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To begin with, I’m not exactly sure why I agreed to go with the girls to the bar that night, but I did. But for you to better understand my story, I need to explain myself a bit better. I’m what you would call a veteran teacher. I’ve been in the profession for ten years, working as everything from a substitute teacher to a full time contracted teacher in a variety of grades. After a few years of temporary contracts or long-term substitute jobs that gave me little to no security or benefits, I got brave and took a job in a new city and state. It’s never easy moving away from everything and everyone you know and love to start anew, but it was that or risk homelessness.
Now, I had only worked for one large school district before, as most of my teaching was at either smaller districts or charter schools, so coming here to the state’s largest, and one of the top ten largest school districts was a shock to my system. But if that was a shock, it was nothing to the city I moved to. I had always wanted to live in a big city, but I had no idea how different life here would be for me. I went from a no-name complex with about ten or twelve units to a multi-level, multi-unit apartment complex with a pool, spa, workout room, and more. My commute was now all surface streets, but the traffic was about the same level as what I dealt with back where I used to live.
Because I was hired with several hundred other teachers, I was sent to new teacher orientation where I met many other young teachers assigned to my new school, most just starting their careers. With my experience, they quickly realized I was an asset to have. I was able to give some advice as to what they could or should do in certain situations. Often I would hear them talk about going out to clubs and bars on the weekends, but I was never invited.
Then one day at lunch we were sharing about food cravings and one gal said she wanted some sushi. I said how much I liked sushi and, suddenly, they all wanted to go out for sushi. One of the girls asked if I wanted to come along and of course I said yes. Sushi led to Italian, steak, and many other restaurants. Dinners would often be followed by the girls wanting to go club hopping or bar crawling. This is when I would usually decline because I either had plans, a class, or something else going on for Saturday.
Until that night, that is. The girls were smart; they made sure I had no plans for Saturday, no classes, no obligations, nothing. We went to our favorite sushi place first, under the guise of a girls’ night where we all got dressed up. Now, I’m not against dressing up or going out, but where these girls are in their mid- to late-twenties, I’m in my early forties. Before I was a teacher, I served in the Navy for ten years as a hospital corpsman before cutbacks and no billets forced me to leave. At least I was able to use my GI Bill to pay for my college. The advantage to this was I wasn’t burdened with student loans like several of these ladies were.
I wore my best dress; black halter top with a blue paisley handkerchief skirt that stopped about mid-calf and black, strappy sandals with a slight heel. Underneath, I wore my strapless black bra and matching black thong panties. I styled my blonde hair, enhancing my natural curls, and put on a full face of makeup, more than the eye shadow and mascara that I would wear to work most days. The girls all wore short, tight fitting skirts, low cut tops, and stiletto heels. They too styled their hair, put on extra makeup, and looked amazing.
After dinner, we headed to the bar. Now, normally I’d bail out, but tonight the girls had planned for this by rotating who would ride with me. It was an easy plan as we always met at a central location, then would caravan to the sushi place, and the bar. I’ve got to give them credit, it was pretty clever on their part, and part of me was so happy to be included, I really didn’t mind. Being the oldest of our group, it was a nice ploy on their part.
The bar they picked tonight was a new one for all of us. One of the girl’s had a friend who was in the band that was going to perform there, and we were there to be moral support. Since most bands do between three to four sets, I decided if I stayed for the first, and maybe the second, that would be good enough and I could still get home at a decent hour and not be seen as the “old fogy.”
The waitress came by to take our drink order, and I ordered a beer as it was what I could afford and liked to drink. Most people like the beer on tap, I like mine in bottles. Tonight the tap was down and all beer had to be in bottles. The waitress said she didn’t know why the tap was down, but it went out this afternoon and the replacement parts wouldn’t be in until Monday. A couple of the girls complained, but they were short lived. Seems the owner had the good sense to stock up on extra bottles of an assortment of beers for such occasions so there would be no shortage for the customers.
Before long, the band started up, and I must admit, they were pretty good for a local group. Probably one of the best ones I’d had the privilege to hear in a long time. It didn’t take long for my friends to get asked to dance until I was the only one left at the table. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to dance, no one asked me. So, while my friends danced, I sat at our table, guarding the drinks and their purses. I was happy I had switched to my wristlet wallet that also held my cell phone perfectly, instead of bringing my usual bulky purse.
I watched my friends dance and have fun, but I was left feeling like Cinderella’s ugly step-sister. Actually, I felt more like her step-mother because of my age. I quietly sipped my beer and enjoyed the music, when I felt someone staring at me. I looked around but from what I could see, everyone was either talking to their neighbor, watching the band, or watching my friends and other ladies dance. Yet, I couldn’t shake the feeling of being watched.
I ordered a second beer with a glass of water so to keep from getting too drunk and dehydrated. The waitress brought me my items saying that my beer was already paid for but the person wanted to remain anonymous. It wasn’t the same brand I had ordered, but I figured for a free beer, I could at least try it. Often, microbrewers will give you a free sample to get you to buy it later, but never had I been given an entire beer for free. I thanked the waitress and asked her to relay my gratitude to my anonymous benefactor.
I tried to see whom she went to next, but the waitress buzzed by several tables so I had no idea who bought my drink. She was hustling like a good waitress should, and no one went long without a fresh drink. The beer I received was a pleasant surprise. It was colder than my first, like it had been almost frozen, and its pleasant and refreshing taste was completely unexpected. I took a quick picture of the label with my phone to remember this brand again.
As I finished my second beer, one of the girls came back to the table. I took advantage of her arrival and dashed to the restroom. I figured I could have one or two more beers, then I’d better stop. I washed up and returned. All the girls were back and there were sampler platters across our tables. I offered to pay for my part but the girls said it was their treat. I grabbed a bit of almost everything, including sauces, except the wings. The band had taken a break and we happily ate. The girls chatted about how friendly the men were and how much fun they were having. I quietly ate, neglecting to share about my free beer.
Another round of drinks were ordered, and once again I received a free beer from my mysterious benefactor. Just as before, it was icy cold and refreshing. I gave the waitress the money for what would have been my second beer as a tip. My rule of thumb was always to tip with every drink when I pay cash, and tip at the end when I pay with credit card. I had brought cash tonight to keep from overspending. The waitress thanked me, then said the man who bought my drinks had tipped her generously. Now I was dying to know who was buying my drinks.
The band started up again, and once again the girls left to dance, leaving me alone at the table. I snacked on onion rings, mozzarella sticks, fried mushrooms, and calamari with an assortment of dips and sauces. I finished my water and third beer, and to my surprise, I wasn’t drunk, or even buzzed. I figured the water and food was helping with that so I got brave and ordered another round of beer and water. Of course, just as before, this beer was already paid for. Curiosity was driving me nuts, but now, so was my bladder. Four beers and three glasses of water will do that to a girl. I knew it was time to visit the ladies room again, but none of my friends were looking my way to cover the table.
I was about to abandon my post when Jamie, the girl I had given a ride to the bar, stumbled over to the table. I quickly excused myself and dashed to the restroom before she could voice her objection. Once I was finished, and washed up, I started to return, when a man met me at the doorway that led to the hallway for the two restrooms.
“Good evening,” he said in a deep, accented voice.
“Good evening,” I said. “That’s quite a formal greeting.”
“Forgive me,” he said, his voice washing over me. “I didn’t mean to offend.”
He was tall, over six feet, with black hair, green eyes, tanned skin, and gorgeous. My mouth went instantly dry, my nipples hardened, and my pussy dampened. “You… you…” I had to clear my throat, “excuse me. You didn’t offend me.”
He smiled, lighting up his beautiful face. “I’m glad. Did you like my beers?”
“They were from you?”
“Indeed they were.”
Finally, the answer to my question. “I did, very much so. It was by far one of the best beers I’ve had privilege of drinking.”
“I’m glad,” he said. “It’s a special recipe.”
“So you’re a microbrewer.”
“Something like that.”
“I’m Phoebe,” I said, extending my hand.
“Zylen,” he said, taking my hand. Electricity shot though my body. I couldn’t remember the last time a man’s touch affected me like this, if ever.
“Thank you for the beers,” I managed to say after getting lost in his green eyes for a moment, or twelve.
“If you really want to thank me, I know a way you can.”
I should have known, he was trying to get into my panties. “Look,” I started politely, “I don’t know what kind of woman you think I am, but I’m not someone who will fuck a man over a couple of free beers. It will take a lot more than that to get me out of my clothes.”
Zylen gave me a quizzical look, then said, “Maybe you misunderstood me. I was just going to ask for a dance.”
Boy was I embarrassed. I felt my cheeks burn from my shame. “Oh,” I whispered, “I thought… well, that is… fuck.”
Zylen laughed. “It’s okay, I guess my earlier statement was rather cryptic.”
That caught my attention. It wasn’t often I heard a man use such a diverse vocabulary. “I’d love to dance with you, but I need to make sure someone is watching our things at our table.”
Zylen looked past me and said, “It seems several of your friends are doing just that.”
I turned to see three of the girls back at the table drinking and eating. I was more than a bit put off that they had no problem leaving me alone at the table, but not one of their own. I turned back to Zylen and said, “I’d love to dance with you.”
Zylen took my hand and led me to the floor. I could hear my friends cheering for me, which made me smile. Zylen nodded to the band, and they began to play a slow song. He held me close, allowing me to feel his firm chest, and slight bulge in his pants. To say I was in heaven was an understatement. To be honest, I thought I was dreaming.
“I take it you know the band,” I said.
“No,” he said slyly, “but I did have a few words with them at their first break.”
“Yeah. I told them I’d need a good slow song to dance with the most beautiful woman in the bar. They said if she agreed, they’d play a special song, just for us.”
If my cheeks had been burning before, it was nothing to the burn I was feeling now. “You… you think I’m beautiful?”
I knew he was lying as I glanced around the bar and saw the other women, most half my age with firm breasts, flat stomachs, and tight asses. Me, I was short, chubby, and middle-aged. “You’re a wonderful liar.”
“What is a liar?” he asked.
“You know, someone who isn’t being fully honest.” It was an odd question, but Zylen had a strange accent, so I figured English wasn’t his first language.
“Ah,” he said, “but I am being fully honest. It is the only way I know to be.”
It made me wonder if he understood the term beautiful. “Do you understand what it means when you call me beautiful?”
“Very much so,” he said, almost purring, “and I meant what I said about you being the most beautiful woman here. In fact, I’d say you’re the most beautiful women I’ve had the privilege to meet.”
Part of me wanted to cry. Was I dancing in the pages of a fairy tale or romantic novel? I could almost picture myself in a long, flowing gown like those I’ve seen in so many movies or read about in so many books dancing with my handsome stranger in fine uniform. It wasn’t so much the idea of a prince and princess, but a wealthy millionaire and the beautiful woman he was trying to seduce. Never in my life had any man said such things to me or made me feel like the beautiful lady he wanted to seduce.
“I… I… I don’t know what to say.”
“Say you’ll trust me. Say you’ll step out with me for just a moment or two.”
I bit my lip. On the one hand, he was such a romantic man with charisma to spare. On the other, he could be psychotic serial killer. My mouth answered before my brain could process all the facts.
“I trust you, and I’ll step out with you for a moment.”
Zylen smiled and there was something about that smile that wasn’t right, wasn’t normal. It was then I noticed the music had stopped. I looked around and realized no one was moving. No one, except Zylen and me.
“What the fuck?” I asked stepping away from Zylen.
“Please Phoebe, don’t be alarmed. I can explain.”
“I’m drunk aren’t I? That’s it! I’m drunk. You slipped something in those beers you sent me and I’m drunk or drugged.”
“No!” cried Zylen. “I swear, you are not drunk or drugged. I have no intention of harming you.”
Zylen closed the gap between us, reached up and touched my cheek gently. There was a calming effect in it. My fear melted away under his fingertips. I reached up and touched his hand, holding it to my face. There was a warmth that radiated from it, like nothing I’d ever felt before. It calmed my fears in a way that even now, I can’t really explain.
“What are you?”
“Come with me and find out.”
To say I wasn’t scared was a lie, I was terrified, but I was also curious. Frightened as I was, I also felt I could trust him, though I had no idea why. Zylen took his hand from my cheek, still holding my hand. We walked to the back of the bar, past the frozen bodies of the bar patrons, to the emergency exit, and led me out. Instead of finding myself in a back alley of a bar, I found myself in a room with all kinds of crazy computers and strange chairs.
“Where… where… where am I?”
“My ship,” said Zylen in a matter-of-fact tone.
“What are you?”
Zylen smiled that strange smile at me again. “Well, I guess I’m what you Earthlings call, an alien.”
My heart began to race. Every stupid alien invasion movie I had ever seen started running through my mind and I started to tremble. I knew on a logical level it was foolish to be afraid because Zylen had done nothing to harm me in any way, and yet, I was terrified. I mean, who wouldn’t think about those claims of being experimented on, probed in places that no probe belongs, and other horrors you hear those crazy people who claim aliens abducted them make all the time?
My body started shake violently, my throat dried out, and I said, “What… what…” I had to clear my throat a few times before I could continue. “What… do you… you want… want with… with me?”
Zylen’s face changed. “Oh Phoebe, why are you frightened?”
I looked around the ship; where did I begin? Why didn’t he understand my fear? How could I possibly explain it so he understood? “I… um… that is… um… fuck!”
Zylen walked up to me and took my face into his hands. That warmth I had felt before now radiated though my body, instantly calming my nerves, and clearing my mind.
“Oh,” he said, solemnly, “you fear I will harm you.”
I looked up at him. “How… how did you… how did you know that?”
Zylen smiled down at me. There was a gentleness in his smile this time. “We have the ability to read minds of someone we have an attraction to. Tell me Phoebe, when I touch your face, tell me what you feel?”
“Warm, safe, calm.”
“Good, that’s how you should feel,” he said. Then the feeling changed, and I became aroused. Zylen’s expression took on a more seductive and wicked look to it. “Now how do you feel?”
“Horny.” The word was out of my mouth before I could stop it. “That is, I mean…”
Zylen laughed. “That is what you should feel. What you shouldn’t feel, is fear. I assure you my dear, I won’t harm you.”
“How… how… how are you-”
“It’s something my people can do. For us, sex is all in the mind. However, I hear your people are more physical, and I for one, would like to find out what that feels like.”
Zylen took his hands from my face. I wanted to protest, but I didn’t. Instead, I asked, “Have you ever kissed a woman before?”
“What is ‘kissed’?”
“This,” I said, then grabbed his face gently, pulled him down, and kissed his lips.
For a man who had never kissed a woman before, he was a fast learner. The kiss was amazingly passionate. I slid my tongue into his mouth, and Zylen wrapped his arms around me tightly. I’m not sure how long we kissed, but I know when it ended I was a bit sad.
“Wow,” he gasped, “that felt, incredible. Come, let’s go someplace more… private.”
Zylen took my hand and led me down a long hallway into another room. I saw what I looked to be a simple bed with silver bedding, and two small tables, one on each side of the bed. Then he looked down at me with a nervousness I hadn’t seen before. “I know you have experienced sex with other men, Phoebe, but I’m not like those men. I only ask you be patient with me.”
“Zylen, are we alone on this ship?”
“No,” he replied, “there are other members of the crew around. But this is my private room and I assure you, no one will come in and disturb us.”
“Why didn’t I see anyone when I boarded?”
“I asked them to not be around as to not frighten you.”
“This form you see is my form, but not the form of many of my crew members. And after the fear you experienced earlier, I feel I made the right decision.”
How could I argue with that? “That makes sense,” I said, then kissed him again.
Zylen didn’t hesitate to kiss me back. He held me close to him, and led me to the bed. I fell back onto the bed with a giggle and a bounce. Zylen smiled down at me and said, “There is so much I want to do with you, Phoebe.”
“You could start with undressing me, if you want, that is.”
Zylen put his hands on my face again, and I could feel him probing my thoughts. It took me a moment to realize, he was learning how to do just that. He was also showing me how to undress him, but I wasn’t getting any images of him naked. I decided to take my new found knowledge and begin to undress him. Zylen pulled his hands away from my face and watched as I removed his jacket, tie, and began unbuttoning his shirt.
“You really didn’t need me to show you how do to do this, did you?”
I looked up at him and said, “You’re wearing what a lot of Earth men wear. I’m guessing this isn’t attire from your world.”
“You would be right.”
I finished unbuttoning his shirt and slid it off his body. In this light I could clearly see his skin tone was quite different. There was a slight green tinge to it. His chest was firm, muscular, hairless, and for the most part, like most men I’d ever seen. I stepped around him, touching his skin that was incredibly soft.
“Why didn’t I notice the color before?”
“Part was the low light of the bar, and part was this.”
Zylen’s skin changed color, becoming more a tan color and less green. “Wow,” I said. “That’s so cool. My skin can’t do that.”
“I know,” he said as the green hue to his skin returned. “And I don’t mind in the least.”
“Huh, that’s neat.”
“What?” he asked.
“Your eyes and skin are both green.”
“It’s a rare trait. Most of my people don’t have eyes that match their natural skin color. My mother told me once it was a rare blessing that meant I was destined for great things. Personally, I’m glad your eyes don’t match your skin, but then,” Zylen caressed my cheek with his hand, “a blue hue to your skin might not be too bad.”
“For us, blue skin is usually a bad sign.” I felt that same feeling of calmness with his hand on my cheek. I touched his chest, ran my fingers over his skin, and down to the waist band of his pants.
“I understand. I have studied Earthlings for some time.”
“You know,” I said as I began to unfasten his pants, “you haven’t really seen my skin to know if I’m really not blue.”
Zylen’s smiles were unique to say the least. They weren’t like the way most men smile, or most humans for that matter. Yet, there was something so beautiful about it, that I couldn’t stop staring. I felt his hands on my shoulders, untying the halter-top of my dress. I felt the ties fall to my waist as I began to push his pants down. Zylen wasn’t wearing any boxers, so while I was standing there with my dress around my waist and bra showing, he was now naked except for his pants pooled at his feet. His cock looked pretty normal, even circumcised like most men I knew, but around it were several tentacle like appendages. The appendages were no thicker than his fingers and about as long as his green cock.
“Oh my,” I gasped.
Zylen started to put his hands on my face, then paused and asked, “Is something wrong?”
“No,” I moaned, my arousal grew stronger with every heartbeat, “not at all.”
He grabbed the waist of my dress and pulled it over my head as he stepped out of his pants and shoes. Now he was naked and I was still in my bra, panties and shoes. Zylen looked me over with a raw hunger in his eyes. I knew that look all too well. He reached behind me, unfastened my bra and tossed it aside. His hands slid down my sides, grabbed the sides of my panties, and pulled them down my legs, removing my shoes and panties almost at once.
Zylen cupped my breasts into his hands and caressed gently, his thumbs teasing my hardened nipples. I could feel one of the appendages from where his cock was rubbing my slit. I was starting to pant, and my knees wanted to buckle. I reached down and stroked his cock with my hand. It felt so thick and amazing in my hand. Zylen leaned down and kissed me again, his tongue probing and exploring my mouth.
I couldn’t remember being more aroused by a man’s kiss more than I was by Zylen’s. I decided if he wanted real, physical sex, he needed a good, old-fashion blowjob. As our kiss ended, I sat down on the bed, and led his dark green cock into my mouth. Aside from the color, his cock was pretty much shaped the same as a human man’s.
Zylen gasped, “What are you… oh my… oh Phoebe.”
I looked up and saw his green eyes roll back. What would normally be the whites of his eyes were all green. I sucked and licked his cock. The precum, as I would call it, was sweet like honey. The taste was intoxicating, and I just wanted more. The appendages tickled my face, but didn’t try to penetrate my nose or ears, thank goodness.
Zylen growled as he wove his fingers though my hair, and preceded to fuck my face. His thrusts were gentle, never forcing his cock down my throat. I caressed his balls which were much larger than any man’s I had seen before. They looked black, but upon closer inspection, I saw they were a very dark green.
“Oh Phoebe,” gasped Zylen, “that feels… oh… so… incredible.”
I smiled up at him, sucking harder and licking. I was thinking how wanted to taste his cum when he growled again, and suddenly his cock pulsed and I felt a sticky substance coating my tongue and throat. It was like sweet honey, and I drank it down like a starving woman. I sucked his cock, and drank this sticky, sweet substance until it was gone.
Zylen pulled me off his cock and said, “That was… oh Phoebe… what a sensation.”
“Thank you. Why did you want to drink that?”
“To see if it tasted as sweet as I thought it would.”
“It was even sweeter, and better. Wait, how did you know I wanted to taste it?”
“I told you before, we can read the mind of someone we are attracted to. That’s why I put my hands on your head, to make sure I wasn’t harming you.”
“Oh, right.”
“I also saw some things you want me to do to you as well. Some things I’ve wanted to try.”
“Oh?” I said, as innocently as I could.
Zylen scooped me up and moved me to the center of the bed. There was no question he was quite strong as he moved me with little effort. He climbed on the bed and began to kiss me again. His hands caressed my skin and he began to kiss down my body. He suckled my nipples, tugged them with his teeth and drove me nuts.
He crawled down my body, kissing my skin along his way past my pubic hair and stopping between my thighs. I watched him stare at my pussy for an unknown amount of time as he pushed my legs apart. My heart raced in anticipation, sweat formed on my body, and I started to tremble slightly. Zylen looked up at me, smiled, then leaned down, kissing my outer, lower lips. I gasped softly, feeling his lips on my pussy and his tongue slipping between them. Try as I might, I really couldn’t see much, but I knew what I felt. I felt his tongue slip inside me, his fingers spread my pussy open, and his thumb touching my clit.
I moaned as he licked, sucked, touched me. I felt a finger touch my anus, causing me to slightly jump, but that was more surprise than fear. The finger slowly slid into my ass, and I squealed with delight. I was sure Zylen had replaced his tongue with a finger due to the depth, but then it felt weird, curling in a way no human finger could. Suddenly, I knew it was his tongue. It was like I could see myself though Zylen’s eyes. It was so erotic that it added to my arousal and suddenly my orgasm was raging though my body. My body shook and I screamed as I felt my pussy clamp down on Zylen’s tongue. He lapped up my juices greedily until my orgasm passed.
Zylen crawled up my body until he was over me. I felt his cock press against my pussy, teasing me. He hovered over me for what felt like an eternity, then slowly entered me. I gasped as I felt his cock fill me like nothing had ever done before. I could smell myself on his face, feel his cock deep within my pussy, and something teasing my anus. Soon, one of the appendages pressed and entered my anus while another rubbed my clit. The sensation was amazing. I looked into Zylen’s eyes, and saw us fucking in the air, me pinned against the wall in the bar, and on this bed all at once. The sensation was almost too much as my second and third orgasm hit.
Zylen continued to thrust within me as fourth orgasm hit. My head began to spin, and I fought to say focused. I kissed Zylen, held him close, and savored the amazing sensation of our love making. My orgasms were now non-stop, and I lost count after the fifth. Zylen pounded me with a force and desire I had never experienced in any man before. I don’t know if we fucked for five minutes or five hours as time truly lost all meaning to me. Every inch of my skin tingled and every touch of Zylen’s body on mine was more erotic than the last.
Zylen fucked me harder and faster both vaginally and anally. Thought I had never experience a double penetration before this, I never wanted to miss it again. I swear I could hear angels singing in heaven and devils chanting my name. Suddenly, he growled, and I felt his cock pulse, filling me with his sticky sweet semen. Zylen held me close, and kissed me hard. We kissed for what felt like an hour, when I felt his spent cock slip out and his appendages withdraw. A part of me wanted to protest, but I couldn’t speak or think a coherent thought. I was experience a sense of bliss that I had never known before. The air smelled of raw sex and lust. I never wanted this moment to end.
“I must return you soon,” he said softly.
“Must you?” I whined.
“But why?”
“Your friends will worry.”
“True. Will I see you again?”
“Do you want to?”
Zylen kissed me and smiled. “Thank you Phoebe for taking my physical virginity. But I see I must be more careful with my mind connection with you.”
Zylen climbed off me and the bed, then helped me up as he said, “I could feel your mental struggle. What I am used to, you are not. It was almost more than you could take.”
“So you backed off?”
“In a way yes. Actually, I made myself finish sooner than I wanted. But know it was for your sake.”
Zylen stroked my hair. I looked up at him and asked, “Could I learn to take more over time?”
“I’m not sure,” he said as he stood up and began to dress.
I stood up and realized I needed to clean up. “Zylen.”
“Yes Phoebe?”
“Do you have someplace I can clean myself up?”
Like so many times before, Zylen put his hands on my face, then smiled. He led me to a small room after kissing my cheek. He handed me my clothes just as I stepped in. For all practical purposes, it was a bathroom. The toilet was round, but comfortable. Instead of toilet paper, they have more of a bidet system that helped clean out Zylen’s cum from my pussy.
Once that was done, I washed my hands in the small sink and was shocked that my hands were dry without a towel. My hair wasn’t wrecked and my makeup was perfect, though neither should have been. I grabbed my panties and slipped them on as I processed all that had happened. I put on my bra, then slipped on my dress. For something that was tossed to the side, it looked perfect. I was now more sure than ever I was dreaming, but I didn’t want to wake-up if I was.
I stepped out to find my shoes by the foot of the bed. I sat down and slipped them on. I began to feel sad; my erotic encounter was quickly coming to an end. I stood up; Zylen was dressed, and smiling. How was it possible that he could look even sexier after fucking me to nirvana and back? How could I live without this man in my life? Then I remembered, he’s not a man, he’s an alien from another world and probably only here for a short time.
He handed me a small card. “Take this, and if you want to meet with me again. Just follow the instructions you see and, well, you’ll see.”
At first, the card was blank, but then I saw words appear. In this case, it said, “Kiss me.” I looked up and kissed Zylen softly on the lips. He smiled as I slid the card into my top.
Just as before, he escorted me though the ship and back to the bar where nothing had changed since we left. “Good night Phoebe.”
“Good night Zylen.”
With a final touch of my hair, he stepped out. Once the door closed, the music resumed as did the chatter and activity. I walked back the table and sat down.
“Oh good,” said Jamie, “you’re back. I need to pee.”
She quickly dashed for the bathroom. Since I was now alone at the table, I slipped Zylen’s card into my wallet. I grabbed some more food, and realized I was out of beer and water. I asked the waitress for another beer and water. She returned a moment later with a glass of water and the same beer I had first ordered. When I asked about the beer Zylen had sent me, she said she didn’t know what I was talking about. I decided this was my signal that I had reached my limit, and made it my last one.
The band finished its second set, and took a well-deserved break. The girls all returned and we agreed to stay for the final set. Then someone in the group wanted pictures of us with the band so we all took out our phones and got the waitress to take pictures with the different phones. I looked at the group picture and smiled. It made for a nice memory and added to what was quickly becoming a most memorable night.
Then I remembered the picture of Zylen’s beer I had taken earlier. I scrolled though my pictures, but it was gone. I was sure I had taken the picture, but maybe I hadn’t. I thought about all that had occurred, including the sex with Zylen. Had time really stopped when we danced? Did I really have wild, passionate sex with an alien man? Did I drink those beers? I checked my wallet, specifically my cash. I had only spent enough for two beers, not three. What was going on?
I looked for the card, but it too was gone. I wanted to cry. It was all a dream. Yet, it wasn’t either. The music started up again and my friends all got up to dance. All but Jamie.
“Go dance,” she said.
“Go dance. I twisted my ankle earlier and I need to rest.”
“You sure?”
“Yeah! Go have fun.”
I got up and danced with my friends. Though a few men were on the floor, none even looked my way. After a few songs, I dashed to the bathroom. While I washed my hands, a tall, dark haired woman walked in. The term, ‘glamazon’ flashed through my mind; she was fucking gorgeous. She looked me over with her big brown eyes, like she was checking me out, then said, “It’s not a dream.”
“Excuse me?”
“Zylen told me to tell you… it’s not a dream.”
I froze. Water splashed over my hands and I started to tremble. “I… I… I don’t… don’t know… what you… what you mean,” I stammered.
The woman smiled, much the way Zylen did. A smile that didn’t look quite right. She stepped up and put her hand on my bare shoulder. That same calm feeling I got from Zylen came through this woman’s gentle touch. I stood up, staring deep into her eyes. I suddenly felt safe, calm, and a bit lost.
“Phoebe, Zylen can feel your doubt. He wants you to know, it wasn’t a dream and when he can, he will explain more.”
I smiled at the woman. “Why does your touch remind me of his?”
“Because he is my brother. Because he has touched you in a special way, you feel that same feeling from me.”
Her touch was comforting and it made me feel less crazy. “Will I see him again?”
“Without a doubt, Phoebe. For now, just know he is near.”
With that said, she withdrew her hand and left. I stood there for a moment or two, the water in the sink still running. When the door opened again, two of my friends entered giggling and stumbled to the open stalls. Thankfully, neither one drove here. I finished washing my hands and went back out. I searched for the tall woman, but she was nowhere to be seen. If anything, I had to ask Zylen how they did that disappearing trick.
The band finished their set and we headed home. Since Jamie lived in the same building as Sally, she rode home with her and I gave a ride to the two drunk girls who had stumbled into the bathroom after my encounter with Zylen’s sister, then drove alone. I was the only one who lived on the other side of town. I listened to the radio and thought about my night. So many questions swirled through my mind that I was sure I’d never get to sleep.
After I got home, I showered before going to bed to wash the makeup off my face and hairspray out of my hair. Though I don’t normally sleep nude, tonight I did. I fell into a deep, dreamless sleep like I hadn’t experienced in years. I woke up nearly ten hours later feeling more refreshed than I had ever felt before. I showered again, dressed, and enjoyed a restful weekend.
Over the next few weeks, life for me continued on as normal. I taught my students, attended meetings and trainings, and hung out with friends. Occasionally, thoughts of Zylen and our erotic encounter would flash through my mind, but I wouldn’t become aroused like I normally would when I’d have such memories. Plus, I had lost the card he gave me, or so I thought.
I came home from work one Friday afternoon, and found my wristlet wallet on the floor. At first, I was spooked because I didn’t know how it got there, then realized I had knocked it down rushing out the door that morning. I went to put it away when I realized it was open and there was something inside. It was Zylen’s card, right where I remember putting it.
I looked at the card for a moment or two, but it remained blank. Tears welled up in my eyes; one fell down my cheek and landed on the card.
“Why are you crying, Phoebe?”
I gasped, looked up, and turned around. There was Zylen standing in my bedroom wearing some kind of uniform. It reminded me of the one I pictured in my head the night we danced. I tried to speak, but no words came out. So instead, I just rushed into his arms, held him tight, and sobbed.
Zylen wrapped his arms around me and held me close as I wept for several minutes. I could hear him say, “It’s all right Phoebe, I’m here now.”
Finally, I was able to pull myself together enough to speak. “How did you get into my apartment?”
“Phoebe, I can stop time remember?”
How quickly I had forgotten. I pulled away and grabbed a tissue, drying my eyes and wiping my nose. “I was sure I had lost your card.”
“No, it wasn’t lost. Your mind was still trying to process what we had done that night. My sister picked that up when she touched your arm. It was her idea for me to stay away for so long.”
“I still don’t understand.”
Zylen sighed. “Phoebe, the night we shared was so magical for me that I didn’t want to let you leave, but I could feel your mind struggling with all we had done. When my sister came to you later, to tell you it wasn’t a dream, she felt your mind’s struggle to comprehend. We feared that had I not backed off, you might…”
“Might what?”
“We have studied your people for some time. I feared I would damage your mind. Cause… oh what was that word… ah… insanity.”
That made me pause. He stayed away for fear of making me insane. Yet, I didn’t think that was possible. However, I couldn’t remember the last time I dreamed, or even the way he made me feel.
“Is that why I haven’t dreamt since that night?”
“That was Zyana’s doing.”
“Zyana, my sister. She blocked your dreams for fear they might harm you.”
“But I’ve slept so well.”
“That was so you mind could process our time together.”
“You mean the sex.”
Zylen smiled. “Yes, the sex.”
“I’m not sure I understand why. I’ve had sex before.”
“Physical sex yes, but not our sex. Not the mental link we shared. It was why your orgasm were so intense and you struggled to keep focus. I felt this turmoil within you, but did nothing at first. I was too wrapped up in my own feelings. Then, I realized I was losing you, so I made myself cum as I did before when you had me in your beautiful mouth. Zyana feared I might have damaged you so after you were back in the bar, she waited for you to be alone and then, well, you know the rest.”
I bit my lower lip. I hardly knew Zylen yet he seemed to care for me so much. “So why are you here now?”
“You wanted me to come back. You had my card in your hands.”
“But… it didn’t work.”
“Yes it did. I’m here aren’t I?”
I started to answer, then hesitated. I stepped away from Zylen and gathered my thoughts. Finally, I turned to him and said, “Zylen, why are you here? Why now?”
“I’m here because you wanted me here. I’m here because I told you when you held the card it would instruct you what to do. Zyana blocked your memories until you were ready to talk.”
“But what do you want?”
“Me?” Zylen asked. It seemed my question surprised him.
“Yes. What do you want?”
“You, Phoebe. I want you. Zyana may have blocked your memories, but not mine. There hasn’t been a moment since I left that bar that I haven’t thought of you. You’ve been on my mind so much that even my commanding officer was concerned.”
“Commanding officer?”
“I work on the ship I took you on, but I’m not the commanding officer. The night I took you on board only a few of us were on the ship including Zyana. They were afraid you might think we were going to harm you, so they hid when I brought you on board. And after your little panic attack, it was a good call.”
“What are you then?”
Zylen bit his lower lip, then said, “Medical officer.”
An alien doctor. Well, my mother would be happy I finally hooked up with a doctor. “And what we did wasn’t for some sick experiment was it?”
“No. I went to the bar with Zyana to listen to the music when I saw you walk in. I sent the special drinks to you, and then when I was ready, I asked you to dance.”
“What was it? The drinks I mean.”
“I guess it’s like your Earth beer. It’s my personal favorite.”
“I really did like it. What happened to the picture I took of the label?”
“Zyana deleted off your phone while we were… um… together.”
I smiled. I was finally not feeling so crazy. “Why didn’t the waitress remember the drink?”
“Zyana again. She is a medical officer like me. The difference is, her specialty is the mind, and mine is the body.”
“If she was in the bar, with you, how did she get on the ship?”
“I sent her onboard when I went to meet you. Again Phoebe, you forget, we can stop time.”
“Yeah, how do you do that?”
“Well, truthfully, we don’t stop time, we slow it down. The reason the ship was at the bar door was… oh… it’s kinda complicated.”
“Try me. I’m not an idiot.”
“No, you’re not. It would be easier if I could show you like I did on our ship.”
I got nervous. I liked it when he touched me, but I did fear the insanity risk. “Will it cause me harm?”
“No. Zyana taught me a better way to connect with you that won’t risk your mind.”
Zylen stepped up and put his hands on my face. A peaceful, calming sensation filled my mind and body. Then I saw it all, the ship, the way they slow time, and I understood. The problem is, I can’t explain it, nor am I going to try. You’ll just have to take my word for it, it was really fucking cool.
“Wow,” I said when Zylen finished.
“Yeah, I think so too.”
“So, that still leaves me with one question.”
“And that is?”
“Why are you here?”
“You called me.”
I sighed. I could see I wasn’t asking the question the right way. “Zylen, you could have left a long time ago. You didn’t need to tell or show me all that you have. Why did you come back? Why me?”
“Oh,” he said, then smiled. “I came back for you because… I want to be with you. I want… oh Phoebe… I want to share my life with you.”
“Me?” His statement came as a huge surprise to me.
“Yes Phoebe, you.”
“Here on Earth?”
“Well, no. I wanted to take you with me on our ship. Our commanding officer has said you’re welcome to join us.”
My heart swelled with joy. He wanted me. A sexy, handsome man, wanted… me. Then, reality hit me hard. “I… I… I can’t.”
Zylen’s face sunk. “Why?”
“Well… remember what your sister said about my mental issues.”
“Zyana can help with that.”
“Then there’s my students. If I were to leave now, they’d have a string of shitty substitute teachers. I can’t do that to them.”
“But Phoebe, I… I… I love you.”
I bit my lower lip. “You don’t know me.”
“Yes… I do. I read your mind, remember?”
I sighed. I looked around my room. That’s when I saw the answer. “Zylen, how soon must we leave?”
“There is no rush,” he said, his voice sounded so down and sad.
“Could we stay until say… June or July? It’s only a few months away.”
Zylen looked up at me. “I know there was much talk about extending our stay.”
“If I could finish up the school year with the kids, then I could just… disappear over the summer. And during that time, you could teach me about your world, and your sister could work with me so I don’t lose my mind.”
Zylen smiled that strange but beautiful smile and said, “And then you would come with me?”
“Maybe. I want to get to know you better first.”
Zylen wrapped his arms around me and kissed me hard. I melted under his lips. I pulled back and gasped, “I need you Zylen. I need you to fuck me and fuck me hard.”
“But what about...”
“Without the mind connection!” I shrieked. “Just fuck me like a man!”
I was beyond horny, and I had to have him. It was almost like a flood gate of desire had been opened within me that only his cock could fill and fix. Zylen and I stripped quickly. His cock was hard and his tentacle appendages were seeking me out, my pussy was wet and ready. I climbed onto my bed, on my hands and knees and said, “If you need to make a quick connection to know what to do, then do it. But please Zylen, fuck me now.”
Zylen put his hands on my head for a brief moment, then moved behind me so he was standing on the floor. I moved so my knees were on the edge of my bed and my feet hung over. Zylen grabbed my hips and guided his cock into my pussy. I moaned as I felt him fill me like before. Then I waited as one of the tentacle appendages entered my ass.
“Now fuck me, damn it!” I growled.
“My pleasure,” he replied.
Zylen began to thrust, fucking me hard like on the ship. The difference this time was he wasn’t using the mind connection like before. Though the difference was noticeable, it didn’t take from the sex. The double penetration sex was even more incredible without it, though I didn’t want to tell him that. I could focus on how amazing his huge cock felt in my pussy as he thrust, and how the tentacle in my ass fed my desire. The other appendage rubbed my clit as Zylen fucked me. It didn’t take long before my first orgasm hit.
“Don’t stop!” I cried.
“No ma’am.”
I felt Zylen’s fingers dig into my hip as he pumped his cock and tentacle within me. Each thrust filled me more. I could hear the squishing, slapping sound from our union. Sweat formed all over my body and my second orgasm raged through. I moaned, screamed, and cursed.
“I’m… I’m close Phoebe. I can’t stop it.”
“Then don’t!”
Zylen’s pace increased, so he was pounding me with a violent force. I clawed at my bedding under my hands as I felt my breasts swing in the air. Zylen growled, and I felt his cock pulse as he filled me with his cum. My pussy clamped down for a third and final orgasm, milking his cock. Even the tentacle in my ass pulsed and I’m sure it squirted something there as well. My limbs buckled, and I fell onto my bed, with Zylen still inside me, and on my back. We stayed like that for a bit, Zylen kissing my shoulder and back until his cock and tentacle slipped out. I could feel the sticky cum leaking out.
“Oh Phoebe,” moaned Zylen, softly, “that was incredible.”
“Thanks,” I gasped. It was hard to breathe with him on my back. Zylen slid off me, laying by my side and stroked my hair. I turned toward him and smiled.
He said, “I never thought sex without the mind connection would be so… amazing.”
Now that it was over, and I was starting to come to my senses, I realized what I had done, and what I had said.
“Yes Phoebe.”
“Do you know why I got so aroused when you kissed me?”
“My best guess, my sister did something.”
“But why?”
“If I had to guess, it was to keep you safe. Your mind that is.”
“And why did your kiss cause me to react that way?”
“It must have been the trigger. She knew how I felt about you. Maybe she figured you would only kiss me if you felt the same way.”
“I don’t know you well enough to know how I feel, yet.”
Zylen kissed my head. “Well my dear, we have time to find out.”
I smiled. “We do indeed.”
The remainder of the school year was interesting. I taught my kids during the week, and met with Zylen and his sister Zyana on the weekends and vacations. Turns out she had put a block in my mind to keep me from reliving that night too much, and thus risking my sanity. She just didn’t realized it would cause such a rush of hormones that would make me a temporary nymphomaniac. Luckily, it was a short-lived reaction. I met the ship’s commanding officer and other crew members. Zyana helped me better understand the mental connection they could perform, and Zylen, well, he just fucked me silly.
In early June, I bade my students goodbye, and wished them a good summer. I packed up my room, completed my reports, and left. Zylen met me at my apartment once, again wearing his uniform from the ship.
“Good afternoon Phoebe.”
“Good afternoon Zylen.”
“Is your school year over?” I could hear the anticipation in his voice.
“Yes Zylen, it is.”
“And have you made a decision?”
I walked into my kitchen and grabbed a bottle of Zylen’s special microbrew. He made sure I always had some in my fridge.
“I have.”
I took a few sips, then said, “And, I’d like to go visit my parents next week.”
“Oh, that sounds nice,” he said, not sounding all that thrilled.
“To tell them goodbye.”
I took another sip of my microbrew and watched Zylen. It took a moment or twelve for him to realize what I had said. “Goodbye?”
“Yeah, because I’m going to be leaving Earth with the man I love.”
Zylen’s head snapped up and he stared to walk toward me. “You’re what?”
I smiled, set the bottle down, and wrapped my arms around him. “I’m going to be leaving Earth with the man I fell in love with.”
Zylen wrapped his arms around me. “Really?”
“I love you Zylen. You don’t need to read my mind to know I’m telling you the truth.”
Zylen kissed my tenderly, and held me tight. “I love you too, Phoebe.”
A few day later we went to visit my parents. At first, they weren’t impressed with Zylen, especially when I told them we were getting married. My mother loved the fact I was marrying a doctor; my dad was trying to be happy I found someone finally. Neither were happy about the trip to Reno I insisted on, or the fact for the most part, Zylen and I eloped. Even though they did come with us, along with Zyana, and Dad got to give me away, it wasn’t the big wedding Mom always dreamt of for me. I knew there was only one thing to do, tell them the truth.
At first, they were furious with me for lying. They were sure I was really pregnant, which sadly, I wasn’t. Then, Zylen used his mind connection to show them the truth. I had him show Mom first, because I knew she’d understand and would be a huge help with Dad. I was right; after she stopped crying that is. Not only did she understand Zylen better, she also felt how much he loved me. Dad on the other hand, let’s just say he and Zylen had a long, private, father to son-in-law talk one day on the lake. Neither Zylen nor Dad would tell me what they talked about, but Dad assured me he knew the truth.
On our last day, Mom presented me a photo album filled with pictures of my childhood, my high school and college graduation, and my wedding. She said it was so I never forgot them, or my life here on Earth. Dad took Zylen off for another “fishing trip” on the lake, and one last talk. Our last dinner was bittersweet and heartbreaking. I was starting to think I had made a huge mistake, when my dad told me how proud he was of me, and how he knew I was doing the right thing.
The next morning, we packed our things and bade our goodbyes. Mom and I both cried as we hugged one last time. Dad shed one tear, then kissed my cheek and told Zylen if he ever hurt me, he’d hunt him down no matter where in the universe we were. They both hugged Zylen and welcomed him to our family. I was so happy I had been honest with them, even if it did hurt a bit.
In mid-July, Zylen and I walked out of my apartment, and were never seen by anyone on Earth again. I boarded Zylen’s ship, and became the newest member of the ship’s crew. Though they had no need for a teacher, it turned out there was a job I could do, and do well. I’d try to describe it, but I really can’t. Since I can’t perform the mind connection like Zylen, or the others, there’s nothing I can do to make you understand.
My life is much happier now than it ever was before. Zylen treats me like a queen and Zyana is my best friend. The crew has been amazingly supportive with me. Though I’ve yet to see his home world or meet the rest of his family, I'm sure they will be as amazing as Zylen and Zyana are.
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