Cruising For A Bruising
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My family and I had just returned from a Caribbean Cruise. Including our family we had over 20 people in our party. Because I indulge my husbands hosiery fetish, I'm encased in sheer silky pantyhose like 24/7. Considering its August, my legs have no color which prevented me from not wearing pantyhose with any of my outfits. My husband was in his glory for I wore pantyhose daily as I dressed for dinner and our night attractions.
Everyone in our group besides my husbands cousin Ken were there as couples. Ken's a real nice guy, attractive in his own right, he has a big heart, but he suffers from his insecurities of jealousy.
My husband and I often bring his name up after family functions while we fuck. Why? because his cousin has a little "thing" for me. It's innocent and my husband knows it. He's secure in our relationship and is confident in me.
On holidays and family gatherings his cousin always finds an opportunity to make his way into the ladies circle, simple gossip and bullshit. At every function I feel him eyeing me, staring at my nylon encased legs, my sexy toes. At times his sly sexual innuendos cause a twinge between my legs. He once went as far as to ask me "how much?" as if I were a call girl, a prostitute, or a hooker.
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