A good deal with my stepson
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I was putting all my stuff into big cardboard boxes, when I heard the doorbell. I grabbed a towel and wiped all the sweat off my face, and then headed to open the door.
“Hi,” the young man standing in front of me said, “Mandy,” he finished, calling me by my name.
It was my stepson, Johnny. He never called me mom or stepmom. For him, I was just a woman his dad fucked a couple of times and then decided to get married. I married his dad seven months earlier, but I met Johnny ten months earlier. He was eighteen at that time. I lived with him and his dad in their house for a couple of months, but then I decided to move back to my place, as things didn’t work between Johnny’s dad and me.
“Dad asked me to give you this envelope,” he said handing me an envelope.
I took the envelope and opened it. There was some cash in it. I was changing my house and buying some new stuff for it so I had asked my husband for some money. However, we didn’t live together anymore but once a week, my husband came to me to fuck my pussy. Now we were more like fuck buddies, not husband and wife.
“Won’t you come in?” I said, moving aside and invited him into the house.
For a few seconds, Johnny stood there but then came in. I never asked why he hated me so much. I shouldn’t say hated because he never talked rudely with me. However, he never accepted me as a part of his family.
“I thought you might have called a friend to help you out?” he said, when he found that I had no one to help me with my packing.
“Yeah, actually I did ask a friend to come and help me, but she had some urgent work,” I replied. “Can I get you something to drink?”
“No, I’m fine.”
“I'll get you something to drink, wait,” I said and headed to the kitchen.
I came back and saw him sitting on the couch. I put the glass of cold drink down on the table in front of him. Johnny noticed my huge cleavage, and I guessed he tried to look inside my top for a better view. I haven’t mentioned it but since I met Johnny, he always checked me out. I guess his attraction towards me was also a big reason for him not accepting me as his stepmom.
I sat down in front of him and adjusted my top. He felt embarrassed and quickly grabbed the glass of cold drink. A smile came on my face, as I remembered how once Johnny saw me taking a shower. I didn’t know if he was spying on me, or if it was just a coincidence that he came into my bedroom and saw me naked in the shower. It was my habit to leave the bathroom door opened.
“I should leave now,” Johnny said, as he put down the empty glass on the table and stared at my legs.
“Okay, I should get back to packing,” I said getting up, “Oh, God, I wish I could have someone to help me with all this.”
“Umm, if you would like I’m free tomorrow,” Johnny said, as he stopped near the door and looked at me.
“Oh, thank you, Johnny. I will wait for you,” I acted as if I was waiting for him to offer me his help.
I really needed someone to help me so I got very happy, when Johnny offered.
“Okay, I will be here tomorrow at 9 a.m,” he said.
“Yeah, that’s perfect,” I replied with a big smile.
Again, James tried to check out my huge cleavage, but I caught him. He left, and I decided to take a shower and do the rest of the packing the next day with Johnny. By the time I entered in my bedroom, I had taken off my top. I went into the bathroom and dropped my bottoms. I looked at myself in the mirror. I was thirty-nine years old but when I looked at my reflection in the mirror and noticed my 34DD size tits, I thought I looked thirty.
I stepped into the shower and started rubbing soap all over my naked body. It had been six days since my husband had fucked me, and three days since I had fingered my pussy. Johnny’s attention towards me and the lust for me in his eyes turned me on.
I started playing with my tits. I squeezed my boobs, pinched my nipples, and then my hand reached down to my pussy. I fingered my tight cunt and made myself cum. All the time when my fingers moved inside my pussy, I thought about Johnny.
It wasn’t the first time that I had thought about my stepson while masturbating. However, today I felt something different. I really wanted his cock inside me. I wanted to show him what a good cocksucker I was.
When I was in the bed, I thought if Johnny would ever make a move on me, I would let him come closer to me. With so many dirty fantasies in my mind, I fell asleep. Next morning I woke up when I heard the doorbell.
I checked the time in the alarm clock on my nightstand. It was 8:45 a.m. I got out of the bed and put on my blue nightgown, quickly. I opened the door and saw Johnny standing in front of me.
“Did I wake you up? Sorry, I came a little early,” Johnny said. My hair were messed up, and I looked like shit.
“No, I woke up a little late. Come in,” I said.
Johnny came inside and closed the door. I asked him to sit in the living room, while I could go and take a shower. Johnny stared at me for a few second, as if he was trying to take a better look of my body in my sheer gown.
“Yeah, sure,” he replied.
While I was taking a shower, I felt like someone was in my bedroom. I quickly came out of the shower and looked into my bedroom. Nobody was there.
“Johnny?” I said aloud but got no response. “Johnny I know it’s you. Come out right now,” I just played a game.
After a few seconds, Johnny came out. He was hiding behind a couch. He looked at me then looked down, as I was completely naked.
“I… I just came to see… if you have any boxes or bags that you want to move downstairs,” Johnny took his time making his excuse.
“Then why did you hide when I came out of the shower?”
He had no answer, but a smile came on my face when I noticed a bulge in his jeans. I didn’t care about grabbing a towel and hide my wet naked body. I moved closer to him. Just a foot away standing in front of him, I asked him to look at me.
He looked at me. His eyes continuously switched from my face to my tits.
“You were spying on me taking a shower, right?” I said.
“No,” he replied in his nervous voice.
“Yes you were, just like you did earlier when I used to live in your house,” I reminded him.
“No, I never did anything like that,” he totally denied it.
“Then what is this?” I said, as I grabbed his crotch.
I had no intentions of being dirty with him so soon. I had decided to let him come closer to me, but things were not going as I had thought. The fact that he was watching me taking a shower made me grab his crotch and feel his cock through his pants.
“What… what are you doing?” Johnny got shocked, but he didn’t move away from me.
I moved a little more closer, and tightened my grip on his crotch.
“What happened? Isn’t it what you want?” I asked, as I slowly squeezed his cock.
“Yes, No, I mean… you are my dad’s wife,” he said.
“Yeah, but you never considered me as your stepmom. I have seen the lust for me in your eyes, though.”
“That…” Johnny tried to make excuses, but I shut him up by putting my finger on his lips.
I moved closer and kissed him on his lips. Johnny didn’t respond to my kiss. He just stood there enjoying my hand on his crotch, and my lips on his lips.
After a minute, I broke the kiss and got on my knees. Johnny stood there like a statue. I could see how confused and shocked he was. I smiled and slowly undid his pants. I pulled his pants down to his knees and noticed his hard cock in his white underwear.
He moved his hand trying to hide his erection, but today I didn’t want him to hide it from me. I moved his hands away and pulled down his underwear. Before he could move back or say something, I opened my mouth and took his cock in my mouth.
“Aghhh…” Johnny couldn’t control his moans.
“You like it, huh?” I asked, as I pulled his cock out of my mouth.
Johnny kept quiet. I smiled and stroked his cock slowly, before taking it in my mouth again.
For a couple of minutes, Johnny didn’t look down at me but then he looked down at me. He seemed to enjoy my lips around his cock. He slowly moved his hand to my head. He pushed his cock deeper in my mouth. I got what he wanted, and I took his cock deep in my throat.
“Oh, fuck,” he again moaned.
“I’m good, right?” I said.
“Yeah,” he replied, as he started feeling comfortable.
Johnny had a nice six to seven inches big cock. I could suck it all day, but I wanted to have some quick sex first. I helped him to take off his shoes and pants, and then I got up and kissed him again. This time Johnny responded to my kiss very well. He wrapped his hand around my naked body and kissed me back. I took off his t-shirt, and now we both were completely naked.
I grabbed his cock, as we kissed again. Johnny’s hand slowly moved from my back to my boobs. He rubbed his fingers over my erect nipples.
“Suck my boobs,” I whispered.
Johnny moved down to my boobs and licked my nipples. I moaned and he started sucking on my tits. My pussy was getting wet and I wanted Johnny to take care of my dripping wet cunt. I pushed him down and he got on his knees.
“Lick my pussy,” I said.
Johnny might have fucked many girls or he might have watched a lot of porn because he knew how to eat a pussy. His tongue moved around my wet folds and then he rubbed my clit with one finger. He inserted a finger in my pussy and teased me for a while. With two fingers, Johnny fucked my love hole and made me cum.
“Oh, fuck,” I moaned louder, as I came all over his hands.
“You taste good,” I heard him and looked down. He was licking my cum off his hand. A minute earlier, he was so nervous and shy that I didn’t expect something like this from him.
“Get up and fuck me, you dirty boy,” I said.
I grabbed his hair and made him stand up. I gave him a nice kiss, and then dragged him to my bed. He climbed over me, and I spread my legs. I moaned, as his hard dick touched my wet pussy.
“Have you fucked someone before?” I asked looking into his eyes.
“Um… yeah, I had a girlfriend,” he replied.
I didn’t ask much about his girlfriend because it wasn’t a good time to discuss things about his breakup. I grabbed his cock and stroked it slowly.
“Do you want to fuck me, Johnny?” I teased him. “Do you want to fuck your slutty stepmom?”
“Yeah,” he replied.
I smiled and stuck his cock between my wet folds. He didn’t need any more guidance and slowly penetrated my tight cunt with his nice cock. I moaned and wrapped my legs around his butt.
“Oh, Johnny, it feels so good,” I said, feeling his hard cock inside my dripping wet pussy. “Fuck me, Johnny. Fuck me hard.”
He slowly started moving his cock inside my pussy, and my moans got louder. Soon he put my one leg over his shoulder and started fucking me hard. For a minute, I couldn’t believe that my stepson was actually fucking me.
“Oh, fuck yeah,” I moaned louder as he hit all the right spots inside my pussy. “You fuck so good, baby.”
He looked at me and then grabbed my one boob.
“Yeah, you like my tits? Suck on mommy’s tits,” I didn’t know why I talked so dirty with him, but it excited him more. He pushed his dick deeper in my pussy, and I was ready for another orgasm.
He spread my legs wide and fucked me hard looking into my eyes. I kept talking dirty to him. I told him how much I needed his cock, and he told me how much he wanted to fuck me.
“Yeah, right there, right there, baby,” I screamed, as I came all over his cock. “Oh, fuck.”
He pulled out his cock and moved down my pussy to lick my pussy juices. I had no idea that my shy stepson would fuck me so good and then lick my cum.
“You are so fucking hot, Mandy,” he said.
“Come here, kiss me,” I said.
He came up and we kissed. I rolled over him, and then sat on his thighs. His dick was still hard, and I slowly stroked it.
“Your tits are so beautiful, Mandy,” he said and moved his hand to grab my tits.
I moved a little forward and let him play with my boobs.
“You like mommy’s tits?” I asked, “I’m sure you have fantasized about fucking my tits.”
I moved back and grabbed his cock between my huge tits. I spat on his cock and gave him a nice tit-job. He started moving his cock up and down between my boobs. I knew he was close to cumming so I took his cock in my mouth and sucked it good.
“Fuck, it’s like a dream,” he groaned.
“It’s not a dream, Johnny,” I said looking at him, as I kept stroking his cock. “Ready to cum in your stepmom’s mouth?”
“Yeah, make me cum,” he said and grabbed my head.
I sucked him for one more minute and he filled my mouth with a huge load of cum. I swallowed some cum and spat some cum out all over his cock. I sucked his cock more and cleaned his cock.
“I’m sure your girlfriend never did anything like this, huh?” I said.
“Fuck, no,” he said.
“Oh, Johnny, you made me feel so good,” I said, as I lay down near his legs.
We lay down in the bed for a while. We said nothing to each other.
“So you and Dad are really separating?” he broke the silence in the room.
“Yeah, we talked about getting a divorce,” I replied.
“But why are you guys separating?”
“Because he loves you, and you don’t want a stepmom,” I said.
“What if I tell him that I want a stepmom?”
I looked at him with a big smile.
“Then you will get to fuck me whenever you want,” I whispered, and we kissed.
My hand again moved down to his cock, and I felt that it was hard and ready to fuck me again.
“Want to fuck me more?” I said.
“Yeah, I want to fuck you all day,” he replied.
“I want you to fuck me from behind,” I whispered.
I bent over the bed, and he came behind me.
“You have a really nice ass,” he said, and I felt his hand moving all over my ass.
“Fuck me more, baby. I need your cock inside me,” I moaned.
Johnny inserted his cock in my cunt and started fucking me. I always loved fucking in doggy style, and Johnny fucked me nice and hard. I enjoyed his cock inside my tight cunt, and he reached around my breast and squeezed my tits.
“You are a very dirty stepmom,” he said.
“Yeah, and you like fucking your dirty stepmom, don’t you?”
“Yeah,” he replied. He warned me that he was near to cumming again.
I asked him to pull out his cock and cum all over my face and tits. He pulled his cock out of my pussy and I lay down on my back. He came near my face and stroked his cock a couple of times. Suddenly, he shot all his cum all over my boobs.
“Hmm… so good,” I said rubbing the cum over my tits.
He kissed me again, and then we headed to take a shower. We cleaned each other, and he sucked my tits a little more.
“So it’s a deal that I will ask my dad not to divorce you, and you will let me fuck you anytime anywhere?” he stopped sucking my tits and asked.
“Yes, it is a deal,” I replied, “Now get on your knees and eat my pussy,” I pushed him down on his knees and enjoyed another orgasm in the shower.
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