A Treasured Memory, Chapter 4
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My chest went hollow and I felt a chill at her words. Candid camera? She had filmed us -- her gesture at the computer made that perfectly clear. And now the blinking lights made more sense. Her webcam had been on and doing who knows what with the footage.
My mind raced through what those images would show, and the evidence would never paint me in a good light. I had handcuffed her to the bed and sodomized her. At some points she had even pretended to protest ("No, Mr. Slater!"). Never mind that she had given me permission in advance to do just about anything I wanted to her. No matter that we had arranged a safe word that she’d never used, and no matter that we both knew what she wanted me to do and how she wanted the "scene" to go.
This now went beyond mere damage to my reputation for sleeping with an eighteen-year-old. I could face jail time for what the tape seemed to show. Hell, let's be honest, for what the tape showed, without the bigger context. The footage was damning.
She owned me.
"Beth, why?" was all I could manage to get out.
Her lovely face broke into a mischievous smile, and she stretched, catlike. Her wrists were still cuffed down but she got onto her knees and elongated her back. Her honey-colored hair flowed down her back, and in the bright afternoon sunlight, her skin glowed golden, in beautiful contrast with the rumpled white sheets of her bed.
Even bound as she was, face down, with her ass damp with my semen, she controlled the situation. I frantically hit the space bar and woke the monitor up. In the screen I saw my chest filling most of a small window, with her in the bed behind me, and I realized that the computer was still filming us even now. Could I stop it? Erase the footage? Nothing else on the screen looked familiar.
From behind me she said, "It uploads automatically to the cloud. I originally set it up to make sure my parents weren't trying to snoop on my computer. But when you sent me to get changed earlier, I made sure to reset it again. I figured we would do stuff in here, and I thought it would be hot to have a record of it."
"But what? You wound up taking some pictures of me too. And don't tell me those weren't at least a little so that I'd know you had them. And so you'd have a little leverage. Honestly."
She had me dead to rights. I had taken the first picture impulsively. But then the fact that I thought that she'd be less likely to tell her parents or anyone about our interlude had certainly played a part of my continuing to take more, and maneuvering her into being naked and sexual in them.
But if we were playing poker I held a three of a kind, and she had at least a full house. I had a few still pictures of her naked with her playing with her nipples and her hand between her legs. She on the other hand had footage that seemed to show me taking her against her will.
I asked, helplessly, "Is that why you wanted this exactly?" as I gestured at her cuffs and the scene in general.
A large grin came across her face and her eyes sparkled, "No, that was a perfect coincidence. What just happened was exactly what I pictured. What I had fantasized about for a long time. And you made it perfect, Mike. Thank you!"
"You're welcome," I croaked weakly, and stupidly. The summer afternoon's air felt oddly cold. "What happens now?" I continued.
She smiled at me again, and even in my sick worry, her genuine warmth for me helped dispel my anxiety's chill. "Well, for starters, how about you let me get up?"
Crap! Where was the key? Had we even brought it in with us? "Uhh... I'm not sure I know where--"
She smiled again but also sighed, in that know-it-all, exasperated way that teenagers inevitably have at times, no matter how mature they are. "Oh, Mike, I guess you'll just have to go get it, won't you?" But beneath the mocking there was a sweetness to the way she spoke that made me feel warm.
Despite the slight patronizing, she was right, and the key had to be back in Tim and Amy's "sex drawer." I went back to their room, into their closet, and entered their anniversary date into the discreetly hidden keypad. The drawer clicked open, and I pulled it all the way out on its smoothly silent tracks.
Now that I had more time to take it all in, I was more taken aback by the volume and breadth of stuff in the deep wide drawer than I had been earlier with Beth. Then everything seemed to be happening in double time. I didn't feel that I had truly absorbed the sheer amount and nature of what was practically a little sex shop.
A small library of adult DVDs, ranging from the classics of the golden age, to much more hard core, gonzo, and fetish movies. Lots of bondage in particular. Amy's extensive lingerie collection. A variety of dildos, vibrators and plugs, along with at least one harness for a dildo. A selection of lubes and lotions. Various restraints, including the velvet-lined box we had gotten the cuffs out of. Forgotten at the bottom lay the small key I needed.
I left the drawer open. Tim and Amy weren't expected until later, and I thought it was likely that we would be returning to the collection later. Returning to Beth's sunny bedroom, I was struck again by the incongruity of seeing her naked and face down in her bed. Her ass was elevated from the pillow I had placed under her for better access, which gave me a great view of her visibly wet pussy and also her anus, glistening with lube and also my cum. Even though I "knew" that's how I would find her, it was still surprising and took me aback. Odd, because I was the one who had handcuffed her down. I had had anal sex with her. And I had left the room specifically to get the key to release her. I guess I was just not the kind of guy who could get used to having a beautiful naked woman in that position without missing a beat.
"Took you long enough," she teased, making a little moue. I didn’t answer her, but unlocked each cuff. She left the cuffs looped through the slat of her headboard, and she sat up, rubbing her wrists, even though the cuffs were lined and had not chafed her. She stretched her arms above her head, slowly, luxuriously, and the effect on her breasts was spectacular. Her already perfect breasts lifted slightly, and I wondered at my luck to be in this situation, with such an amazingly luscious girl.
Luck. Yes, I was lucky, but I was also worried. What was she going to do with that video? As I fretted, she leaned over and kissed me softly on the side of the mouth. As she moved, she giggled and said, “I think I have to clean up. And probably so do you.” She got up and walked to the door, putting perhaps a bit more wiggle in her hips than was strictly necessary. I couldn’t take my eyes off of her perky backside. From the hook on the back of the door she took a towel, and walked down the hallway to the bathroom.
I looked down at myself and realized that I needed a shower as well. Feeling oddly exposed, I walked naked to the guest bathroom I was using right next to my bedroom. As I showered, some of my worry seemed to wash away as well. The video was a nuclear option, wasn’t it? She didn’t have much to gain from sharing the video with anyone, unless she got particularly mad at me. Basically, the video at least ensured that I wouldn’t treat her like shit, and I had no intention of doing that. I relaxed a bit before something else occurred to me, and I wasn’t sure I liked it.
Except for that first encounter an hour an half ago or so (could it really be only so recent?), she had basically taken complete control of our sexual relationship, even well before the video had given her the upper hand. She was smarter than me, and she had a sense for people, in this case me, that I had never really gotten, even at more than twice her age. She always seemed to know what I was thinking, and she controlled the dynamics of our interactions and, so far, our sex. As I thought about it, I began to wonder how much I had controlled even our first encounter, and how much of it she had maneuvered me into. Certainly, it wouldn’t be hard for her to control the dynamics from now on, with or without the video.
Still, the video worried me. Whereas I understood its gravity, could I be sure that someone her age, however smart, would as well? Did she realize that showing it to the wrong person could literally ruin my life (and it wouldn't be a picnic for her either)? Or would she as someone who had grown up with technology have a false sense of security in terms of overestimating her knowledge of how these things worked. Did she really know that once a file like that was out there, it was out there forever? I had to make sure.
In the meantime, the atmosphere again seemed to get chillier along with my mood, although as I sort of snapped out of my reverie I realized I'd been standing under the shower until the water had turned cold. I'd been in there for way too long. I grabbed a towel and rubbed myself dry. As I dried my cock, I mockingly muttered, "I hope you appreciate the things I do for you, buddy." Not having come into the room with any clothes, I wrapped my towel around my waist and padded down the hallway towards Beth's room. I guess I could have just stayed naked, but somehow it seemed embarrassing.
On my way, I heard her voice clearly on the phone laughing and sounding happy. I was able to hear her say, "See you later on!" before she hung up. When I entered, she giggled at me and said, "I was just about to go and check on you. Everything ok in there?" She had put on a bikini, top and bottom. It was black, and while reasonably skimpy, it was positively demure compared to the one she had been wearing earlier. Her hair was pulled back in a ponytail, and she looked fresh and perfect.
"Beth, I need to talk to you about what you---"
"Mike, it's way too nice to be inside. Let's talk by the pool."
I had always had a hard time switching gears when an encounter didn't go the way I planned. I was the kind of guy who sounded like an idiot if I got your voicemail when I thought I was going to get you, or vice versa. So not being able to have the conversation immediately, the way I had pictured it, flustered me a bit. "Uh, ok. I'll go get my trunks and meet you in a minute."
As I turned to go, I felt her get up and come up behind me. Her hands reached around my waist and loosened my towel, which dropped to the floor. "I think I'd rather you stay naked. You've got such a nice body -- I think I'd like to see all of it by the pool."
The words seemed flattering. Hell, they were. There was a sincerity in her voice that even someone as obtuse as I could recognize. But the power dynamic was clear as well. I turned and faced her, naked, and looked her in the eye, hoping she'd look away first. She smiled at me, and in fact she did look away. She looked down. Down my body and back up, appraisingly, lingering as her eyes drank in my cock. She met my gaze again and held it. The position was reversed from earlier by the pool, when she had been the one on display. Now it was me. And it was exciting but also embarrassing. I tried to hold my ground, but my gaze wavered and I looked down and away. I looked back at her, smiled, and I turns and led the way downstairs, conscious of her eyes on my body as we went.
A minute later we were back by the pool. It was a perfect early summer day. Not too hot, with a sweet-smelling breeze caressing the skin , and I felt it absolutely everywhere. "You're going to need to be careful about sunscreen," she said. She reached for the spray can of Coppertone and sprayed me from foot to shoulders. The spray was cold and startling on my privates. As she covered my body with the spray, I had a "kids today" moment. Back in the day, rubbing suntan lotion on someone was a perfect excuse to get to feel up a sexy friend. Now you did what, spritzed them?
But even as that thought ran through my mind, she began to slide her hands over my slick body, rubbing the sprayed sunscreen into my skin. Her hands were warm and gentle, and when she finally reached my cock the sensation was electric. She rubbed my ass, thighs, balls and cock with extra attention, murmuring in my ear, "We wouldn't want any of this to get burned, would we?" as she grasped my cock and gave it a few lingering strokes, making it stir even after the two orgasms from earlier in the afternoon.
"Do you need me to do you? I mean do you want me to--"
"Do me?" she smiled mischievously. "Yes, but not yet. Didn't I tell you that would be later? And I'll sit in the shady spot for now." With that, she sat back in the one chaise longue that was in the shade. Even after everything we'd done, I was stupidly disappointed she was keeping her top on. I still wanted to see her naked.
I awkwardly lay down on the chair next to her and tried to figure out how to proceed with the talk I wanted to have. Eventually, I just blurted out, "Beth, I need to know that you're not going to show that video to anyone. It would destroy my life."
She turned her head toward me and replied, "Mike, would I do anything to hurt you? After all the-- I mean. You shouldn't worry about who I'll show it to. But you may want to ask about who's already seen it."
I felt a chill of panic start in my chest and radiate immediately through my body. In some ways worse than when she had told me her "candid camera" line, because I now had had some time to think about the consequences of people seeing the video. It was a good thing I was lying down because I wouldn't have been steady on my feet had I been standing.
"Who did-- Who saw? Who did--" I couldn't even verbalize the question. Who had she shown the video to, and so soon? Holy shit, if she had shared it with a school friend it could be all over the internet by now. Fuck! My thoughts must have been showing on my face, because she hurried to reassure me.
"Mike. Mike! It's ok. Don't worry. It was just my best friend Katie. She was the one who convinced me to seduce you in the first place [what?!]. She's not going to show the video to anyone. First off, I set it up so she could only stream it, not download it, and secondly, she's shared a few videos of her own with me. We need to keep each other's secrets. She thinks you're really cute, by the way, although she said she doesn't get how I wanted to be fucked in the ass."
Did every teenager today have a porn video floating around somewhere? And did they all count on mutually assured destruction to maintain their secrecy? It was insane! And Katie had convinced Beth to seduce me? Had I had any choice in this matter at all?
"What do you mean? She convinced you? Videos of her own? Who is she? How do you really know--" the questions came tumbling out of me rapid fire, and Beth met the barrage with that smug look that teenagers master early on, except that on her, it still looked delicious, despite the panic I was feeling.
“Don’t worry about it, Mike!” she assured me, with seriousness that I couldn’t tell if it was mocking or sincere. “Besides, you’ll meet her in a minute. I invited her over before. In fact, I’m surprised she’s not here already.”
My mind whirled. Somehow meeting someone who knew about what Beth and I had been up to was terrifying. In spite of all my fears about people finding out, and even learning that this Katie person knew, I had still sort of half believed that it was all an illusion, a dream I’d awake from. Meeting Katie face to face would change that. I wanted to run and hide, before I reminded myself that I was a grown man dealing with girls who were barely out of high school.
As I steeled my courage, I remembered that I was naked, and I arose to get something to put on. But as I got up, I heard Beth’s voice asking, “Where might you be going?”
“To get my trunks,” I answered, with a bit of annoyance.
“Mike,” Beth interrupted with a giggle. “Katie’s seen you about as intimately as it gets. Besides, I know for a fact she’d appreciate the chance to see you in the flesh, so to speak. And I kind of want to show you off. Stay here the way you are.”
I froze in mid-step. Earlier, when I first found out about the video, my thought had been that Beth owned me. I had relaxed a little bit when I convinced myself that her showing anyone the video was a sort of a weapon of last resort that would be so hard on her that she’d only do it if I managed to piss her off severely. But I hadn’t considered that she’d share it with a friend. The circle was getting bigger. How much could I afford to annoy Beth, especially now that Katie knew too?
I still wanted to go inside and get my trunks. I felt oddly embarrassed to be out here naked with Beth. Part of it was that she was dressed, even if only in a swimsuit, and I wasn’t. It also had to do with the fact that she had “made” me stay naked. My nakedness wasn’t a question of my choice, and the power dynamic was tilted severely in her favor. Unless she and Katie stripped down (my brain wondered for a second. I could hope. In for a penny in for a pound. Would the girls get naked?), I would be mortified.
I struggled with the choice, but I realized I was up against a superior force. Continuing to resist seemed tiring and mentally draining. I turned back to my beach chair and lay down, pulling a corner of the towel over my waist, covering my genitals. At that, Beth smirked a little, but didn’t object.
“Hey hey!” an unfamiliar voice called, and soon I saw a tall, lithe, dark-haired girl come around the corner of the house, wearing a sheer black beach cover up and a straw sunhat.
“Katie!” Beth called in return. As Katie approached, I got a better look at her. She was taller and more slender than Beth, with long, straight, black hair. She appeared to be at least part Asian, and she had a somewhat more mature and sophisticated air than Beth. Beth radiated a sort of all-American, girl-next-door vitality. Katie looked as if she’d be at ease on the beach in St. Tropez.
It didn’t escape my notice that Katie’s gaze was firmly on me, looking me in the eye until I looked away. When I looked back a split second later she was eying my body, up and down. I flushed, and I wondered if Katie had been able to tell.
The girls hugged hello then turned to me. What does one say in such a situation? “Uh, hi, Katie. It’s very nice to me--”
“Mike!” Beth interrupted reprovingly. “Shouldn’t you stand up to greet a lady?”
Of course I should, I thought, but I’ve got a pretty damn good reason not to, and they both know it. Awkwardly holding the towel over my privates, I stood and offered my hand to Katie. “Hi, it’s nice to meet you Katie. I’m Mike.” As I spoke, the corner of her mouth turned up in amusement, and I thought to myself, of course she knows you’re Mike.
She looked at my hand for a moment, and for a second I thought she wouldn’t shake it. Did she want a hug? How could I do that without using both hands and dropping the towel? Perhaps taking pity on me, she finally took my hand with her small, delicate one, and said, “It’s very nice to meet you as well, Mike. I’ve heard --and seen-- a lot about you.”
So it was to be out in the open. I tried to think of something to say but only managed to open and close my mouth mutely. Katie dropped her canvas beach tote on an empty chair under a beach umbrella and shed her cover-up, revealing a lean, elegant body in a white string bikini. She had long legs and a pert ass. She was a bit taller than Beth, and generally slimmer, or at least less muscular. Her breasts, however, were fuller, and the outlines of her nipples were just visible through the flimsy triangles of her bikini top.
“Sunscreen, Katie?” Beth asked as Katie arranged her things on the little table. She was still standing, not covering the plastic surface of the chair with her towel yet.
“No, I think I’m going to stay in the shade with you for a bit. But do you have an extra towel? I somehow forgot mine.”
I could see a large, red-and-white striped towel in her bag, and it was pretty clear we all knew it was there, belying what she had said. My heart jumped as I realized what might be next. I wanted to disappear but I was also perversely excited. Katie was extraordinarily attractive, and Beth was still my living, breathing, fantasy girl, who looked as if she belonged in an ad for the California tourism board.
Beth smiled and said, “Mike, could you be a dear and lend Katie your towel? Your chair has the built-in cushion anyway. She needs the towel for that hard plastic on hers.”
Her tone was light, but her tacit meaning was clear. “Get naked now, Mike.” I gulped and stood up, still holding the towel as a shield. Realizing that I’d probably be told to do so anyway, I walked all the way over to Katie and offered her the towel, instead of tossing it over to her. It was still in front of me as she reached out and took it, and as she did she held my gaze with hers. However, as soon as she took the towel from me, she looked down as soon as my penis became visible. Her eyes were locked on my body, and I looked over at Beth, who was looking at Katie and her reaction and breathing hard. The situation was arousing her.
I turned around as soon as I could and walked as slowly as I could muster over the blessedly short distance back to my chair. I could feel both girls’ eyes on my ass as I walked, and I decided to face my fears by lying face up, rather than copping out and trying to hide by taking a prone position.
Our chairs were arranged in a sort of semi-circle, all of us more or less facing each other. Katie and Beth were completely in the shade of the large umbrella. I was the most isolated, in the sun, and it sort of felt like I was facing both of them in an interview room. They were both staring at me and looking me over completely unabashedly.
It was embarrassing at first, but after a while the attention became flattering. For years now I had taken pride in my appearance. As I mentioned earlier on, I’m in very good shape, as a result of years of consistent exercise, and it felt good to my ego to see two girls less than half my age appreciating my physique. Maybe being objectified wasn’t so bad.
Beth was looking back and forth between us, and she seemed fidgety, squirming a little in her chair. Katie, on the other hand, was perfectly, coolly composed, and she never wavered in looking directly at me. Sometimes in my eyes and sometimes just exploring my body with her gaze. I felt a subtle stirring in my cock at their attention, and my serenity started to unravel. I couldn’t get hard now. As “comfortable” as I had managed to get, an erection would be more embarrassing than I could imagine.
Fortunately, Katie turned off the force of her attention. It was as if I had been trapped by a car’s high beams and then they had been suddenly turned off. She rummaged in her bag for earbuds. Both girls closed their eyes and settled in to relax, and after a few surprised seconds of being ignored (I almost felt a little hurt), I closed my eyes as well.
With my eyes closed, I noticed the input from my other senses a bit more clearly. The day continued warm and not too hot, and a gentle breeze seemed to lilt its way over me every time there was even a hint of excessive heat. The breeze held in it the scent of my friends’ flower garden, and every so often I got a hint of Beth’s Coppertone sunscreen, which was for me the smell of going to the beach as a child.
Coppertone in turn made me think of the old ad with the dog pulling down the little girl’s swimsuit, which in turn made me think of pulling down Beth’s bikini bottom (with my teeth). Soon, in my mind, I was also pulling down Katie’s, and too late I realized that my lazy fantasy was bringing a rush of blood to my cock.
Alarmed, I willed my incipient hard-on to go away, but as anyone who’s ever been in the position of getting an erection at the wrong time knows, the more you think about it, the worse it gets. My cock, which had been lying flaccid and heavy, started to grow and lift, just a little, from my thigh.
Maybe they hadn’t noticed. Stupidly, I opened my eyes to see, and I was met by the sight of the two almost impossibly attractive teenaged girls facing me in their bikinis. Beth still had her eyes closed, but Katie, who was almost directly facing me, was staring right at my growing cock.
I tried to think of other things. Baseball. Hairy sweaty baseball players scratching their crotches and spitting tobacco juice. But soon I had managed to move from those baseball players to “A League of Their Own” baseball players. Tall, athletic, feminine, baseball players wearing short skirts. Shit, not helping!
I tried to avoid Katie’s gaze, which was now alternating between my eyes and my cock, and unfortunately my eyes went between her legs. One leg was extended fully, lying on the chair, and the other was bent at the knee. They were slightly spread, and the white fabric of the skimpy bikini bottom outlined her pussy lips perfectly. Almost immediately, my cock jumped and continued its upward trend.
I closed my eyes and tried to alternate willing the problem away with ignoring it. My erection wasn’t full, but it was certainly on its way. I heard Katie ask Beth, clearly for my benefit, “So Beth, it was hard to tell in the video, just how big does his cock get?”
Beth giggled, “Oh, he’s got a ways to go,” with a tone that sounded almost proud.
Kate responded, “Because when I saw him limp and how big it was then, I figured he must be one of those guys who doesn’t get much bigger, just harder.” I suppressed a grin. I am a show-er *and* a grower.
Katie continued, “Well, I can see why you’ve had a crush on him all these years. He’s always looked good in the pictures you’ve showed me, but the reality is definitely much better.”
“Katie!” Beth gasped, “You weren’t supposed to say anything!” I raised my head in surprise at what I was hearing. How long had she had a crush on me? Beth was flushing furiously, and she looked about as embarrassed as I had felt since Katie’s arrival.
“Beth,” Katie replied with mock sincerity, “You mean to tell me that he doesn’t know that you’ve been mooning over him since you were thirteen? That you have a collection of “family pictures” featuring him hidden away in a drawer? That he’s who you almost always masturbate to? That you’ve wanted him to be your first for years? That you won’t shut up to your best friend about him ever, until I finally talked you into doing something instead of just talking? Hmm? After all you’ve done with him today he doesn’t know any of that?”
She spoke with a smile, and as much of a betrayal as Beth seemed to find her words, Katie’s tone was gentle, and there was no malice in her expression at all. Rather, there was a kindness underneath her apparent mocking, and it seemed as if she was trying to be helpful, that there was an old argument at play here.
Her words shocked me. It hadn’t been hard for even someone as obtuse as me to figure out that Beth had a crush on me, but I figured it was more of a current infatuation, not a long-standing carrying of a torch. All of a sudden little things here and there started to make more sense. Looks, little comments, the tenderness of certain touches. Moments of shyness sandwiched between overwhelming and lust, not to mention the detailed planning of our earlier afternoon session.
All of my conscious efforts to distract myself from my growing erection were not as effective as this real distraction, and I found that my cock had ceased its upward motion and settled into a not insubstantial partial erection, and I was relieved My sense of what normal was had shifted, to the point where being naked in front of two bikinied teenaged girls with a partial erection didn’t seem embarrassing anymore. (A full-blown diamondcutter, now *that* would have been embarrassing!)
Beth was still beet-red, though she was composing herself quickly. “Seems to me,” she countered, “You’re admiring him quite a bit too, the way you can’t keep your eyes off him. What is it you find so fascinating all of a sudden anyway? You’ve seen pictures of him for years, as you just made oh-so-clear.”
It was Katie’s turn for embarrassment, but she was so composed that it only flickered across her face, like a breeze rippling a still lake and then dying back down. “Well,” she responded, her gaze caressing my body. The high beams were back. “He is very sexy, and he’s got a great body in general, not even ‘for an older guy.’ And let’s face it, he’s got a huge cock. I’ve never seen one so big in real life.”
I tried to keep the smile off of my face at her words. I’d heard friends of mine complain that one of the subtle indignities of aging was their growing invisibility to younger women. That the sometimes even indifferent interest, or at least notice, that a college-aged girl or younger would give them on the street, at the mall, or at the movie theater would dwindle and disappear. Not that it had necessarily been attraction before, but even tacit acknowledgment of existence. Notice. My friends had always complained that as they got into their early thirties they passed by those young women like ghosts. Their presence didn’t register. I hadn’t found the same thing, exactly, though it was true that my age for the most part made me automatically less interesting, though I never passed unnoticed.
Also, does any guy, no matter how old, not take pointless pride in being admired for having a big dick, even though it was just the luck of the genetic dice? I felt anything but invisible now.
Beth smiled proudly, as if my body reflected on her. “I’m guessing you want to see it hard, don’t you?”
Katie, flushed again, as briefly as before, and again composed herself in a flash. She licked her lips and breathed, “Yes, I think I very much would. Could you ask him to come closer?”
I wondered why she wasn’t addressing me directly, and it dawned on me that except for when we met, she hadn’t talked to me, just about me. I felt somewhat objectified, and this time I felt a bit less sanguine about it. “Mike,” Beth called out, “Could you walk over beside Katie’s chair?”
I did I was told, more than aware of my partial erection as I stood next to Katie’s chair. I stood next to her, and my cock was very near her face. It bobbed slightly up and down with my breathing, and a drop of precum beaded at the tip as it hardened more. I had no idea what was going to happen, but I was extremely turned on.
“Beth, tell him not to touch me, no matter what I do,” Katie said to her friend, her laser beam eyes focused directly on my cock. Her tongue touched her lips again, and she let out a deep breath.
“Mike, don’t touch her, no matter what she--”
I cut her off with a grumbling, “I know, I know,” and I looked over at her with a quizzical expression designed to convey, “What the hell?!” Beth looked back at me and shrugged as if to say, “Beats me!” Her right hand was on her inside of her thigh, and she looked as if she was thinking about moving it further up.
Katie stood up next to me. She looked me directly in the eyes for a moment, and as she did, she grasped my cock with her hand. Her hand was slim, and it felt cool on me. And absolutely wonderful. “Unnh” I moaned as she moved her hand back and forth slowly.
My partial erection grew in her hand until I was as hard as I could get. She paused and rubbed her thumb over the silky skin of the head, smearing the precum and making me tremble and start. I wanted to put my arm around her, but I was afraid that she would stop if I disobeyed her instruction.
With the fullness of my erection, she went back to staring at my cock. “It’s so thick,” I heard her murmur, even though I don’t think she had meant for me to hear. Her left hand slid down the front of her bikini bottom, and she began to rub herself. Her nipples stood out clearly through the thin cloth of her top, and I longed to untie her bikini, but the earlier warning again held me back.
Katie didn’t seem comfortable with the arrangement, and she tried switching hands. Her left hand replaced her right on my cock, and I noticed that her index and middle fingers were shiny from her pussy. Her right hand went into her bikini, and I hoped she would pull it down. I wanted to see those lips that I had seen outlined earlier when her legs had been spread.
But now she didn’t seem comfortable using her left hand on me. She looked annoyed for an instant -- she needed two right hands and had only one. She seemed to think things over for a moment, and then she sat back down on the beach chair. As she did, her face returned to close proximity to my erection. I resisted the urge to thrust the tip of it at her mouth.
Katie kept her left hand on my cock as her right hand played with her pussy. She was moaning softly as she slowly worked my cock back and forth, inches from her face. I looked over at Beth, who had brought that fidgety right hand into her bikini bottom as well. She was breathing heavily as her fingers explored her pussy.
As Katie maintained a slow steady beat with her left hand, I wondered if she was particularly interested in making me cum. I wanted her to pick up the pace, but I also thought that it might be better if she didn’t. I had a date with Beth later on, and it had been so long since I’d had the opportunity to cum so many times in a day that I wasn’t sure I’d be able to manage another if I came now. I wondered if Katie was holding back because she knew about Beth’s plan, or because touching me was turning her on and she was solely concerned with her own pleasure.
Her right hand sped up and intensified its work between her legs, and her left hand stayed slow and steady (I wondered if I had that kind of coordination, and at the same time I wondered if Katie was a musician. For some reason she gave me the impression of being a concert pianist). I decided that she was simply using me as an aid for her masturbation, that she was one of those girls who just liked playing with a cock. I wondered if she liked sucking them as well. I wondered what was in the videos of hers that Katie had mentioned earlier. Blowjobs? Or did she have sex in them too? With whom? I seemed to be wondering a lot of things as Katie’s elegant hand stroked my erection slowly.
I felt her soft, quick breath caressing my cock, so close was her face to the tip of my erection. I closed my eyes for a moment, and as I did, her tongue flicked delicately against the underside of the head of my cock. The unexpected sensation almost made my knees buckle, and as I caught myself, I opened my eyes and saw Katie’s mouth opening, getting ready to take my cock in.
Even with the extreme eroticism of the sight --I had always thought that the sight of getting a blowjob was almost as good as the feeling itself-- I couldn’t help but look over at Beth. She had pushed her bikini a few inches down her thighs for better access, and I was able to see her first two fingers working industriously in her gorgeous pussy. A film of sweat covered her lovely, glowing body, and her nipples were so hard that they were even visible against the black fabric of her bikini top. Her eyes didn’t move from Katie’s face and my erection.
It occurred to me that I had never done anything sexual for an audience before (unless you counted the video from earlier in the afternoon). It felt strange but exciting having Beth watch me as another woman stroked my cock. I felt like a performer as well as a participant. And just as I had that thought, I felt Katie’s mouth engulf the head of my cock.
I groaned as the feeling overcame me. Katie’s eyes were closed; she was getting off on what she was doing. She sucked intently for a moment, and then she started swirling her tongue across the tight head. Her hand was rubbing at her clit furiously. By now she too had pushed her bikini just down enough for me to see her pussy, and I could that her lips seemed to be shaved, and she had a very neatly trimmed triangle of hair above. Her index finger and middle finger worked together, rubbing her clit in between them.
Her fingers increased their pace, and her body’s reactions were making it obvious that she was getting close to an orgasm. She slid her lips a bit further down my cock, and the feeling was exquisite. Warm, wet. eager. Her tongue continued to swirl around my head, and then she started to bob her head up and down. Very soon, she brought herself to a quiet but intense orgasm. Her body shook, and she moaned around my cock. The vibrations of her moan were heavenly, and that’s when I made a mistake.
I brought my hands to her head and gently ran my fingers back through her straight black hair, which was loose. The spell was broken. She immediately removed her mouth from my cock, pulled up her bottoms, and pushed me hard so that I had to back up a few steps, my cock bobbing hugely and wetly in the summer air as I backpedaled to keep my balance.
Truth be told, I don’t know if she would have continued the blowjob, since it was pretty clear that this was more about her pleasure than mine. I was just a tool. But it was just as clear that I had broken her rule, and playtime was over. Immediately.
She didn’t seem overly upset, however. Composure was something that Katie had in spades. She smiled at me, for the first time seeming to look at me like a person. She stood up and gathered up her things and put on her coverup. I observed her quick, graceful actions stupidly. She was leaving now? She had just arrived. Had I annoyed her that much? But she didn’t seem angry. I looked over at Beth, who had composed herself in the meantime and was watching us with curiosity instead of lust. Had she cum? I didn’t know.
Katie took a few steps to me, and kissed me on the cheek. As she did, she reached down and cupped my balls on one hand, in such a way that Beth couldn’t quite see what she was doing. “Thank you, Mr. Slater. You certainly live up to at least some of what Beth has been going on about for so long,” she said, loudly enough for Beth to hear. The force of her personality, which I had gotten a glimpse of through how it felt to be pinned by the intensity of her gaze, washed over me. Just being acknowledged by her was a heady feeling. A strange thing to think, since moments before her mouth had been wrapped around my cock. But still, now I was a person and not a toy.
And then, more quietly, she whispered, “And I’d really suggest you don’t break her heart.” With those words she gave my balls a gentle, brief, but nonetheless painful, squeeze. She looked me in the eyes as she said this, her brown eyes boring into mine, judging me and hopefully finding me acceptable.
After a second or two, she turned, walked over to Beth, gave her a kiss on the cheek, and said, “Enjoy, Beth. I want to know all about how it goes.” Beth blushed and hugged her back.
“I’m glad you enjoyed my guy, K. Don’t worry, you’ll get all the gory details,” Beth replied, with perhaps a little extra emphasis on the word “my.”.
“Later, guys!” Katie called as she rounded the corner of the house on her way out.
I collapsed back onto my beach chair, facing Beth. I felt a bit like a marionette with its strings cut. I had been run over by the bus of Katie’s personality. My cock softened a few degrees, but stayed mostly hard as I gazed at Beth’s toned, golden body. “Beth, what the fuck just happened?”
Beth smiled at me, looking a little uncertain and uneasy. “She’s kind of like that,” she replied. “A friend once called her a force of nature. I didn’t know she was going to say all of those things. But she was telling the truth. I’ve had a crush on you since I was maybe thirteen.”
Her voice had gotten small, and she looked worried. “I texted her after the blowjob, because we had agreed I’d let her know once things got going. When I told her you were really big, she wanted to come over, so I invited her after I streamed the video to her. She’s always had this thing about big cocks, and I thought you wouldn’t mind terribly if I shared you if there wasn’t real sex. She’s really pretty, right?”
Her worry made more sense now. How hadn’t I realized? Beth was so beautiful that it didn’t even occur to me that she’d be worried that I might like Katie more. Katie was beautiful in a different way. A composed, serene, sophisticated, but almost icy beauty. And she was more than a little scary, even at age eighteen. Her gaze could make you feel like a specimen pinned to a dissection tray. Beth was lit from within with golden light. It almost seemed that she could illuminate a dark room. Her eyes sparkled and danced, and she was even more beautiful than her own gorgeous mother ever had been.
But even so it didn’t make sense to me at first why she would even risk having Katie over and letting her get sexual with me, but then maybe it was a test. If that could happen and I still preferred Beth, then she could relax. Though she knew she was running a risk. Perhaps the depth of her feelings for me was such that she needed to know. I couldn’t even fathom the consequences of all this. What did it mean for the future that I “preferred” Beth? That I knew that I was more than willing to continue having sex with a girl, the daughter of my best friends, even after finding out that her crush went much deeper?
“Katie?” I asked, “Yes, she’s pretty, but she doesn’t hold a candle to you, Beth. You’re in a different league. Hell, you’re playing a different sport.”
I heard Beth mutter something under her breath about Katie being a swimmer, and I realized that she was teasing me. Beth was a top-level track star, so she was having fun with the “different sport” line. The joke showed that she was at least partially relieved. A deeper worry, however, remained.
“Do you, you know, still want to, have sex with me? Now that you, you know, know?” she asked, as her luminous eyes searched mine.
I knew it didn’t make sense, but I did want to. My rational brain, which I wasn’t listening to, was screaming that I had to get out as quickly as possible. But I don’t remember wanting anyone as much in my life as I wanted Beth at that moment. Even with the incongruity of being naked outdoors in front of her, my cock still hard from another woman’s mouth, I wanted her. Even though it might mean burning every bridge I could think of in the rest of my life, I wanted her.
I stood and took her in my arms and kissed her deeply. Her tongue found mine and the kiss was tender and passionate. My erection, which had poked into her as soon as we started our hug, revived completely. She stepped back a bit and patted it with her hand.
“I need to get her off of you,” she said thoughtfully. Before I could figure out how she was going to do that, she hooked her ankle behind mine and gave me a forceful shove. For the second time that afternoon I found myself backpedaling from a shove applied by an eighteen-year-old girl who had been playing with my cock. This time however I ran out of room, and found myself plunged into the pool.
Spluttering, I hauled myself up the side. Beth was smiling at me, looking radiant. “Meet me in my room when you’ve dried off.” With that she turned and walked away from me. Her pert ass flexed beautifully as she went, and I was transfixed at the sight. With a smooth movement she reached behind her back and untied the string of her top. She flowed out of and let it fall to the ground behind her as she walked. I caught a glimpse of the side swell of her breast as she entered the house.
Shaking myself to wake up from my reverie, I grabbed a towel and followed.
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