Fateful Meeting, Part 2
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Monday morning. July 8, 2013. Had Saturday really happened? Had I really just had my first girl-on-girl sex? With a woman who has as beautiful a soul as she had a body? Hesitantly, not quite believing it all, as I was dressing for work, I called the cell phone number that Kathy had given me two days earlier.
“Hi, this Kat,” she said cheerfully.
“I want you to sit on my face!” I blurted out. “It’s all I can even think about!”
“That’s funny, Justine. Because I was about to say the very same thing to you!”
“When? Where?” I panted breathlessly, not believing she was agreeing to this.
“How about we meet for lunch today?” she suggested. “A nice meal will give us both the energy we’re going to need. And then I can have you for dessert.” I could hear her smile over the phone.
I stripped off my bra and panties and just put on my blouse and skirt. I wouldn’t need underwear today. Less clothing to remove when Kathy and I would get busy later.
All morning at the office, images of Kathy naked on my face made me unable to concentrate on meaningless paperwork.
At 11:30 sharp, I headed out the door to meet my lover at our agreed-on restaurant. I had a half sandwich and half salad. She had fish and rice.
As we got in her car, she smiled and told me, “I have a surprise for you.”
She didn’t turn on the street that would take us to my house. I knew she’s married and can’t bring a lover to her house.
“Where are we going?” I asked.
“That’s the surprise. Don’t you trust me?”
“Of course I do.”
We turned into the parking lot of a well-known upscale hotel chain.
The room was beautiful! Huge king size bed. Separate bath and shower. Both with Jacuzzi type jets. Elegant drapes. Plush carpet.
The room was made for fun! Perfect! Just perfect!
I kissed Kathy softly on the mouth. “Oh, Kathy, this is perfect!”
She kissed me back hard.
We stripped each other. I lay down on the amazingly comfortable bed, and pulled Kathy on top of me. She settled her luscious thighs around my ears and rocked back and forth across my mouth and nose.
I kissed her clit.
I licked around her nether lips and slid my tongue inside.
I licked her clit.
I sucked her clit.
She wriggled all over my face, and her moans got ever louder.
“Nibble my clit!” she moaned.
“Excuse me?” I asked, not sure that I understood her.
“Sink your teeth into my clit.”
“Won’t that hurt you?” I asked solicitously.
“Not if you nibble gently and lovingly.”
So I did.
She gave me a little guidance, and soon I was nibbling her just how she liked it, and she was moaning and trembling.
Her clit throbbed hard and soon she was oozing hotly onto my tongue.
She told me how an ex-boyfriend had first nibbled her clit and how amazing that felt. And she said I put even more love into it than he had.
She laid down and invited me onto her face.
She kissed and licked all over my pussy, inside and out.
She kissed and licked my clit.
Then she showed me exactly how her ex used to nibble her clit. Doing it on me.
It had been a very long time since I came that hard. Far too long. I just kept pouring down onto her sweet, beautiful face.
“Mmmm!” Kathy purred. “You taste so good! And so much girl-come for me to enjoy.”
“Damn!” I moaned. “A man taught you that? Where can I meet a guy like that?”
She told me she had lost touch with the man who first did this for her. But that she had taught the technique to her current boyfriend.
“Current boyfriend?” I asked. “I thought you told me you’re married?”
“I am. But I also have a boyfriend, just for sex. And now a girlfriend too?
“Yes, you do have a girlfriend now,” I smilingly reassured her. “So tell me about this boyfriend?”
“Well, he’s five years younger than me. Tall. Muscular. Hairy chest, legs, and arms, which makes him so masculine, so sexy. And mmm, that deep sexy bedroom voice. His manly baritone is enough to melt any woman’s pussy into a big puddle of goo.”
“And a nice cock, too?” I grinned.
“Oh yes!” She got this starry-eyed look on her face. “Eight long, solid inches of all man!” she winked.
She paused to swoon a bot.
“And thick! Almost as wide as a soda can!”
“Are you fucking kidding me? No man can be that perfect!”
“Oh, he is!”
“You’re making me jealous!”
“Of him having me? Or me having him?
“Both.” Then I paused and looked her up and down.
“But I don’t need to be jealous, do I? I mean, you’re here in my arms, naked in bed with me. So need to be jealous of my Kathy.”
“Please call me Kat,” she said. “All my friends do.”
“Am I your friend?”
Kat just looked at me. Then she giggled, “I just came all over your face. And you just came all over mine. And you ask if we’re friends?”
I kissed her. I climbed on her. I ground my clit on her. She ground back against me.
Two mutual orgasms later, she suggested we try out the Jacuzzi tub. We filled it with nice hot swirling sudsy water. We washed each other all over. And I do mean all over!
With a lusty and playful look in her mischievous eyes, Kat turned the nearest jet directly onto my clit. I came very quickly and intensely.
“Two can play that game!” I grinned, picking up the hand shower massager and aiming tit straight at her clit.
She arched her back high. Her whole pussy rose up out of the water against the massager stream.
I turned the massager off and set it aside, I slid my tongue into her pussy, past her clit, onto her spongy, bumpy little g-spot. She pushed hard against my face, she moaned loudly, and soon the sweetest pussy nectar ever to pour out of any woman, was flooding my mouth.
“I think I love you, Kat.”
“I know I love you, Justine.”
We got out of the tub, dried each other off, and headed back to bed and soon we were locked into a 69 that was way hotter and way sweeter, and by far more loving, than any sixty-nine I’ve ever had with any man. Don’t get me wrong, I love sucking cock, always have and always will. But a girl on girl 69 was very different, and much better. We each came hard, three times in quick succession, on each other’s tongue.
Our lunch break form work was now starting onto its third hour, so finally, reluctantly we dressed each other and returned to our respective offices.
Kat called me that night. “My husband is asleep in the next room. I just wanted to thank you for today.
“You give me the five best orgasms pf my life, and then you want to thank me?”
“I know that Saturday is your birthday,” Kat said. “Do you have plans?”
“Nothing special. And even if I did, I’d break them to celebrate with you.”
“Good," I could again hear Kat smiling. “Don’t you fret. I will take care of every detail.”
Part 3 will tell you about the day I turned thirty-eight. July 13, 2013. Best birthday ever! Thanks to Kat.
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