The Daring Dermatologist
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I had just finished painting the side of my house and was folding my extension ladder when I lost my grip and it fell on me. One of the edges caught me in my thigh and it felt like I broke a bone. I could hardly stand but managed to drive to my doctor’s office for an emergency check. He told me that there was not fracture, just a severely bruised muscle and he gave me a prescription for the pain.
But while examining my leg, he noticed a rather dark spot on my thigh and referred me to a dermatologist to have it checked in case it was a melanoma. I waited a few days until my injury had healed and then I visited the dermatologist, Dr. Diedre Bradley. I was fortunate not to have to wait very long because the lobby was filled with patients of all ages.
Dr. Bradley, a stout woman in her forties, came into the examining room where I had been seated and behind her, entered a girl probably in her late twenties. Dr. Bradley shook my hand, introduced herself and added, “And this is Veronica, one of my new assistants in training.”
Veronica stepped forward and shook my hand. Her fingers were as light as feathers. When I told Dr. Bradley where the red spot on my skin was located, she asked me to strip to my underwear and I looked at her, then at Veronica and then back at the doctor.
“It’s common policy for a third person to be present when the gender of the patient and doctor are not the same, Mr. Jameson,” she explained. “Besides, she needs to understand my evaluation when we examine you.”
So almost sheepishly, I kicked off my shoes, stood from the chair and dropped my pants to the floor. “Sit up on the exam table, please,” the doctor asked.
When I was seated on the exam table, Dr. Bradley leaned close, pushed the edge of my boxers up just enough to see the dark red spot. She straightened up and looked at Veronica. “That’s nothing to be concerned about, but to be sure, Veronica, why don’t you freeze it for him?
She turned to me and shook my hand. “If you will excuse me, Mr. Jameson, I have a huge load of patients to attend to. Veronica can handle this for you and except for a little sting, you won’t have any discomfort.”
I thanked her and she left the room. Veronica sat on one of those rolling stools the doctors use and wheeled up close to the edge of the table. She was between my legs. She leaned her arms on top of my legs as she prepared to use the freeze gun. I had been staring at her cleavage and when she pushed up the leg on my boxers to get access to the red spot, I know she noticed and possibly felt my semi-erection.
I tried to remain calm as she rubbed something on the spot but I could feel her breath on my thigh and my cock soared to full mast, straining at the crotch of my boxers. When she pressed the freeze gun to the spot, she counted out loud for ten seconds. I thought I was home free but when she pulled down the leg of my boxers to cover the spot she jerked them sideways too far and my cock popped out of the fly opening.
Suddenly we both had a dilemma. My erection was exposed and her arms were still resting on my upper legs, so she was face-to-face with my cock. I was leaning back on my hands behind me and before I could move, she wrapped a delicate fist around the base and pulled my cock towards her mouth.
I nearly shot my load watching her lick the head, but I couldn’t say anything; I didn’t want her to stop. Then her mouth closed over the tip and she began stroking base to tip, twisting her hand as she stroked the shaft.
Her mouth covered the head and her hand kept stroking and I kept pretending I didn’t care. Her eyes were closed as though she worshiped my cock, rubbing the shaft against the outside of her cheek and then taking the tip in her mouth again.
Suddenly I came to the realization of where we were, and I feebly stammered, “Um….what if somebody comes in here?”
She removed her mouth but left her lips touching the tip of my cock as she answered me, “Nobody’s going to come in here but you. We can’t have you leaving with this sticking up in your pants.”
Her mouth closed over the tip again and her fist moved faster. She slipped the fingers of her other hand inside my boxers to fondle my balls. Suddenly she began licking all around the tip, staring at me, and her fist squeezed harder. She stroked faster and faster and I grabbed a handful of the paper liner on the exam table just as I knew I would shoot any second.
Her tongue kept licking around the crown even as my cum splashed out onto her fist and she stroked until the flow stopped. She licked the head and then took the entire shaft in her mouth, sucking me clean. I was amazed at how good it felt and all I could muster was a soft, “Holy fuck!”
She released her grip on my cock, licked her fingers and her lips and went to the cabinet. She gave me a small vial of salve of some kind to put on the red spot for a few days to heal the freeze burn.
I slid off the exam table, pulled on my pants and sat back down in the chair. I was putting on my shoes when Dr. Bradley came in. “Well, Mr. Jameson, did Veronica take good care of you?”
“Oh, yeah, I feel much better now, doc,” I said.
“Good. Well, in case you have any complications, just call in and Veronica will take care of you.”
“Thanks, doc,” I said. Dr. Bradley left and as Veronica followed her, she turned back and gave me a wink.
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