Schoolgirl Millie and Mr Jenkins
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Seventeen year old Millie woke up late on a Friday morning. She couldn’t risk going to school late again this week. She was lucky last time. The teacher, Mrs. Kim, was very nice and let her off very easily without a detention. But that teacher is no longer at her school; she retired and there would be a new teacher. She hoped she/he would be nice and sweet just as Mrs. Kim.
The alarm clock blared noisily near her ear. She groaned and slammed her hand on top of it. She peeked an eye open and saw the time was very close to 8:45am. That’s when her school starts. Millie jumped out of the bed with a shriek, horrified at herself. She had very little time to change into her school uniform and headed to the bathroom where she washed her face and brushed her teeth. "Forget the breakfast," she told herself, as there was no time.
Millie picked up her school bag and slipped her shoes on, praying she’d find a hair band in her room so she could pull her hideous-knotty hair up into a messy bun. She did and left the house a second later.
-----“No need to be nervous. They are just kids. You can do it,” Dean chanted to himself, sitting in his new chair in his classroom. This was his first real job. After years of studying hard in school and university, it had paid off and he landed a job in a high school as a maths teacher. Now, it was his first day of teaching.
The bell rang loudly. Dean sat up straighter. The door opened and moody teenagers came in, filling the classroom quickly. Dean began to get nervous but he manned up and stood as he faced the teens. “Good morning class.” His voice filled the room. The classroom responded back. “I’m Mr. Jenkins.” His hand waved at the white board where he had written his name down.
“Now I’ve heard things about your old teacher. I believe Mrs. Kim was too nice and sadly for you I won’t be like her. Unlike her, I have rules. I will not take your fake excuses. If you say your dog ate your homework, I will want proof.” Dean chuckled, looking at their shocked facial expression. “If you’re late by ten minutes, I won’t let that slip by and give yo-”
The door opened and in came a tall young pretty girl with a flushed face. She was panting and looked at Dean with widened eyes. He looked at his watch and tutted.
“Ten minutes late. You, missy. Lunch detention.” Mr. Jenkins told her off in front of the class.
-----Millie was in her third period; art lesson. She was in a bad mood, right from the moment she stepped into her morning-attendance class and earned a detention. She wasn’t sure if she liked her new bossy homeroom teacher. Mr. Jenkins happened to be her new maths teacher. She nearly groaned at that.
The bell rang and it’s lunch time. Off she went to her home class, heading in without a knock and ignored whatever ‘Mr. Bossy’ was saying. Millie shot him an angry glare and sat in her usual desk, dropping her bag to the floor and crossed her arms.
“Millie?” He repeated.
“What?” Millie snapped at him.
“Do your homework and you can eat lunch here,” he murmured, ignoring her attitude.
“I don’t have any homework,” she stated with annoyance.
“Do you want another detention?” His voice sounded stern and that stopped Millie from saying another smart-ass remark. She narrowed her eyes at him and brought out a book. She did have homework; English Literature. She started highlighting on it.
It was a while later, Dean looked up and watched Millie. He learned her name this morning when she registered herself in his class. He thought she was spunky, he quite liked that in her. 'Bad-ass attitude,' he thought. He took another look at her, and thought she was really pretty. Very attractive. He enjoyed this morning. He remembered the moment she came rushing in through his door, her mousy-brown tendrils of hair framed her pale creamy face, her widened bright blue eyes as she blushed. Her top nearly undone and her skirt riding up, probably from the running. She was a mess but heck she looked good.
Millie looked up and caught him looking.
He said nothing and looked away, his bulge growing hard in his dress pants, pressing hard against his zipper. He cursed quietly to himself and tried to think of something gross.
Millie thought there was something wrong with Mr. Jenkins. She frowned at his contorted face, but shrugged it off. Feeling hungry, Millie reached for her bag. She brought out a banana that she bought from the canteen. Her fingers peeled the skin back and began to eat the tip. That was when she heard a low groan. Her eyes snapped to the new teacher and she frowned.
“Are you okay, Sir?” she asked.
Dean had been staring at her, right from the way Millie licked her lips as she peeled a banana and ate it. 
‘Is she teasing me?’ he thought. 
“I’m fine.” His voice was strained. His cock stiffening, hard as a rock, Dean desperately needed to open his pants and jack off. ‘Fucccck.’
“Oh…” Millie smiled shyly at him and took another bite. She continued to read her book, a highlighter in her hand and a banana in the other.
‘Should I?’ He spoke to himself in mind. His hand reached for his zipper and he brought out his rock-hard cock as he hissed quietly. Grateful that his desk did have a wood panelling across so she couldn’t see what he was doing. His hand gripped his erection.
‘Fuck this is sick but I can’t help it. So fucking horny…’
Millie shifted in her chair, crossing her long legs over and she ate another bite of the banana. Licking her lips as she swallowed again, Millie was unaware of her teacher watching her every movement.
Dean moved his hand up and down his shaft, feeling his pre cum wet his mushroom head tip. His fingers tightened at the look of Millie’s lips as she wetted them and frowned with concentration as she worked on the book. His eyes glanced down at her legs; he thought they looked very smooth and sexy. He wished he could run his hands up them. He ran his thumb over the slit, pre-cum dripping down the shaft. His hand smeared it down his shaft acting as his lube. His slippery fist ran up and down, squeezing and stroking hard. He tried so hard not to moan out loud. His head went back to rest on his desk chair and he continued to fap.
“Mr. Jenkins? I need help,” Millie stated out loud.
Dean’s head snapped up and glared at her. ‘Shit, I can’t get up and show her my thing!’
“Uh.. What’s the problem?” Dean asked, clenching his jaw.
Millie looked at him with unease, probably because he’s so hot. Like the hottest teacher in school. Her heart pounded a little after watching him clench his jaw. His icy blue eyes glare was so intense. Dirty thoughts ran through her head.
“Oh uhm, never mind. I just got the question…” she lied. Gulping as she fanned herself with a hand, feeling rather hot, she threw the banana skin away.
Dean frowned at her, watching her get back to being engrossed in her book.
‘I’d love to fuck her over my desk.’
Then he started to think dirty and imagined her bouncing up and down on his cum-covered dick, her school shirt ripped open with her sexiest lacy bra on and her skirt bunched up at her hips. He would pull her bra down and suckle on her beautiful pink nipples, while his hands gripped her ass cheeks and he would help her bounce harder on his dick. Her pretty face contorted as pleasure ran through her body. Millie moaning loudly...
“Fuck yes.” He groaned low, still day-dreaming.
Dean would lift her up and put her over the desk, spitting at her little brown asshole and slip his thumb in while she squirmed and gasp loudly. He would then fuck her tight pussy and thrust in deeply until she screamed. His hand slapping down on her cute tight ass with hard force that made her ass redden.
He felt his balls tighten. Dean let out a very quiet groan, closing his eyes tightly as cum rushed up through his shaft and erupted like a volcano. He buckled into his hand and soon he felt his hot cum dripping down his shaft. His hand slowed down his strokes, the teacher sighed loudly with relief and opened his eyes.
He flinched.
Millie was standing beside the desk where she could see everything. She thought he was sleeping but after hearing him groan a few times and his face looked weird she had to go to him and see if everything was alright.
“I see you’re being very naughty,” she blurted out, a bit shocked that her teacher masturbated in front of her.
“Shit, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to-” he started.
She stopped him with a raised hand. “Stop. Don’t give me a detention again or I will tell someone.”
Millie brought out a mobile phone and took a pic of him, with his hand still on his stick. “Now I have proof.”
She looked down at him, Mr. Jenkins looking stunned at Millie's blackmail while he still sat in his chair, completely spent. Millie looked at his weapon.
‘Wow he’s big. First dick I’ve seen. Nice,’ she thought and immediately she wanted to touch it and see what it tasted like. To be honest, she felt a bit turned on. Her pussy tingled, which caused Millie to squeeze her thighs together.
“You know… I’m still hungry.” Millie spoke heavy with lust, licking her lips as she stepped forward, but the bell went. Lunch hour was over.
“Oh… what a shame. See ya.” She smirked at the new teacher, picking up her bag and left the classroom.
Dean watched the door close itself, still feeling shocked.
“What the fuck!” he blurted out loud.
Chapter 2 coming soon
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