Jill Steps Out; A Cuck is Conceived - Part 3
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After the mini-gangbang (GB) Colby started to become more of a regular fixture at their house. Jill loved getting fucked by him. Greg was used to it by now and actually enjoyed seeing her so enthralled with orgasms, something he could never do.
This relationship with Colby had been going on now for about six months. Jill started fooling around over a year ago. They were mostly one night stands with married guys she found in hotel bars. They were looking for the same thing as her, a night of sport sex, before going home to their plain Jane wife and Jill, to her mentally impotent husband. Then she found Colby, decided he was a keeper and that Greg had to be told.
It was really the perfect relationship for everyone, with the possible exception of Greg, but he understood and accepted why things were the way they were. Neither Jill or Colby wanted a romantic relationship. She still loved Greg and Colby was not looking for an amorous entanglement after his divorce.
Now it was not unusual for Greg to come home late and find Jill and Colby together, sometimes in their bed fucking. Or there could be a note or phone message from Jill saying that she was over at Colby’s house and would be home later, ready to be cleaned up.
They had even taken to going out for drinks and dinner sometimes. The city was big so there were plenty of good restaurants where no one would know them. They did get unusual looks sometimes. A sexy woman and two guys, one white one black, hmmm. They were sure many conclusions were drawn.
Usually Greg drove. Jill and Colby could then have the back seat free to engage in any activity that they might feel like at anytime. Greg had rear view views of everything from light kissing/petting to a blowjob or Jill sitting facing Colby, impaled and screaming.
Her relationship with Clark had pretty much run its course. He was a young, good-looking Grad student, hung like a horse. He had no problem getting women. They had one more GB session, which was even better than the first, from Jill’s perspective.
Clark and Colby had talked about Jill before this next GB, scheduled for Saturday night. She obviously was dominant over Greg. Colby had filled him in on why, what had happened in the marriage to cause this. The decided to treat Jill rougher this time; to make her beg for what she wanted; to see if the could bring out the submissive side of her.
The bed was prepared for the GB. She had placed many towels on the bed to absorb the fluids everyone would produce that night.
They started slower. Took more time to bring her closer and closer to her first orgasm. Made her suck their cocks at the same time, never letting her actually get them off. They made her suck one while the other orally brought her right to the edge and backed her down. She was almost in tears. By then she was so extremely aroused and wanton that she could not control her physical responses.
“Beg for it bitch! Tell us how bad you need to get fucked. Tell us what a slut you are!”
Tears now running down her cheeks, “Please, please fuck me! Let me cum! I am a slut, your slut. I will do whatever you want just let me cum!”
“We will pound your pussy unmercifully, til you beg us to stop, if you tell us what a tramp whore you are. That you need this more than anything!”
“I am a whore and a slut! I am a cock sucking harlot that lives to be fucked and used. Take me anyway you want. Use my body. Fuck me senseless. I am pleading with you. Just please, please satisfy my carnal cravings!”
That is when they became relentless in their ravaging her body. They took turns fucking her pussy. One would go at her as hard as he could and stop before cumming. Then they would switch and the other guy would do the same. She was never without a cock in her for more than a few seconds. This went on and on. She was in an almost continuous orgasmic state, screaming in a lascivious, debauched, uncontrolled state of extraordinary sensuality.
“Oh god yes! I need this so bad! Ohhhhhhh fuck another! AHhhhhh. I am your slut, use me hard!”
Greg sat in his appointed ‘cuck’ chair. Jill had bought it for him, a special chair only to be used when she was getting fucked and he was watching. It was a hard wood, straight back chair. Not very comfortable but suitable for the occasion. He was watching his wife getting fucked by two guys. They were taking her to orgasmic places he never could and he was happy for her. He loved her and wanted her to have this as much as she desired.
This was the one time his ‘device’ was a problem for him. He had been wearing it for months now and was totally used to and accepting of it. He rarely got hard anymore. But these scenes did it to him. His cock tried to get fully hard but was restrained by the appliance. He needed to be free of it but knew it would only happen when they were done with her. He could only watch and bide his time.
Finally Colby shot a huge hot load deep in her, causing her biggest orgasm of the night, so far. They let her rest long enough to drink some water and somewhat regain her senses. Then Clark brought her up on her knees, head down on the bed and slapped her ass multiple times before he grabbed her hair, pulling her head back as he mounted her ass, plunging as deep as he could go. All her muscles tightened and began twitching from the sexual invasion of her body.
“Tell us how much you need this bitch! Confess your total slutty, depraved needs!”
“I am your ass slut, use it! Fuck yes. Fuck my ass hard. Drive it deep in me, pound me! I am a completely wanton, depraved tramp.”
Like with her pussy, they traded placed often, never letting her rest. She had a towel in her mouth, biting and screaming muted screams of rapturous thrills. The scream level going up with every hard ass slap and every unsparing ass thrust. Finally Cark came at the end of a deep plunge, spouting a hot stream of his white, gooey spunk in her. She let out a long, sustained, muted scream that lasted til his pulsing stopped and he pulled out. She fell flat on the bed.
They offered her more water but she just shook her head. So Colby lay on his back and pulled her on him, deeply thrusting into her twat. He put his arms around her, pulling her to his chest. She was too physically exhausted to do anything but moan at his penetration. Clark began a slow-fast pounding of her ass, in rhythm with Colby’s pussy thrusts.
More screaming and yelling, her voice getting quite horse by this point. She was gasping for air, her heart racing but still the orgasms rolled through her. She had not begged them to stop so the onslaught continued. Everyone was soaked from their sweat and the constant flow of creamy pussy essence, the fluid juice of her squirting and the leaking semen. Finally Clark gave one final hard drive and filed her ass with his hot load of milky, sticky jizz.
They released her and she lay on the bed, oozing sexual juices, only partly aware of her surroundings. Her panting slowed to normal breathing. She softly asked Colby to unlock Greg. He took the key and had Greg unlock himself.
Greg quickly unlocked himself and gave the key back to Colby. Going to her, he held her, kissing, whispering, licking juices. Then he was between her legs, fully cleaning her. He actually thanked both of them for giving her such fantastic orgasmic thrills.
Colby and Clark showered and left the two of them on the bed, holding each other. They knew that Greg was always promised sex after a cuck session. They wondered how sore she was already. She was so erotically enraptured and exhilarated they doubted she had yet to feel what would definitely come later.
After they left, she and Greg did fuck. He was so full of spunk from being confined that he could not last long even though he tried his best to hold out. He soon shot his huge load into the pussy that had so recently been ruthlessly battered. At least he made her cum again, his manhood and virility was intact and proven. He quickly went down and cleaned up his own deposit. They laid together and both fell asleep.
The bed was still wet in the morning. She had a hard time getting up. Walking was unpleasant from her irritated pussy and ass. But she would not have changed anything that happened. Her memories of the night brought her immense delight.
Greg had spent the night unlocked. He showered in the morning, loving the freedom. She saw him, looked at his cock and then back at him. No word’s necessary. He retrieved the device and re-locked himself.
Jill drew herself a hot bubble bath to soothe her sore parts. It felt so good as she slowly slipped into the hot water. She looked back on last night, thinking about how they had made her beg and plead. How rough they had treated her and how she enjoyed it. She really was a wanton slut. A hard-working woman at her job and well liked by her friends and associates. But deep down she was a needful slut.
As her pain eased, she thought of a club that was known as the fun night club, mostly frequented by blacks, where just about anything went, except drugs. But if you wanted sex, you could find it there. She resolved to talk to Colby about going there and what it would be like. She wanted to extend her sluttish behavior further.
She made arrangements to go to his house on Wednesday. She would discuss it then.
When she arrived that night, it was the first thing she brought up.
“Oh you mean The Bell.”
“How did it get that name?” she asked.
He laughed, “Just like a bell, if you want it rung, that is where you go to get it.”
He had been there several times and he told her some of the things he had observed and done. The DJ was great, the drinks strong, and sex was definitely available if you were looking. Sometimes right in the club. There were several dark corners where pretty much anything went. Sometimes even on the dance floor. Almost all the men and women dressed extremely sexy, especially the women. Women in see through outfits were common.
“Will you take me if I want to go and make sure I am safe?”
“Absolutely. You can satisfy your cravings right there if you want and I will be glad to help,” he said with a big smile.
“Well let’s satisfy our cravings now and I will give it more thought. I am definitely interested.”
With that they were off the bedroom where she did indeed get her craving satisfied. He played rough again and she did not complain. Inside she was relishing his treatment of her. She went home with a bite mark high on her thigh, just an inch or so from her puss.
When she arrived home, Greg was waiting for her, to clean her and to have his turn. He noticed the bite but said nothing, just happy to be free for a time and have sex with his wife.
The next day Jill called Colby and told him she wanted to go whenever they could set it up, probably on a Saturday night. She had some ideas, but never having been there she asked him for suggestions on what to wear.
“Well I assume you want to be noticed; to make an impression; to attract attention?”
“Yes to all three.”
“It will require more than the cocktail dresses I have seen you in. I will look on the internet and send you some links to what you need to consider. They will be much more revealing than what you might expect but you will fit right in if you wear one. The women that are looking to achieve the look you are, dress in the way I am going to suggest.”
“I also suggest that whatever you pick, you have it delivered to my place and change there, just to save Greg the shock of what you will be wearing.”
“Okay, I will look forward to seeing what you have in mind. It sounds like they are very daring and bold.”
“You could say that. Just look with an open mind. Remember you are going for the super slut look if you want to go there.”
After the conversation he looked up several different companies that made these super sexy, revealing dresses and sent her the links. He knew she would probably be surprised at how daring they are but she would be a knockout!
She received the links and checked them out. He was right, they were incredibly daring! All were sheer or a combination of sheer and semi-sheer strapless, mini dresses only held up by plenty of spandex to ensure they tightly hugged the body. She thought she might as well be nude. If this was the standard, was this a good idea after all?
After more thought she knew it was what she wanted. She picked a dress that was part sheer, part semi sheer. She would probably wear it with no bra and a thong. He was right about Greg, he did not need to see it. She ordered it to go to his house and emailed him the link to what she had chosen. He quickly replied, “Good choice!”
It arrived in about four days. He let her know it was there and she came by that night to try it on. She looked daringly delicious and she knew it! They planned for the following Saturday. Leave his house at 9 p.m. and arrive about 9:30 p.m..
She waited til Saturday morning to tell Greg that she was going out with Colby that night and would be gone all night. Probably be home mid-morning Sunday. He wanted more details. She just told him they were going to a night club and everything would depend on how they liked it. She promised to fill him in on Sunday and to unlock him for some fun.
The days passed quickly. After dinner Saturday she dressed in one of her black cocktail dresses, red stilettos and a small red purse with a black leather strap. She kissed him goodby saying, “See you tomorrow sweetie.”
When she arrived at Colby’s she quickly changed into the party dress, leaving her bra behind. The dress barely covered her ass and kept trying to ride up. If it were not for the thong, her pussy would be completely visible about half the time.
As they were leaving, Colby gave her a handful of Magnum condoms, telling her to put them in her purse. “You never know what may happen tonight and this should be safe sex night.” She thanked him, saying she should have thought of that.
On the way over, while sitting in his car, she had to keep pulling down her dress. Not that she minded him seeing her crotch, it was just the new experience of wearing something so totally revealing and knowing it would be on display in The Bell.
After arriving, they paid the cover charge, single girls free, couples twenty dollars, single guys fifty dollars, and went in. The music was good. Loud dance tunes playing. All the walls were black with abstract paintings in bright red and yellow. Lasers were flashing in time with the music.
They went up to the big center bar and ordered drinks, margarita for her, martini for him. She could feel the eyes on her already. As she looked around, it was a sea of black faces, dotted here and there with very few white ones. She felt better about her dress when she checked out the other women, the vast percentage of them were at least as revealing as her, some even more.
They started to circulate around, getting feel for it. Many small tables and chairs, booths along the side walls, open dance floor in the middle. She was already subtly starting to move to the beat of the music.
“Hot dress Babe!” some guy said as he passed by her and gave her ass a small slap. She turned and he was gone.
“Get used to it,” Colby said, “you will attract attention here.”
They found a small table, put down their drinks and went out to dance. It seemed that twerking had quickly caught on. It was a very popular move on the floor. It was not something she had practiced but she gave it her best shot with Colby, trying to imitate the really good dancers she saw around her. She loved any reason to rub against his cock.
They found their way back to their table and both of them enjoyed the luscious humanity around them. The really hung guys were obvious. Their bulge was big and there was no attempt to minimize it. The really hot women wore barely there dresses, showing off their assets to the utmost.
A few people, both men and women, saw Colby and came over to say hi. He always introduced me. The chitchat was always short, partly due to the volume of the music and partly because everyone was moving around.
We stood and hit the floor again. I was facing Colby when a guy suddenly clutched me from behind, making sure to grind his crotch into my ass.
“Hey Col, how’s they hangin man? Who de chick? Hi Babe, Ruman here.”
Colby laughed, “Jill, meet Ruman. Old friend of mine. They are hangin just fine and don’t be messin with my woman!”
“She be somethin to mess wit, I tell you dat!”
She turned to see him and found a handsome guy with an obvious swelling. “Well maybe he can mess later,” Jill said with a giant smile.
“I be lookin for you girl! Later man,” and he was gone.
“He is interesting,” Jill said.
“So are other guys here. Let’s get more drinks.”
They took off for the bar, replenished their drinks and went back to their table. She did not bring up Ruman again but her puss had become noticeably warmer and wetter.
They continued talking, enjoying the music and the people watching. Suddenly she felt two hands massaging her shoulders from behind.
“Hey Col man, who dis wit ya? She be one hot lady!”
“Hi Terrence. This is Jill. She is a good friend of mine and wanted a night out.”
As he kept massaging her he said, “Jill Baby, you a fine-looking woman! Love ur dress, shows your assets off very well. Dey as good as they look? You nips look like they need attention.”
As he said ‘attention’, his hands left her shoulders and slid right down her dress, cupped her boobs, his fingers squeezing her nipples. “Oh ya, dey be big and hard. I tink she like this.”
Jill stayed calm and let him play. “They can always use some attention. Your rough fingers feel good on them but that is enough for now,” she said as she eased his hands out of her dress. “Maybe I’ll see you later.”
“Count on it lil woman!” and he was gone.
“Your friends are not shy are they,” she said to Colby.
“I told you things would be different and interesting here. You want to leave?”
“Oh no! I am enjoying this. I am up for anything except out and out rape.”
“That will not happen here,” he told her. “They fool around and try their best to get the women but they know that no means no. But saying nothing is tantamount to yes.”
The night wore on. They continued their drinking, dancing, watching, and every once in awhile, men taking different liberties with her. She loved the attention and was getting hotter and hornier. She had seen one woman start twerking a guy and ended up with his cock in her, she seemed to love it and the crowd just accepted it, a few cheered him on.
By now it was after midnight. She saw another woman giving a guy a lap dance. That looked like fun she thought.
“Lets find Ruman and see if he wants a lap dance.”
“Sure,” said Colbly. “I’ll go find him.”
She heard his deep voice, “So you want to give ole Ruman a lap dance huh? I believe we both would like dat. Come sit on my lap over here.”
He lead her to a darker area of the club. “Spread dose legs across here and plant that coochie on old Ruman.”
She sat facing him and began to move to the music. “I love that bulge you have there. It feels good against me.”
“Feels good against me also Babe. Dat little thing hardly cover your cooze at all. We need to move that.” He reached up and pulled her thong to the side. Now she her pussy was directly on his bulge. He pulled her dress down so he could play with her tits as she gyrated on him.
She closed her eyes, tilted her head back and just rubbed against him in time with the music. She felt a hand down there, rubbing her clit, the other holding her right nipple. She did not realize he was unzipping...
Soon his bulge changed into a hard rod. “It be better for us both to just put dis in you.”
She saw his huge cock and knew he was right. He was rubbing it against her slit, ready to push in. “Don’t forget the condoms,” she heard from behind her. It was Colby, he was right.
“Hold on Ru, you need a condom.” She reached in her purse and gave him one. “Put it on and we can fuck!”
He pulled it open and slid in down his cock as far as it would unroll. He was bigger that it would fully cover but it would do the job. She raised up and sat on him, taking him fully in.
“Oh ya, that’s what I need. Just let me grind on you,” she said, moaning in pleasure.
She held onto the back of the chair and he played with her nipples, adding more sensation to what she was receiving from the cock embedded in her. Her dress was now squeezed and gathered around her waist. Everything was showing.
Several guys had gathered around, watching. “Col man, will she do us?”
“Only if you are eight inches, absolute honest minimum. Then we will have to see how this goes with Ru. I think she will want more.”
“Oh god yes, rub and squeeze my tits! I love your cock, I am going to cum... Now! Damn, damn!”
Her movement became faster as the orgasm overtook her. She kept her speed and soon it was Ru who was cuming. He just groaned but she felt his cock pulsing in her. She missed the feeling of hot spunk! He was starting to shrink just a bit and she speeded up even more to wring one more orgasm out.
“Yes, squeeze my nips hard, Fuck, another, I am so cuming!”
When she finished, she eased up off him, unaware of the group that had gathered around her. It surprised her and her instinct was to cover up. She went to pull up her dress and then just laughed.
“I guess I had an audience. You boys enjoy yourselves?” She said with a big grin.
She called Colby over. “Do me a favor and get Ru to pull off and save that condom by tying a knot in it. Put it in my purse. Am I okay if I fool around with these guys? No management problems?”
“No problems. I told them they had to be bigger than eight inches and you *’might’ dance on them. Take your choice. Check them out to see if you want them. They will be happy to show you the goods.”
“Cool! Stay here with me will you? And I do want the used condoms tied tight and in my purse. This is going to be fun!”
With her dress still bunched around her waist she said, “Okay boys, whose next? Let’s see what you are working with!”
About six or eight zippers came down at the same time and a cock popped out of each. She chose one, gave him a condom and told the others to hang around.
“Sit down before you put that condom on and let me get you a bit harder”
He did and she proceeded to suck him up to full length. “Now let’s do it!”
The condom went on, she guided his dick in and started to gyrate to the music. The guy was loving her white boobs and nipples right in his face.
“Rub and squeeze them Baby, rub and squeeze them. Let me do the fucking!”
And fuck she did! All he had to do was sit there and let her twist, pivot and swirl as she went up and down on him.
“Oh I love your cock! Hard as a rock and long. Ah damn it is good. I want to fuck and fuck and fuck! And cum... Right now! YES! Damnnn, ohhhh!”
She went on and on like that. She picked the next one from the crowd of dicks hanging around her, sucked him totally hard and she fucked him til he came and she had cum several times. She commented on each one. He was long, he was thick, he was long and thick, he was super thick.
Colby took the condoms, after he made the guy remove it and tie it, and put it in her purse. What she had in mind he had no idea.
After the third guy, she was beginning to sweat quite a bit. She was doing most of the work but she seemed to be loving it. Finally after number six she gave up. She slumped in a chair and said she was done. Physically exhausted but mentally jazzed. She saw some waiting cocks and wished she had the energy. God what an experience!
“Colby I love you for bringing me here and watching out for me but we need to go. I am dead.”
They pulled her dress into place and walked to the door. There was a chorus of, “Come back again soon! We love you! Don’t forget us!” following them out the door.
They got in the car saying, “My pussy is so sore,” and promptly fell asleep. He brought her to his house, got her inside and in bed. Before she fell asleep, she told him to put her purse, open, into his fridge. He did and then promptly fell asleep beside her.
He woke up in the morning, made coffee and brought her some in the bedroom. She was just waking up.
“Poor baby, you never got to cum last night. Get back in bed and lets fix that!”
He was not going to argue and was amazed at her energy and stamina. She went to work on his cock, sucking him hard, which did not take long and then lay back, legs wide, arms up over her head.
“Now you need to do all the work.”
“Gladly,” he said as he entered her and began to slowly fuck her, determined to make this a leisurely, long sweet cum. She reveled in his slow gentle thrusts. She did not let out her usual screams. She just moaned and sighed as he casually pumped her. Her orgasms were muted but she came several times before he released his load in her depths. He stayed on her, still deep and kissed her passionately. She wrapped her arms and legs around him, pulling him tight and deep, fully reciprocating his passion.
“You know I love you,” he said as he slowly eased out of her. “I do not know how much longer I can keep this up. I know you love Greg and I gave it no thought, no meaning because we were just fucking. But it is beginning to feel different. I am not looking for anything from you now, I just wanted to be honest about my feelings. I better get you home.”
“Grab a shower and I will get you back there. I am sure Greg is dying to fuck you and wondering what went on last night. Why did you want those used condoms?”
“I am going to blend it all into some vodka as a cocktail for Greg tonight. I am not going to shower, I want him to smell everything that is on and in me. He is my cuck and I don’t know if that will ever change. I love him locked up. Is that terrible of me?”
“Whatever works for both of you is okay I guess. I could never be a cuckold but I do not think I would ever have that problem.”
“I don’t think you would either... Let’s get me home!”
He drove her home and waited at the curb until she was in the house before pulling away. It was almost noon and when she opened the door Greg was waiting. He had a million questions. Jill just told him she was having fun and it was none of his business what she did with Colby. She opened her purse and pulled out the six condoms.
“What are those?” He asked with a shocked look on his face.
“These are the condoms full of the cum from the six guys I fucked last night. That does not include Colby, I fucked him this morning and his essence is still in me. I am going to put the condoms in the fridge to keep it fresh. Tonight we will have vodka rocks cocktails before dinner. Yours will have all of this blended into it. You are going to love it!”
She started to move towards the bedroom and looked back, “So do you want sex or do you want to stay in your cuck lock?”
He smelled the sex on her but did not say anything except, “Do you want to shower first? It might make you feel good.”
“I feel good just like this. I know what I smell like. You need to clean Colby’s morning load out of me before we do anything. Let me unlock you.”
After getting in bed, she removed the device and he cleaned her pussy of Colby’s cum. His cleaning got her aroused enough to be ready for him. By then he was hard as granite so he entered her for an almost perfunctory fuck, which he again had to clean up. He seemed to be losing his ability to last, his orgasm was quick. She barely was able to have one.
Colby was right, things were changing. She handed him the chastity device and told him to lock himself up, then go shower. She would shower after him.
Sunday afternoon passed without much conversation. He watched TV, she made him a wonderful dinner of roast duck breast, veggies, and couscous. Of course she cut open the condoms and emptied them into the blender and added their favorite, Grey Goose. It blended into a white-ish cocktail. She tasted it and gave it to him, saying, “Wow, it is pretty good. Enjoy.”
All he could think about were the six guys she had fucked as he consumed the vodka mix. He had become more than used to the varying tastes of cum so he actually enjoyed it.
He told her that after dinner he wanted to discuss his lock and the whole situation. She was not really in the mood but listened to him explain all the reasons why this should end. It did not impress her but she held out some hope to him by saying she would give it serious thought.
“That is all I ask Sweetheart. You know I love you!”
“I love you also Greg, but we both know things have changed in the past year due to the years before. To be totally honest with you, I am not sure we can ever go back, if that is what you really want. If you really really examine yourself and our relationship now, I am not convinced you would want to change it. You just think you do. Consider it carefully and its ramifications. We can talk again later.”
“I am going to soak in the tub and then go to sleep, I need it. I pushed myself to make a nice dinner for you. Come to bed when you are ready.”
She slept soundly, her pussy still a bit sore, but exhilarated by Saturday night. She never heard Greg come to bed.
The next week was busy for her at work. She went to see Colby on Wednesday night for a few hours. Neither of them mentioned love, they had a wonderful, intimate sex session. After she thanked him again for a wonderful time at the club and asked about the possibility of seeing any of the lap dance guys again.
He told her it was certainly possible but there might be better choices, more educated, married guys who she could relate to better. She thought about that and understood his meaning.
“Would you look into it for me? I am so damn slammed at work and Greg is not exactly happy. I am thinking I need to get him a black leather collar to wear at home. To make him into a sub cuck if we are going to stay together.”
“Well you know my feelings...”
“I do and I have some of the same. I am confused and need time to really think all of this through completely. I just never get the time I need to be alone and just think and ponder. Maybe I need to take a week off and go off by myself to a mountain cabin or something.”
“It might help. I do know you are perplexed and bewildered by your situation. I do not want to unduly influence you or you would be bitter about me if things went wrong. Think carefully and long.”
Their talking had given him time to recharge. They had a quickie before she left for home, cum leaking from her pussy.
Greg was not there when she got home so she cleaned herself up, put on the extra long tee shirt she slept in and made a ham sandwich for dinner. He came home a while later saying he had already eaten. They watched TV and went to bed separately, when they were tired.
The weekend arrived and she had her damn period! Colby was not into that kind of sex so she was stuck at home with Greg. He mostly went to the University to work and she worked at home to catch up so there would be nothing lingering on Monday when she returned. Sex was out of the question. She did think more about getting a collar for Greg...
After much reading on the internet, she almost went with two collars. One, a padded leather collar for when they were home. Another, a gold chain with a very small pad lock for when he was at work. But decided she did not want to be bothered changing his collar so she went with only the gold chain. He could tell anyone that asked that he just liked the look. He was a University Professor, they all liked weird stuff.
She ordered it immediately and told Greg, when he arrived home, that he should start reading about slaves and their collars. Since he was at least half a one now she had ordered one for him. He would be a full one when his collar chain arrived. He quickly went to is computer.
Awhile later he found her in her office. “You want me even more submissive than I am right now? I am not sure that is even possible. And to wear a chain with a lock on it, out in public. What will people think?”
“Look at this way. It is not very big, it is mostly a statement by you to me of your submission. Most people will not pay any attention to it at all and if anyone asks just tell them you liked it so you wear it.”
“You know, there is a chance that other cucks like you will know why you are wearing it. You might make some new friends that you have something in common with. We might even be able to get together with them. You might get more sex out of it. Just think about that possibility.”
On Sunday she received a call from her friend Sally. She said that her husband was going out of town for the week on business so how about coming over for dinner Monday night. Jill told her about her period but said everything would be fine by Wednesday, so how about then? Sally was disappointed, she was horny as hell but said, “Yes, the sooner the better! Wait til you see what I bought. I now have a big, black silicon dildo and it is so much fun!”
Jill told her, “You should have the real thing like I do. Then you would know what fun black cock truly is!”
“What are you talking about? Are you fucking a black guy? A big black guy?”
“I am indeed,” Jill said. “If you want to see pictures I will send you some. You just might want me and him on Wednesday. Check out the pictures and let me know. I am sure he would be happy to service both of us and we could do each other at the same time. Oh that sounds delicious to me!”
“Oh my god! I never thought... Send me the pictures. I need to see what you have been up to!”
“Okay, check your email in a few minutes. Let me know if your pussy wants to be filled by what you see. He drives me out of my mind!”
“I am blown away... Good little Jill fucking a BBC. You little slut! I love it! Send them now, I can’t wait. I am wet from the thought and I was just thinking about you and me a few minutes ago. I am going to hang up so you can send them. Later!”
Jill sent her a selection of photos that she had taken of Colby and her in different poses and positions. All of them had their faces obscured.
A few minutes later the phone rang again. It was Sally.
“You are such a slut! I want to join up! What about Greg? And can we go to his place? I want it but I do not want to do it in my bed, if you understand?”
“I think that will probably be fine. He has a nice house. I will see if he is up for it and let you know as soon as I can. Greg is no problem. I will tell you why when we get together. I don’t want to go into a long story on the phone and he is home. All will be revealed, just have patience. Get to work with that dildo, you will want him deep in you so get used to it! Let me go and I will let you know, probably later today.”
She sent Colby a text outlining the possibilities for Wednesday night. She included a photo of Sally. A text came back in about fifteen minutes, “Hell ya!”
She text’ed Sally, “It’s on-pick u up at 6:30. Eat light and dress sexy”
“I will be more than ready! c u then”, came right back to Jill.
Wednesday rolled around quickly. Jill was outside Sally’s house at 6:30, honking her horn. Sally came out dressed in a mini skirt and tank top. She looked very hot, much better than Jill, who had come direct from work.
“You look great sweety! And no bra I see. You must be ready for this.”
“I have thought of nothing else ever since you told me. God, tell me what it is like. How did this all happen? What about Greg?”
Jill told her as much as she could in the twenty-five minute drive to Colby’s. It was enough to shock and surprise Sally but she was very supportive and understanding of Jill’s situation, as unusual as it might be.
She pulled up in front of Colby’s house. They both got out and walked to the front door. He opened it before they could ring the bell.
“Hi ladies, welcome to my humble abode. Come-on in.”
He stood aside to let the pass and followed them in. He was wearing a white, silk tee shirt and black silk pants, obviously with no underwear, his bulge very prominent.
“Sit down please. Can I offer you both a drink?” “My usual vodka. Sally?”
“Do you have white wine?”
“Sure, coming right up.”
He disappeared into the kitchen. Sally turned to me, her face a bit flushed, “I can’t believe I am doing this. Did you see his crotch? Oh my god!”
“I have seen and felt it deeply many times,” Jill said with a big smile. “Just relax and enjoy. I will start with him and you can join in whenever you feel comfortable.”
“Comfortable? I think my panties are soaked already!”
He came back with a tray of drinks. “Here we go. I’ll just set them down in front of you.”
“So Sally, nice to meet you. You are everything Jill said and more. Love your outfit. You have great legs, I hope you always show them off.”
She blushed and blurted out, “You are not so bad yourself!”
Jill stood up saying that she wanted to get out of her business clothes and be more comfortable. With that she stripped to her bra and panties and sat back down.
“Ah, that is much better! I hate being constrained by those semi-formal work clothes.”
She sat back down and began to enjoy her vodka. There was some small talk as they got to know each other but the feeling was strained. Everyone knew why everyone was there but nothing was happening except the fairly meaningless chatting. Finally Jill stood up and sat across Colby like she was going to give him a lap dance.
“Lets show Sally why we are here. Pop my bra loose and use my tits a bit while I just sort of move around here.”
She had definitely learned much about lap dancing and employed her skills as he rubbed and squeezed her boobs and nipples.
“Oh ya, do my boobs. You know I love that and I feel something growing down there.”
“Ya think?” He said laughing.
Sally was watching and wanting to do something. Her pussy was on fire. But she was a bit shy and all this was totally new to her. She made do with masturbating as she watched them.
Jill slipped off him onto the floor. She was kneeling and unzipped his pants, pulling out his huge organ. She starting to suck and lick him, giving Sally a good view. After few minutes she called Sally over.
“Come here Sally, you need to feel this up close and personal. It will be in you soon!”
Sally finally was charged up enough that she would have done about anything. Jill moved aside and pulled Sally right in front of it.
“Get a taste. Show him how good you are. Suck that black cock.”
“Oh god, it is thicker than my dildo. My hands will not even go around it,” she said as she started to slowly lick and suck it, just taking a small part of it in her mouth. Jill moved behind her, pulling her top off over her head. She then started in on her nipples, causing her to moan. She reached under Sally with one hand, moved her thong aside and started to finger her. By now Sally was really moaning and sucking his cock deeper. She paused her sucking and Jill felt her pussy tighten.
“Oh god, I just came. I can’t believe it. Oh damn, I need to get fucked. Now I really need it and with this cock!” She looked up at Colby, “Please take me and fuck me, please!”
They all stood up and went to the bedroom where he had already prepared the bed with plenty of towels. Sally quickly dropped her skirt and thong, her top already gone. She laid down and opened herself wide.
“Take me, just take me with that huge black dick! Fuck me silly!”
Jill laughed to herself as Colby swiftly shed his clothes and jumped between Sally’s legs. He held himself and rubbed it up and down her slit. The began slapping her clit with it. She jumped with each whack.
“Oh fuck! My clit, you are right on it. Damn I need this so bad,” as he hit her again. More rubbing her slit and then he began to push in her.
“Holy shit! It is huge! Damn, my pussy is being stretched so wide. I never imagined I would ever do anything like this. I love it! Fuck me, just get in me and fuck me. I want it bad!”
She was holding her legs as wide as she could. She wanted it all but he was taking his time until he knew she could handle it. Finally, after several partial thrusts, he was fully in her. Then he seriously began to fuck her. She came and screamed in delight, yelling for more. He went on banging her pussy, his balls slapping her ass.
He grabbed her legs, pulling them to him and under his arms. Then he pushed them forward til they were close to her head, raising her whole pelvic area so he could pound her even deeper. She was reacting like Jill does, screaming and cumming. Her body began to glisten with sweat and creamy liquid was running out of her pussy. Colby’s body began to tense. He was going to fill her up soon.
“Oh yes, I love that pussy, here it comes Baby!”
“Fuck yes, shoot it in me, fill me up, I love that hot gooey, sticky cum in me!”
After his last pulse of semen, he rolled off her, some cum still running from his cock. She lay panting from the fucking she just received. Jill went and sucked the cum from his cock. Licking and loving it as they both calmed down. Then she moved over to Sally and began to lick her pussy as the cum started to ooze out of her.
“Push it out to me. That’s it baby, squeeze down, give me his cum. Oh ya, Mmmmm. When you recover you have to suck him up hard so he can fuck me. I get my turn also. I was being extra kind letting you take his first full shot.”
“Whatever you want Baby. I owe you! I have never been fucked like that in my life. I am hooked! Tell me we can do this again. Colby, I love you and that cock. You are the best fuck in the world I think!”
She and Jill traded places so she could suck him. Jill lay down to be ready to take it all like she wanted. Sally put more energy and wantonness into her blowjob this time around. She definitely was hooked. He got hard and came after Jill, giving her the same treatment she had so come to love.
After all of Jill’s screaming and orgasms, she felt so good that she came more often than Sally. He shot a hot load in her that produced one last orgasm. Then it was her turn to lick it out of Jill. Sally did not hesitate. Licking and sucking every last drop Jill pushed out.
“Oh ya, I love his black seed. Mmmmm! Push it all to me Jill.”
Colby went out and brought our drinks back to the bedroom. We all sat on the bed and mostly listened to Sally go on and on about her experience. Colby and Jill just looked at each other every once in awhile and had an inner chuckle at her exuberance.
We eventually got cleaned up and Jill took Sally home. She was still thanking Jill as she dropped her off and reminded her that just the two of us needed to get together also. Jill promised that would be soon.
When Jill arrived home, there was a small package waiting for her; it had to be the gold chain and lock. Greg arrived soon just after, telling Jill he was sorry he was late again, hoping she had eaten. She told him she had. He had no idea about what had just taken place at Colby’s.
Jill opened the box and showed him his new chain, twenty-inch long, perfectly sized gold lock. He took it, looked it over, felt the smooth, cool metal and handed it back.
“Let’s put it on you now.”
He did not say anything but moved closer to Jill. She put it around his neck and locked it.
“There, that looks perfect on you. My new sub cuck. I love it!”
She did not say she loved him...
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