, is overwhelming and I, too, groan and moan as her orgasm approaches. I start having trouble keeping up my pace as my own sensations make me breathe as hard as she is, and soon both of us are barely able to breathe as her orgasm explodes onto my dick. Her hips buck up and down so hard, I think she’s going to break my dick; before she suddenly stops bucking as her entire body tenses and constricts. I can feel her pussy trying to gush out its elixir of eternity while her body spasms in front of me.
Her screams and moans are muffled by her tense facial expression as she’s overwhelmed by her own sensations, so I decide to bury my length into her as deep as possible. She squeals softly as the tip of my cock slams against her cervix, and I lean down to kiss her until she regains her composure.
I slide my hands up and down her torso, trying to rub her back into reality while continuing to kiss on her. Her pussy is still wrapped tightly around my buried dick, and it’s making my shaft bulge and throb harder and harder. With each throb, she whimpers softly until she finally starts to come back. As her pussy leaks drops of squirt, I pull my dick out to let her rest while we kiss and bite on each other’s lips and neck.
“Fuck. You have the best pussy in the world,” I say to her while kissing at her neck. “It almost makes me want to marry you.”
“Well if you’re going to fuck me like this every day…” She raises her hips up off the bed and rubs her leaking pussy against my cock to tease a moan out of both of us. “Then perhaps we might be able to work something out.”
She leans up and kisses me gently one more time before rolling me over onto my back, and climbing into my lap while rubbing her pussy against the base of my dick. She sits up straight in my lap and tosses her hair onto her back, giving me a full view of her perfectly curvy body in my favorite position. She smiles down at me as her hands slide down from my shoulders over my chest to my public hair, her nails softly scraping the surface of my skin. She leans her head down and lets a glob of saliva drool out of mouth, and using her expert stroking skills, massages her spit into my shaft.
The feeling is so amazing that I can’t even reach up to put my hands on her. I just let my hands rest on the bed and close my eyes as she starts stroking harder, trying to pump some precum out. I feel my back, involuntarily arching as she gets her glob of precum out of me; and she groans as her prize leaks down to her hands.
“That’s it. Just lie back and let me handle you. It’s my turn to fuck you.”
She slowly stops stroking me and leans down to give me one deep, passionate kiss before leaning back up and sliding my dick back into her. She sighs as she slides down my length and sits back into my lap. I feel her pussy spasming a little as it adjusts to being on top. She slowly starts bouncing up and down on my shaft, whimpering with every upward slide and moaning with every downward one. I quickly snap out of my trance to see her perky tits bouncing on her chest like professional erotic dancers. I reach up and truly grab her titties for the first time and squeeze them just hard enough to make her moan hard for me while grabbing the back of my hands.
Her bounces get faster and her moans and whimpers slowly turn into hard groans. I lay my head back to simply enjoy all the sensations coursing through me when I see the mirror on the ceiling. Looking up at our two sweaty, juice covered bodies fucking makes my dick extra hard inside her; a sensation she acknowledges with a surprise squeal. The one thing that draws my attention to our image in the mirror, is her exotic brown sugar skin tone bouncing up and down on my milk cocoalate body. Our bodies look like the most delectable chocolate dessert one could ever hope to make.
I’m snapped back into reality by one of her screams and as I look up at her, she’s holding onto my hands for dear life. She’s now bouncing up and down my entire length, and her pussy is dripping juice like a fountain. She falls toward me a little and has to stop herself by putting her hands on my chest. I slide my hands off her tits and down to her hips to help her continue bouncing as her orgasm gets closer. She digs her nails into my chest and screams into my mouth as she tries to muffle her orgasmic words with a deep kiss.
I can feel my shaft convulsing inside of her but I fight off my orgasm to fuck her some more, not wanting to stop. She leans up and groans as she rests her pussy all way down on my and tries to relax. She digs her nails deeper into my skin as I continue pumping up into her until her pussy is squeezing my cock so hard that it feels like I’m about to explode inside her. I bury dick back inside her again and let her rest against me as her orgasm continues rushing over her body. As it finally starts to subside, she lies down on my chest and softly kisses me while squeezing my dick with her convulsing pussy.
“Oh fuck. Shit, that was…,” a small, but powerful last wave of orgasmic sensation rushes over her. “We definitely have to get married. My pussy cannot live without you.”
I lean all the way up and sit with her in my arms while my arms wrap around her body to hold her against me as I kiss her again.
“Your pussy can’t live without me or you can’t live without getting fucked like this again?”
She smiles and giggles while kissing me and softly riding my still buried dick.
“What’s the difference?”
We both laugh softly until her riding causes my dick to slam against her cervix again, making us both groan. Instead of immediately pulling out of her, I hold her cervix against my cock while staring into her eyes before kissing her again.
Then I lift her up out of my lap and she kneels next to me, still kissing my lips and on my neck. I move around behind her and she immediately realizes what I want. She puts her hands on the headboard in front of us and bends her back a little to push her ass out toward me. I grab her waist and slide my hands down to her hips while pressing my dick against her dripping lips.
We both moan softly as I slide my member into her again, feeling her pussy stretch inch after inch as my throbbing member seems to have become swollen. With my dick now fatter, but still just as hard, I begin pounding away at her again.
“Just like the restaurant fantasy, huh?” I ask her while trying to match the desired power.
She whimpers with each hard thrust into her and lets her head drop from feeling the sensations being pounding out of her pussy.
“No! No, harder! Harder than that!”
She starts pushing back into my thrust, and I smack her ass as hard as I can without hurting her. The sexy squeal she makes when my hand smacks across her ass makes me hornier, and I begin spanking her softly, but with force. She really gets into the spanking by rocking her body wildly against me as my cock pounds in and out of her while my hand sends little shots of pain through her body. I let her hips go and use every ounce of power I have to ravish her pussy doggy style. Our bodies are clashing so hard that she has to let go of the headboard because it was starting to smash her fingers against the wall.
The bed is shaking and slamming into the wall so hard that the glass in the window on that wall is rattling. I pull her up against me and lean her head back so that she can watch me fucking her in the mirror on the ceiling. Her body shakes and trembles in my arms as I pound into her harder and faster, to make her body jiggle into me more. She screams and moans in Spanish while scratching at my arms, trying to break free of my hold as her body starts bucking against me.
I let her go and she falls forward onto all fours; and without losing any force, I reach up and put my hands around her neck. She immediately arches her back and bends all the way back until she’s looking up at me up-side-down. In this amazing position, I can not only kiss her, but I can feel her plump G-spot being assaulted by my dick. Her screams get more intense, and she starts losing control of her arch so I kiss her one last time before releasing her neck so I hold onto her hips to give myself more leverage.
“Cum for me. Cum harder than before!”
I feel her body completely convulsing and her pussy gripping onto my dick like never before as her orgasm rattles through her body. Her pussy releases my dick without warning, causing me to accidentally slide out; and behind my dick comes a flood of juices that finally gets to squirt all over the bed.
She collapses on the bed in a puddle of juice, and I sit back on my legs to regain my composure. The lingering sensations of her tight pussy are making my dick throb, and I must stroke it a little to get the last of the tingles out of it. As I let my dick go, I look down at it twitching and realize how hard my cum is going to splash against her. She slowly starts moving and is able to roll onto her back while breathing hard at me with a big grin on her face.
“You are quite the pussy conqueror, but there’s one thing we haven’t done yet.”
She leans up and kisses me while rolling me onto my back and pushes me up against the headboard. With me sitting against the headboard, she dangles her pussy over my throbbing member and lets some juice drip onto it. Before I can kiss her again, she leans down and takes my dick into her mouth. I can honestly say her mouth feels exactly like her pussy, only with more controllable muscles. My eyes immediately roll into the back of my head, and I lose all feeling in the rest of my body and can only feel her hot, wet mouth sucking up and down my shaft.
She reaches up with a hand and strokes the base of me while using her tongue to tease the tip. She’s doing so many different things to my dick, all at once, while still continuously sucking it that I start to feel my load building faster and faster. It feels like my sack is expanding as it plans to explode in her mouth, but she suddenly lifts her mouth off and just strokes her saliva into my shaft. She does lean down one more time, and completely takes me into her mouth until I feel the back of her throat squeezing my dick before she lifts her head off and kisses me.
“You look ready now,” she whispers to me while grinding her wet pussy against my yearning member.
She turns around and bends my knees up to open my legs before opening her own legs and putting them on either side of me. She reaches down and holds my dick in place to slowly lower herself onto me while moaning on every inch that she takes. I reach up and hold her waist as I feel her starting to tip over, but she soon has all of me inside her, and is moaning from the sensation. She looks back at me and realizes she has me completely at her disposal, and she slowly bounces up and down to get me to snap out of it.
When I do finally realize what she’s doing, I squeeze her waist more and start bouncing her up and down faster. It doesn’t take long for my load to start building again, and she’s not far off from cumming again either. She rocks her body back and forth against me while I continue sliding her up and down. Her rocking becomes more like belly dancing as my dick buries into her at a difference angle each time she slides down on it.
“Oh fuck! I’m about to explode.”
I grab her waist even harder as my orgasm feels as though it’s going to burst right then and there. She grabs my knees and balances herself as her pussy tightens a little more. I slide my hands down to her hips and hold onto them while thrusting up into her bounces and swirls, making her moan harder. Even though I can feel my own orgasm building, making her cum first becomes my main objective.
She leans all the way back against me and tries lifting off my dick to squirt, but I hold her down in the one spot and decide to just fuck the Spanish out of her.
“Oh fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Ahhh! Ahhh!”
Her screams get louder and harder as my thrusting pushes against her cervix with every upward motion. Finally she begins screaming in Spanish as juice gushes out around my pounding dick until she’s so wet that I slide out again. With her still leaning against me, blocking most of my view, I can still see her pussy squirting the largest amount of juice that I’ve ever seen; and it makes me throb so hard that I feel my own orgasm coming.
“Oh shit, I need to-”
Before I can finish begging for an orgasm, she quickly leans down and starts sucking and stroking my dick like a girl gone wild. She’s sucking so hard and fast that she can barely keep her sucks and strokes in rhythm. But as my balls prepare to explode, she stops sucking and shoves my dick back into her pussy; and starts riding me as hard as possible. With her still quivering, spasming pussy squeezing my dick, I feel the biggest load of my life rushing up my shaft. It’s such a large load that it hurts as it begins coating the inside of her pussy.
The hot sensation of my cum splashing around inside of her walls, in what seems like one big continuous stream, sends her spiraling into her last orgasm. Her pussy squeezes down on my cock just as hard as it has been all night and that makes my dick shoot one last massive stream of goo so deep inside her that she nearly jumps off of me when she feels hit her cervix. I bury my subsiding dick against her cervix and feel how deep my load went inside her. She reaches back and digs her nails into my arms as my hot cum and softening dick resting against her cervix, forces her orgasm to intensify even more. Her legs shake violently against mine until she collapses into me. We both clinch onto each other as our orgasms rattle us so hard, that we both stop breathing for a second.
In the midst of our orgasmic paradise, a large figure appears in the doorway. We’re both so out of it but into each other that neither of us notice him until he steps into the room and starts yelling something in Spanish. Because I don’t know who he is or what he’s saying, I reach down and start rubbing her clit to hear her moan again. With our orgasms subsiding, she begins softly moaning as sexily as she can for me while rubbing the back of my hand rubbing her clit before we both look up at the guy standing there yelling.
“What’s he saying?” I ask while softly kissing the side of her neck down to her shoulder.
She looks back at me and softly kisses me before replying, “He’s my husband. What do you think he’s saying?”
She continues kissing me until I rub her clit hard enough to get her to moan again, causing her to try to close her legs.
“Your husband? Really, you’re married?”
She nods and moans at me while still trying to kiss me so I smack her clit hard enough to make her whimper into mouth. But I like the way her body jumped into mine when I smacked her like that, so I begin spanking her clitoris until she moans out in submission, trying to hold my hand away from her to prevent me from continuing.
“You should’ve told me you were married. I would’ve flown you out to America so we could fuck, uninterrupted.”
She kisses me deeper and moans in my mouth as she lets my hands go, and I continue rubbing her clit. She licks her lips at me and slowly lifts off my soft cock to let the juices and cum flow out of her pussy. We both look down at the cascading waterfall of thick white cum that pours out of her onto the bed. She reaches down and rubs her hand through it, and begins rubbing the mixture all over her pussy before bringing her hand up to her mouth to taste my cum. She grins at me and moans softly as I slide my hand over her cum covered pussy before she leans over and kisses me, giving me a taste of our sex mixture.
“Now, about us going to America to get married-” I push my longest fingers as deep into her pussy as I can and begin fingering her G-spot. She screams softly as I power fuck her pussy with fingers for ten seconds before stopping to let her finish saying, “What are waiting for?”
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