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Ryan grabbed a towel, having just finished a quick shower. With their son off at his parents’ house for a few days, he knew what his wife’s suggestion to take a shower right after dinner meant. They were both a couple of days overdue for some alone time, and breaking that fast always resulted in mind-blowing sex. He toweled off, gave his hair a cursory blow dry, and pulled on a pair of boxers he didn’t expect to be wearing long.
Opening the door to see Jane still dressed in the casual clothing she’d changed into after work confused him. She patted the bed next to her, so he made his way there while trying to keep the disappointment from showing in his face.
“You remember how I told you Stephanie broke up with her girlfriend?” she asked as he reached the bed.
He nodded and said, “Yes,” as he sat down.
It was a reminder of yet another bittersweet circumstance. Their morning babysitter Stephanie was an eighteen-year-old knockout. She and Jane got along well enough that the younger woman felt comfortable talking about everything with her. Considering Jane was bisexual, it had presented some interesting possibilities.
Unfortunately, Stephanie was a lesbian, with no interest in him whatsoever.
“I just found out the poor girl came out of the relationship with no toys at all.”
“I take it you want to buy some for her?”
“I already did.”
She reached down and picked up a bag from somewhere beside the bed. The first box she pulled out was a high-end rabbit vibrator just like hers.
“I’m sure she’ll like that one,” he said.
“Oh, I know she will. Then there’s this.”
Ryan’s eyebrows lifted as he looked at the picture on the front of the box. “What is that?”
“It’s a strapless strap on.” She pointed at the picture and said, “This part slides inside of you and holds it in place, and I’m sure you can figure out the rest.”
“Does it work?”
“I’ve never tried one, but Danielle said she loves hers.”
He gave a slight shrug and said, “Considering she has one of every sex toy ever made, I guess you can trust her.”
Jane laughed and put the box down. “Those are the ones I’m going to give her right before she leaves for college. Can’t have the poor girl going off on her own without any toys. There’s something else I want to give her sooner, though.”
There were still boxes in the bag, so he was expecting the next reveal. Instead, she sat the bag down on the nightstand and picked up the remote to the television. At the same time, she tapped on her laptop. The television kicked on, wirelessly connected to the computer, and he saw the security feed from the camera in the sunroom where they had the whirlpool. It was from earlier in the day, a few minutes after Danny got on the bus for school.
“What’s...” he began, but then Stephanie walked into view of the camera.
“I told her she could use it any time she wanted.”
He noticed that the tub was already filled and turned to his wife. “You mean...”
Jane nodded and bit her lower lip while scooting closer to him. She then gestured to the television with one hand and settled the other in his lap.
Stephanie was already kicking off her shoes when he looked back at the screen. She lifted one foot after the other to remove her socks, and then reached for the tail of her top.
Ryan groaned as Jane squeezed his rapidly hardening cock through his boxers while Stephanie’s braless breasts tumbled free.
Jane moaned and asked, “Aren’t they delicious?”
“Good god,” he muttered in response as he admired the young woman’s breasts. They were full, firm, and capped with pink tips that he was fairly certain were erect.
Stephanie flipped her long brown hair back over her shoulders, and then unbuttoned her jeans. Jane reached into his boxers to pull out his cock at the same time as Stephanie pushed the denim down. Her pink panties went with the jeans, and he throbbed hard in his wife’s grasp when he saw the carpet of dark curls on Stephanie’s mound.
“I knew you were going to like that,” Jane said, and then uncurled her fingers from his manhood.
Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Jane pick up the bag again. On screen, Stephanie looked toward where he knew a mirror was on the wall. She put her hands on her taut, bare bottom and arched her back to thrust out her breasts.
Jane paused the video on that incredible image.
“Now that you’re nice and hard,” his wife said, “That’s the first thing I want to give her.”
He looked over to see her holding up a box that said Clone a Willy.
“I got two of them, because I want one for myself.”
“I’ve heard that’s not as easy as they make it sound.”
“It’s not,” Jane agreed, “But Danielle has it down to a science, and she gave me some tips. So you stay nice and hard while I get ready.”
His wife slipped out of the bed and hit play on the video again. Stephanie continued to admire herself on screen, turning this way and that, and ended by cupping her breasts.
“She knows that camera is there, and that it’s always on and recording,” she reminded him.
He glanced over to see her removing their sex wedge from the closet, as well as a large sheet of plastic. The sight of the camera following their babysitter to the tub soon redirected his gaze, though. “So, you think she’s showing off?”
“Of course. I think she knows me well enough to know that I’d show you, too.”
“Think you might get lucky?”
Jane laughed as she walked back to the bed. “I’m going to give her every opportunity to bring it up.”
On screen, Stephanie slipped into the tub, and he wished the feed had audio when he saw her sigh. She reached over and turned on the jets, causing the water to lap at the bottom of her breasts. Even without audio, he could tell she was chuckling from the sensation. He gave his throbbing cock a squeeze as he drank in the sight.
“Don’t overdo that,” Jane said as she sat the wedge down on the bed. “The goal here is to stay hard.”
“And what exactly are you doing?”
“You’ll see.”
Though he kept most of his attention on the screen – for obvious reasons – he did notice his wife draping the plastic over the wedge. She seemed to be measuring how much hung over the top and spread out on the bed. Stephanie luxuriated in the water, and he saw her shiver from the bubbles tickling her. She nudged the controls after a while to increase the power of the jets.
When he glanced over to see what his wife was up to, he saw her pushing the plastic into the hole in the wedge. It was meant to mount a Fleshlight toy, but Jane had other uses for it. Seemingly satisfied with the results, she picked up the cloning kit box.
On the television, Stephanie put her hand over one of the jets. Her eyebrows lifted, and she moved the controls again. The next time she let the pressure of the jet push on her hand, she caressed her breast with the other. Ryan felt his heart rate pick up when he guessed what she was thinking.
Sure enough, she cranked the dial to maximum. Her head lolled back and she squeezed her breasts as the water began to roil. When she looked at the jet and bit her lower lip, he smiled and let out a groan of anticipation. It was hardly the first time the tub had been used that way, and he recognized the expression he’d seen on Jane’s face.
Once again he lamented the lack of sound when he saw Stephanie gasp. She leaned back, gripping the edge of the tub, and closed her eyes. Though the frothy surface hid what was going on below, he could see her making subtle movements. Every shift caused the stimulation to change, driving her pleasure higher.
Entranced by his writhing babysitter on the television, he completely lost track of his wife’s preparations until she said, “Okay, it’s ready.”
The molding tube was seated in the hole, awaiting something to clone. His wife gestured impatiently and said, “Keep your eyes on Stephanie, stay hard, and get over here. Hurry. This stuff sets up fast.”
Looking at the goop in the tube was bad enough, but sliding his erection into it was something he never wanted to repeat. Unfortunately, he knew he was going to have to, because Jane had bought two. The stuff dribbled down his balls and dripped onto the plastic below as the ring of the mold pressed against his skin.
Jane lifted his chin, drawing his attention to the video again. “Just remember, if you stay hard so this works, your cock will be the only one to ever slide into her sweet little pussy. Look at her. See how red her face is getting? How hard she’s grabbing the edge of the tub? Imagine her fucking herself silly with your cock.”
Ryan groaned as a fresh rush of blood surged into his manhood. The dip in the goop had stolen some of his steel, but between his wife’s words and the babysitter’s body, he was back to full erection in seconds.
“That’s it, baby. Watch her. She’s going to come, and you’re going to be the first man to see it. Maybe the last. Think about me fucking her with her new toy and licking her clitty.”
He could almost hear Stephanie’s whimpers as she soared toward climax. Her mouth hung open and her features tightened. At his side, Jane kept whispering into his ear, her real moans and dirty talk just as exciting.
“That’s it. We’re almost there. Mmm... So is she. You can tell she’s so close. She’s going to come.”
Stephanie lurched as orgasm claimed her, sloshing water up along the edges of the tub and over the side. She twitched and trembled, her mouth working as she cried out in release. The mold around his manhood grew uncomfortable as it hardened.
“Time,” Jane said, and immediately turned off the television with Stephanie in mid-throes.
“Hey,” he protested.
She chuckled and said, “If you want to get out of that, it’s going to have to go down, you know? I don’t think that’s going to happen while you’re watching the babysitter come.”
“Good point.”
With the visual stimulus gone and Jane impatiently tapping her nails on the wedge, it didn’t take long. As soon as he deflated enough, he pulled his cock free.
Jane immediately pulled the mold out of the wedge and said, “Go clean up. I’ve got something much nicer I want you to shove your cock into. Hurry.”
He had no argument with that.
The drive home felt as if it took forever. He hadn’t even wanted to go golfing, but it was as much a part of his job as the actual work. Ever since cloning his cock for Stephanie, Jane had been in a state of near constant arousal. With their son out of the house, there was nothing to hold them back – and they didn’t.
Already half hard in anticipation, he was greeted at the front door by Jane wearing nothing but a pair of panties and a sultry smile. After kissing him hard and grinding her body against him, she said, “Shower. Now. Just rinse the sweat off.”
He fulfilled that request to the letter, and emerged from the bathroom nude, with a bobbing erection. His wife had dispensed with her panties, and lounged on the bed, beckoning him with a crooked finger.
She kissed him again when he slipped into bed. Their lips had barely touched when she curled her fingers around his cock, making him groan into the kiss. When she pulled away, he saw her eyes glint with mischief, and she chuckled.
“What?” he asked while trying for another kiss.
She backed away and reached toward her laptop, which he noticed was sitting next to the bed again. “You’ll see.”
Considering what she’d shown him last time, he was all for another surprise.
When the television came on a moment later, he heard the sound of his wife gasping emerge from the speakers. The image was shaky, but still easily recognizable as the very same wall he was looking at across the room. Onscreen, Jane whimpered and tilted the camera down. In real life, she leaned into his lap and licked his cock.
“Ah, damn,” he gasped as the image of Stephanie’s face between his wife’s legs came into focus.
They were both nude. From the rumpled state of the sheets, he guessed that they had been so for some time. A bra he didn’t recognize and the pair of his wife’s panties she’d greeted him in hung over the footboard. Stephanie’s perfect little butt stuck up in the air, wiggling back and forth as she lapped his wife’s pussy.
“I guess you weren’t lonely while I was out playing golf,” he joked.
Jane chuckled with the head of his cock between her lips. She let it slip free and answered, “No. She was here about ten minutes after you left.”
“How much did I miss?”
“A lot. I think you’ll like what there is, though.”
“You know I do.”
The camera moved in closer and lifted higher, giving him an even better view of the eighteen-year-old lapping his wife. Stephanie glanced up, noticed the camera, and looked directly at it while giving several fast flicks of her tongue. Jane complimented that by doing the same to his glans. The image on the television quivered and he could hear his wife panting, followed by a moan from their babysitter.
“She’s so good,” Jane remarked between long licks up and down his shaft.
He ran his fingers through his wife’s hair – eyes glued to the screen. She continued to lick his erection and softly suck the tip. It was little more than a tease, but he knew that wouldn’t last. Experience told him the slow build-up usually led to an explosion later on.
Jane’s pleasure sounded from the speakers, growing louder by the second. The camera frequently drifted to odd angles or random spots in the room as the young woman between her legs drove her ever closer to orgasm. He recognized the signs and knew that his wife was on the edge.
A screech loud and high-pitched enough to make him wince blasted from the television, and the camera tumbled to the bed.
“Mmm hmm. Mmm hmm,” Stephanie moaned as the older woman climaxed on her tongue.
Over and over again, Jane cried out in release. All he could see was a dark image of his wife’s hand clenching the sheets in a death grip as the camera rocked back and forth on the bed – unattended. Stephanie muttered lusty encouragement, though the words were lost in Jane’s screams.
With the audio taking over, Ryan’s gaze finally wandered. His wife had one hand between her legs, teasing her need while her lips and tongue worked on his. A sudden brightening of the television directed his attention back to it.
Stephanie had picked up the camera, and appeared to be getting up on her knees. She held the camera in one hand and tickled Jane’s folds with the other, filming his wife as she thrashed through the end of her orgasm. Much to his surprise, Jane laughed and covered her face when she recovered enough of her wits to realize the camera was on her.
“Camera shy?” he asked, incredulously.
Jane chuckled and replaced her mouth with her hand, stroking him while she answered. “It just surprised me. I had no idea she’d picked it up. I look so ridiculous.”
“You look incredibly sexy, just like you always do,” he disagreed.
“I wonder how this is going to come out?” Jane wondered aloud as the video blurred from movement.
“Pretty good,” Ryan answered as the camera focused on the two women kissing. Seeing his wife lick her own juices off the younger woman’s face made him throb hard in her hand.
After a few seconds of that sexy display, Jane requested the camera, and the image went dark.
“Is that all?” he asked, but the television answered before his wife, showing Stephanie on the bed again. It appeared that Jane had fetched the tripod, because the camera was looking down on the bed with nobody holding it.
“No, here comes the main event,” Jane whispered into his ear.
He watched his wife slip back into the bed holding the replica of his cock. Stephanie took a deep breath and nodded her head. Jane turned on the vibrator within the toy and moved in. The young woman gasped as Jane ran the tip of the toy through the dark curls on her mound.
He broke out into goose bumps when Jane asked, “Are you ready to slide into her little pussy?”
Instead of answering, he said, “You are too sexy.”
His wife moaned before adding, “And mine?”
With that, she rose up to her hands and knees in front of him. On screen, she continued to tease their babysitter, running the tip of his clone cock all around Stephanie’s folds without touching them. The young woman squirmed and moaned.
Jane reached under the duvet bunched up at the foot of the bed and retrieved her fingertip vibrators. When his hands settled on her hips, she said, “Not until you get inside her there.”
“Got it.”
While his wife slid on the wristband and finger pads, he mimed her actions in the video – teasing without touching her pussy. That only lasted a few seconds more, though. When his clone cock ran up and down the parting of Stephanie’s nether lips, he did the same with the real thing. Both women were soaking wet, coating twin heads in their juices.
“Get ready,” his wife instructed, and then reached toward her clit.
Ryan seated his tip at the entrance of her canal, watching her do the same on the television. Then both women groaned as his cock slid inside them.
“Ooo, yes. Look how much she loves it,” Jane said as his balls settled against her, and then retreated.
The eighteen-year-old’s toes were curled and her back arched. She whimpered and moaned as his wife worked the toy with slow strokes and twists. When Jane leaned in to add her tongue to the mix, Stephanie cried out and lurched.
Ryan set a slow pace, pulling back until her nether lips kissed the head of his cock, and then burying it in her depths. The buzz from her vibrating fingertips ran through both of them, and her whimpers joined those emerging from the speakers.
“How does that pussy taste?” he asked.
“So good. I had an even better taste before we turned on the camera.”
“Did she come hard?”
“Uh huh. God, you feel huge. You like watching your cock slide into her sweet young pussy, don’t you?”
“Hell yes.”
“I love it too. It was making me ache while I was fucking her with it.”
Stephanie let out a high-pitched moan and begged, “Faster.”
When he complied with that request in the real world, his wife yelped and said, “Yes. You too.”
On the television, Jane sat up and licked her lips. She shifted into a comfortable position and gave the young woman what she wanted.
“Yes. Like that,” Stephanie cooed.
Before long, he could see the dark curls around the babysitter’s sex sticking together from her juices. He matched what his wife was doing – speeding up, slowing down, and changing angles whenever she did. The video wasn’t the only source of inspiration, though.
Holding his thumb atop the shaft of his cock for a couple of strokes coated it in his wife’s wetness. She drew in a shocked gasp when he pressed it against the puckered iris of her ass.
Stephanie writhed on the bed, voicing her pleasure to the ceiling above. Jane moved again, allowing her to thrust the vibrator made in his image harder and faster. Her fingers also found the younger woman’s clit.
“Do... Do you want to see her c-come all over your cock?” Jane asked in a shaky voice broken by gasps.
“I want both of you to come,” he answered, and slammed into her, setting off a loud smack as their bodies clashed.
“God yes! F-f-fuck meee!”
Ryan pounded her hard and fast, giving in to his desire as well as hers. She jolted forward with every thrust, and he could feel her fingers moving rapidly over her clit. Stephanie’s face grew red and tight on the television as her cries spiked in volume.
Jane’s voice emerged from the speakers, saying, “Come for me. Oh, come for me.”
Heat swelled within his manhood, and he clenched his teeth, fighting the inevitable. Despite throwing every ounce of his will into it, he wasn’t sure he was going to hold on long enough. Then he felt his wife’s buttock tighten beneath his hand and a momentary hitch in her flashing fingers. Adding a little more pressure popped his thumb into her ass, and she was there.
Jane screamed as orgasm claimed her. Her walls clenched tight around him, and the hand between her legs slammed to the bed to steady her. Past the point of no return, he continued to drive his cock into her climaxing pussy, rushing headlong toward an explosion. A second later, Stephanie let out a wail as she reached her peak as well.
Ryan growled for a handful of powerful strokes, and then surrendered. He buried his cock to the hilt and came.
Jane felt him pulse inside her and cried out, “Fill me–” The last word vanished in a scream as another shockwave of orgasmic energy gripped her body.
His eyes snapped shut, but he could still hear his wife and babysitter coming. Despite the frequent sex over the last couple of days, his cream kept surging forth into a thick, hot cocoon around him. Finally, he could take no more and pulled free, trailing strands of cum.
Head swimming, he watched through half-lidded eyes as his wife sank down to the bed. She twitched and trembled, letting out whimpers as her orgasm settled into aftershocks. Stephanie thrashed on the bed, still climaxing on his cock’s twin while his wife encouraged her to keep coming.
The video ended and the blue screen remained up for several minutes before his wife caught her breath. She turned off the television before snuggling up next to him and saying, “That was incredible.”
He let out a weak chuckle and echoed, “Incredible.”
“I was right. She knew the camera was watching her in the whirlpool. She was hoping I would see it, and knew I would show it to you. She guessed how we made the vibrator, too.”
“Oh yeah?”
Jane quietly laughed, stroking her fingers over his abs. “Unfortunately for you, she’s still not interested in the real thing. I did try, though.”
“Oh well. You’re too good to me.”
“Just you remember that.”
For a while, they silently basked in the afterglow – kissing and touching. He was on the verge of dozing off when she ran a finger up his chest, tickling him back into wakefulness.
“She hasn’t been completely going without since the breakup. Guess who she’s played with a couple of times?”
He shrugged and said, “No clue.”
“Renee, from the grocery store.”
His eyes snapped open when he heard that. Renee was a blonde with an incredible body who was only a couple of years older than Stephanie. They made it a point to only go to the store when she was working, and to always use her line.
“They’ve talked about me, and Stephanie’s going to see if she wants to come play.”
Ryan shuddered, and then sighed. “Well, I hope she’ll at least let you get the camera out.”
“Me too. Guess I’ll have to wait to have my clone of your willy. The next one is for her.”
The process was far from comfortable, but she’d proven it was worth it. “Have an idea for inspiration to keep me hard?”
“Oh, I can think of something. There’s one thing I should tell you, though...”
“What’s that?”
Jane whispered directly into his ear, “She’s bi-curious,” and then began to hum the Star Trek theme.
She was on a mission to help him boldly go where no man had gone before.
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