Secret Affairs: With My Friend's Son - Part 17
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I was expecting that Adam might lose his control and cum inside me, but he didn’t. Adam fucked me nice and hard in missionary position, we kissed the whole time he was moving his cock inside my wet pussy and he told me how much he loved me. Instead of replying that I loved him back, I was moaning louder, asking him to fuck his mom’s friend. Yes, all the time I was reminded him that I was his mom’s friend and I was saying so because it was exciting him more and he was fucking me harder after hearing that. Adam pulled out his cock from my pussy after he made me cum again. He came near my head and shot his cum all over my boobs and face. Adam was exhausted now and so was I. He lay down next to me with his hand wrapped around my big boobs, and I didn’t realize when he fell asleep. I could have gone to sleep with him and not moved his hand from my boobs, but as I was drenched in cum, I had to clean myself. I got out of the bed and took a quick shower. Before stepping into the shower, I looked at myself in the mirror. Adam’s cum all over my body was telling me that he loved me a lot. May be it was his addiction or lust and he was mistaking it with love, or maybe I was not realizing his love. Whatever it was, I enjoyed every second of this beautiful night with him. After taking a shower, I came back to the bedroom. I adjusted the pillows and sheets on my bed trying not to disturb Adam. I put on a blanket on him and then sat down in a chair near the window. I lit a cigarette and enjoyed the cool air hitting my naked body. I looked at Adam, he looked beautiful sleeping in my bed. I smiled to see him in my bed and I said to myself that, Adam won’t leave me for a young girl like Annie. I sat there on the chair for a while and then came back to the bed. I didn’t know why but I couldn’t sleep the whole night. I smoked a few more cigarettes, had a drink and thought about all the time when Adam fucked me. Our first fuck, the time when I caught him with my bra, the time when he teased me under the table in a restaurant. I had never thought this much about Adam, but all of a sudden… I just wanted to be very close to him. After finishing one more drink, I came back to the bedroom. It was Adam was still sleeping. Annie was not in the house so I didn’t bother to put on any clothes. I lay down next to Adam. I kissed him and moved my hand on his chest. I kissed him. “Hey,” Adam said, as he woke up with my kiss. “Hi,” I said looking into his beautiful eyes. “What time is it?” Adam asked. “5 a.m.” I said. Adam looked into my eyes for a minute. He pulled me down onto him and kissed me. My hand automatically moved down to his crotch. I felt that his cock had gotten hard. “Give me a morning blowjob,” Adam said with innocence in his voice. “What?” I was a little surprised because we fucked twice just a couple of hours ago. “You want me to suck your cock? You just fucked me hard a couple of hours ago,” I said with a smile. “Did you get enough of me?” Adam teased me. I didn’t reply and moved down to his cock. I licked his cock, looked at him and said, “I can never get enough of you, I want you more,” I licked his cock again, “And more,” and I continued sucking his cock. “Ah yes,” Adam moaned. I was not feeling very horny because he had totally satisfied me last night, but I loved sucking his cock and watching him enjoy my lips around his cock. I teased him, licked his cock and took it deep in my throat. Adam kept moaning and I kept pleasing him with my mouth. We didn’t fuck, but I made him cum in my mouth. I swallowed his cum and then asked him to get up and take a shower. I made my bed and put on some clothes before Adam could come out of shower, get horny and fuck me again. Adam came out of the shower and after telling him to put on his clothes, I left the bedroom to make some coffee for us. Adam and I enjoyed our coffee, we talked a little and then I asked him to go back to his house and sneak back into his room before his mom could wake up. It was 5:45 a.m. and I knew that Rachel never wake up before 7 a.m. I also offered Adam to drop him home, but he said that he would take a taxi. “Here,” I gave some cash to Adam. “Why are you giving me money?” Adam asked. “Because you fucked me,” I said pretending to be serious. “What?” Adam got shocked. “Stupid! How are you going to pay for the taxi?” I said laughing loud. Adam laughed too, feeling stupid. “But if you want to pay a taxi driver by sucking his cock then it’s okay, I won’t give you any cash.” “No, I will prefer paying him cash,” Adam said grabbing the money from my hand. We both laughed loud and after giving me a long passionate kiss, Adam left. At 7:20 a.m. Rachel called me. “Hey, what’s up?” I picked up the phone. “Just woke up, getting into the shower to get ready for the work,” Rachel still sounded sleepy. “How was your meeting with the client?” “It was good, we got the deal,” I said. “Good, so when are you coming back?” Rachel asked because she thought that I was still in some hotel room outside the city. “Actually, I came home last night,” I told her a half-truth. I didn’t tell her that I came home last night and fucked with her son all night. “Oh great, and I guess you are not coming to the office today?” Rachel asked. “Yeah, you go on a business trip, you take a day off; company’s rules,” I said. “Ok take rest. I will talk to you later. I have to wake up Adam and Annie, I hope I won’t find them naked in bed,” Rachel said. “Wait, naked in bed?” I asked, as I was very shocked to hear that. “Yeah, the night you left Annie at my house, I saw them talking and feeling quite comfortable with each other in Adam’s room late night,” Rachel said. “And just because of that you think Adam and Annie had sex?” I asked. “Next morning I saw Annie coming out of Adam’s room and going back to the guest room in her night dress,” Rachel said. “I will talk to you later, Rachel,” I said. “What happened? Are you getting mad on Annie?” Rachel tried to find a reason behind my rudeness. “No, I’m fine and not getting mad on Annie,” I lied. “I will see you later,” I said and hung up. I sat down on the bed. I just couldn’t believe on what Rachel had just told me. I remembered talking to Adam the night I went out of the city. He didn’t pick my phone when I called him a couple of times and when he finally took my call after a few minutes, he told me that Annie was with him. But Adam told me that Annie had left, and she really did have left because if she would have been with Adam then how could he talk dirty with me and have sex chat with me on the phone? ‘Annie might have left that night and then Adam talked to me. After that, when Rachel might have gone to sleep, Annie might have come again in Adam’s room and showed him her young pussy, and got him fuck her,’ I imagined the whole scene. I grabbed my phone and called Adam. “Can you meet me now?” I said, as Adam picked my call. “What happened?” Adam asked. “I can’t tell you on the phone, I need to talk to you.” “Ok, where do you want to meet?” Adam asked. “In my second house,” I said. “That house where we had sex?” Adam asked to confirm. “Yeah,” I said and told Adam the exact address of the house. He didn’t know the address because last time I took him there in my car and fucked with him. I put on a top and jeans, grabbed my car keys and headed to my second house. I reached there before Adam. I went into the house and just started walking from one corner of the living room to other. I waited for Adam for about ten minutes and then he showed up. “What happened?” Adam asked quickly, as I opened the door and let him come inside the house. “Did you fuck Annie?” I asked straight, as I closed the door. “What?” Adam acted totally surprised. “Did you have sex with her?” I didn’t realize but I got tears in my eyes. “I don’t know what you are talking about?” Adam tried to come closer to me and hold me. “Stop,” I pushed him away, “I talked to your mom this morning and she told me everything.” “What? What did she tell you?” Adam acted like he had no idea about what I was talking about. “She told me that you and Annie seemed very comfortable around each other, you talked to each other in your room late night, and in the morning she saw Annie coming out of your room in her night dress,” I told Adam every word that Rachel had told me. “I…” Adam again tried to come closer to me and give explanation. “What happened, huh? Now you are not interested in my pussy, my big boobs, my ass that you love so much and dream to fuck all the time?” I started yelling at him. “Now you don’t think about me? And I can’t believe you fucked me last night after fucking my niece a night earlier.” “I didn’t fuck, Annie,” Adam said it loud, “You hear me? I didn’t fuck her. Annie and I did not have sex. Mom just misunderstood it all,” Adam sat down on the couch. “How could you even think that I would do something like this behind you?” Adam sounded like he was crying. I moved closer to him and stood in front of him. I wanted to know more. “The night you left Annie at my house, we did talk to each other late night and I even told it to you on the phone, but she left after that.” “Then how come your mom saw her coming out of your room in her night dress the next morning?” I asked and this time I didn’t yell at Adam. “Yeah, Mom must have seen her coming out of my room because in the morning she came to my bedroom, but just to use the bathroom,” Adam said. “The flush of the guest bedroom’s bathroom is not working, Mom did told her, but that early morning when Annie went to Mom’s room to use her washroom she found that Mom’s door was locked. Annie didn’t knock on the door and didn’t disturb Mom. She came to my bedroom and used my bathroom. I was sleeping and I didn’t even noticed her coming inside or going out of my room. She told everything to me in the morning,” Adam explained everything. I believed Adam because Rachel had told me that she needed to fix a few things in her house and the flush of guest bedroom was one of them. I believed Adam but not completely, there were chances that he could be lying, and I had to figure it out later. Adam didn’t look at me. He was just sitting in the couch with his head down. I realized that I overreacted, but it was all Rachel’s fault. She told me all this and I imagined the worst. “I’m sorry, when your mom told me what she saw, I just couldn’t help but doubt on you,” I said going on my knees in front of him. “Now you believe me?” Adam asked looking into my eyes. I didn’t reply a word but I think he got his answer when I wrapped my hand around his neck and kissed him. I kissed him for a couple of minutes and then I said, “I believe you, I’m sorry.” “I love you, I only love you,” Adam said and we kissed again. Saying sorry to Adam in my mind and my lips sucking on his lips got me excited. Adam also got excited and I realized it when his hands moved from my back to my breast. He grabbed my boobs and tried to pull up my top. I tried to push his hand away a couple of times but I was feeling hot, too, so I gave up. Adam pulled up my top and bra, and my big boobs came out. Adam started sucking on my boobs telling me that he only loved me. I didn’t say anything but just leaned back on the couch and let Adam came over me. Adam squeezed my one boob while sucking on other. I couldn’t believe that after getting fucked hard by Adam last night, my pussy was getting wet and ready to get fucked again. I took off Adam’s t-shirt. Adam looked into my eyes and then started undoing my jeans. I let him make me totally naked, and then I helped him to take off his pants. Adam’s hard cock was again in front of me. He climber over me slightly spread my legs, and I felt his cock going deeper in my pussy. “Ah… fuck, Yes, I wanna get fucked more,” I moaned and wrapped my legs around Adam’s butt. I wanted Adam to start fucking me hard, but he was teasing me by slowly moving his hard cock inside my pussy and sucking on my boobs more. “You are so wet,” Adam said feeling my pussy. “Come on, don’t tease me. Fuck me hard, Adam,” I begged. Adam smiled to see me begging. He balanced himself over me and for a couple of minutes he fucked me really hard pushing his cock deeper in my pussy. He neither kissed me nor sucked on my tits while fucking me hard, he just made me cum by fucking my love hole. “Oh yes, yes, yes…” I screamed, as I reached closer to my orgasm. We were not feeling quite comfortable in the couch, but we did managed to fuck good and made each other cum. Adam didn’t shoot his cum inside me but all over my stomach and pussy. I grabbed a white bed sheet which was covering a sofa chair to protect it from dust, and I cleaned all the cum from my body. Adam and I got dressed after a hot quickie sex. Adam kissed me after hooking my bra and said, “I love you,” one more time. “We should leave now, your mom would be wondering where did her son go this morning?” I said not replying that I loved him, too. I dropped Adam near his house, and after a few minutes, I went to his house to pick up Annie. Rachel had left for the work so I didn’t get to meet her. While coming back to my house with Annie, I noticed that she looked quite happy. This time I controlled my mind and didn’t imagine anything. We reached our house and Annie headed to her bedroom. In the afternoon I was doing some work on my laptop in the living room when Annie also came in the living room with her laptop. We didn’t say anything to each other because we were quite busy with our things. “You had fun at Adam’s house?” I asked after a couple of minutes. I had believed on what Adam told me but still I thought to talk to Annie, too. “Yeah,” Annie said, still typing something on her laptop. “How did it go with Adam?” I asked, as I wanted to know more. “Good, he is a sweet guy. But like all the boys he was also not interested in listening to my girly gossips about my friends and school,” Annie said, and looked at me for a few seconds. She again started typing; I guessed she was chatting with her friends. “Yeah, men never like to listen to a woman,” I said. “I thought that maybe you and Adam have come closer in these two days.” “Closer?” Annie looked at me. “I mean, you are a new age girl, very open minded and so is Adam so… may be you two had some fun when my friend Rachel had gone to sleep,” I said pretending like I was teasing her, but in actual I just wanted to know what really happened between Adam and Annie. “Sex? No way… I don’t have sex with a guy I have just met,” Annie talked like she had dated many guys. “So nothing happened?” I asked. “No, but yeah, once I did get excited to see him,” Annie said, and I stopped working on the laptop. I looked at Annie paying full attention to her. “The flush of my bedroom didn’t work so I had to use Adam’s washroom one morning, and I saw him sleeping in his underwear. He was looking hot,” Annie said, getting excited. Now that Annie told the same thing like Adam had told me, I could now believe Adam one hundred percent. But I also got a little worried that Annie really was attracted to Adam. Annie and I didn’t talk more and I went to my bedroom to take a nap. No matter what happened in past few hours but in my dream I saw Adam fucking me in my kitchen. He fucked my ass standing behind me and bending me over the kitchen counter. At around 4 p.m. I woke up when my boss called me and reminded me to submit all the information and papers about the deal that we made two days earlier. In the evening while I was cooking in the kitchen, I heard Annie talking to someone on the phone. The way she was talking, I thought that she was talking to Adam. I quickly called Adam and he picked up the phone. “Hello, what’s up?” Adam said while I watched Annie still talking on the phone. “Hello?” I heard Adam’s voice again. “Yeah, hey,” I replied Adam. “Don’t you think it’s too early to have phone sex?” Adam joked. “Shut up you naughty guy,” I said. “So why did you call? I hope you don’t want to talk about Annie…” Adam said. “No, no, I didn’t call about that,” I said before Adam could finish talking. “I’m cooking right now, so I thought to ask you if you would like to have a woman cook naked for you.” I said, trying to distract his mind from what happened this morning and cheer him up. “Would I get to spank her when she would be busy in cooking?” Adam played along with me. “Yeah,” I said in my seductive voice. “Would I get to finger and rub her pussy, lick her ass and…” I didn’t know if Adam was in his bedroom or not, but he did started talking really dirty with me. “Okay, stop. You would make me finger myself right here in the kitchen. You have learned to talk really dirty. Don’t forget I’m your friend’s mom,” I said but in a naughty way which would have made his cock erect instantly. “That excites me more that I’m fucking my friend’s mom,” Adam said still talking naughty and trying to get me aroused. “Hmm… wait till I finish cooking and go to bed, then I would like to know what else excites you,” I said. “Oh yes, I have a whole list of things about you that gives me an instant erection,” Adam was not stopping and just kept teasing me over the phone. “Ok, bye. I will call you later,” I said and hung up before Adam could say anything naughtier. I put down the phone and continued cooking. I looked in the living room and saw that Annie was not there. After doing all the work in the kitchen, I went to Annie’s room to call her for dinner. As I went near her room, I herd some sound coming out from her room. Her door was locked but I could still hear the sound. “Ahh... hmmm…” It wasn’t just some sound. It was like someone moaning in there inside the room. “Yeah, harder…” I heard. I didn’t know if Annie was watching porn or she was having phone sex and moaning loud to let her man hear her. “Annie, dinner is ready, darling,” I said after a knock on the door. I didn’t hear anymore moans. I came back to the dining table and Annie came after a minute. We didn’t talk and Annie didn’t even look at me. I guess she knew that I heard the moans coming out from her room. “You liked tonight’s dinner?” I asked making conversation. “Yeah, good,” Annie replied and finished her dinner quickly. She didn’t say anything and headed back to her room. I cleaned the dishes and headed back to my bedroom to talk to Adam, and ask him what else excited him about me. Did he always like my blue low neck top? Did he intentionally used to drop a spoon at the dining table whenever I went to have dinner with him and his mom? I was getting excited to get the answers of all these dirty questions hitting my mind.
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