Chloe's Fate ch 4
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A pair of feet came to rest in front of Chloe and masculine hands pulled her up into a kneeling position. She looked up at the man who stood before her, stripping off his tunic, casually at ease with his body. He was fit, though no longer young with thick streaks of grey at his temples. His cock was at eye level, nicely shaped, though a bit smaller than Atretes and she realized that this man desired the same thing the slave had demanded. She felt a burst of confidence as she reached for the stiff member.
Moisture oozed from the tip as she took it in hand and she paused for a moment, she flicked her tongue out and swirled the thick liquid from the crown. His eyes darkened with pleasure and taking her cue from that she continued lapping at him, darting her tongue into his slit and tracing the edge of his head where it joined the shaft. He groaned and she wrapped her lips around him and began to slide down his shaft. She took him as deeply into her mouth as she could, then slid back to the tip not sure what to do from there. Atretes had simply taken over but it seemed as though this man waited for her to initiate. Chloe glanced back up into Octavius’s eyes and he took pity on her. He sank one hand into her elaborate coiffure and began to guide her motions.
“Twist a bit as you take me in, then the other way as I withdraw. Mmm, very well done, now keep that up as you use your tongue to stroke me.”
Chloe did as she was told, marveling at the difference between this and the act in the slaves hall earlier and letting his words flow over her like warm honey.
“Begin slowly and allow the speed and intensity to build. Use your hands to aid your mouth.”
He wrapped one of her hands around the base of his cock and guided it in rhythm with the motions of her head. Within a few more moments he was gently moving his hips, thrusting into her mouth but not pushing too deeply. She felt a swell of pride and with it a rush of moisture between her legs at his obvious enjoyment. She could do this!
Chloe was aware of the audience watching and commenting on her performance. She was grateful for Octavius’s gentle instruction and knowing she was proving her skills publicly made her flush with both shame and pleasure. She redoubled her efforts and took him as deeply as she could until he bumped against her throat. She shied away from attempting to repeat the earlier violent passion but he didn’t seem to mind. Octavius just sank one hand into her hair and held her still as a flood of salty, cream filled her mouth.
“Swallow it little slave.”
She didn’t really need Julia’s instruction, spitting it out didn’t seem like a good option, so she swallowed down all he gave her, then pulled back and delicately licked the last few drops from the tip. Chloe looked up at the man who had been so unexpectedly kind, a trait she was already learning was scarce in this strange new life. She hoped that if she was to have a man inside her tonight for the first time it would be him.
“Thank you.”
She murmured. His startled gaze locked with hers and held as his eyes widened with surprise. He reached down and traced her mouth with one finger, time stretched out as she tried to put everything she felt into her eyes.
The moment snapped as a pair of hands reached for her and spun her towards their owner. The man was young and handsome but there was a look about him that scared her. She couldn’t be sure but she thought he was the same one who had forced two fingers into her pussy earlier and had taken a great deal of pleasure in her discomfort. Chloe barely had time to open her mouth before a long cock was being rammed roughly down her throat. She choked and gagged and the man laughed and held her head in place.
“Fuck yes! Work that throat bitch.”
He pulled back and rammed in again, just as roughly. Tears poured down Chloe’s cheeks and she struggled to accommodate him. This was nothing like the sweet exploration of a moment ago. It was not even like the darkly erotic encounter with Atretes in the bathing room. She realized now that while his thrusts had seemed wild to her inexperience, he must have been timing things carefully. This man simply grabbed her head, pulling her hair painfully and pounded himself into her. It was too much! She hammered her hands against his thighs and shook her head.
He gave a cry and flung her away from him, then grabbed her hair and slapped her across the face.
“You bit me!”
Chloe cringed, sobbing and humiliated as he drew his hand back for another slap. She closed her eyes and braced herself but it never came. Instead she heard the cool voice of Marcus above her.
“I’m sure you don’t really want to do that Tiberius, it would be poor manners to damage Julia’s property.”
Chloe looked up to see Marcus standing between her and the enraged man. Tiberius face was twisted with rage; in contrast, Marcus appeared to be cool and bored.
“You saw what happened; I’ll have the skin stripped from her back for this! The bitch needs to be punished.”
Deep fear curled in Chloe’s gut. She had seen the hideously beaten and mutilated slaves who had caused harm to a citizen. It was part of the education of every slave brought to the city. The banquet guests were obviously wealthy beyond anything she had imagined and something about Marcus’s bland demeanor told her that the man she had offended was someone powerful.
“I saw exactly what happened.” Marcus voice was devoid of emotion. “But no real harm was done; decisions about punishment for domestic infractions rightly belong to her mistress.”
Julia broke the tense standoff.
“Always so hasty Tiberius! A man of your… stature should cultivate patience as well as justice. Have no fear, the girl has shamed my house and insulted my honored guest. I will see her punished appropriately.”
She summoned two slaves,
“Take her to my chambers; I will attend to this personally once my guests are gone. Oh, and be sure she is bound, she is new and unacquainted with our ways I would not care to see her do something foolish.”
The slaves had ushered Chloe from the room. She didn’t need any urging to leave, she was just grateful to be away from Tiberius’s anger. Any punishment her mistress dealt out had to be better than his threats.
They brought her to a bedchamber and left her in the center of the room between two columns. One slave pulled out long strips of fine linen and began to tie her wrist to the column. The other pulled at her other hand and did the same on the other side, pulling her arms out wide from her body. Once they had finished with her hands they began to nudge her legs apart with a foot. Chloe spread them obligingly and the strips were tied around each ankle. She gasped as they began to pull her legs further and further apart until she didn’t think she could bear it. She cried out and the slaves looked at her with sympathy.
“Give her a little slack; she’s going to have a hard enough night already.”
“Not a chance! I have no intention being the one tied up and whipped if the mistress thinks we’ve disobeyed her.”
Even so, there was a slight slackening of tension in the restraints as the slaves tied them to the pillars and left the room. Chloe stood there, tension building within her as she listened to the distant sounds of revelry as they first built to a crescendo, then began to fade. Eventually her new mistress would come to punish her. Tears ran quietly down her face as she imagined all the terrible fates that might await her and she could not help but pull against the bindings until her muscles began to tremble from the strain of the last hours.
Finally, she heard approaching footsteps again, rushed and a bit uneven. Julia burst into the room with Marcus close behind her, obviously in the grip of passion. He pushed her up against a pillar and began to kiss her deeply as he slid his hands up her body, gathering the layers of her dress as he went. Chloe heard Julia’s gasp as Marcus hand found her sensitive core and watched with fascination as Marcus held Julias hands trapped against the stone and began to slowly thrust into her new mistress. Julia arched and moaned wrapping one leg around Marcus waist and captured his mouth with her own. They continued that way, their kissing keeping time to the rhythm of their hips until Julia suddenly seemed to lose the pace. She shuddered violently as her hips bucked and Marcus held her pinned to the pillar as he increased his thrusts until she was crying out with broken gasping breaths. Marcus pumped into her furiously a few moments longer, then his back went ridged and he growled something incomprehensible as he gave a final few furious pumps.
They slumped there together against the wall and through it all Chloe had watched with absolute fascination and no thought of looking away. Her nipples had grown hard and she felt the now familiar wetness and ache within her as she forgot to be frightened. When Julias eyes opened and locked with hers though all her earlier fears came rushing back.
“Ah, Marcus. I had almost forgotten, suitable punishment must be devised for your little gift.”
“Hmmm? Oh, yes.” Marcus pulled back and turned to look at Chloe.
“Truthfully, I just wanted to get her out of the sight of that clod Tiberius, before he spoiled something lovely. Even as a child he was always happiest when he was breaking someone else’s toy.”
“Well I promised I would see her well disciplined,” Julia shrugged.
“I would not go back on my word. Besides it was appallingly bad behavior.” She looked at Chloe, “A slave in my house will do whatever is asked, immediately and without complaint. Do you understand?”
Chloe nodded as fresh tears began to trickle down her cheeks.
“Yes Domina.”
“I would make certain the lesson remains with you for the future.”
She walked over to a chest and pulled out a stiff loop of heavy leather, a knife, and something odd, small and lumpy. Chloes eyes were fixed on the knife and she began to shake in earnest.
Julia looked at her as she set down the belt and smiled, a bit cruelly.
“You are wise to fear little one, but I would also have you learn that obedience is not without pleasures of its own.” She took the knife and began to carve the lumpy object in her hand into a finger length cylinder with a wide base, paring the skin away as she spoke.
“This is the root of ginger. It has many uses but for tonight the one that concerns us is this.” She set aside the knife and reached between Chloe’s spread legs, laughing softly as she felt the moisture.
“You may serve better than anticipated little one.” And she began to rub the root over Chloe's tender lips and bud.
Chloe gasped, at first with the relief of having someone touch her aching sex, then at the tingling, quickly building to fire. She resisted the urge to try to squirm away as her mistress stroked her. A nudge at her pussy and the root was pushed up into her and she moaned out. She had been aroused before but now she was aflame, every fiber of her being concentrated on the sensation between her thighs and the hard nub burning within her.
“Hold it in place until I remove it.” Julia instructed she had moved behind Chloe and there was a whistling noise of displaced air.
The belt hit her tender flesh making her whole body clench. The root within her increased its intensity and she sobbed with frustration and pain.
Four more followed in measured succession, each intensifying the sensations and threatening to overwhelm her. She stood anticipating the next blow but instead felt cool hands on her breasts. Chloe cautiously opened her eyes. Marcus had come forward and stood in front of her while Julias hands stroked over her from behind. He leaned in and began to kiss her, running his hands over her and caressing her until he found his way to her burning core. The slightest flick of his finger made her gasp and she moaned outright as he removed the ginger from her aching pussy. He slid one finger within her and began to massage, flicking her clit with his thumb and just like that she plummeted over some edge in her mind. Falling into an ocean of sensation she sobbed and moaned as waves of pleasure picked her up and shook her soul. She had no idea how long it lasted but eventually she came to herself, slumped against her bonds and wondering…
Why did this excite her more than any of the boys from her village at home? And what did her new mistress have in store for her next?
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