No Longer Loyal
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Sitting on the sofa, playing on her phone, Jamie kept herself distracted while her boyfriend of two years, Chris, was talking to his co-worker on the phone. Chris's co-worker, Josh, was at least ten years older than the twenty year old Jamie, and Jamie always found herself glancing at him when he came over to hang out. Josh was tall, strong, and smart, Jamie loved everything about him, especially his laugh, whenever she heard it, she craved him more and more.
Jamie quickly found herself touching herself at the thought of him while her boyfriend was just one room away speaking with him. Chris's friends were coming into town for the weekend, and he wanted Josh to come over and set up equipment so they would be ready to party. Jamie couldn't wait to see him.
"Awesome, dude, I'll see you in a bit," Chris said to Josh. He hung up the phone and turned to Jamie, her hands still between her legs, "You don't care if..." He paused at the sight of Jamie playing with herself. "What are you doing?"
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