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I was nervous. Almost eighteen months had passed since I’d seen my husband, and a lot had happened since then. As I stood at the airport, waiting for his flight to arrive, I remembered the last time I'd stood there, when I was waving him goodbye.
“Damn it! I wish I could be here with you when the baby comes,” John said.
”So do I, baby,” I said. ”But we can't change the war, can we?” I couldn’t help it. I started to cry.
"I'll miss you,” he said, looking deeply into my eyes.
"Me, too. Be careful,” I said, burying my face into his neck as his hand came around to pat my stomach.
”Who knows," John said, giving me a warm smile. "Maybe you'll get those breasts you've always wanted when the baby's born.”
We kissed passionately, and I clung to him, praying this wasn't the last time we'd see each other. As it turned out, I got those breasts. . .and more. I went from a size eight with small boobs, hips and thighs to a large eighteen. I'd grown all over, and I was terrified John wouldn't love me anymore.
We’d always had an amazing sex life. John was constantly horny. He loved to fuck, and he loved showing me off. Whenever we went out, he went crazy when I dressed in a super-short mini skirt with a tight, bare midriff T-shirt. He was so proud when guys whistled at me, saying there was nothing wrong with them looking as long as they didn't touch.
All my friends were jealous of my stick-like figure. But me, well, I would have preferred bigger breasts and more rounded hips. I'd look enviously at shapelier women, wishing desperately for what they had. But now I was just like them, and I had no intention of losing any weight. I felt sexy and alive, more feminine than ever. I found that my new, fleshy figure was a real turn-on. My curves were pronounced and womanly, and my breasts, with their large, brown areolae, hung with a heavy weight that I loved to heft in my hands. I even loved my soft thighs and dimpled, rounded butt. And since John was gone for so long, I learned that pleasuring myself while caressing all of my new, extra flesh was totally exciting.
I discovered that I could suck my own nipples, something I’d never been able to do when I was a tiny B-cup. And sticking my fingers deep into the folds that covered my clit instantly made my pussy juicier than it had ever been. Since he'd been gone, I masturbated all the time, loving the way my body jiggled when I climaxed. I only hoped John would feel the same way and would still want to fuck me now that I no longer had the figure he'd gotten so horny over. So, with shaky legs, I stood waiting at the airport, praying for the reaction I longed for.
All the photos I'd sent to John had been mainly of Charlotte, our baby daughter, and I always made sure that any photos with me in them were extremely flattering. Now, here was the moment of truth. My stomach fluttered when I saw my husband walk slowly past the security checkpoint and into the terminal, his eyes searching for me. John glanced my way, and I lifted my hand. He looked right past me, and my mouth went dry. I licked my lips nervously. What if he didn’t like the changes in me? As he continued to search the crowd, I looked around. Happiness was everywhere. Women were crying and laughing. Men were lifting their wives off their feet and tossing children in the air, happy to be reunited.
Finally, John’s eyes swept over me. He didn't smile at first, and my heart dropped. Was he disappointed in how I looked? I threw my arms around his neck then put Charlotte into his arms.
"God, it's been so long,” I said.
”Yes. Oh, Shannon, she’s beautiful,” he said as he lifted Charlotte proudly.
"I missed you,” I said.
"I missed you more,” he replied. But his words weren’t that enthusiastic.
As he hugged me, his fingers lingered on my love handles. Then his hand strayed down to my hips and stayed there. I pointed out our car, and together we moved toward it.John strapped Charlotte into her car seat, and I got behind the wheel. John still hadn't mentioned my weight, and I was getting nervous.
I hated feeling so insecure. We'd always had such a great sex life, and I was terrified he'd be repulsed by my new curves. I'd gone out and bought a sexy teddy. It was red, his favorite color, and had a plunging neckline that was so low, my nipples peeked out over the top. My areolae had grown larger and become darker, and my nipples were huge from breast feeding Charlotte. And that teddy showed them off to their best advantage.We chatted all the way home as I brought him up to date. As I drove up the driveway, I was relieved and excited to finally have him home.
"Everything looks great,” he said. “You've done an amazing job since I've been gone.”
”Thanks, darling,” I said. But I was getting more and more nervous. Surely, after eighteen months, John must be as horny as I was. He still hadn't said a word about my body. He hadn't really touched me much, either. But my fears would have to wait. I'd organized a surprise party, and when John opened the door, our family and friends let out a welcome cheer he'd never forget. He was happy to catch up with everyone, and when the guests all left and we were alone, he put his arms around my shoulders.
"Thanks for the party," he said, looking down into my flushed face. I blushed, feeling as nervous as a new bride, as though tonight was going to be our first time. We put Charlotte to bed, and while I loaded the dishwasher, John showered. He snuck up behind me, wearing only a towel. I felt his hands on my breasts.
”Hmmm,” he said. "Not too bad.”
Not too bad? What did that mean? I realized that if I wanted to save my marriage and my sex life. I was going to have to convince him that having more of me to love was a good thing.
“Could you finish up here?” I asked. ”I want to grab a shower.”
Walking towards our bedroom, I looked over my shoulder and saw John watching me. I couldn't tell if he looked disappointed. I just didn't know. I grabbed the teddy, a red garter belt, black fishnet stockings and locked myself in the bathroom. Then I took off my clothes and eyed myself in the mirror. My hands roamed over my voluptuous breasts. I lifted them as though offering them, pleased with the way they looked. I loved the feel of them, their fullness. They made me feel so sexy. I didn't want to be skinny again. I loved being this weight, loved feeling the thickness of my waist and the plushness of my ass. I loved the way my thighs rubbed together as I walked. After a heavy night of masturbating, when my pussy lips would be swollen and protruding, I loved nothing more than feeling the sensation there, the thickness of my thighs causing vibrations to ripple through my clit. I opened the shower door and turned the water on full blast. I stepped in and allowed the water to wash away any tension I was feeling.
I soaped myself up, my hands slipping over my wet body. I reached down towards my pussy and ran my fingers through my pubic hair. That felt good, but it felt even better when I parted the folds and allowed my fingers to slip in and out and then flicked a finger over my clit. The water cascaded down, easing my tension and heightening my desire. I turned to face the stream of water and allowed it to sting my breasts. My nipples hardened under the force. I'd waited a long time for John to come home. The vibrators and dildos I'd purchased while he was away were nowhere near as good as the real thing, so I quickly turned off the water, enveloped myself in a large towel and patted myself dry.
I carefully applied just a small amount of makeup, wanting to look as sexy as possible without going over the top. I smeared on some red lipstick, the same shade as the teddy, before pouring myself into my outfit. I glimpsed at my reflection as I bent over and hooked the fishnets into the garter. My breasts were practically spilling out. I thought I looked great, but would John? I stepped back and turned around, wanting to see how my butt looked. My hips and ass cheeks were full and curvy and in perfect proportion to my breasts. I slipped into a robe and a pair of stiletto heels and walked into the bedroom.
"Wow," John said. ”New lingerie, huh?”
He was laying in the center of the bed with a towel over his bottom half and his arms behind his head. I yanked the towel off him and threw it onto the floor. His cock was flaccid. Not a good sign. I looked from it to him before grabbing his dick and holding it just inches away from my red, painted lips. I breathed on it, then licked the shaft. One thing I knew John couldn't resist was getting head. Even if he didn't want to fuck me, he'd never turn down the chance to get his dick sucked.
"Oh, yeah,” John said. "Suck it. You don't know how long I've been waiting for that.”
I vacuumed the knob into my mouth and rolled my tongue around his cock head, enjoying the taste and feel of him. All I could think of was how I wanted to straddle him and fuck his brains out, but I was afraid he’d reject me, so I slowed down and concentrated on giving him the best blow job of his life.
”Oh, yeah, baby, that feels so good,” he murmured.
My hand pumped his shaft while my mouth traveled from the base to the head and back. His cock throbbed in my palm. I was eager to please him and decided that maybe I should let him cum in my mouth, but that obviously wasn't what John wanted. He gently pulled his prick out of my mouth.
"Baby," he groaned. "I really need to get laid. Let me check out this new body of yours.”
I slipped my robe off my shoulders and let it fall in a heap at my feet. He backed away from me and kept me at arms length, his eyes wandering over every inch of my ample body His fingers trailed down over the swell of my breasts, and I felt goosebumps. He lowered his head, and his lips went where his fingers had just been. He ran his hands down around my waist, over my hips and to the top of the stockings.
"Mmmm,” he said as his fingers played with the tops of my stockings and then touched my skin.
"Nice." I was breathing heavily. My breasts rose and fell against the front of the teddy. My nipples strained hard against the flimsy material. He lay me on the bed and sat down. I could see his rock hard cock and moved to grab for it, but he pushed my hand away and straddled my body. I was trembling all over as he grabbed my tits and squeezed them through the material. I could barely stand it. I wanted him to fuck me quickly, stop making me wait and do what I'd been dreaming about for so long.
His hands moved inside the teddy and he cupped my breasts and took them out. Then he buried his face into my cleavage and moved from one breast to the other, kissing each in turn and making sure he gave both the same amount of attention. I squirmed beneath him and grabbed his head.
”Jesus, Shannon, I never imagined you with tits this huge. It's like being with another woman!” he whispered.
Was that good or bad? I couldn't tell. But I was encouraged by his straining cock, which seemed to grow bigger with every inch of me that he fondled. John’s hand moved down, and I opened my legs for him. He ran his palm over my pussy mound and moved aside the flimsy material covering my cunt. I held him firmer, whimpering as he played with that soft,fleshy part of skin on my thighs.
"Please fuck me,” I begged.
I saw a look of lust in my husband's eyes that I'd never seen before. He grabbed the front of the teddy, and with one quick yank, he ripped it clean off my body. I gasped. I was totally naked, and his eyes were feasting on my body.
”Oh, God, your tits are fucking gorgeous,” he said as he played with them. "Shannon, let me titty fuck you. I've never had my cock between tits as big as these before.”
I squashed my boobs together, and he positioned himself on top of me. As he pumped his cock in and out of my soft boob mountains, I thought, This is it! He loves it! I’ve got my man back! It was a first for me. My boobs had never been big enough to make a skin valley deep enough to envelope a cock.
The idea that, at twenty-seven, I was trying a totally new sex position got my pussy pulsating. As John rapidly thrust his cock between my breasts, I stuck out my tongue and licked pre cum off the head of his prick every time it got close enough for me to reach it. He groaned and I could feel the vein that ran up the length of his dick throb faster and faster each time he plunged it toward my face, until I could barely stand it any longer. It was finally time for me to get some action.
"Fuck me, baby,” I begged.
He abruptly pulled his prick out of my boob tunnel and fumbled with my garters, undoing them and pushing the stockings down to leave them dangling at my ankles. He fiddled with the strap of my stiletto then undid the shoe and threw it to the floor. He kissed the instep of my foot, and I thought I'd pass out from lust. I was wild for him, wild for him to fuck me.
It was sheer torture to lie there and wait, so I wrapped my other leg around his back, grabbed his ass with the heel of my shoe and guided him to me. His cock probed my pussy lips, and I steered his shaft into my dripping, wet cunt. He pulled back a bit, but I was determined to have my hot hole filled. I thrust myself upwards. With a moan, he sunk his cock inside me. John began to fuck me rhythmically, grabbing at my breasts, kissing them, smothering his face in my cleavage while I held onto his head, not wanting him to stop. He rolled me over on top of him, and his hands kept grabbing my tits, my ass, all of my body.
”Shannon, you’re driving me wild,” he said. "You're so soft and sexy.”
He held onto me while I slammed myself down, impaling myself on his cock again and again. My tits and ass were jiggling wildly. His hands were all over me. He thrust himself upwards with a passion I hadn't felt since I lost my virginity to him. The vibrations deep in my cunt started becoming harder and quicker, and I felt my orgasm rapidly approaching. With one more hard bounce on his prick, I screamed as I came in great, heaving waves. John shouted out my name and pumped one last, hard time before spurting spunk deep inside of me. When he'd finally calmed down, I rolled off him and snuggled up to him.
"My God, Shannon,” he said, still panting. ”If I thought you were hot before, it was nothing like you are now. I'm getting hard again already just thinking about your tits, and your ass! Damn, woman, I can't wait to fuck you doggie style so I can watch your big, beautiful butt wiggle.”
”You like me like this?” I asked.
"Baby, you've never looked sexier," he sighed. ”I’ll never be able to get enough of you.”
“Well,” I answered with a smile, “lucky you, there's more than enough of me to go around!”
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