Jake's Story - Chapter 1
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Our marriage had been deteriorating for some time. I had been obsessed with my career and I had gained some weight and not kept up with myself either. At 40, Jill was far sexier than she was at 25 when I married her – of course, the money I made paid for her clothes and personal trainer, but she had still taken it upon herself to maintain her appearance and I had not.
Everything changed the day she left for a run and left her lap top open.
I had long suspected she was cheating on me. I would see how men responded to her and sometimes it appeared there was more than flirting going on, but I never had proof... until I did.
I knew she would be gone for quite some time and I must have passed by her lap top three times before I decided to snoop. For some reason, I didn't go to her email or Facebook, I went searching through her desktop and documents folder. Right at the top of the desktop was a video file named “Seattle”. I opened it as I knew she had recently gone to Seattle to see friends, but was shocked to find what looked like a cell phone video of a hotel room.
At first no one was in frame, then Jill walked into frame wearing a low cut lacy white top, black leather pencil skirt, stockings and 5” black pumps. She stood there and then a man came into the frame. He was young and as I saw him take his t-shirt off, saw he was very fit. She ran her hands all over his chest as they kissed and then he reached down and grabbed her ass with both hands.
My cock was harder than it had been in what seemed like years. I knew I should be angry, hurt and heartbroken but at that moment, I felt none of those things, just horny. I watched as she unbuckled his belt and dropped his jeans and underwear and then got down on her knees and took his cock into her mouth. She sucked him while I pulled my cock out and began to stroke myself.
After a few minutes of sucking, he pulled her up, spun her around, she put her hands on the desk and he lifted her skirt and then reached for a condom. She fingered herself while he put the condom on and then he slid his cock into her from behind and she arched her back and moaned with pleasure. He started slow but built up speed and power pretty fast. She was moaning and screaming like I hadn't heard in a long time, if ever.
I had made her cum over the years and I knew when she was cumming and I knew she came for him several times over the course of about five minutes, but I also knew she was cumming harder for him than she ever did for me. He was getting close to finishing and she let out the most primal scream of ecstasy and I couldn't control it anymore, I shot a load all over my pants and my hand.
Breathing heavy and watching as he pounded into her, squirting his load into the Trojan, her shaking all the while. I relaxed, too spent to think.
“What are you watching?” I heard from behind me.
Jill was standing in the doorway behind me.
“Are you going through my private things?” she asked.
Now, the shock set in. Now, I had been caught jerking off to my wife fucking another man. And now, I'm the one with some explaining to do? I was confused. The conversation that followed changed everything for us.
I calmed down and while I had looked at her computer, clearly the biggest violation in the marriage had been on her part.
“You fucked another man in Seattle?”
“Obviously. You just saw it.” she said stone cold.
I gathered up enough courage to ask what I didn't want to know.
“Have you done this before?” I asked.
“Yes, but not many.”
“This is my fault.” I said.
“I'm actually glad you saw that and I'm glad you enjoyed it so much because I'm tired of hiding it.”
Perhaps it was the vulnerability of the situation that allowed us to skip past the bullshit and get right into how to make things right.
“What do we do?” I asked.
“The choice is yours dear. I'm not leaving you, but I'm not going to stop either. In fact, now that you know, I probably will do it more. Whether or not you leave me, accept this and pretend to ignore it or find a way to participate is up to you, but I'm tired of being the sexless housewife and I like the attention I receive from men.”
I nodded and she left the room. I wasn't sure what I wanted to do yet. I knew I wasn't going to leave her. I loved her and she made great arm candy at all my events (of course now she's probably going to fuck my customers, but that could be a good thing). I wasn't sure how involved I wanted to be yet as I had to accept I'd never been so turned on in my whole life as I was when I was watching her get fucked like a dirty slut in a hotel room by some younger man. However, it wasn't long before she forced me to make that decision.
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