Out of the forums, into reality
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‘Snap out of it, Sandy! You know you can’t keep drifting off and daydreaming,’ she told herself. She was thinking about the forums last night. It was the one place she got to go and play, not worrying what others thought of her or how she came across. Her friends in there knew her well enough. That was definitely a place of fun and relaxation. Sandy did not get very much of that in her life. The boss at the technology lab was always on her night and day to get all the microchips created, and timelines were never far away.
The way he looked at her sometimes was rather unsettling too. He would get just a little too close, looking over her shoulder when she was working on something he wanted to see. Jeff, I can tell what you had for lunch – it’s on your breath, she wanted to say some days. She didn’t really like Jeff all that much. He was a womanizer, and she could tell it would mean nothing to him if he was with anyone. That’s probably why he was twice divorced, she thought.
Then there was that guy from the forums. He was so hot last night that it made her think about wanting to take him outside the playroom, outside those boundaries. She wondered why she reacted to him the way she did – what was it about him that drew her to want to do more than just play in there? Sandy shook her head. You can’t go allowing yourself to think like that, it will drive you crazy, her little voice said. Forget the little voice, her inner goddess was really wanting to go further with the thought. She was winning today. Idly, Sandy wondered if other people ever had these stupid wars going on inside their head. She already knew she was rather different. 
Wow, for the first time in a long time, Sandy left early. She gathered her things and scooted out quickly, because Jeff had been gone to a meeting with the board members all afternoon. With her luck, he would come back and try and get more work out of her if he came in later. Sandy’s thoughts were not allowing her much in the way of getting work done today anyway. Her mind was in a trance as she drove, wandering to the possibilities that might exist if she were able to get him out of the forums and in reality. ‘Oh come on Sandy, you would probably not really know what to say or how to even act around him,’ the little voice talked again. Inner goddess to the rescue – oh no girl, you know what you want and you could totally do it too. She closed her eyes, still in the car in her garage. 
She had always dreamed of being a dominant, at least for a time. To be fully in charge of a man, to have him worship her, idolize her, do anything she wanted. Now that would be hot. Her mind went to him, the guy she could not stop thinking about, even when she needed to concentrate on other things. That would be amazing. Stirring out of her reverie, Sandy found her keys and went inside. Her apartment was small, but she liked it that way. Less to have to do at home since the office was so demanding. With a boss like hers, Sandy longed for being in charge, in control. Maybe that’s what was so driving her fantasies sexually. 
Sandy sat down with some tea and logged into her account online. She smiled. There was a message from him. His messages always got her to smile. She wondered if his thoughts ever strayed toward thinking outside the playhouse, as hers had. It was not really an issue for her in the past. This one was different. She mused about it. Very interesting. All his message said was, “meet me in the playroom titled How Sexy is the Person Above You.” ‘Meet’ him there, intriguing concept. She clicked onto the forum, reading all the fun stuff people wrote. Her friends were such a blast. Sandy scrolled to the bottom, and he had written “burning – need to play girl!” on it. Wow, that was hot. She needed to think of a good reply to it, but the words did funny things to her head and she couldn’t think clearly. She hit “reply” and took a sip of her tea. That was a little better. 
All of a sudden the room she was sitting in went very dark. Did her lights go out again? Stupid breaker, she was on it with the apartment upstairs. That girl always threw it. Does she have to dry her hair, listen to her music, and watch television all at the same time? Sandy rolled her eyes. As she got up to find the flashlight (it had been a rather dreary day weather wise, and she couldn’t see well at all) she felt hands. She shook her head. Geez woman, quit daydreaming and get the light. She felt them again, wandering down her body slowly. This was no daydream – it was real. She gasped. Sandy turned around slowly, and there he was. Not only that, her apartment had disappeared and she was in…in the playroom! 
Oh my gosh. She couldn’t think straight. How in the hell did I get in here? As her eyes got adjusted to the soft dim light, she could see him looking at her, very adoring, extremely sexy. He knelt on the ground and whispered huskily, “My goddess, I’ve wanted to have you in here so badly. I will do anything you want. Command me.” Oh wow. He was thinking what she had been thinking, down to the last letter…she closed her eyes, moaning aloud at his words. She could feel his hands moving slowly up her legs, feeling their soft silkiness. Sandy’s breath caught in her throat. She needed to say something, to command him. This is going to be amazing, she thought to herself. All of him to herself, and all of him wanting to do whatever she desired. She took a deep breath.
“Slide your hands up my body slowly, then when you get to my neck you may take my clothing off, piece by piece.” She smiled, wow this is so hot. Especially his reaction as she looked at him taking in her words. Sandy could tell this is what he was wanting to do anyway. Her eyes skimmed the playroom, catching sight of a light leather flogger as he was feeling her body. Her brain thought on that a bit. Interesting. She moved closer to him to feel him against her as he followed the command. Her mind felt a bit numb; his hands felt so incredibly delicious. He got to her neck, his fingers running along her neck lightly, causing her to get a shiver down her spine. She grabbed one of his hands, placing a finger in her mouth. She sucked gently, letting him feel her tongue on his skin, moving his finger in and out slowly. 
He drew in his breath sharply, closing his eyes and letting out a moan. His other hand grabbed her hair, tilting her back. As his eyes opened, she saw raw passion and heat emanating from them. Sandy couldn’t breathe. He was so… so hot. Why he liked her so much was beyond her. His lips came down on hers, and he kissed her fervently, passionately, his tongue now tasting her lips and mouth as she had tasted his finger. Their tongues intertwined and she was on fire. He pulled her to him, and she could feel his desire against her body.
Stepping back a little from his fierce embrace, she said “You didn’t get to removing my clothing for me yet.”
“Yes, my goddess, as you wish,” he said, his voice full of passion and longing. His eyes roamed slowly up and down her body, causing her to feel something deep within herself, a forbidden feeling. Oh, wow. He slowly took her shirt and pulled it upward, his hands roaming over the skin beneath as he did. “You didn’t say HOW I had to remove your clothing, sexy one. So I get to decide that.”
His words were such a turn on. How am I going to be able to do this without coming undone, Sandy’s little voice said. ‘Shut up, said the goddess. I’m in control now, and this man WILL do your bidding!’ Sandy loved her inner goddess right now.
“I will have you doing exactly what I want later, so you can have what you want with my clothing,” Sandy said, whispering in his ear as he leaned in, removing her shirt. Oh, she could tell he liked that. His breathing got faster, and his hands were ever slightly shaking. He roamed his tongue lightly over her neck and down to her chest, tasting her skin. His hands came around to her back and removed her bra, slowly, freeing what he was after. She heard him groan, and her hands went into his hair, pulling at it as his mouth took in her breasts. Sandy closed her eyes and was lost in the feeling of him, his mouth on her, and her hands clenched in his hair, pulling at it harder. He stopped after awhile, and his hands roamed further down, to her jeans.
It was Friday, the one day they could dress casual at the office. He got behind her, idly unbuttoning, then unzipping her jeans and pulling them down slowly, feeling the skin beneath as he did. Sandy felt his hot breath on her behind, then his teeth, gently nipping her skin. She moaned, having trouble standing up. He divested her of the jeans, and began to run his hands along her panties, driving her wild. His fingers caressed her, all along the outside of the fabric, then inside. He was still behind her, and his fingers began stroking her, inside her panties, his breathing hard against her throat. 
“I hope you won’t take too long ordering me after this – I want you so badly,” he whispered and sucked her ear. His words… how does he do this to me? Her thoughts were wild at this point. He slowly pulled her panties down her thighs, her legs, and she stepped out of them. 
“Strip slowly for me,” she said, barely able to get the words out her voice was so husky. His eyes on her were like molten lava. He never took them off her body as he stripped, slowly taking his jeans off. He had no shirt on anyway, so the effect was enough to take her breath away. “You didn’t wear underwear today? You were a very naughty boy!” she smiled, drinking in the sight of him. “You might need to be punished.” 
“Oh punish me, my goddess, however you see fit.” Oh she would, she thought. Remembering the flogger from earlier, she went and grabbed it off the wall. 
“On the bed now, on your back,” she ordered, breathing a little fast. 
“Yes my goddess,” he responded, and laid down as ordered. He was definitely enjoying this, as evidenced by his arousal. He was so sexy. Slowly, she ran the leather threads along his skin, watching him react and shiver. That was so delicious, and to know she was doing it to him…occasionally, Sandy would flick him so that he would jump ever so slightly. Oh how hot is this, making a man flinch. Sexy as hell. She moved down his body, skipping below his stomach for now and moving to his thighs and legs. By the time she got to his feet, he was visibly shaking, and extremely aroused. 
Wow, he wants me, really really wants me…she moved to his throbbing organ with the flogger, running the threads along the length of him. Sandy moved close to his ear and whispered, “You are not allowed to release, not until I say, do you understand?” He nodded his head, moaning and moving in response to the flogger’s touch. Sandy began lightly flicking him all along the length then, causing him to gasp and groan loudly.
“I’m going to put my mouth on you now,” she stated, loving the reactions she was getting out of this amazing man. Slowly, Sandy ran her tongue along his front, all along his chest, his stomach, then finally her mouth reached him and she took him in, deeply. His body arched up, and his moans were a beautiful sound. Slowly, she moved on him, in and out, holding him in place as he squirmed beneath her. Oh he tasted good. She stopped, looking up into his eyes, and she could tell he was done. Done with her orders.
Quickly he moved, so quickly she couldn’t react. He pinned her down beneath him, his tongue in her mouth, tasting her, tasting part of himself. His kiss was full of passion and feverish urgency, the most intense kiss she’d ever gotten. ‘You haven’t exactly been kissed all that much,’ little voice spoke up. Inner goddess glared, and little voice retreated.
“Your orders, my goddess, have driven me absolutely mad with desire for you. It’s my turn.” Sandy felt his lips moving down her skin, leaving a trail of heat wherever they touched. He moved to her breasts again, toying with them enough to put her in agony, her body moving beneath him, seeking release. He was relentless, slowly running his tongue along them, biting softly with his teeth. ‘I’m,’ she thought, ‘dying…’ his hands and mouth moved downward, to her thighs, licking, tasting.
“I was going to go all the way to your toes, but I can’t wait that long,” he told her, urgency heating his voice. 
‘What is it about his words that creates such a huge physical reaction in me,’ she thought. Inner goddess said for her to shut up and feel, not think. ‘Ok, definitely doing that,’ she thought. 
“Oh you taste so good,” he groaned against her as he plunged his tongue into her, tasting her, causing her to move uncontrollably, shivering beneath him.
“Please, please,” she begged. He stopped with his tongue, thrusting his finger into her, feeling her heat and wetness.
“What do you want?” he said with passion and fire in his voice. 
“You, inside me, please take me, now now,” she whispered, barely able to get the words out as he continued with his finger. 
“As you wish, my goddess, and you truly are a goddess,” he said, his breathing difficult as well. He moved slowly back up her body, sucking his finger, tasting her again. Sandy felt his weight on her, his passion, his desire, as he slowly entered her, filling her. His eyes closed and he moaned. “You feel so amazing, so incredibly amazing,” he said the word with almost a reverence as he thrusted inside her, slowly at first, then building faster and faster. His body was on hers, pressing her breasts to him, his hands in her hair. 
Sandy moved beneath him, lost in his rhythm, his pacing, until she finally shattered into a million pieces, drifting into the oblivion of orgasm, her body clenching around him. As he felt her tighten, it pushed him over the edge. With one final thrust, deeply inside her, he climaxed, shouting out her name as he came. 
For a long time after, they stayed in the playroom, bodies intertwined, soft fingers caressing, breathing finally slowing. Sandy looked at him, and he looked back at her for what seemed an eternity, yet no time at all. He kissed her, slowly, lingering on the taste of her mouth, and told her how he felt when being with her. “I never want this to end, Sandy, you are mine now. In the playroom and out. I never want to be without you, not ever.” Sandy smiled, responding with caresses and letting him know she would always be here, that she would always be his playroom toy.
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