The Crack of Dawn
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Me and Dawn was both born 'n raised in Hooterville. We never dated, though. We'd just hang out with our friends at the Tasty-Freeze and stuff. We was always "Just Friends." You know, the kind of friends where the girl just wants to have fun and the guy just wants to fuck. Yeah, I really liked her, maybe even loved her a little.
By the time we was thirty, I'd moved to the city and Dawn had gotten married and divorced already. We hadn't seen each other in years. So when I was in town for the Christmas holidays, I called her up and ask her out on a dinner date.
We drove out to the interstate and had a real nice dinner at the Holiday Inn. The two of us reconnected right away just like the last ten years never happened. We was just talkin' and laughin' bout old times and such. I figured it'd be just like old times - we'd enjoy each other's company and then I'd go home and jerk-off.
When we got back to her place, I sat down and relaxed on Dawn's big leather sofa while she excused herself to go change into somethin' more comfortable. Now this is real life, I told myself, not some comedy show. She aint gonna come outta there wearin' lingerie.
Well, sure enough, Dawn came back in wearin' a nice yellow shirt and a pair of denim pants. She wasn't wearin' no bra, but it wasn't all that noticeable. She's a petite little thing with small tits. Hell, I wasn't lookin' at her tits anyways. You see, Dawn's pants were made outta some kind of soft denim that just clung to her little body like spandex.
As she was standin' in front of me pourin' a glass of wine, I was gazin' right into the Grand Canyon. Not a camel toe, mind you, but the fuckin' Grand Canyon. Framed by two puffy, denim-clad pussy lips on both sides. She smiled right at me, sat the wine glass down on the coffee table, and did a sexy little slide onto the sofa right beside me.
Well this wasn't exactly the "Just Friends" vibe that I had been gettin' during dinner, so I leaned in for a kiss. That got things to rollin'. I whispered into her ear how sweet and sexy she was. Kissed her on the neck and worked my way down while I was unbuttonin' her shirt. You know the drill.
When we was finally naked, I got up on top and took aim. Well, I musta been a little out of practice because I missed the target. My cock slipped between her big pussy lips and the underside of my dickhead raked up against her clit. She made this kind of gasping sound all of a sudden as she sucked in air between her teeth.
I just kept on repeatin' that same motion, rubbin' up against her and just funneling my cock between her big wet lips. Each time I dragged my cockhead over her clit, she made the little sucking sound.
"Oh Homer," she moaned (that's me).
Feelin' her clit rubbin' up against the under side of my cock was just damned awesome. I kept it goin' until I finally shot a big load of cum all over her pussy. Damn, I'm tellin' you right now it really felt good.
Then Dawn remembered that her kid was at the baby sitter's house and she had to go pick her up. It was after nine o'clock, after all. We made plans to see each other again before I left town and I hastily cleaned up and left.
The next day Dawn called me up and said she had to go over to her grandmother's house or somethin, so we couldn't get together again. I don't know if she was pissed because I didn't actually fuck her, or was embarrassed by what happened, or what. Maybe she really did have go to her grandmother's. I'm left with kind of mixed feelings because I've always wanted to fuck Dawn, but we didn't really go all the way. On the other hand, that was just about the most intense orgasm I ever had. I think it was good for her, too.
That fucking Homer called me up out of the blue and asked me out to dinner. I haven't thought about him in years. We were friends all through school. He always wanted to date me, but he was kind of a pain in the ass and I had plenty of better options. We did have some fun times together, though.
We went out to the buffet at the Holiday Inn. Actually, it was pretty good. Better than the microwave dinner I would have had at home. And Homer can be kind of charming sometimes. We had a good time.
Since it was still early when we got back to my house, I asked Homer to come in for a glass of wine. My designer jeans were too tight and my feet were killing me in those heels, so I went back to the bedroom to change. I just picked up a yellow blouse and a pair of jeans that I like to wear around the house. My ex-husband used to call them my pussy jeans, but they're not sexy.
Homer and I snuggled up on the sofa together and sipped our wine. Then he leans over and plants one on me. I hadn't planned on doing anything with Homer, but I gotta tell you, being a single girl in a small town sucks. And who knew that Homer would be such a good kisser? Okay, I admit that I got a little worked up and things went further than I ever thought they would. Before long we were naked on the sofa. I felt like we should have been in the back seat of his Yugo.
Well, as it turned out, Homer's pathetic little dick wasn't big enough to get past my labia. He just ground it against me and rubbed my clit with his little head. It felt good, but so does my vibrator. And my vibrator lasts more than thirty seconds. After it was over I said I had to go pick up my daughter at the baby sitter's. I don't really have a kid, I just wanted to get rid of that fucking looser.
The Crack of Dawn? Really! He can kiss the crack of my ass. If any of you Lush guys are ever in Hooterville, look me up because I still need to be fucked.
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