The rebirth of Andrew Bishop - Chapter 2
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Drew woke the next morning and was sure he still had the smile on his face. He quickly dressed himself in work clothes, checked the time, 7:45am, and padded down the hall to the kitchen in his socks. He found the phone directory and wrote down the name, number and address of a smash repair shop and the local dealer for the particular make of car that lay at the bottom of his drive.
He wrote a note: "Feel free to use the telephone, I have found the numbers for you. I should be back in an hour or two. Drew."
With that done, he grabbed an apple from the fruit bowl, quietly opened the back door and stepped out into a beautiful crisp spring morning. Pulling on a pair of work boots, he stood, stretched and bit into the apple. He walked through the garden, unleashed the dog and sauntered toward the large shed behind the house. Stopping for a quick piss beside the shed, he smiled at the memory of a saying his dad used to use: 'A bush man's breakfast, a piss and a look around.'
Going into the shed, he threw his leg over the saddle of the quad bike that was parked there, whistled the dog and told it to get up, which it did eagerly onto the tray mounted behind the seat. He pushed the starter button and headed off over the hill toward the rear of his remaining two hundred and fifty acres.
It took him a good hour to scour the paddock, looking for newborn lambs and their mothers. He found six little white bundles had arrived overnight. His rams had done well, fathering strong healthy lambs, and the ewes all seemed to be up and about also.
He didn't like having the mob this far from the house while lambing so decided he would shift them to a smaller paddock between the house and the highway that afternoon. That way he could be on hand if a ewe had trouble lambing, and he wouldn't have to worry about wild dogs coming out of the national park that bordered his property.
It was nearly 9:30 by the time he drove back down to the house. He pulled the quad up out the front, opened the gate and there sitting on the steps to the veranda was Tess. Her bare, tanned legs stretched in the morning sun. She had a pair of cut off denim shorts and a western style shirt tied at the bottom, just under her gorgeous breasts.
"Good morning," she said. "This is such a beautiful place. We've never stayed on a farm before."
"Good morning to you," answered Drew. "Really, never slept on a farm?"
"Pure city slickers we are. Dave is on the phone. I have made coffee and toast for us, it's on the stove. I hope you don't mind," she said.
"Mind, hell no! Let's wait for Dave to finish up and then chow down," Drew replied.
Dave appeared in the door way.
"Hi. Slept like a log," he said. "I spoke with the guys you suggested in town and explained what happened, they are sending out a tow truck, should be here about 11am. After I described the damage, he said he should be able to fix it by next weekend."
'God they are an attractive couple,' Drew thought to himself, and he could feel a stirring in his groin.
"Lets have some breakfast and we'll see what we can sort out then," he replied.
Once they were all seated around the table with the pile of toast, fresh tomatoes, cheese, cold meats and their coffee the conversation just flowed. Dave and Tess told Drew about their lives in the city, their apartment forty meters above the street, how they had been married five years ago, the exorbitant cost of their wedding reception; it all left Drew a bit bemused. It made his life seem a bit simple. 
'You slept, you worked, you ate and then slept again.' But he decided he probably preferred his lifestyle to theirs.
Tess got up to start clearing the dishes.
Drew said, "Look if your car is going to take a week to fix, why don't you stay here? I know you want to go riding in the ranges, well it just so happens the national park borders my property, just back over the hill here. There are lots of trails through the mountains. I'm sure you'd both enjoy it."
"Oh I'd love that," said Tess. "Can we, Dave, what do you want to do?"
Just as he was about to answer, they heard a motor bike coming up the drive.
"That will be my neighbor Geoff," Drew said. "He usually comes by on Monday."
Dave looked at Tess and said, "Well, if you're really sure, Drew. Tess loves the place and if you have mountain bike trails close by it would seem silly to go and stay in some flea pit motel all week and not have as much fun as we can here."
"But I still have to get to town today to see the smash repair guys."
"No problems there chief," came a voice from the lounge room.
"Dave, Tess meet Geoff, my oldest mate and neighbor," said Drew.
There were hand shakes all round and another cup of coffee was poured for everyone.
"So you must own the mess at the front gate?" Geoff remarked in a style all of his own. "I guess your responsible for killing Skippy down the road too?"
"Only kidding with you," he said when Tess showed signs of anxiety.
For a moment she thought they really had run over his pet kangaroo.
Drew explained the accident from the previous night, that the car was to be picked up soon and Dave and Tess would be his house guests till it was fixed.
"Well I'm heading into town after lunch if you need a lift. I have to pick up some parts for my tractor. So I can stop by and get you if you like?" announced Geoff.
"Ah that would be handy for me," said Drew. "I want to shift my ewes this afternoon, bring them down here to the house so I can watch over them while they are lambing."
"Can I stay here and help out?"asked Tess,"As I said, I've never been on farm before, let alone done farm work. You don't mind do you, Honey?"
Dave said he didn't mind for Tess to help Drew if she could. So it was decided that she would stay and that he would go to town with Geoff.
Drew was wrapped, he got to spend the whole afternoon with Tess to himself, not that he thought much would come of it, but it was a nice fantasy.
Geoff got up to leave and Drew showed him out.
"About 12:30 then Dave, OK?" Geoff called back over his shoulder.
"Fine, see you then," Dave answered.
Dave and Geoff walked out to the motor bike.
"You now Dave is gay, don't you?" said Geoff when they were well out of earshot.
"No, not by what I heard from my spare room last night he's not," replied Drew.
"Well he's Bi then, may gaydar is always on and never wrong, and isn't she a pretty little thing," said Geoff.
"You may just get lucky."
Geoff had been worried about Drew's lack of a sex life. He'd even offered to take him to the big smoke to get him a blow job from one of the gay clubs that he frequented on his regular jaunts to the city.
"It'll blow your cock, and your mind, with the right guy," was the way he'd put it.
Drew had declined the offer but the thought did keep popping back into his head on occasion.
"Fuck off, you idiot!" said Drew. "I've got work to do, I'll see you later."
Geoff started his bike, put on his helmet, clicked the machine into gear and was gone.
"The tow truck's here," Drew called to Dave.
Dave came out from the house and could see the truck parked in front of his sorry looking car in the distance.
"Jump on the back and well run down," he said indicating the quad bike.
As his machine lurched off the mark, he was grabbed around the midriff by two strong arms; it was unexpected. Drew felt that weird sensation in his groin again for the short drive to the gate. Dave signed some papers and the car was loaded in less than half an hour. Then they climbed back on to the quad to return to the house.
Dave again held him around the torso a bit tighter than was necessary it seemed. Did he just for one moment feel Dave's hand brush his groin? Their was that same sensation that Drew could feel.
'What's going on?' he thought to himself.
Dave didn't really have much to do until later, he didn't want to shift the sheep until mid afternoon. He busied himself and chopped some fire wood. It was a job he enjoyed, shirt off in the spring sunshine, and hard physical work. Before he knew it Geoff was coming up the drive in his four wheel drive. He didn't stop chopping; there was no need for him to go across the yard to see them off, as Dave was already climbing into the passenger side door. With a toot and a wave, they were gone.
Drew hung his shirt in the back pocket of his Levis, cradled half a dozen pieces of split timber in his left arm and walked to the house. He placed the wood in the box near the hearth, turned, and saw that Tess was watching him from the kitchen bench.
"Dave told me about your wife this morning. It made me so sad for you," she said softly.
Drew looked at her, really looked at her, right into her wonderful blue eyes; he held his gaze.
"Yes, it was a sad time for me, but every day it gets a tiny bit easier. It will never be the same, but I am managing better now. Even having you and Dave here makes it easier. This morning I woke up happier than I can remember just because there were two other people in the house." He paused. "It makes the old house feel alive again having you guys here."
Still he held eye contact, and Tess could feel his eyes connecting with her. Even when she had exposed her breasts to him the previous evening, he didn't look at her like this. She found it so alluring this attractive man, half naked, staring into her soul and being totally honest with his feelings.
He wiped a bead of perspiration from his brow.
Drew finally broke his gaze.
"I'm just going to shower then I'll make us some lunch, OK?"
"Great," said Tess.
She was still recovering from the way she had been looked into. She knew one thing in her mind and that was that Drew was a special person, some one she new she wanted.
Drew stripped off his sweaty clothes, started the shower running to get the hot water through, and brushed his teeth. Stepping under the water, he closed the door of the shower stall and placed his hands high on the wall of the cubicle, letting the hot water cascade down his back.
He stood like this for maybe a minute; he was thinking of Tess and her tiny little body, her blond hair, her smooth legs, her tight stomach muscles and her small, perfect tits. He wondered what her pussy would look like; she would be waxed for sure, all pink and soft. His mind went to the strong arms of Dave around his own tight pep muscles on the quad bike.
He opened his eyes, looked down and saw that he was fully erect.
Just as he was about to take his dick in his hand and jerk of for the second time in twelve hours, something he hadn't done since he was back at boarding school, he heard a noise and then the faintest of breezes on his back. Turning just his head, he saw her, Tess. She was naked also, and was stepping into the shower stall through the barely open door.
"Shh," she whispered as Drew opened his mouth to protest.
"Relax, Drew, it is OK," she reassured him. "I want this to happen as much as you."
With that, she gently reached around Drew's waist with both her arms and held him tight, her face and boobs pushed hard into his muscular back. With one hand she fondled his now throbbing dick, the other hand holding him across the chest in a firm but loving embrace.
Drew was helpless. He knew it was not right; Dave was his guest, but his lust for this little creature fondling him over rode all his principles.
"Drew," she whispered in a voice just audible over the running water. "I want you to stay in that position until I say it's OK to move, understand? Don't move, just enjoy."
"Yes," replied Dave in a now shaky, husky voice.
His cock was throbbing, and if she hadn't released it from her grip, he knew he wouldn't have lasted much longer.
"Just close your eyes, relax and enjoy this," she whispered.
With that, she started placing small soft kisses on his back, starting as high as her 5'2" frame would allow. She kissed all the way down his spine, while her hands rubbed his thighs from his knees to his groin and buttocks down.
She was very careful not touch his cock, as she could sense he was close and she wanted this to last so he could enjoy her technique. She continued kissing down his spine an inch at a time. Drew was in heaven; he'd not had passionate contact for what now seemed like forever.
His heart thumped as Tess's kisses reached the top of his ass crack. She didn't stop and continued her oral seduction down toward a place that had never been kissed before. He was loving it, but had a bit of apprehension.
"Relax," she again whispered.
And with that, Drew did relax. He let his buttocks loosen completely and even felt his legs almost involuntarily move further apart. Her kisses went lower, and Drew was almost overcome with the sensation of it all. He had never had this before.
"Just enjoy it," she whispered again.
Her hands were now on his but cheeks, gently spreading them apart. Her soft lips were being aided by her tongue. Drew sucked in his breath as the first kiss touched his anus, and then the second. With each kiss, Tess increased the pressure just a little. With each kiss she just pushed on his puckered hole with her tongue just that little bit harder, until she felt the tight sphincter loosen. Then she knew she had him in the state she wanted him.
Inhibitions gone, the male taboo of receiving anal sex, gone.
Now she really set her tongue to work, pushing in as far as she could with it. Gentle tongue fucking she had called it in the past, pushing just past his entrance and retracting her tongue after maybe two seconds, then repeating the process. Her lips never loosing contact with his skin.
Drew was in a state of bliss; he so badly wanted to cum, but this was too good to stop. He found himself bending more at the hips and spreading his legs to allow Tess easier access. He wanted more of her tongue, deeper, and deeper. Neither he nor Tess had touched his cock since the kiss session had begun but he was so close to cumming that he ached for it.
After what seemed like an age of tongue fucking, Tess thought it was time to move on to the next stage of her seduction. Now on her knees behind and between Drew's legs, she continued her kissing down toward his scrotum. This was actually her favorite part as she found that a mans skin here was so smooth and soft on the lips and tongue, it always made her pussy wet.
Lingering on this area for a moment, she pushed her nose and chin into Drew, she always marveled that a mans penis continues on through his body nearly to his anus, and when he has an erection she could actually push here and make his cock bigger.
Moving on she reached his scrotum with her lips. Care had to be taken here, she knew. Gently she kissed down to the lowest point at the back of his ball sack and sort of gave it a flicker with the tip of her tongue. Her right hand was busy; she was gently touching his anus with a finger to see if she could coax his muscle to relax again. Now Tess ever so gently took one of his testicles into her mouth, and with very loose lips and cheeks she sucked in air around it. This caused Drew to shudder as his ball was pulled gently down, not an unpleasant feeling, something he could learn to like. He felt the gently probing finger on his anus, and knew that he liked that sensation, so relaxed his sphincter again and felt her finger pop into his ass.
Again, Tess knew from his response she had him. Slowly, she started to push her index finger in and out, not deeply and not all the way out. She guessed that anal sex was new to Drew, and didn't want to push him too far the first time, pain is a huge mood killer. Drew for his part was loving the whole experience, a ball being gently sucked, a finger in his virgin ass, pure pleasure. But all to soon her mouth was on the move again. With a bit of squirming and twisting, Tess managed to get her petite body around so that she now had Drew's dick at face level. She was seated on the shower base and he was arched over her, still with his hands on the wall. Some how she had managed this manoeuvre with out taking her finger from his anus. She kept gently finger fucking him, just one finger as her lips worked there way up the front of his scrotum.
Now was the time she wanted him to completely lose control. With one deft lick, she went from the base to the head of his cock. At the same time, she thrust here index finger into his ass as far as she could and held it in hard. Now she took the head and about an inch or an inch and a half of his shaft into her mouth an rubbed the glans on the under side of his penis with her tongue. Her finger was now searching for his prostate gland.
'Yes, there it was, sort of behind his scrotum, feels a bit like the end of a man's thumb. Gently rub and massage it, rub the under side of his prick with my tongue that's it, he's going to cum!'
Drew was shaking, her finger was touching something that he'd never known existed.
'How is she doing that to my dick, I can't last any longer!'
"I'm cumming," gasped Drew audibly.
Tess held him tight; the finger in his ass would not let him withdraw from her mouth.
"I'm cumming," he repeated a little louder this time.
The only answer he received was muffled and caused vibrations on his cock that tipped him over the edge.
"Ahhh!" hissed Drew.
His body stiffened and his cock pulsed in orgasm.
Tess kept massaging his prostate but stopped with her tongue, as what can only be described as a gusher of his thick cum exploded into her mouth.
Drew never thought he could produce so much semen! Five, six, seven huge spurts all into poor little Tess's mouth.
Finally, she removed her finger from his anus and this allowed him to pull his cock from here mouth. Tess now stood up in front of Drew.
His eyes feasted on her body; he reached out and cupped her small, magnificent breasts and yes, her pussy was waxed to smooth perfection.
Tess moved in close, went up on tip toe and kissed Drew on the mouth. He eagerly kissed back and soon they were in a wonderful open mouthed kiss. Tess had saved what she could of his ejaculate and now passed it in to his mouth, another first for Drew. It tasted salty sweet, and not unpleasant.
He swallowed his own cum willingly.
"That was unbelievable, Tess," whispered Drew.
"I'm so glad you enjoyed it," replied Tess. "I have a feeling this is going to be a fun holiday."
They then soaped up each other's bodies, and washed each other down, luxuriating in the touch of their naked wet bodies. As the water started to lose its temperature, Drew reluctantly shut of the flow and opened the shower screen door. He felt for a towel and dried Tess off; she responded by doing the same to Drew.
Together, they walked to Drew's bedroom.
"Fuck me please, Drew," Tess whispered.
Drew was as amazed at her bluntness, and that his dick was fully at attention again.
"I can't think of anything I'd rather do right now," he responded.
Tess stood on the bed in front of Drew, and put her hands on his shoulders, then a around his neck. She placed one leg around him and lowered her wet, warm pussy down on to his hard, straight cock. She then lifted her other leg around his waist and crossed her ankles. They embraced as one.
She slowly started to gyrate her hips back and forward, causing her swollen clit to rub on the base of Drew's penis and pubic bone. Her pleasure was instant and intense. This was her favorite fuck position, as most of her body weight was pushed down on her love button.
Together, they gently rocked in this position for a full five minutes, she moaning with desire, until she felt her vaginal muscles tighten and a release of her own womanly juices, and then she came, hard and strong. Here moans became louder, quicker and more urgent. She was now in her place of no control.
Drew could feel her pussy muscles tightening on him. Her sounds were exciting him and when he saw she was cumming he allowed himself to release also, filling her with his white milky cum.
Slowly coming back to normal, Tess stepped back onto the bed and held Drew's head in her arms; he was a kind lover she decided.
Drew was not finished though, and began by kissing her neck and shoulders, down to those pert little breasts, where he sucked each nipple in turn. Lower he went until he found what he was looking for, her sweet pretty pussy. On his knees now he began by taking long slow licks from low down up to her still swollen clit. He could taste her juices and his semen. It was new for him to taste his own cum, and not unpleasant. With a little more vigor, he thrust his tongue into her, parting her puffy lips and savoring the complex taste.
Tess pushed his head into her private place and could feel another orgasm building, this time more intense. She came again quickly, pushing Drew into herself. She was beyond happy.
Drew heard and felt her orgasm as more of her and his fluids were expelled by her contracting vaginal muscles and flooded his mouth. He loved that taste. God, he loved sex with this woman.
They lay on his bed together for a few minutes, basking in the after glow of their coupling.
"Gee, good sex makes me hungry!" exclaimed Tess, and with that stood up and skipped out to the kitchen, still naked.
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