Hot Tub Adventures
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This is like so embarrassing. I haven’t had sex in like a year. My name is Donna and I’m losing my mind. I’m constantly masturbating and I'm in need of a vibrator. I’m not sure what style to buy. I've been looking on a few of the erotic websites. I’m trying to figure out, which one would give me the best satisfying experience.
I’d heard about the Hitachi magic wand. I knew that was the cream of the crop, as far as vibrators were concerned. It sells as a massager, but it's like the Cadillac of vibrators. I also decided on a thrusting rabbit vibrator as well.
The rabbit is eight inches and it turns and twists. The rabbit ears are clitoris stimulators. I’m so excited and placed the order. They should be arriving tomorrow. I can’t wait to finally have an orgasm. Even if you don’t have a boyfriend, you certainly can get off with these types of toys.
I've got sex on the brain all the time. Lately, I just go into my bedroom and put on a CD. I get undressed and lie on my bed. I caress and rub my breasts. I twist and play with my nipples. Then I'd rub my pussy lips and play with my clitoris. I slowly put one finger into my wet pussy and just fuck myself with my finger. It felt so good and then I'd slip maybe two fingers and play for a while. My pussy got so wet, when I played with my wet cunt.
I like to imagine that maybe some man out there is eating my pussy. I play with my breasts and fuck myself with my fingers. I’ll tell you that it felt so good. But, I'm looking for something a little more realistic, like an actual cock. I can’t have a cock. I'm hoping these vibrators would do the trick.
In search of finding ways for myself to have orgasms, I recently discovered that you can have an intense orgasm in the hot tub. Since I've been using the hot tub to get off, I've noticed that my neighbor behind me has been watching me. It’s been for the last month.
After work, I usually get several glasses of wine and put some music on in my backyard. I'd wear my white bikini and slip into the hot tub. I just love the hot tub. I usually set the jets to the highest level and enjoy the bubbles on my back and neck.
I then would take off my bikini bottom and would put my legs over the side of the jacuzzi. The water would then spray really hard and it would hit my pussy. It’s like the most amazing feeling of my life. I’d sit there for like thirty minutes having the water spray into my cunt.
I’d been noticing that my neighbor Billy is in his upstairs bedroom with his light out watching me get off in my jacuzzi. At first, I would get all horny and hot knowing that he was watching me. I’d put on a show. I’d start to moan a little, while the water was spraying onto my clitoris and pussy. It just felt so good.
I could see him standing there in his window. His hands would slowly be going up and down his shaft, while he was looking at me fucking the jacuzzi jets. It was kind of erotic that he was watching, but I was more interested in my own orgasm. Sometimes I would look at him in the window, but mostly I was more interested in feeling all the pleasure of the water spraying into my cunt.
This is even more embarrassing. my other neighbor on the side of me, he started to watch also. Every night I’d have two horny men watching me in the hot tub. But, I’m just wanting to have the orgasm. When the two men are watching, I'd strip standing next to the hot tub. I’m usually a little drunk when I do this. I'd do a little dance and play with my breasts, as the two men are watching me.
After the little dance, I'd slip into the hot tub. I start out at the one jet so Billy can see me. I would turn on the jet to the highest position and the water would start to hit my pussy. I'd even spread my pussy lips, so the water would hit my clitoris. I’d moan and groan. I'd see Billy jerking off enjoying my show.
I then look at the other window and I'd see Richie in his window. Now his window is just a standard window. I would just see his eyes looking at me. I would go over to the other jet and put my legs over the side and feel the water hitting my pussy. Now Richie is watching as I’m feeling my orgasm start to happen.
“Oh God! Oh shit! Oh fuck!”
I let out a huge scream and have an orgasm. I look and see both men still in their windows. I then get out of the tub, and they start to clap for me. I get my robe and wave to both men and go into my house.
I guess I’m a bit of an exhibitionist. I think I’m just so freaking horny and need to get off. Well tomorrow my vibrators will get here and then I should have some fun. Although, it sure would be nice to get fucked. Well hopefully I'll meet somebody soon.
The next day I got up bright and early. The package would be here in like thirty minutes. I was so excited and could not wait to try the new toys out. I fixed myself a light breakfast and about twenty minutes later the doorbell rang. I went to the door and Fed Ex had left the package by my door. I was so excited. I went into my kitchen and opened the box.
There were the two vibrators I'd ordered. I was so excited to try the Hitachi Magic Wand out first. I opened the box and went upstairs to my room. I occasionally would watch myself in a mirror. So I grabbed my mirror and set it up against my wall.
I took my pants off and plugged in the Hitachi. There were two settings so I just tried the lower setting. I spread my legs and laid the wand on my clitoris and pussy. I have to tell you it felt so fucking good. I’m watching in the mirror. It didn't take very long and my pussy started to squirt. I'd never squirted in my life. This vibrator was rocking my world. I slipped the attachment over the wand and really started to fuck myself.
“Holy hell! Oh fuck! Oh crap. Here I fucking come.”
Again, another squirting orgasm. I could not believe how exciting this toy was. I thought to myself that I might be in love with this thing. I’d never felt such an incredible orgasm in my life.
I opened the next box and put the batteries into the rabbit vibrator. I put it in my pussy and turned it on. I’ll tell you it felt so nice. It was a thrusting vibrator. It thrust deep inside my pussy and it twisted all around too. I was really enjoying it, but then put it down and grabbed the wand again.
I grabbed the magic wand and fucked myself silly with it. I’d never felt something so incredible in my life. I played with the fucker for about an hour.
“I can take my time looking for a boyfriend. I have the best friend a girl could ever want or need.”
I giggled to myself. I never went back out into the hot tub ever again. I just played with my vibrators. I was a happy and very satisfied woman after getting my Fed Ex package.
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