Hired as a masseuse at an all men's golf club
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Getting a good job these days isn't easy. I graduated from a four year college with a liberal arts degree and lots of student debt. The pay for the entry level jobs I interviewed for was awful. My husband has a technical degree and had no problem getting a pretty good job as soon as he graduated. Thank god for that.
My name is Lynne and I'm twenty-four years old. I've been married for two years to John. We rent an apartment and are saving for a house. I have a friend who works as a masseuse and makes good money. It doesn't seem fair that she makes good money and never got a college education.
I was desperate to get a good paying job and decided to get training as a masseuse. At least I could make good money, even if I wasn't going to make use of my college degree. I signed up for the training and found I really enjoyed giving massages.
I'm not talking about massage parlor work. I'm referring to the massage you get at a high end spa or resort hotel.
During our training the students gave each other massages. I admit it was a little weird getting naked and having other students give me a massage, but it was always professional. The instructor would tell us what to do and what not to do.
He also told us that we had to talk to our clients and ask them what they wanted. He warned us that some men would ask us to massage their dicks, but that wasn't something we should ever do. He told us that some women would ask to have their breasts massaged, and that would be okay if done professionally.
During our training I had several of the male students massage my breasts as the instructor looked on. I was always covered as he directed the male students how to gently massage my tits without being too sexual. Yea, good luck with that.
On one occasion my fellow student was really enjoying himself as he massaged my tits. My nipples were erect and I was aroused. The instructor told the student he should brush his hands over my nipples as be massaged my breasts but not rub them directly. Everyone had a good laugh on that advice.
John wasn't too crazy about my new profession. He was pissed the first time I told him one of the students massaged my tits. He got over it and was actually a little turned on. He would get a real boner when I came home from a training session and he would ask me if I got my tits massaged. He would beat off as I told him I was aroused and enjoyed the stimulation. 
I should add that I have a great body. I'm five foot six with big, 34D natural tits. I work out and have tight abs and slender legs. I am cute and sexy.
After I was certified I got a job at a local spa. I was paid $20 an hour plus tips. The vast majority of my clients were women who went to the spa for a day of pampering. Every once in a while a husband would tag along and get a massage. The men were way better tippers than the women. I made $300 to $350 on a good day. 
I had worked at the spa for about six months when one of my male clients suggested he might be able to get me a job at his all men's golf club. They have a spa and exercise facility at the club. He said the pay was a lot more than I was making at the spa I was working at.
I was interested and gave the club manager a call. I told him that I was recommended by one of his members. He invited me to an interview which I quickly accepted. I had heard of the club but was still blown away by the extravagance when I arrived for my interview. The club was exclusive and very expensive to join. The members were successful attorneys and business owners along with a few accountants and stock brokers.
I was given a tour of the facility which was beyond anything I had ever seen. They have a pool, sauna, and full service spa.
The club manager left me with the spa manager to finish my interview. Phil was professional as he discussed the pay, hours, and requirements of the job. He stressed several times that this was an exclusive, all male club with an impressive membership. He looked me in the eye when he said, "Lynne, what happens here at our club stays at the club. Is that understood?"
I was a little confused when I replied, "Sure, of course. This is all above board, isn't it?"
Phil was calm when he replied, "Yes, absolutely professional. What I'm referring to is our menu of spa services and the way you would dress as a masseuse."
I felt like he was talking in circles when I asked, "What services and how would I dress?"
Phil said, "Our masseuses wear bikinis. The men like that. All of our masseuses are young attractive females, just like you."
He then continued, "We offer a deluxe full body massage as one of our services. It is understood that the masseuse giving the massage will be topless as part of the service. Some of the men will probable ask that you massage their penis as part of the service."
He stared at me as he waited for my response. I was a little confused and needed some clarification when I said, "This isn't some kind of sex club is it? I'm not into that kind of thing. I'm a professional."
Phil smiled when he said, "Lynne we aren't a sex club. The guys enjoy seeing a pretty girl like you topless. There isn't anything wrong or illegal with that. We have private rooms. A full body massage is just that. The rules at a public spa like you currently work at are fairly strict, but here we take a more liberal view of what a full body massage includes."
I was tense when I asked, "What is the pay? How are the tips?"
Phil said, "Lynne, we pay $30 per hour plus an extra $25 for a deluxe full body massage. We know you would expect to be paid extra for going topless. Tips are on top of that. I know that several of our members tip their masseuse an extra $50 for an exceptional full body massage. That part is up to you."
Holy shit. That was a lot of money. I knew John wouldn't like the topless part, but why tell him? What he didn't know wouldn't hurt him. Jerking some guy off was another matter. That was disgusting. I was torn. I felt like I was going to cheapen myself, but the money was more than I ever expected. I could make $105 for giving a one hour topless massage and jerking off some rich guy. That was more than double my current pay. 
I hesitated for a minute or so as I contemplated my options. Finally, I looked at Phil and responded, "Okay. I'll take the job. I understand what the job entails and I can assure you I can keep confidential what transpires here in the spa. I have to guess the wives of your members don't know their husbands like pretty topless girls like me beating them off."
Phil couldn't hold back when he started laughing. He said, "Lynne, I like your attitude. You are pretty funny. The guys are going to really like you working here. I'll probably get a bonus for hiring you."
I drove home and told John I had been offered, and accepted, a job at the exclusive all men's golf club. I certainly didn't tell him about the deluxe full body massage, or the fact I would be a topless masseuse. I did tell him I would be wearing a bikini. He wasn't pleased with that but had to agree it wasn't that bad, especially given the high rate of pay. 
I started work the following Thursday. The busy days were Thursday, Friday and Saturday with a full staff. The club was closed on Monday. The other three days were slow and the club operated with a partial staff. I would work about thirty-five hours a week with most days being a 2:00 PM to 9:00 PM shift.
I was nervous as hell when I arrived at the club. I brought six different bikinis with me. I had a locker in the staff lounge. The room was really luxurious with four showers and a big granite vanity with six sinks. There were chairs and a big screen TV. The staff hung out in the room when we weren't working.
Phil introduced me to the other girls. They were all in their twenties. Some looked to be younger than me and a few looked to be a few years older. They were all very attractive with great bodies. I was welcomed into the group and felt right at home.
I immediately took a liking to Denise. She came right up to introduce herself. She is drop dead gorgeous and was wearing a skimpy bikini. I couldn't help but stare at her. She broke the ice when she said, "Lynne, welcome to the rich guy's sex spa. I hope you know what you're getting into."
I gulped when I responded and said, "What do you mean sex spa? I thought the most we did was go topless and jerk off he rich guys."
Denise started laughing when she responded, "Exactly, that's what I mean. A bunch of rich guys getting their rocks off as they stare at our tits and we beat them off. To me that's a sex spa."
I was relieved and smiled when I said, "You had me worried for a minute. It will be like high school when the guys felt me up and I jerked them off. Only this time, it will be rich guys instead of horny teenagers, and they won't be feeling me up. I think it will be fun."
Denise looked at me and said, "You're right. But I should worn you that more than one will try to fondle your tits. It's up to you, but if you let them, the tips are better."
Wow. I didn't expect to hear that. I wasn't shocked, but Denise was so matter of fact about it I was taken a little by surprise. What the hell. Once I'm topless, jerking a guy off, why should I care if he fondles my tits?
Denise then told me a real shocker. She said, "I also work as a stripper on Friday and Saturday nights. I'm single and can use the extra money. Working at the spa is a cake walk compared to working as a stripper. I'm only topless at the spa but completely nude at the strip club. Private lap dances are pretty intense. The guys feel me up and I jerk them off. So it's a little like the spa but way more personal. I enjoy it."
I didn't know what to say to Denise so I simply said, "Wow, that's really something. I'd never do anything like that, but I'm married and you're single."
I was nervous and excited as I waited for my first client. A foursome had just finished their round of golf when Phil came into our lounge and said that four members each wanted a deluxe full body massage. They each had taken a shower and had gone into four private massage rooms. They wear terry cloth bathrobes in the spa.
This was the moment of truth. I went into the room I was assigned to wearing my black bikini. My 34D natural tits were prominently displayed in the small bikini top. I expected my client to be on the massage table with the sheet covering his body. Instead I found him standing with his robe on. I looked at him and said "I guess I came in too soon. I'll leave while you get settled on the table under the sheet."
He laughed and took off his robe. He was standing in front of me, naked. I couldn't help but look at his dick which was semi erect. He said, "Hi Lynne. I'm Mr. Williams. Let me help you remove your bikini top."
I was startled and uncertain what I should do. He came up and put his around me as he unsnapped my top. My tits flopped out. He stood back a little and stared at my tits as his cock got harder and more erect. My nipples were erect. He casually fondled my tits and said, "Very nice. Very nice indeed. Welcome to our club. You will do very well here. With your tits and cute figure you will be in high demand. I'm very lucky to be your first client. Let's get started."
Mr. Williams went to the table and got on his back with his hard dick out in the open. This wasn't what I expected. I walked over with my tits bouncing. I put oil on my hands and started the massage. I massaged his shoulders and bent over to massage his chest. My tits were touching his head as I massaged him. I felt sexy and a little horny. He was very relaxed.
I walked around the table and started massaging his legs. I kept staring at his hard dick. He had a boner and his cock was rigid. I knew what I was expected to do but I was still nervous as hell. I took a deep breath and started rubbing his hard cock. He moaned and said, "That feels good. It's been a long day. I need some relief."
I put more oil on my hand and beat him off. I rubbed his balls with one hand while I stroked his hard shaft with my other hand. I rubbed the tip of his cock and felt sticky cum leaking on my thumb. I jerked him off for a good five minutes when he tensed up and shot off. Cum was dripping on my hands and splattered on his chest. Wow. He lifted his head and looked at me when he said, "That was just what I needed."
He put his head down and I continued the massage. The next forty five minutes were normal except for him being naked. I had him turn over so I could massage his back and his butt. My tits were dragging on his back as I massaged him. I felt like a slut but enjoyed every minute of the massage.
When I was done Mr. Williams got up and put his robe back on. As he left the room he said, "Lynne, that was a great massage. I'll put you at the top of my list for my next massage."
I did five more topless massages on my first day. They were all the same. Each guy took off my bikini top and briefly fondled my tits. I didn't mind at all. I wasn't nervous at all as I beat them off. They were mostly in their forties or fifties but one guy was younger, about thirty-five. When he shot off there was cum all over the place. He made a real mess compared to the older guys.
At the end of my shift I showered and got changed. Denise asked me about my day. I told her it went well and I got used to being topless. I told her all the guys fondled my tits. She laughed and said, "That's pretty normal. It certainly helps with the tips."
Phil came in and asked me how the day went. I told him I was nervous at first but was more relaxed as the day progressed. He told me I was a hit with the guys and they all thanked him for hiring me. He told me I earned $350 in tips on top of my base pay, plus $150 for going topless for all six deluxe full body massages. Mr. Williams had tipped $100 while the other five tipped $50 each.
Holy cow. I earned $710 for the day. That's way more than I earned at the spa. I knew that John would be thrilled with the income from my new job. I wasn't going to tell him I was topless and beat off all my clients. That would be too much for him to digest. What he didn't know wouldn't hurt him. I might tell him some time in the future but certainly not right away.
I made over $10,000 my first month at the club. John couldn't believe how much I made. I felt a little guilty and decided I needed to at least tell him I did the massages topless. We had a few drinks one night when I finally blurted it out.
I looked at John and said ,"John I have to confess that one reason I make so much money at the club is that I am topless when I massage the guys. That's expected and what all the girls do. It's a private club and that's expected."
John looked at me with disbelief on his face. He stammered, "You go topless at the club? The guys all see your tits? They gawk at your body with your tits out in the open? What the hell are you thinking?"
I calmly replied, "John, I know you're upset but think about the money. Women have tits and guys like to look at them. I have great tits. What's wrong with making some money if guys like seeing me topless. I'm not fucking them. They get a little show and I make big money. It's a win win. I just needed you to know."
John was shaken. He then did something I didn't expect. He unzipped his pants and took out his hard cock. He started beating off. He looked at me and said, "Tell me bow it goes. Tell me what you do. Do the guys feel you up? Do they touch your tits "
I was confused but answered John as he beat off. He was really excited. I said, "Okay. I wear a bikini when I walk into the room. The guys wear a robe. They usually come over and take off my top. Most of them fondle my tits."
I looked over at John as he stroked his hard cock. I could hear a slurping sound as he beat off with cum dripping from his cock.
I continued, "The guys then take off their robe and get on the massage table."
John was jerking off with a vengeance. He asked, "They get naked in front of you? Are their cocks hard? Do they expect you to beat them off?"
It was now or never. I calmly said, "Yes I do beat them off. It's no big deal. I don't fuck them or anything. I just jerk them off."
John shot off as I finished telling him I beat the guys off. He squirted cum all over the place. What a mess. I was confused. John liked hearing my story. He wasn't mad or upset. Wow.
John pulled his pants back on. I finished my drink. I broke the silence by saying, "John, I'm so relieved to get this out in the open. I'm glad you aren't upset. The money is great. I love you and would never do anything to upset you."
John replied, "I should be upset but I'm not. I enjoyed hearing about it. I hope you don't think I'm weird that I get off hearing that you do topless massages and beat off guys when you go to work."
I just laughed and said, "You aren't weird. I know that some guys fantasize about their wives with other men. You've got the real deal. No need to fantasize. I'm just glad it works for both of us."
Our sex that night was over the top. John fucked me hard. He wanted me to tell him about guys I beat off. I enjoyed telling him about my clients. I told him about the really big cocks and the mess they made when they shot off. John fucked me three times during the night. My pussy was sore as hell in the morning when John went to work.
The following Thursday was more than a little strange. Mr. Williams has three guests at the club for a round of golf. When they were done they all wanted a deluxe full body massage. I was assigned to a young guy about my age.
When I went into the room he was standing there in his robe. He took one look at me and said, "Holy shit. You are beautiful. Mr. Williams said you are the best. Do you really go topless for the massage?"
I just smiled as I unhooked my top and let my tits flop in the open. I laughed when I asked, "Is this what Mr. Williams told you about? Do you like my tits? I'm here to help relieve your tension after a long round of golf. Take off your robe and get on the table,"
He dropped his robe and stood there with his hard cock pointing at the ceiling. He had a really nice above average cock. He climbed on the table as I told him to lay on his back. He seemed really nervous as I started the massage.
He said, "My name is Bob. I'm more than a little nervous. I've never had a massage and never expected this. I thought Mr. Williams was pulling my leg. This is the best day ever. The guys at Acme won't believe me when I tell them about this."
Holy shit. Bob worked at the same company as John. That means that John not only works with Bob, but Mr. Williams is his boss. Or I should say his boss's boss's boss. That wasn't good. During the massage Bob kept talking. Most of the guys relax and don't say much. Bob told me that he is a scratch golfer and Mr. Williams wanted him to play with two customers. Bob is about six foot two and very muscular. I could see why he is a scratch golfer. He probably hits the ball a country mile.
Bob has a really large cock to go with his muscular physique. I enjoyed letting my tits touch his body as I gave him his massage. I teased him as I massaged his thighs and let my hands touch his balls. His cock wanted attention. I brushed my hands against his cock but didn't stroke his hard shaft. I could tell what he wanted but wanted him to beg.
Bob was all but twitching on the table. He finally said, "Lynne, I'm dying here. Please beat me off. Please."
I lied when I said, "We don't beat off our clients. But, with you, I'll make an exception."
I put oil on my hands and started beating him off. He had cum dripping from the tip of his cock, so I probably didn't need the oil. I rubbed his balls with one hand and stroked his big cock with my other hand. He was moaning as I beat his meat. This was fun. I was horny. A young stud with a huge cock wasn't my normal client. I gave him the hand job of the century. He liked me playing with his balls and I jerked him off until cum was shooting out of his hard cock. A lot of cum. It went all over his body and the massage table. A real mess.
I grabbed a towel and cleaned him off before I continued the massage. I had him roll over and massaged his butt. I played with his balls some more as I massaged his butt. This was fun. When I was done he was exhausted. I would like to say he was relaxed, but the opposite is true. When he got up his cock was rock hard. He walked over to get his robe with his dick standing at attention.
I laughed and said, "My oh my. Bob, you are a real stud. You're girlfriend is one lucky girl."
Later that night, John couldn't believe I had jerked off his co-worker. He also couldn't believe that Mr. Williams was the big boss at his company. He was really aroused, but concerned. He asked, "Do they know your last name?"
I replied, "No, we only go by first names at the spa. Neither Mr. Williams nor Bob have any idea who I am. I would be mortified if they knew."
John was relieved and also horny as he took me upstairs for one hell of a fuck. He kept asking me about Bob. I told him every detail, including how big Bob's cock was. He really startled me when he asked, "Did you want to fuck Bob? That would be really sexy if you fucked him."
I couldn't believe my ears. I replied, "No, I didn't fuck him and I have no intention of fucking another guy. Hand jobs are as far as it goes. Do you want me to fuck another guy?"
John gulped when he said, "I think I would enjoy hearing about you fucking another guy. It would only be sex, not an affair. I don't want you to have an affair. But, to be honest, I'd be okay if you fucked another guy."
I didn't know what to say. I simply replied, "Let that be your fantasy. Beating guys off is enough."
But, I do admit, he got me thinking. I would like to fuck Bob, or another guy with a really big cock. I started to worry that I was a little slut.
A couple of weeks later Denise came up to me and asked me a question. She asked, "Lynne, you know I work as a stripper two nights a week. I also do stags once in a while. A number of us make some good money working stags. We have one scheduled for next Saturday night. Do you want to join us? You have the best tits I've ever seen. You would be a real hit at the stag."
I was more than a little stunned at her request. I was also intrigued. I asked, "What goes on at the stag? I assume you get naked. Do you ever go beyond that? I mean, blow jobs and fucking? Does that ever happen."
Denise laughed and said, "Sometimes, but not always. It all depends. Sure, I've given blow jobs and fucked a few grooms and best men. Why not? You don't have to do anything like that if you don't want to. It's a spur of the moment kind of thing. A lot of the guys at stags are young studs looking for action. If they're cute, I go for it."
I told Denise I'd have to think about it. My pussy was wet as I contemplated being par of the entertainment at a stag. I went home that night and told John about Denise's offer. He got really excited. He said, "Go for it. I don't mind at all. In fact, I don't mind if you do give a guy a blow job or get fucked at the stag. That would be really nasty."
Holy shit. What now? I was horny and excited thinking about it. John was okay with it. The next day I told Denise to count me in. She thought that was great and told me there would be four girls at the stag. Three strippers and me.
I told John I was going to do it and he got really excited. He fucked me and kept talking about me getting fucked at the stag. I couldn't believe my ears, but I was all in.
On the night of the stag I drove with the other girls to the house where the stag was being held. I was really nervous, but excited and horny as I imagined myself getting naked in front of a bunch of horny guys. I didn't know what I would do, but I imagined myself sucking the groom's cock and fucking him in front of his friends.
The party was pretty outrageous. There were about twelve guys all looking for a good time. We took turns stripping naked in front of the group. When my turn came I put on quite a show. The guys went crazy when they saw my 34D natural tits. I did have the best tits of the group. My pussy was trimmed and the guys liked my little patch of hair. The strippers all had shaved pussies.
The guys harassed the groom and best man until they were naked. I was chosen to give the groom a lap dance. I went over and sat on his lap with his hard cock resting against my butt. He played with my tits as the guys went crazy. They started to chant, "Fuck that slut. Put your cock in her cunt. Ride the little bitch."
It was now or never. I reached back and took hold of his cock. I eased it into my soaking wet pussy and let him thrust his cock all the way in. He started humping me as the guys all cheered. He played with my tits and his cock went in and out of my pussy. What a show.
It didn't take long before he tensed up and I felt his orgasm coming. He squirted his cum into my pussy and it dripped all over his leg and the chair we were sitting in. I felt like a whore. I guess I was a whore.
That was all it took. The other guys started taking off their clothes as Denise and the other two strippers went to work. I looked around and they were sucking cocks and getting fucked at the same time. It was debauchery at its worst. The guys were all young and cute.
I went over to the best man and started sucking his hard cock. He was dazed. He played with my tits and moaned as I beat him off and sucked his dick. I knew this would be quick. And it was. Before I knew what was happening I had a load of cum in my mouth and it was dripping on my tits and down my belly. Young guys all shoot off way more cum than the older guys at the spa. I was in slut overdrive and wanted more cock.
Two young studs had watched me suck their friend's cock. They were both beating off as they watched me deep throat their friend. I took one by the hand and walked him over to a chair. I pushed him onto the chair and climbed on his lap. He started playing with my tits as I gave him a big kiss and pushed my tongue into his mouth. He aggressively kissed me back as I felt his cock slide into my pussy. I looked him in the eye and asked if he enjoyed tasting another man's cum in my mouth. He looked startled and didn't know what to do. It was obvious he hadn't considered my prior know job. I kissed him as he fucked me and he didn't pull away. This was nasty sex.
I don't remember how many guys I fucked. It was late when we got dressed and left the party. Denise told me I was the star. Every guy was mesmerized by my tits. She told me she would be sure to include me in future stags.
When I got home John was waiting for me. I tempered the story when he asked for details. I told him that I stripped naked, gave a couple of blow jobs and fucked the groom. He beat off as I told him about my night. I didn't want him to know what a complete slut I'd been. That would be too much information.
I love my husband but know I'll be fucking a lot of guys in the future. I may even let John watch if the opportunity presents itself. Who knows?
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