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I looked at my husband Vishal woefully. Its been ten years since were married. No children. That was the cause of our distraught. However much we tried, Vishal was not able to impregnate me. We were becoming a source of ridicule among our families.
Vishal did not really seem to care, too immersed in his job.
That night after another bout of discussions about artificial insemination and adoption, our argument continued. I paused, hesitant to raise the issue again, but said softly, "Why can’t we adopt." I screamed at him.
He sighed, rubbing his eyes. "I don't want to raise someone else's baby, Akila. You never know to what kind of people those 'adoptable' babies are born, it could be any poor low lifes."
I continued to cry softly as all avenues to motherhood were closed to me. It seemed I would never have a baby, and I felt bereft.
Feeling more alone than ever, I curled around my pillow and cried myself to sleep.
The door bell rang. When I opened it there stood Ajith, my cousin. Hadn’t seen him in over ten years. He had gone for his studies to the United states.
“Hey Akila.. how are you?”
He demanded walking into the apartment. He was his flamboyant self. I offered him tea and we talked about the old days. He was married with three kids. He had married an Italian girl. The topic turned to me. At some point I broke down and told him about Vishals inability to impregnate me and the stress it was causing.
His hand reached up to caress my cheek.
Tears slipped down my cheek, and I turned back to glare through the window. I turned back to Ajith. To my utter surprise, an unbelievable thought entered my desperate mind. I instantly saw in him the father Vishal could never be, and it struck me to the core. Ajith seemed to read my mind.
"You're angry, and rightfully so," he murmured low, his eyes penetrating into mine. I nodded, feeling desire building in me so quickly it scared me. "You need to feel a sweet baby filling your belly... But you need something else too, don't you?"
I swallowed hard, wrestling with my desire, hormones raging. But again I nodded, and his hand reached up to caress my cheek, sliding up into my hair and gripping it firmly. I gasped at my body's reaction, at the instinctual desire to surrender to him. He smiled knowingly, then rose, leading me firmly by the hand to the bedroom.
No sooner had we stepped through the doors and closed them behind us, Ajith was upon me. One hand gripped my hair and the other crushed my body to his in a searing kiss. I don't know whether it was the hormonal roller coaster or his inescapable magnetism, but I melted into him, my body on fire, my cunt dripping wet. I hungered for his touch, and instinctively knew that his sexual prowess would make a mockery of my sex life with Vishal.
But I was still a married woman, despite my body's craving. I pulled back. "Wait!"
"No." He kissed my neck as he began to unbutton my blouse.
I protested weakly, "But my husband..."
"He can't give you what you need." His eyes met mine, and they glowed with unrestrained passion. "I can, and I will." He was in command.
He took my hand and placed it on his bulge. I felt it through his pants, every straining inch of it, and exhaled sharply. It was huge and hard as steel and incredibly thick.
"No, I can't," I whispered.
I was on the bed and his hand slipped under my saree and petticoat. His hand slid up my inner thighs where wetness greeted him well before he reached my pussy. "Your cunt says otherwise." His fingers slid through my juices before plunging inside me. I nearly came that instant, then whimpered when he withdrew them. He brought his wet fingers up to my face, proof positive of my arousal. The scent was intoxicating, rich in pheromones, a blatant advertisement of my fertility, and I tentatively stuck out my tongue to taste my own pussy.
"That's right," he murmured as I sucked his fingers. "I know what your body needs." His other hand quickly finished unbuttoning my blouse and soon removed my saree and blouse as I lay shamelessly naked and wanting. I still felt apprehensive. I tensed, coming to my senses for a moment. "Please don't... I'm not myself..."
"You need this," he said firmly, backing me onto the bed and climbing over me. He was huge.
"No, I-I have a... husband," I sighed as his mouth closed over my sensitive nipple. His teeth bit gently down, sending bolts of pleasure through my body, and I arched from the bed with a sharp cry.
He kissed his way down my belly. "Your husband can't satisfy you like I can. Look at you. You would come if I just breathed on your clit." He rose up on his knees, looking me directly in the eyes, challenging me. "Tell me you've felt this way with that little wimp you call a husband."
I felt his authority, in his aura, in his posture and presence. I became acutely aware of the disparity of our positions. I on my back, naked, legs spread, pussy exposed and glistening wet before this fully clothed and virile man with the intense gaze of an alpha male. He was right. I'd never felt such a reaction to my husband, nor to any man. I shyly looked up at him through lowered lashes, and he had his answer.
He began to undress, not hurriedly, but with purpose. Beneath his clothes was the body of an athlete. He took them off, revealing broad shoulders and lean muscles beneath a manly swirl of dark hair. He rose to remove his pants, and I believe I held my breath until he stood before me in all his glorious nudity. His erection stood large and proud like a ramrod, so big and thick like a tree trunk, and my pussy throbbed to be filled with it.
I began to squirm, my surrender inevitable. My hormonal and emotional state left me somewhere beyond words and communication. I plead with my eyes, and he obliged me, climbing over me with the grace of a tiger. His scent intoxicated me, the scent of a real man, of testosterone, of virility. He nudged my thighs apart with his knees and gripped my hair for a deep kiss as he slowly entered me.
I broke the kiss to breathe through the pleasure/pain of being stretched by his huge cock. I felt painfully split apart, yet my body arched against him to take him deeper. I came almost instantly, my pussy rhythmically clenching around him. I cried out loudly as my body achieved a level of orgasmic satisfaction I'd not experienced in a long time.
When the throbbing began to ebb, my eyes opened to see him looking at me with amusement. Confused, I frowned. "What?"
He smirked. "I'm not even all the way in you yet." My eyes widened in surprise as he pressed in the last few inches, triggering another delicious wave of pleasure. I gasped for breath as he began to thrust into me, each movement bringing first pleasure and pain, and then only pleasure.
"Akila," he breathed in my ear. "Your pussy is so tight... it grips my cock like a glove."
I was lost somewhere outside of rational thought. I clung to him as he rocked against me, surrounding me and filling me. He played my body like a violin virtuoso, and my body crescendoed and vibrated in a near-perpetual orgasmic state.
It went on for a long time, the endless plunging of his huge cock into my tender pussy. His breath quickened along with his thrusts, and I knew his own climax was near. At that moment, a semblance of thought returned to me, and I pulled back.
"Wait, don't cum in me!" I begged.
"You want me to cum in you," he stated raggedly, never breaking his rhythm. And he was right, but...
"But... I'm on fertility drugs... and ovulating," I gasped between thrusts. "My husband and I... were trying for a baby..."
He thrust harder. "Another thing your pathetic husband couldn't get right." He gripped my hair, forcing me to look in his eyes. "That's right, look at me. You'll have my baby. Your pussy belongs to me now. Take my cum and have my baby," he growled, his eyes never leaving mine.
"Yes," I breathed, my surrender complete, "Give me a baby."
With a hoarse growl, he mated me, thrusting hard, pressing against my cervix. I felt the heavy thudding of his cock as it pulsed his seed deep in my womb, on and on for what seemed an eternity. The intensity of his orgasm triggered one more of my own, and my pussy clenched around him, milking him for every last drop of his precious semen. In a surge of ecstatic pleasure, our cries filled the room, and we collapsed together in a sweaty pile.
Long moments passed, trying to regain our breath. He was still semi-hard inside me. I shifted slightly, but his hands stayed me. "No, keep my seed inside you as long as you can." His hand brushed the hair from my forehead, then skimmed down to rest on my tummy. "I can't wait to see your belly all big and round with my baby."
A million thoughts whirled through my head. I'd just had the most satisfying sex of my life. My brain, hopped up on endorphins and hormones painted a picture of my future: a belly full of baby – healthy baby with strong genes – and a dominant male to care for us both. Glowing happily from the deeply satisfying sex and the prospect that I may be carrying a precious baby already, I drifted off to sleep with Ajith’s huge thick cock still plugged inside me.
The following months passed in a whirlwind. My first coupling with Ajith had indeed impregnated me, thus securing my future. Our courtship was somewhat unusual, sure. But what's important is our deep reverence for the sanctity of motherhood and family.
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