Jennifer - Chapter Two
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Less than twenty four hours later, Jennifer Salvatore checked her mail on the computer in her bedroom at home. She maintained a couple of hotmail accounts, but the one that was of most interest to her just now was the account which she used primarily for her growing relationship with Rotter, or Jeff as she increasingly thought of him. It was also the address she had written on the mirror in the charity shop, hoping to hear from the guy who had watched her so intently the day before when she was doing Jeff's bidding – exposing herself to Kevin.
As her mailbox loaded, she thought back to the events of yesterday. She had never been so excited as she had been in the changing room of the charity shop. Watched by Kevin, a school acquaintance, and also by the shop assistant, a complete stranger, she had felt the intense thrill of exhibitionism as she tried to follow Jeff's instructions, and display herself to her schoolmate. As she deliberately exposed herself, the thrill had been amplified by the fact that she was following Jeff's instructions; that her power to choose had been taken away. She was also aware that she had gone further than she may otherwise have done because she wanted to please Jeff, and because she was so damned turned on by what she was doing.
She had e-mailed Jeff late last night to tell him all about her adventure, and how she had subsequently spent the afternoon with Kevin. She knew that Jeff was in Europe, several time zones ahead, and she hoped that he would have seen her mail whilst she had been asleep. Now she was eager to see if he had replied to her mail, to see if he was pleased with her behaviour. Her only regret about the afternoon had been that spending time with Kevin after her exposure hadn't worked out quite as she expected. Kevin had appeared to be so affected by seeing her nakedness that he seemed in awe of her, and too shy to make any kind of move on her, or to mention what he had seen. They had eaten together, and hung about together for a couple of hours, but nothing else had happened, much to her regret and frustration. She had enjoyed the attention he had paid her, and the look in his eyes as he stared at her with a new interest.
Her e-mail opened and Jennifer was at first excited to see she had new mail, and then disappointed to see that the three unopened mails were not from the people on her contacts list, which meant Jeff had not responded. She clicked to open her in-box and delete the spam that had arrived; nobody but Jeff and spammers sent mail to this account, she thought with regret. As she highlighted the three new mails and was about to delete them, one of the mails caught her eye. The subject line simply said "Charity Shop". She double-clicked the item to open it.
"Hi Jennifer, I sure hope this isn't a joke! I'm the guy in the junk shop in Valley Mall. If that was you yesterday, u r awesome, I'd love to see you again. Please tell me it was you. I can't stop thinking about you and what you did – it was so cool. If this means nothing to you, then I'm sorry – someone is having a joke.
I'll be working all day Sunday in the shop, and it would be great if you could come see me. Or mail me at this addy. I really hope it was you and that this isn't some kinda joke.
My name is Paul."
The mail was dated earlier that morning, and Jennifer was delighted that she had heard from the stranger that had watched her strip off her clothes, and parade naked, or nearly naked, for his eyes. Her last minute idea to leave her real e-mail address written on the mirror had paid off, now she wondered what to do next. Whilst she thought about her options, she quickly saved Paul as a contact on her contact list, and deleted the other two items of spam that she had received. Then she re-opened Paul's mail and read it again, another thrill of power and excitement rushing through her as it re-awoke the feelings of yesterday. She left the mail open as she dressed for the day.
After dressing as usual for a Sunday (short denim skirt and tee shirt), Jennifer went downstairs where her mom was just finishing breakfast. She kissed her mom (Karen), and reached over her to grab at her last slice of toast, taking a big bite out of it.
"Yeuk mom! Since when have you been taking honey on your toast?" The sickly sweet taste had come as a surprise to Jennifer, and she grabbed her mom's coffee cup to take a slug and take the taste away.
"Serves you right Jennifer, get your own breakfast!" her mom replied, grabbing her mug of coffee back, and pushing her daughter towards the kitchen.
Jennifer liked her mom, and thought she was pretty cool in comparison to most of her friends’ parents. Karen was a good looking, fit and fashionable thirty-something, having given birth to Jennifer whilst she was still in her teens. Although twice married, for the last few years she had been single, and she and Jennifer lived with Karen's mom (and Jennifer's grandma) in the small, comfortable house where Karen had grown up. The three women got on well together and were close despite the generation gaps that existed, partly because they all recognised each other’s need for space and privacy. Jennifer wondered which of her mom's friends had influenced her into taking honey on her morning toast.
In the kitchen, she grabbed some cereal over which she splashed ice-cold milk, and she poured herself a mug of coffee, before returning to sit with her mom, who was scanning the newspaper.
"What are your plans today honey?" her mom asked disinterestedly, continuing to read the paper.
"Oh I don't know," replied Jennifer, "I may just hang out at the mall with some friends." Until then, the thought of going to see spotty Paul at the charity shop had never seriously occurred to her, but as she said the words to her mom, she realised that she really did want to go and see him and see what happened. Once again, the memory of her very blatant exhibitionism the day before caused her to blush slightly, and hope her mom didn't look up from the newspaper to spot her obvious reaction. Little did she know that a penchant for exhibitionism was one of the many things she had in common with her mom.
"OK, well be good and drive carefully – and no drinking and driving, you promise?"
Jennifer reassured her mom, who had once dreamed that Jennifer had been injured and disfigured in a car wreck, and ever since was strict about Jennifer not drinking and driving. They chatted intermittently whilst Jennifer finished her breakfast, before she went back to her room to get ready to go out. As she entered the room, she looked at her computer screen and saw new mail, and her heart leapt as she realised that Jeff had replied whilst she'd been having breakfast. She quickly checked in Messenger to see if he was still on line and available for chat, and was disappointed to see he was not. She clicked open his mail.
"Hi Jennifer. Great to hear from you, and about your adventures yesterday. It sounds like you did exactly as I ordered you, and you have done very well. It was very exciting to read your description of what happened, and I loved it when you told me how exciting you found it. You were absolutely right to make yourself cum in the changing room, especially since Kevin didn't take the initiative and invite you back to his house later. If he had, you know I would have wanted you to give yourself to him and then to tell me about that. We may need to work a little harder to get you and Kevin into bed with each other, but I'm sure we will get there eventually. I am going to make you do some very dirty things with Kevin in the fullness of time.
As for the shop assistant, he was very lucky to be in the right place at the right time. It was an inspired idea to write your e-mail address on the mirror of the changing room; in fact it has given me some other ideas about how to make you do my bidding until we can meet and enjoy each other in person. I am very pleased with you for thinking of the idea, and as a reward, I have a treat for you.
If the young man contacts you as a result of your initiative, I order you to give him a night of pleasure; a night where you will refuse none of his demands; a night where you make all of his dreams come true. You are ordered to do this at the first opportunity if he contacts you, and you are to explain to him that you are doing it under my orders (I doubt that the fact you are doing it for me rather than as a result of his own magnetic attraction will make much difference to him). You must tell him that I have instructed you to behave that way for him. You should also give him my e-mail address and ask him (humbly, he will be acting with my authority, and therefore you will be properly submissive to him), you will humbly ask him to mail me and to thank me for giving him the use of you, my submissive, for the night.
Of course, I also expect you to write and tell me everything that happened in your own words, as soon as you have carried out this command. This is your next test, if the boy contacts you by e-mail.
I am still working on your reward for doing so well with Kevin yesterday.
OK Jennifer, I only have a few more minutes. I was hoping you might be on-line so that we could chat, but it looks like I have missed you. Well done for yesterday. Be sure to let me know if our friend the shop assistant contacts you, and be sure to confirm you understand, and will comply with your newest orders.
Jeff xx"
Jennifer drew in a deep breath as she read the mail from Jeff, but she found herself once again getting excited at the thought that she was handing over control of her body and mind to this stranger. She couldn't explain it, but she knew how it made her feel. He seemed to have the power to make her wet at will; just a few words from him and she was sopping wet with excitement, prepared to do all he asked. Well, everything he had asked to date. She wondered if she could really give herself to spotty Paul in the way that he demanded, but then realised that she had already been looking forward to exciting him some more by visiting him at the store later that day. As she re-read the letter, she realised how humiliating it would be for her to tell Paul that she was available to him on the orders of her Master. She checked once again that Jeff wasn't available for a chat, and then quickly replied to say that she had already been contacted, and that she understood her orders. Another thrill shot through her as she pressed the send button, and she realised she had committed to following Jeff's orders, and thereby, had committed to giving herself to Paul. She switched off the computer to finish getting ready.
Two hours later, Jennifer was edging nervously towards the charity shop in Valley Mall. Again, she found herself peering through the window to see who was in the store. She could see Paul standing behind his counter with his back to her, and was relieved to see that the rest of the store appeared empty. It was early Sunday afternoon. She pushed open the door and walked in.
Paul looked up as she entered, and his face broke out into a wide grin. Jennifer realised that when he smiled, apart from the spots, he wasn't bad looking. Even so, she kind of shivered when she thought about her new instructions from Jeff. She was wondering how to break the ice when Paul saved her the trouble.
"Hello. Welcome back. I was wondering if I would see you again. Are you here to do more shopping, or because you got my mail?" His voice was altogether more confident than he had appeared yesterday, and Jennifer wondered if that was because her behaviour yesterday might have embarrassed him.
"I got your mail this morning," she started, "I'm not sure why I left my address on the mirror, but thought I should let you know that I really am Jennifer Salvatore. It wasn't a joke; it really is me." She held out her hand, and Paul reached out and shook it to say "Hi".
There was a short embarrassing silence. Once again, it was Paul who reacted first, this time not quite so confidently.
"I...I couldn't believe my eyes yesterday," some of his newfound confidence went as he remembered the events of the day before, and as his mind stripped Jennifer of her Sunday clothes and saw her standing naked in front of him, "You looked fantastic.....I mean you look fantastic... I mean I was so excited, am so excited to see you again...." His voice trailed off as he wondered what to say next.
"I think I know what you mean" said Jennifer, "I don't know quite what got into me yesterday, but I don't usually behave like that. It was very exciting for me too, although I have to admit, I'm finding it a bit embarrassing now."
"Me too! But you shouldn't be embarrassed. You looked beautiful. You do look beautiful. And you certainly brightened up a boring Saturday at work!"
They looked at each other with sheepish, nervous smiles, and Paul's eyes once again scanned over this lovely girl standing before him. Jennifer noted his look, and needed to escape from it. She walked further into the store and asked, "Do you mind if I look around some? I didn't really see very much of the stock yesterday."
"Go ahead. Take your time. I'm here if you need me." Paul replied. He tried not to look at her too obviously as she started to look through the racks, his heart beating fast, amazed at his luck in her coming to see him again so quickly.
Jennifer browsed through the various racks, noting with surprise the quality of some of the items. There were discarded designer clothes here, buried amongst the cheaper items, and everything seemed clean and orderly. She didn't realise that the store had a policy of insisting that donated items of clothing were freshly laundered when handed in, and any that weren't were quietly discarded without ever seeing the racks in the store where they were intended for resale.
As she moved towards the back of the store, her eyes lighted on the record albums that Kevin had been browsing yesterday when she came in and worked so hard to distract him. She smiled when she saw the little pile of vinyl he had selected for purchase, still sitting where he had dropped them when he chased out of the store to catch up with her. On a whim, she picked up the pile and leafed through the record covers, noting those he had selected. They were an eclectic mix of late 60s and 70s artists, some American, some British, with no other connecting theme; Jennifer recognised an early Bob Dylan compilation and a Stones album, but the others were artists she had never heard of or had forgotten. Kevin had selected a total of 6 albums, and without really thinking it through, Jennifer took the little pile to Paul at his counter and asked how much for the lot.
"Well, our normal pricing policy is $2 per album, but I guess we can do better than that for you," he replied. "How about we call them double albums and give a discount. $5 for the lot?"
"Deal!" said Jennifer, and handed over a $5 bill whilst Paul slipped the albums into a paper bag for her. She couldn't understand why he was looking slightly disappointed, until he plucked up the courage to speak.
"I was hoping that you were going to find something else to try on" he said wistfully, as he handed her the bag and gave a meaningful glance towards the changing rooms at the back of the store. Jennifer couldn't miss the import of his words and countenance.
"Oh! Don't worry, I'll be back," she said, "but I have something to do first. What time do you get off work today, maybe we can have a drink after you finish?"
"Wow! That would be neat. I finish and lock the store at 5:30. Is that OK? I could finish earlier if you like?"
Jennifer looked quickly at her watch, and did a quick calculation. "No, that's perfect" she said, "I'll be back just after five. If you have any great bargains that you think I might like, dig them out and I'll have a look when I get back. You should know what size I am. See you later." She winked at him and left the store before he could think of an answer, and left Paul thrilled and excited, with nothing more than the scent of her and his memories remaining after she ran out of the door.
Jennifer quickly returned to her car, and with the albums she had purchased on the seat beside her, drove to where she knew Kevin lived with his dad. When she arrived, she looked for any sign of Kevin, but seeing no sign of him or his motorbike, pulled out a pen and paper and wrote a quick note.
"Hi Kevin,
Thanx for yesterday – I really enjoyed spending time with you. I disturbed your shopping trip, so went back to get these for you this afternoon; you can pay later if they are what you wanted – else I'm sure I can get the guy in the shop to change them - lol. I feel so guilty messing up your afternoon shopping..
See me at school tomorrow, maybe we can do it again sometime soon – I had a great time.
Jen xx"
Satisfied with the note, she ran up to the door and knocked. After a couple of seconds, Kevin's dad answered in a pair of sweats and a tee shirt, and confirmed that Kevin wasn't in. Jennifer couldn't help noticing his deep chest and flat six-pack stomach, and the thought occurred to her that maybe her mom wasn't the only fit and attractive parent among her group of friends. She handed over the bag containing the albums and her note and asked Mr Lyne to give them to Kevin as soon as he got home. Checking her watch again, she realised that she had plenty of time left to get back to Paul and the charity shop to keep her promise to him, and her commitment to Jeff. As she turned and headed back to her car, Mr Lyne's eyes followed her. "They sure didn't make them like that when I was at school!" was the thought that flashed into his head.
Back in the mall, she walked back into the charity shop at a little after five, to the evident relief of Paul, who was beginning to think that it was all a joke after all. He beamed when he saw her enter, and then let her browse around as he dealt with the only other customer in the shop. When she had left, he locked the door behind her and flipped the sign to 'Closed' before turning to find Jennifer standing by his counter, watching him. He blushed when he realised that she had seen him lock her in, and then said, "Well, you don't want to be disturbed when you're shopping do you?"
Jennifer laughed, and said "It's OK. Did you find any bargains for me to look at?"
Paul hurried behind his counter and lifted up a small pile of items he had selected from the racks whilst he'd been waiting for Jennifer to return. He watched as Jennifer went through the pile, discarding some items and piling others in a new heap on the desktop. She liked the look of most of the things Paul had selected, which tended to be well known designer label items, although many of them she recognised as no newer than last season's fashion. All were in good condition, and the sizes looked right for her. Some items she rejected because she knew friends had the same item, others because she knew the colour wouldn't work for her. By the time she had finished going through Paul's selections, she had 7 or 8 items that had avoided rejection. When she looked for price tickets on these items, she couldn't find one.
"How much are these?" she asked.
Paul leered at her. "Why don't you try them on. If you like them, I'll tell you the prices. In fact, let me see you in them, and I'll price them according to how much I like them. The more I like you in them, the less you pay. How about that for a deal?"
Jennifer had been starting to warm to Paul, but now found his response a bit creepy. It seemed he was willing to cheat some poor Central American orphan out of a few dollars for the sake of seeing her in some clothes he had selected. She started to react negatively to him, and wonder if she could go through with her commitment to Jeff to let him use her, but then remembered what she was there for, and thought "What the heck! He's just using his position for a bit of fun. In a way, I'm kind of using him to satisfy my own desire to submit to Jeff. If that's what he wants, then who am I to say No?". She picked up the remaining items and wheeled around and headed silently for the dressing rooms at the back of the store.
As Paul watched her heading back to the changing rooms, he wondered if he was in for a repeat of the previous day's performance, and his cock started to harden at the thought. It stiffened again as he watched Jennifer hang up the items she was to try on the hook in the same cubicle, the curtain left completely open. When she turned away from him and peeled off her tee shirt over her head, to reveal her naked back, no bra, he was hooked. Jennifer pulled on the first item, a thin stretchy long sleeved purple tee shirt with a print of Che Guevara's famous face in a kind of watermark design across the front. She smoothed it over her hips, adjusted the sleeves and then examined herself in the full length mirror at the back of the cubicle. Satisfied with the result, she turned and walked the length of the shop to where Paul was still standing behind his counter, which was effectively hiding his growing erection.
"So how much for this one Paul? I like it a lot, but I'd need to wear a bra with it for sure. What do you think?"
Paul looked at her as she posed for him. The tee shirt hugged her figure, and he could clearly see her nipples through the thin, almost cheesecloth material of the shirt. One of her nipples stared incongruously through the left eye of Che Guevara.
He whistled softly. "Wow, that looks fantastic. You have such a perfect figure, I guess you would look good in anything. I love it. Sold for 50 cents!"
She smiled acceptance, turned on her heel, and headed back. Halfway down the aisle, she turned her head over her shoulder and called to him, "You'd better get out from behind that counter and come down here. If you think I'm walking backwards and forwards on this catwalk all night, you're crazy."
Paul adjusted his cock as best he could to hide his excitement, and then scampered after her down to the back of the shop, where he waited just outside the changing room, unable to take his eyes off of her, the curtain doorway completely ignored by Jennifer.
Jennifer left the tee shirt on, but unzipped her skirt and stepped quickly out of it, her back towards Paul, so he could see the thin black string of her thong where it disappeared between the perfect globes of her ass at the top of her long and shapely legs. She took down the next item, a pair of designer low-cut jeans, which she wriggled into, and which proved a perfect fit as she zipped and buttoned the waist. Paul continued to watch her brazen and nonchalant display speechlessly. Again, after examining herself in the jeans, trying her tee shirt tucked in, and then pulled out of the waistband, she settled for the latter, and stepped out to let Paul pronounce his verdict. As she turned and posed for him, reaching back and running her hands over the stretched material covering her bottom, she asked him the price.
"I... I... I think they are just perfect," he stammered, "they go so well with the shirt that they must be the same price. How about a dollar for the pair of them?"
Jennifer giggled and returned to the cubicle, starting to have real fun, and recognising that she was going to be adding substantially to her wardrobe for virtually nothing. As she took down the next item she started to think about her situation. She was doing several of her favourite things all at the same time. Life couldn't get any better than this. She was shopping, which she loved to do, buying good clothes at ridiculous prices, and exposing herself and exciting a guy all at the same time. And later, she knew, she was going to get laid. She was already starting to get wet from Paul's constant attention and admiration of her young body. Sheer heaven.
The next item was a little crop top with spaghetti string straps and a square cut top. It was cream in colour and made of a light flowy silk. She just knew it would be beautifully cool in the summer. Before she tried it on, she took it from its hanger and held it up to the light, teasing Paul who watched every move. She carefully laid the top on the chair at the side of her, and then turned to face Paul before removing the Che Guevarra tee shirt right in front of him.
As she peeled the tee shirt up over her head, it clung to her skin as it slid over her breasts. Paul was fascinated as the material exposed the rounded curves under her tits, which then shook with freedom as the material cleared her nipples, which were visibly stiffer than they had been previously. She took her time folding her new tee shirt, before slipping into the crop top, which reached just below her tits, leaving her flat stomach and long thin belly button tanned and naked beneath. The square cut top stretched across the top of her breasts and continued in a straight line around the tops of her arms, leaving her lovely shoulders completely bare, except for the thinnest of straps.
And so it went on. Jennifer trying on clothes in front of the increasingly excited Paul, giving him a private fashion show, but allowing him to see behind the screens of the catwalk, watching his personal model change into different outfits. Everything was priced at 50 cents, everything was perfectly displayed on the perfect frame of Jennifer.
As she tried on the last item, a short tan pleated skirt with an integral leather belt by Jean-Paul Gaultier, Paul picked up the courage to ask Jennifer a question.
"Jennifer, why are you doing this?"
The question caught Jennifer by surprise, and she paused in the act of fastening the leather belt around her hips. She sat on the chair and thought for a minute before responding.
She remembered her instructions from Jeff in his e-mail received this morning. "If the young man contacts you as a result of your initiative, I order you to give him a night of pleasure; a night where you will refuse none of his demands; a night where you make all of his dreams come true. You are ordered to do this at the first opportunity if he contacts you, and you are to explain to him that you are doing it under my orders". Jennifer realised that she would never have a better opening to comply with her orders.
"Are you enjoying what I am doing Paul? Do you want me to stop?" she asked. Of course, he responded an emphatic "Yes!" and then "No!" in turn.
"Then I will answer your question honestly. I am doing this for me, because it excites me, and for you, because it clearly excites you, but also for someone else." She paused.
"You mean the guy that was here yesterday? That followed you out of the store?" Paul was immediately jealous of him.
"No, Paul. For someone else." It was going to be humiliating for her to go through with this, but she knew she must. "What I did yesterday, I did under orders from a friend of mine. He tells me how to act, what to do, and I obey him. It is a game we play that excites us both."
"You mean some kind of sex game? Is he your Master or something?" Paul's flash of jealousy about Kevin had suddenly changed to one of inspiration, curiosity and interest.
"Exactly that," confirmed Jennifer. "We haven't been playing the game long, but it's the most exciting thing I have ever done."
"Cool!" said Paul, whose curiosity and interest was roused. After a couple of seconds of thought, he added "But that was yesterday. What about today?"
Jennifer told him about how she had mailed Jeff the night before, and told him how her adventure had gone. In answer to Paul's frequent interruptions and questions, she explained that Jeff lived overseas, that she had never met him, but that she thought she would do anything he asked of her. Hearing that this guy was not even a physical threat to him eased Paul's jealousy, and he probed further. She explained how she had told Jeff about Paul and how she had left her e-mail address on a whim, and how she had received a reply from Jeff giving her further instructions.
"So what are your instructions?" he excitedly asked. Jennifer knew that this was the crunch, the line she must step over to satisfy Jeff's demands.
"I was ordered to do anything you ask" she said quietly, "if you contacted me using the e-mail address. I was told I had to 'give you a night of pleasure, refuse none of your demands'. That's why I am here, why I am doing this." This admission had been hard for Jennifer, but she realised that she was wet and excited, again, following Jeff's remote orders to the letter. The man had a power over her that she couldn't understand. She couldn't look Paul in the face.
"Cool!" he said, "Kew-fuckin-el. So I can ask for anything?" the sudden possibilities took his breath away, and he watched as Jennifer meekly nodded yes in answer. He was amazed at the sudden transformation in her, from this spunky, confident, show-off of a dream girl, she had quickly transformed into a meek and submissive little miss in about 30 seconds. He licked his lips like a sand lizard eyeing its prey, and wondered what to ask for first.
"Keep those things on. Let's go get a drink. I need to think about this" he said, dragging Jennifer up from the chair, grabbing her other 'purchases' and her original clothes, and stuffing them in a paper bag as he passed the counter with her in tow. They left the store which he locked behind him and headed to the sports bar just down the mall. Two minutes later, they were sitting with a beer in front of them, and Paul was asking Jennifer some more about her 'Master', Jeff.
"So what else has he made you do? Here's mud in his eye anyway" and he clinked bottles with Jennifer's and took a big pull of his own beer. Jennifer took a sip, and explained that this part of their relationship had really only just begun. They chatted over the beer, Paul trying to convince himself that this was real. Wondering how to play his cards, which felt like a Royal Flush from where he was sitting. All of Jennifer's answers seemed to confirm that she was there to do as he ordered, was his for the evening to do with as he wished. He realised he couldn't take her home, where he lived with his mother, so he quickly finished his beer and told her to come with him back to the store, where he took her into the little staff room. As well as a sink and a door to the staff bathroom, there was a tired old sofa that someone had donated to the charity, and a couple of arm chairs. He sat in one of these, looked at Jennifer standing before him and said "Take off those clothes, all of them."
Before starting to obey him, Jennifer said "There is one condition before you can continue."
"Oh shit," thought Paul, "I knew there had to be something wrong with this." He indicated that she should go on.
"Jeff has said that you must e-mail him afterwards. Tell him what happened. I have to know that you will do that before I can obey you."
A wave of relief swept over Paul. He was going to achieve his dream after all. Writing to this guy would not be a problem, and he would put up with a lot worse than that to finally get to fuck her, something he had wanted to do since she first came in the store yesterday.
"Not a problem," he stated, "It would be rude not to. Now, do as you are told and lose those clothes."
Jennifer was relieved to have finally obeyed every one of Jeff's commands except one. Now she had to do as she was told and let this boy use her. She realised that her breath was coming faster, and her heart was racing as she took one more step on her humiliating submission to a man she had never met. She started to unbutton the blouse that Paul had selected for her, and that she was still wearing.
As Paul watched her strip off her clothes, he realised that watching her expose herself at his orders was much more exciting than watching her changing in the store. This was now happening because he willed it, and his ability to control what was happening was a powerful aphrodisiac for him. His cock was straining at his jeans as she stepped out of the Gaultier skirt, and then stripped down her thong to stand completely naked in front of him. For the first time, he took his cock out of his pants in front of her, letting the blood swell it into a stiff erection, which he couldn't resist stroking slowly as she watched him, naked.
For Jennifer, being told to strip had also opened the floodgates of her arousal, and she was dripping wet with excitement when she watched Paul undo his pants and reach inside to release his stiffening cock. The organ seemed to unfurl before her eyes as it enjoyed its freedom from the confines of his pants, and she thought that his casual stroking of it in front of her was one of the most exciting things she had ever seen. As he stroked himself, she could see the foreskin peeling back from the bulbous head at the end of every stroke, before closing over the head again as his hand slid back up his cock.
"Get on your knees and suck it" he commanded, and she obeyed him. She squatted down, and then came between his legs on her knees, and reached out a hand to replace his in stroking his weapon, now fully hard. She couldn't take her eyes of it as she leaned forwards, almost going cross-eyed with the effort before she opened her mouth and let the head of his cock slide between her lips. As she did, her eyes closed and she gave herself over to the sensation of his smooth soft skin, covering his hard maleness; the flavour of him filling her mouth, and his fullness pressing ever forwards as she took more of him inside her.
Paul sat back in the chair and let her work on him, looking down the length of his body, still fully clothed, with a beautiful naked girl between his legs, her warm soft moist mouth wrapped sensationally around his cock. The feeling was awesome, and he felt his knob head bump against the resistance of her throat, her lips pressing into the denim of his jeans, taking as much of him as she was able.
Her lips clung to him as she slowly withdrew her face from his groin until she just had the first couple of inches of his bulbous knob in her mouth. And then she opened her eyes and looked directly into his as she pressed forwards again, to slide him back inside again. Paul was already close to cumming, and reached forwards to hold her head still, as waves of desire and lust swept over him.
When he had quieted sufficiently, he let her continue for a few minutes, before he pulled her mouth off his cock, and pushed her away to allow him to strip from his clothes. Jennifer watched him undress, and was pleasantly surprised at his fit athletic body, which belied the spotty youthful look of his face. He was very slender and fit beneath his clothes, his mass of pubic hair framing heavy balls and an impressive cock which stood stiffly out from his body. The cock swayed gently in front of him, straight and erect, at an angle of about 45 degrees from the vertical.
He stood before her, and she had to reach up and pull the cock down to let it slide again between her lips. This time, with no denim to prevent her, she was able to stuff more of the length into her mouth, until the head broke through the resistance offered by the neck of her throat, and she took him deep within her, gagging slightly in her efforts. As she started to slide him in and out of her throat, her other hand reached for her breast, where it found and pinched her own nipple, causing a thrill of pain and pleasure to shoot through her body, and add to the dampness on her thighs.
Jennifer gave herself over to pleasing him, and felt a glorious and unusual pleasure in her submission to him. She wanted him to ask her, to tell her, to do dirty things. She wanted him to be cruel and hard with her. She wanted to suffer for him. She wanted to do it for Jeff. She squeezed her nipple harder, gradually increasing the pressure on that sensitive bud until the pain and pleasure became just pain, squeezing harder than she ever had before, enjoying the pain, enduring it. All the time, his cock was pistoning in and out of her mouth, and she felt him swell to new heights just before he lost control, and started to shoot ribbons of hot cum into her mouth. Again, she gagged at this new onslaught, and pulled back from him, when his later ejaculations shot against her lips, and then across her face. She squeezed the last drops from him, rubbing his now softening cock across her face and over her lips, using it to smear his cum into her skin, collecting the excess, and then pushing it into her mouth with his prick, tasting him, glad that he had abused her so selfishly, delighting in being his cum-slut.
Paul sat back down, his legs shaking from his spent passion, and she crawled to him again, laying her head in his lap, letting her hair fall across his cock, wet with her saliva and his own cum. She let him relax, confident that he would be ready for action again soon; patiently waiting for the further abuse that she was sure would come, wishing it on herself. As she knelt at his feet waiting for him to recover, she tasted him in her mouth, and imagined telling Jeff how she had satisfied his instructions. She squeezed her legs together to increase the pressure on her soaking sex, and wondered if she was having just too much pleasure from this submission. Again, the need to submit physically became stronger in her, and she found herself wanting to be abused even more.
After a few minutes, and without a word being spoken, Jennifer reached for Paul's hand and drew it to her breast, where she pressed his fingers to her flesh, wanting him to squeeze and hurt her. He started tentatively, squeezing her whole breast softly, enjoying the feel of her beneath his hand, and then concentrating on her nipple, which he rolled between finger and thumb, gently, uncertainly, increasing the pressure. She moaned in encouragement, wanting him to go further, wanting to give herself to him, and he responded again. He grew in confidence as he heard her groans and moans increase as he squeezed her harder, as he felt her press herself harder against his hand, encouraging his abuse. As he recognised her need, and realised his power over her, his cock began to stiffen again, stirring against her cheek, which amplified her own excitement and need for him to hurt her. It was a vicious circle of pain engendering excitement engendering pain. Jennifer had never experienced anything like it before. She wanted to challenge him to take her further than she thought she could go. As he cruelly squeezed her nipple, she looked up at him, her eyes wet with the pain, and said, "I want you to hurt me. I want you to make me cry".
Her words caused his cock to swell again, and he stood and pulled her to her feet, turning her around and pulling her to him, her back pressed against his front. His arms wrapped around her and he slid his hands up over her flat stomach to cup her breasts, his fingers to grip her nipples.
"Tell me again what you want" he whispered into her neck, and her body shook with the pleasure of her submission.
One nipple was already sore from the rough handling she had received, the pain lingering longer than the touch that had caused it, and Jennifer knew she could endure more, wanted to endure more.
"I want you to squeeze and pull my nipples until I beg you to stop" she whispered, "I want you to hurt me and make me cry for you." She leant her head back onto his shoulder, and reached up with her own hands to press his fingers harder against the sensitive flesh of her nipples. The submission in her was sublime. He gave her what she had asked for.
Again, the pressure from his strong fingers began to increase, squeezing until the pain she felt was intense. Then, when she thought she could bear it no more, he rolled her nipples without releasing any of the pressure, before starting to pull them out and away from her, pulling her breasts into elongated points, firmly clamping the nipples in his vice-like grip. She bore it as long as she could, and then some more. When she closed her eyes with the pain, a tear rolled down her cheek. All the time, she could feel his hardness growing and pressing against her rump, and she wanted to endure more for him, for Jeff.
Finally, she could take it no more, and her body collapsed beneath her, and she fought to remove his hurting hands from her breasts. He fought back and she squirmed away from him, the tears flowing freely now, her nipples sore and red. When he finally released her, she sobbed, turned to face him, and pressed herself against him, sobbing into his shoulder with relief and with pain. Jennifer had never acted like this before, and she felt confused, alarmed, proud, subdued all at the same time.
She realised that she was also as horny as hell, her pussy a wet mess between her legs, and the need for some kind of release making her ever wilder in her thoughts and fancies. As Paul's arms wrapped around her again, and pulled her to him, she reached down to grasp his cock, and guide it between her legs, where it rubbed against the soft wet folds of her pussy.
"Fuck me, Paul. Please fuck me now," she begged.
Paul stepped her back towards the sofa, not letting his cock slip from between her legs, and gently laid her back across the arm of the couch, her head and shoulders on the seat cushion, beneath her raised and exposed midriff, her long legs reaching down for the floor, unable to reach. He spread her legs, or she spread them for him, and he stepped between them, his engorged cock head just inches from her cunt. As he slid his length into her for the first time, she experienced her first orgasm, which was mightily amplified by the pain and suffering she had endured for him. When she came back to earth from that first shattering climax, she found him humping hard into her, stroking his full length into and out of her grasping pussy, his pubic hair stimulating her exposed and swollen clit with every thrust.
She started to imagine what it would be like to have her pussy slapped by him, and thought about asking for it, but stopped herself as the pleasure from this raw sex swept her up once again towards another orgasm. She was still sobbing, between asking him to fuck her harder, fuck her deeper. She felt him speeding towards his own climax, and tried to match hers to his, but was unable to stop herself from reaching the finishing line first. As her legs wrapped around him and pulled him into her as she clenched him within her in her climax, he reached the top too, and drove into her with all his might, and she felt his seed fill her, as he spasmed half a dozen times and then collapsed on top of her, spent.
They stayed like that for some time, sweat sticking their bodies together, before she could crawl out from under him, and find the bathroom. She gulped down some water, and dabbed cool water on her aching nipples, before rinsing her face. When she returned to the staff room, she found Paul curled up asleep on the couch. She dressed herself in what she came in, wrote Jeff's e-mail address on a piece of paper which she stuffed into Paul's hand, collected her new things and quietly headed out to her car, the material of her tee shirt rubbing against her nipples as she walked, and reminding her of her debauchery and sudden surprising need for pain.
As she gingerly climbed behind the wheel of her car, throwing the bag of unpaid-for second-hand clothes on the seat beside her, she looked at herself in the vanity mirror. She was a mess, her hair matted, her eyes red, her breasts and nipples bruised and sore. She smiled weakly at herself, and then thought of the long e-mail she would need to write to Jeff before she was able to sleep and rest.
She pulled out of the car-park and headed for home.
To be continued xxx
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