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She loves her husband. She loves her children. At least that's what she always told her online lovers. It set the ground rules and put up boundaries so that none of them got too serious or requested a meeting. It was a grand rationalization, to put it mildly. By getting this up front, she was able to tell herself that none of this was real, that it was all fantasy and fun and that no one would get hurt. If she had believed that, then perhaps it wouldn't have gone so wrong, caused so much hurt, left her with the ultimate price to pay.
Her name is Tina. She discovered online sex when her sex life with her husband had gone into a funk. She had an incredible sexual appetite and, without getting it at home as regularly as she was used to, she needed another outlet to satisfy her needs.
She had a couple of affairs during her marriage, both brief flings which held no emotional attachments. It was strictly sexual, with two men who she had known. They were both married as well, so there was no fear of anyone finding out. The affairs had excited her, not only because it was wrong, but also because both men were better in bed than her husband. In fact, the one was truly hung like a horse and she had never cum so hard or so many times in one session.
But this time she decided that she was going to play it safe. She had visited an online porn site which required registration, but offered erotica, along with forums, chat rooms and free online messaging. It was like going to a buffet of sex. She could read about her potential partners and sift through their profiles until she found what she wanted.
She had done online sex chats with several of the men on this site and it was satisfying. She usually masturbated during their sessions and was able to cum almost every time. She belonged to this particular site so that she could do this anytime, anyplace, at her convenience. She even started doing it while at work on her break periods. It seemed that this would never end.
And then she met him.
His name was Lane, and he appeared on the surface to be a real womanizer. Lots of women were in contact online with Lane and he liked it just fine. Lane was married, with two children. Things weren't perfect at home in Lane's real life. His wife gave him sex, but not nearly as often as they used to. It seemed that sex for her was a necessary chore, something to keep him from straying. Lane made a very comfortable salary and that provided her with an extravagant lifestyle. He figured that her infrequent sex with him was her way of keeping him at home. Little did she know that he was indulging in all his fantasies online. He was the king of his virtual world. He had amassed a large following of women on his favorite site and they were his pets, eager to service his every need.
Tina met Lane one day when she was trolling for new partners on her site. Other than her usual hookups, she had kept what seemed to be a pretty low profile on the site, never having too many partners and never doing anything that might attract too much attention. She was careful.
She had a few girlfriends on the site. She was curious about doing it with a woman, but never tried it yet. One of her friends told her about Lane, saying that he was a fabulous lover and that she should give him a try. She sent him a brief message, wondering why they hadn't met, blah, blah blah. All the usual come-ons which had served her so well in the past.
Lane responded, curious about this woman who had escaped his wandering eye for so long. They agreed to chat one night real soon. He thought her to be a real mystery and was determined to solve her.
The night of their first chat started out like most had before, with some ritualistic dancing around until one of them began the seduction. In this case it was Lane who made the first move.
His description of his sexual prowess was an instant turn-on for Tina. This guy was in control and he was letting her know in no uncertain terms. She liked that. Things rapidly intensified and they were both ultimately caught up in the simulated sex. Tina found herself more stimulated by this Lane guy than by anyone she had ever been with. When they were done, Tina asked to see him again, something she had never done with an online partner. She was hungry and Lane was just the food she was looking for.
They began a long-term online relationship on the site. They were inseparable. Tina made herself available to Lane whenever he wanted, drastically reducing her number of online contacts so that she could devote all of her time to him.
They had exchanged pictures of each other, with some of them nude and very explicit. Of course, none were too recent, especially in Tina's case. She was always a bit plump, but lately she had added some weight. She didn't need to scare anyone off by admitting that she was a plus-size.
Apparently the strategy worked, as he asked her to be his, exclusively, on the site and to never have online relationships with anyone else. He also expected her to fill him in on any other conversations she might have on the site. She agreed to his demands, so addicted to him that she would do anything to please him.
Of course, Lane still had all of those women following him on the site. He had over 200 women who were available to him at any time. He really liked Tina, but he would never give up on all of those women. The only distinguishing thing about Tina was that she was his current pet. She had a few extra pounds on her, but her voracious sexual appetite could compensate for a little extra weight. Too much weight, and no amount of sex would make it go away.
All this time, Tina had taken steps to make sure that her husband never found out about her secret life, and in particular Lane. She had downloaded several messaging apps on her phone, so that she could never be traced to any one app. Lane had all of her messaging apps on his phone as well, so they had easy access to each other. He also was careful. He didn't need his wife finding out any of this. He could lose a lot if she ever filed for divorce.
But all of this still wasn't enough for Tina. She was obsessed with Lane to the point that they exchanged cell phone numbers. This was important, as now they could actually speak to each other anytime they wanted. Of course, they were careful not to call each other when they were with their families. No sense in inviting trouble, she thought.
Their level of cheating and secrecy had lacked only one thing - a face-to-face meeting. Lane brought up the subject one day when they were talking with each other on their cell phones. He told Tina that if she could find a way to spend a day with him, he would come visit near her city and they could spend a day together in his hotel room.
As luck would have it, a couple weeks later her husband's parents had asked them to bring their children and meet them at an amusement park near their house on an upcoming Saturday. They could have lots of fun at the park and then go to their place for an overnight stay.
This was perfect, as her husband's parents lived about two hours away. The kids loved their grandparents and enjoyed staying at their house. If she could find a way to pass on the trip she could be with Lane and fuck themselves silly all day long. She quickly became obsessed with the idea of meeting Lane.
She put her plan into motion, telling her husband that she wouldn't be able to go. She told him that there was an important series of meetings at work on the day of the trip, and her attendance was mandatory. Was there any way they could reschedule it, she asked him. Sadly, there was no other day to do this, as his parents were leaving soon after the trip for a long vacation.
He told her not to worry and that he would take the children by himself. His folks would understand. She needed to take care of her career.
The cellphones and messaging apps were hot with activity in the days leading up to the visit, with Lane fabricating a golf trip with his buddies as his excuse for being out of town for the weekend. He had the reservation confirmed at the hotel. Everything was perfect on his end. He would arrive at the hotel Friday evening, and Tina could be there by 7:30 - 8:00 a.m. They had the whole day for sex.
Tina was careful to treat Saturday just like any other day at work, getting up early and wishing her husband and the kids a safe trip and to have fun. She figured that she would need to be back home by 7 p.m. to make it look like she had been at work all day in case he called the house in the evening. She told her husband that if he needed to speak to her during the day that he was to call her cell. The meetings at work would keep them from their offices and wouldn't be able to answer their work phones.
Finally, it was time for Tina to leave the house. Lane had sent her word that he had gotten in safely and that he would be waiting for her. He gave her his room number, but said he would meet her in the lobby.
She couldn't get there fast enough. It was only a 25-mile drive, but it seemed like 125. Finally she pulled into the parking lot. She had secretly packed a small bag last night so that she could go home in fresh clothes. She was feeling proud of herself for covering every possibility. Soon she would be in bed with her online lover.
Lane waited in the hotel lobby and when he saw her pull into the parking lot his heart actually jumped a beat. He had met online lovers before for quick sex, but Tina was different. There was a real connection between them.
When she walked into the lobby there were two decidedly different thoughts at work. Tina was thrilled to see Lane in person. He was a touch heavier than his photos, but his face was just as handsome. Lane, on the other hand, was shocked. Her photos showed a slightly overweight woman, but very sexy nonetheless. This Tina looked to be about 30 pounds heavier. Not surprisingly, there was nothing stirring in his pants. He would never have come this far if he had known the truth, but here he was. He decided to make the best of it and never see her again. Sex was sex, after all.
They embraced and kissed as they got in the elevator and made their way to Lane's room. Once inside, she practically tore his clothes off and wrestled him to the bed. Lane gritted his teeth and figured at least he was going to get his cock sucked and get laid. He joined her in the carnal fun.
They made love in every position imaginable that day. She went down on him and took everything he could give her. She was a sexual dynamo. He didn't seem to want to eat her but, after some pleading, he finally performed oral on her. In fact, he seemed somewhat distant the whole time they were together.
In what seemed like an instant, it was time for her to get back in case her husband called the house. She showered, changed clothes and bade a tearful goodbye to Lane and asked him when they could do it again. Lane told her some excuse about how it was difficult to get away and how he didn't want to push his luck with his wife. he told her that they would talk about it on Monday. In truth, he didn't care if he ever saw her again. She was a pig, and all her photos must have been from a long time ago.
Finally she was on her way back home. During the drive she fantasized about them in a series of meetings in different hotels. Even at that, she couldn't shake the nagging feeling that something was wrong with Lane. he didn't seem as eager to be with her as she was with him. Oh well, she told herself. The first time might have been awkward for him. He'll loosen up.
As she came down her street, she noticed something strange. There were lights on in the house. Not the usual lights they left on when they were away, but a lot of lights. As she turned the corner the driveway came into view. Her husband's car was there, along with a second car she didn't recognize. Fear began to creep into her thoughts. What could be going on, she wondered?
As she let herself in, she saw her husband and another man standing in the living room. She didn't recognize him, but she did recognize her luggage. What the fuck?
Her husband spoke first. "Tina, we've taken the liberty of packing all of your clothes," he said. "You can come back later for anything we may have forgotten."
Tina was puzzled. "What is going on?" she asked.
"Do you take me for a fucking idiot?" said her husband. "I knew something was going on when you spent every waking moment on your cell phone for the last eight months," he added.
"I hired this private investigator to get our cell phone records and to follow you," he went on. "There's enough evidence on the phone records alone to convince a judge that you are a sexual predator and unfit to raise our children." He followed you to that hotel today and has some very explicit photos of the two of you," he said. "Don't worry, we're contacting his wife as well."
He went on to explain that she would never see him or their children ever again, as part of an agreement that he was having his attorney draw up. She would receive enough money to get an apartment. She could keep her car, but nothing else. The kids would live with him and she would agree to never seek any custody or visitation rights. If she refused to sign it he would drag her into court, where the details of her activities would be exposed for everyone to see. The outcome of a court battle would essentially be the same or worse.
She was stunned. She thought that they had covered all their bases and had left no signs of their affair. Her downfall was her insistence that they use their cell phones in order to speak with each other.
And at that, she realized that the price she was to pay for her pleasure was steep. She lost her husband, her children and Lane, all in one fell swoop. She took her things, got in the car and drove off into her now uncertain future.
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