Start of a Long Weekend
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Once again, Nick was home from school. It was six weeks after his perfect graduation gift. Mid-term exams finished earlier and there was time off to come home and visit his adopted family. He missed them a lot.
Sam and he were roommates at college and slept together every night. The sex was great, but Nick desired to be with his adopted family. Now was his chance again. Sam desired to be with Ashlee again. Her first encounter of sex with another woman left her wanting to explore more the softer side of sexual pleasure.
Two friends, Jessica and Ashlee moved into the house, when Nick left to go off to college. He discovered that they were lesbian friends but loved his big cock as a diversion.
Nick sat in Ashlee's room overlooking the pool, watching Ashlee as she went to sun bathe. Ashlee was a tall thin young woman with long brown hair, brown eyes, thin lips, small, almost boyish breasts, slim waist, narrow hips and long muscular legs. She was in her third year of college and was a star in long distance running. She spread the blanket on the pool deck in the full sun. She stripped off her clothes and lay on her back to catch the sun on her front first.
The gate opened, Ashlee sat up to cover herself but laid back down when she saw Sam enter. "Hi Sam, Nick is upstairs in my room if you want him," Ashlee told Sam. "Before you go in, do you think you could spread some lotion on me? I forgot and I do not want to burn. You are welcome to join me if you like."
Sam looked at Ashlee laying there, so tempting and a stirring in her body made her think about fucking her right there. She waited for this chance and it was here for her. She put her bag down, grabbed the suntan oil and walked over to Ashlee. Her mind told her, Nick could wait; it was time for you to be with Ashlee.
She stood looking down at Ashlee and started taking off her clothes. When she was nude, she knelt at Ashlee's feet and forced her legs wide apart. She moved up between her legs getting closer to Ashlee's pussy. Ashlee smiled as she watched Sam approach. Sam felt her pussy getting wet with every slide up the blanket.
Sam haltingly asked, "Where do you want me to start?"
Ashlee replied, "My upper body needs more. So, start there and work your way down."
Sam thought she would pass out from the pressure just to jump on Ashlee and munch her pussy. With shaking hands, she poured a liberal amount of suntan oil in her hand. She rubbed her hands together and grabbed Ashlee's left arm rubbing the oil softly into it. She switched to the right arm and when she finished there, she moved to the neck and shoulders. Sam bent low over Ashlee near her head.
Ashlee rose up and kissed Sam hard and full on her lips. Sam kissed back pushing her tongue deep into Ashlee's mouth. Ashlee sucked hard on Sam's tongue pulling it deeper into her mouth and nibbled softly on it. Sam and Ashlee kissed hard for a long time but Sam lowered herself onto Ashlee pushing her body hard against Ashlee. Ashlee rolled on her side and Sam fell off next to her.
While this happened, Nick watched from the window above. He loved Ashlee, but knew that Sam wanted to spend time with her too. He arranged for this chance meeting of the two young women. He saw Ashlee getting ready to sun herself and called Sam to tell her to come over through the back gate. He hoped Sam and Ashlee would meet again and get it on while he watched from her room.
It worked perfectly so far. Sam and Ashlee were making out and fondling each other. Nick watched and a big bulge grew in his boxers as he sat there. To help relieve his tension, he pulled is growing cock out of his shorts, wrapped his hand around it and pulled up and down on it. Just as he started, Jessica walked in, saw his hand moving and sat down next to him.
Jessica was born 1 hour earlier than Ashlee in the same hospital. They grew up next door to each other and became the best of friends. Jessica was a curvy bookworm. She was average height, long black hair, brown eyes, full lips, very nice large breasts, flat stomach, wide hips and tight long legs. She was strong and worked out, but hated playing sports. She was in her third year of college, number one in her class and major.
Both girls had steady boyfriends, who slept with them as often as they could, but when they were home, the girls slept together and fucked each other. She fucked Nick too and loved having his hard cock deep in her wet pussy. She looked out the window and whistled softly. She looked at Nick, saw his cock standing tall and put her hand on his cock.
Nick said, "What the fuck, Jess?"
Jess looked at him and said, "I just want to help my friend out. You can watch your girlfriend fuck, while I please you and have some fun too. Is that so wrong?"
Jessica lowered her head and took Nick's hard cock into her eager mouth. She slowly pushed her mouth down the length of him deeply into her throat. Nick moaned softly as her throat caressed his cock.
"Oh, Jess your mouth is so warm and tight," moaned Nick.
Jess moved her mouth faster on his cock, making it throb with excitement. She popped it out of her mouth with a loud smack, but held it tightly with her hand stroking it slowly. She licked the tip of all his pre-cum and worked her way down the underside. She took one of his balls in her mouth sucked and nibbled on it driving him wild. She repeated the same thing on his other ball and did something unexpected. When she finished with the other ball, she took both of them into her mouth and rolled them around with her tongue. Nick was so turned on he grabbed her head and held it tightly against him so she had to keep him inside her mouth.
When Jess released him, he said, "My god Jess, that was awesome. When did you learn that? I want to feel that again soon."
"Aw Nick, that was something special I saved just for you my friend," Jess teased him. She went back sucking his hard cock. While she sucked his cock, one of her hands was busy rubbing her pussy and teasing her clit.
Nick watched out the window a little longer, but Jess distracted him more and he wanted to bury his cock deep into her wet hungry pussy. He picked Jess up, carried her to Ashlee's bed, stripped off his boxers exposing his very hard thick long cock, stripped Jess and put her on the bed. He crawled up beside her, pulled her on top of him and felt the wetness of her eager pussy on his belly and cock. His cock was under her pointing toward her face.
Jess sat up straddling him with the length of his cock nestled tightly between her swollen pussy lips. She started sliding up and down the length of his cock forcing its head to hit her clit hard with each stroke. Nick moaned louder with each thrust. Jess kept sliding, her pussy aching for his hard cock and her clit throbbing hard. She stopped and Nick looked up at her.
She rose off him, pulled on his hard cock raising it to her swollen lips and plunged back down propelling his long wide cock deep inside her wanton pussy. A loud moan escaped her lips along with a deep sigh of pleasure, as she rode his cock.
Nick reached up, grabbed Jess's hips. He held her, as she rode up and down his cock. Nick felt Jess's tight pussy throbbing around his hard cock, as she rode him harder and faster.
Jess rose up almost to the point of pulling off Nick's cock. She waited there for a few moments as if trying to decide what was next. She drove her pussy down his cock so fast and hard they both moaned when she had him deep inside. Her orgasm broke so strongly over his cock that he felt as if his cock was wedged tightly between the walls of her pussy never to be let go. Her pussy pulled and tugged on his cock as she screamed and moaned in total ecstasy. She stayed straddling him with his cock wedged tightly inside as wave after wave of pleasure surged through her.
Nick held Jess until her orgasm subsided, but he was not done yet. His needs were still unfulfilled and he wanted to fill Jess with his seed. He slid her off his engorged cock and made her get on her hands and knees with her beautiful round ass rising majestically in the air.
He moved behind her and looked at her ass waiting to feed ravenously on his cock. He spread her butt and saw her very wet waiting pussy, but he wanted to stuff his cock in her ass. He stuck two fingers in her pussy and she moaned with delight, but he just got them good and wet and removed them to push them deep into her ass to prepare for his stiff cock. When she was fully wet, he removed his fingers and put the tip of his cock at her puckered hole.
Her ass opened slowly to allow his cock to enter. As soon as the tip was fully inside, he rammed his cock deep and hard into her ass. Jess screamed but pushed back on him to get him all inside her.
"Oh, Nick! That feels so good. Pound my tight ass with your big fat cock. I want you to fill me up," Jess moaned in sheer pleasure. "I want you to pound me hard and fast until I have another big long orgasm. Don't cum in my ass. I want your cum deep in my tight, wet, hungry pussy."
"Don't worry Jess, I will pound your ass, but I want to fill your hungry pussy with all my cum," Nick moaned through his tightly held lips.
Nick drove his cock hard and deep into Jess's ass making her moan loudly and groan as she reached another big climax. He felt her climax growing and slowed his motion to hold her off. Jess moaned sadly with the lack of release. Nick slowly drew his cock all the way out of her ass, but the tip.
He stopped there and Jess pleaded, "Stop teasing me. Shove that big fat cock back inside my tight ass."
Nick rammed his cock hard and deep and felt Jess's climax roll up his cock and around him pulling him and rushing past. He stayed buried deep inside her until the throbbing ended and she almost fell into a deep swoon.
"Nick, that was so good. I love the way you fill my ass and make me beg for release. I love you my sweet fucking friend. Now please fuck my pussy I want you to fill me with your cum," Jess begged him with her pleading eyes and lips.
Nick pulled his hard cock out of her ass and picked her up now to make her really wet pussy fully uncovered. She moaned still recovering from her earlier climaxes and in eager anticipation of what came next. Nick put his cock at her swollen lips and moved it up and down hitting her clit hard making her groan and move her hips. He kept this up until Jess started begging again. He slowed down and stopped pulling away from her.
"Stop teasing me! Shove that big hard cock into my waiting wet pussy please, pretty please," Jess pleaded with Nick. "I need to feel you deep inside me. Fuck me HARD!"
Nick smiled and rubbed Jess softly, as he spread her pussy open with his wide fat cock. Jess moaned in anticipation of his entrance into her waiting pussy. She tried pushing back at him with her hips but he moved back away. Jess gave up and waited quietly, wishing he would pound her hard.
Nick pushed his cock slowly into her pussy getting a disappointed moan from Jess. Nick smiled and pulled his cock fully out of her. Just as she started to complain, he reared back and slammed his cock hard and deep into her, causing her to scream in ecstasy.
Jess loved the tease, but she steadfastly loved hard fast sex from the big, fat, long cock of Nick. They played this game whenever they fucked each other.
Nick moved in and out of Jess at a furious pace and Jess moved her hips keeping up with him. He drove his cock in and out like a piston on the outside of a steam locomotive as it roared down the tracks. Jess loved how Nick manhandled her. He was so good at it and he satisfied her every wanton desire.
Her hair flew around her head, as he pounded her from behind. Her breasts bounced with every thrust. Her voice moaned and screamed with pleasure and her body shook with each hard thrust. Jess felt Nick stiffen and slow his pace. She knew he would cum any thrust now. She held her climax as long as she could wait to explode with him. She loved when they came together, their bodies in tune and vibrating, as their climaxes mixed their cum deep in her pussy.
Nick thrust deep in her waiting pussy and stopped, holding his cock still. His cock throbbed as the cum traveled from his tense balls through his long cock and sprayed out in deep long spurts into her pussy.
Her climax happened just as he spurted his first. Her pussy tugged along the length of his cock drawing each spurt out and mixing with her. They moaned and groaned together as they shook and shuddered under their orgasms. They fell on their side with Nick still buried deep inside Jessica. They lay on Ashlee's bed for a while just languishing in the afterglow of long hard sex.
"You were great Nick. That was the best fuck of my life. Whenever you are here and we can get away, I want you to fuck me again and again," Jess told Nick with a big smile of pleasure.
"Thank you, my sexy horny woman. I am just exploring what sex pleases you and me. I like what we do and want the same thing from you whenever," Nick said smiling.
While Jess and Nick entertained themselves, Ashlee stuck her fingers down on Sam's waiting pussy and discovered she was wetter than ever. The light well-trimmed pussy was wet with the outer lips swollen waiting for Ashlee to munch down on it. Ashlee wanted her pussy so much she forgot about Sam's hard nipples and attacked that wet pussy. Sam didn't care; she wanted to feel Ashlee's fingers and tongue deep inside her and against her swollen clit.
"Eat me Ashlee, please," moaned Sam.
Ashlee moved he mouth and tongue over her swollen clit and sucked hard. Sam's hips bounced up and down with each suck. She wanted her hips to keep the mouth against her hard. Moans came from Sam and Ashlee as they rolled together. Ashlee moved her body over Sam so that her pussy hovered above Sam's eager mouth. As Sam pulled Ashlee to her mouth, Ashlee bit her clit. Sam reacted by tugging hard on Ashlee biting her swollen clit. They happily nibbled and fingered each other's clit until they came at the same time.
They heard the screams and moans emanating from Ashlee's room and knew Jess and Nick were fucking hard. They kept at each other with their fingers inside until they came again. Ashlee never stopped fingering Sam. She had two fingers deep in Sam and felt that there was room for more.
She slowly inserted a third finger deep into Sam's eager pussy. As she did, Sam's pussy gushed forth with a squirt that sprayed out across to the hot tub. Ashlee surprised at that wanted to see more. She pounded Sam again with three fingers and decided to risk four. Three fingers fit tight but four was almost too many. Sam growled at the fourth finger invading her. After a few thrusts from her hips and Ashlee's hand it felt comfortable.
Ashlee felt another squirt building and watched in awe as Sam squirted almost into the hot tub. Sam was too wound up in her own pleasure to give any to Ashlee. The squirting was amazing to Sam, but took its toll on her physically. She felt lightheaded and closed her eyes after the last one. As she lay there, Ashlee rolled away and got up to see what the noise was emanating from her room.
Ashlee stood in the open doorway watching her friends enjoy each other's bodies. As she watched, her hands cupped her breasts squeezing them hard. Her nipples, although small, popped out aching, as she tugged and pulled on them. She pulled and tugged on her breasts wishing Nick fucked her and not Jess.
Sam was fun, but Nick had this big wide long cock that felt so good when it filled her small tight pussy. Even her boyfriend could not satisfy her as Nick could.
One of her hands slowly drifted down her body seeking her already wet and ready pussy. Sam started her off, but her own fingers would finish it. She briskly rubbed her clit and her hips moved in and out against the doorframe. Small soft moans came from her throat, as she moved her hand faster. Her hand kept pace with Nick as he pounded Jess in the ass. When Jess came, Ashlee came and her moans mingled with Jess in full release.
Nick and Jess never looked up to see Ashlee. She stood there with her hand poised to put her fingers deep inside, when Nick thrust into Jess. She started with two fingers, played deep hard and fast, but it was not enough. She added a third finger and it felt so good. She kept pace with Nick again fingering her wet pussy as her juices flooded down her legs onto the floor.
She looked down, saw a growing puddle and smiled. She never stopped, but continued. As Nick slowed, she slowed too. When he rammed his cock home into Jess, she wanted it to be her there being rammed. When Nick and Jess screamed and moaned at their final release, Ashlee joined in and flooded the floor even more.
Her legs shook so much she fell to the floor sitting on the edge of the now big puddle. She looked over at Jess and Nick and saw them still joined but laying on their sides looking at each other. She discovered how Sam felt, when she squirted so much. She recovered quickly, stood up, looked over at Jess and Nick and approached the bed slowly.
"Hey guys, what has been going on?" Ashlee coyly asked.
"Not much," replied Nick.
Jess looked at Ashlee, but saw the puddle at the doorway. She knew how it got there and asked Ashlee, "Did you enjoy the show?"
Ashlee jumped on the bed, which jarred Nick's still semi-hard cock out of Jess and said, "Yeah, but next time, please include me in it. I want to fuck Nick too. He has the best cock I ever had."
"Like you are an expert?" Jess mocked.
"Ashlee, I will be here for two more days. I think I can fit you into my fucking schedule," Nick replied joking.
Ashlee got behind Nick, pushed close to him, reaching around grabbing his cock and said, "Hmmm, I love Nick's cock. It is nice that he wants to share with all of us and Sam does not mind."
Sam came in the door, jumped around the puddle and joined the three horny young people in Ashlee's bed. The weekend was off to a great start.
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