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My wife Cynthia and I have been lucky to live in Orange County, California for our entire lives. The weather is wonderful most of the year. Our children graduated from college a few years ago, and are now out on their own. So at the age of forty-five years old, we recently downsized to a nice home in one of Irvine’s more affluent villages.
We have a good income, with Cynthia being a tenured professor and research scientist at UCI, and I have a computer technology consulting business that I manage from home, with infrequent travel to client locations. My name is Ed.
Our neighbors are very friendly, especially the Filipino family that lives next door. Maria and Paulo moved to Irvine from the Philippines eighteen years before we moved next to them. They sold their retail clothing business there and started over in Irvine. They wanted to have a child, and to give him or her the best possible opportunities in America. They have a daughter named Amy who had just turned sixteen in the spring when we moved in next to them.
Their family is fairly short, with olive-tan skin, and attractive with fine facial features. The parents have normal physiques, but Amy is overweight. She’s about five feet and three inches tall, and I’m guessing weighs about one hundred and seventy pounds. Amy is a very pretty girl, but Maria told me she is shy, withdrawn and self-conscious about her body. She only wears loose clothing, which still reveals her arms and legs which seem to be the most overweight.
There was some interaction with Amy when we visited one another’s homes or when we were out in the yard at the same time. She was usually quiet, but beneath her shyness I could detect a pleasant personality. I was attracted to her in ways that I didn’t fully understand at the time.
We were having dinner together one late Sunday afternoon at the beginning of summer, and talking about what we did for a living. When Maria learned that I was heavily involved in computer technology, she said, “Amy is very interested in computers, and is planning to study that in college in a couple of years. It would really be nice, Ed, if you would mentor her a little. Her high school doesn’t offer any classes to help her get a good start, and I don’t think she would take up too much of your time.”
In my experience with teenagers, I knew that they usually wanted nothing to do with adults during those challenging years between puberty and twenty years old. I half expected Amy to roll her eyes at her mother’s suggestion. Instead, her pretty face brightened as she said, “That would be wonderful if you could help me, Mr. L. I know that I want a career in computers, and would like to learn more about the technology.”
Amy’s high school had just shut down for summer vacation, and my work schedule was usually lighter in the summer. I agreed to help Amy starting the next day, but I was sure that her parents hadn’t totally thought things through. Both Maria and Paulo worked long hours, almost every day in their business, and Cynthia was at the college long hours with her classes, office hours, and the great deal of time she was spending on her federally-funded research project. So Amy would be alone with me much of the time.
I’m sure that her parents trusted me with their daughter since I was a forty-five year old man married to Cynthia, who is a beautiful woman. What they had no way of knowing is that my love life with my wife was almost non-existent. We had drifted apart over the past year since she got that research grant and she was always tired and not interested in sex when she got home. For all I knew she could have been, and probably was, fucking some of the other professors and grad students.
We had a pretty good sex life for most of our marriage, and she always seemed to enjoy my uncircumcised, nine inch cock that is also very thick. I have a strong libido and loved plenty of oral sex as well as fucking her. So the past year had left me being horny most of the time, without many opportunities to be around other women, since I worked from home. For that reason I was looking forward to spending time with a pretty girl like Amy.
My private, home office is at the back of our home and on the side facing our Filipino neighbors. I knew that Amy’s room was also in the back of their home and facing my office, but her window shades were usually drawn. I was rarely in my office at night, but that night after having dinner with our neighbors, I went there to take a short nap on my comfy leather couch. Cynthia was in the family room reading some technical documents related to her research.
I woke up on my couch at around 10:00 pm and it was very dark. I got up to turn on the light, and before I got to the light switch I noticed light coming from Amy’s window. My curiosity got the better of me and I stepped closer to the window. Her window shades were open and I saw her standing in front of her mirror, starting to get undressed. I felt a little guilty for watching, but not guilty enough to turn away.
Amy’s wavy, black hair hung down to the middle of her back, so I couldn’t see much when she first pulled off her t-shirt. Then she turned my way and I saw that she is full-figured with what looked like nice, seductively hanging, and C-cup breasts. Her olive-tan skin and dark brown areolas and nipples looked tasty, and I could hardly wait for her to finish undressing.
She turned back towards the mirror and lowered her shorts. My cock immediately got hard when I saw her large, but shapely, brown ass. She turned back and forth, looking at herself in the mirror, and I caught a glimpse of the thick, black hair covering her prominent labia. She weighed her nice tits in her hands as her tits and ass jiggled and swayed. I started having those same feelings of attraction to her that I felt earlier, and realized that it might have been partially due to an experience I had in high school, as I’ll explain.
I was fortunate to have a part-time job during my senior year in high school, which allowed me to pay the operating expenses and insurance costs on a used car that my father bought for me. That mobility gave me the opportunity to make some friends who went to the college in our area. One night I was at a college party with a friend at a house near the campus. We were drinking beer and I was getting pretty drunk as the night went on.
There were sixteen people at the party, and by 11:00 pm many of the boys and girls had paired up and were making out and fucking in different rooms. I was very horny by then and complained to my friend Danny that I would like to find some pussy to fuck too. He pointed out a pretty, but overweight, girl named Melissa who lived in the house and said, “You’re just too fucking picky, Ed. Melissa seems to be a bit of a wild girl, but she doesn’t get much attention due to being a little heavy. You should go talk to her and see what develops. You haven’t lived until you’ve had some great BBW-sex. They appreciate the attention and will fuck your brains out.”
I went over to talk with Melissa, and learned that she was nice, if a little edgy. She was rightly and understandably suspicious of my motives, but we hit it off very nicely together. She was wearing loose clothes, but I could still see her big breasts moving under her blouse. We continued drinking and I was becoming more and more attracted to her. I started kissing her and was amazed by the softness of her thick lips and long tongue. I was even able to rub her tits, which were the size of large cantaloupes, and very firm and heavy. We noticed that several of the other kids at the party were watching us, so she took my hand and said, “Come on, Ed, let’s go to my room where we’ll have a little privacy.”
We fell back onto her bed and I began kissing her as I unbuttoned her blouse. She was braless and her big breasts swung to her sides. I then pulled back to suck her tits and saw that she was a big girl, but not sloppy. I liked hugging her meaty body and soon reached down to unfasten and lower her shorts. She helped me by lifting her ass so I could push her shorts and underwear down.
I had a little previous experience with girls my age, but Melissa was older and seemed more anxious for sex. I rubbed her hairy pussy with my hand and was turned on by her wetness. I learned when I first started dating girls that I loved oral sex more than anything, even though I do have a big cock. So I pulled away from her breast and moved down between her thick legs. I covered her hairy vulva with my mouth and began sucking her tasty cunt.
Melissa closed her heavy thighs around my head and held me in place with her hands as she swiveled her pussy hard against my face saying, “Fuck yeah, Ed, suck my fat pussy. Most of you boys just want to fuck a fat girl like me without showing me any real attention or affection, and then use me for a cum dump. You seem to really enjoy kissing me, sucking my tits, and eating my slut cunt.”
That whole thing started with me thinking that I was going to be using her for a quick fuck, and then I found out that she was actually using me for her own pleasure. That was my first experience being with a strong-willed girl like her. I was discovering my submissive side, and liked the way she talked to me and forced her hairy cunt into my mouth.
After sucking her pussy for at least twenty minutes, she released my head from her thighs and said, “Get up her and fuck me now. You’ve earned it after the way you sucked my nasty cunt.”
I quickly removed my pants and moved between her legs. Then I shoved my thick cock into her wet vulva as I leaned down to suck her tits. When she felt the size of my thick cock as I bottomed out on her cervix she said, “Oh fuck, this is my lucky day. Not only are you a good cunt sucker, but you have a huge cock too. Fuck me, baby, fuck me.”
We fucked for another twenty minutes, and I loved the feeling of her cushy body and heavy thighs as she wrapped them around my waist. I could tell that she was having multiple orgasms and I was nearing my ejaculation. My cock finally stiffened further and I flooded her fat pussy with a huge load of teen cum. After my cock softened in her vagina, she pushed me off of her and said, “Get on your back now, Ed. I want to give you a real treat.”
I lay back on the bed and was surprised when she moved up by my head and straddled me with her legs. Her meaty flesh pressed against the sides of my face as she pressed her hairy, cum-filled pussy to my mouth. I had never even tasted my cum before that night, but I opened my mouth and began sucking her. She sat down even harder as my semen and sperm drained into my mouth.
Her big, soft thighs and ass were enveloping my face and making it hard for me to breathe. I finally learned to twist my face sideways to get an occasional breath of air. After a few minutes she began moving back and forth, fucking my face with her sweaty and aromatic crotch. Then she shifted even farther forward and my face was between her big ass cheeks.
I could barely hear her under her weighty flesh as she laughed and said, “That’s it, Ed, eat my ass boy, suck my fat ass crack and clean it all up for me. Fucking me is not free, and you are sure earning every bit of it. I just love to have my ass sucked, but there aren’t many boys who are nasty enough to do it for a heavy girl like me.”
Before that night with Melissa, I had never even thought about the possibility of being with and overweight girl and sucking her cum-filled pussy and ass that way. Oddly enough though, I loved the taste and smell of her sweaty crotch and ass and everything we had done. I saw her a few more times after that night, and really looked forward to not only fucking her, but also sucking every inch of her big body. She was four years older than me and stopped seeing me when she got engaged to an older guy. I moved on to date other girls and never had that kind of experience again.
Now back to the story. After rethinking those experiences with Melissa all those years ago, it was becoming clear that Amy’s full-figured body was bringing back those old, submissive feelings and my lust to fuck her. She wasn’t a wanton slut like Melissa had been. From what Maria told me, Amy was a shy and innocent sixteen year old girl from a very conservative Filipino family and culture. I knew that I would have to be very careful in my approach to her.
Amy came over on Monday morning and seemed to be a little nervous. I’m sure that it was unsettling for her being alone with a mature man that she didn’t really know all that well. I smiled a lot and did everything I knew to make her feel comfortable. I thought it was important to provide a context for our mentoring sessions, so I loaned her one of my computer 101 text books and pointed out two chapters for her to read. That would give her an introduction to the history of computers. She only stayed for a half hour that first day, and looked relieved to leave.
She came back on Tuesday, and I was impressed with how intelligent she is. She had read four chapters and was asking me a lot of good questions, many of which I had to struggle to answer. Our interaction in that kind of teacher/student format was more familiar to her and she seemed much more relaxed with me. She stayed an hour that day, and I suggested several more chapters for her to read for the next day.
The rest of the week went very well, and by Friday we were laughing and kidding around together about some of the material in the book. I loved the smell of her perfume and the way her nice tits rubbed against her t-shirt as she moved around. Our sessions were then lasting almost two hours. I felt like it was a major accomplishment for her to be that comfortable with me. We didn’t meet over the weekend, and agreed to start again on Monday.
I had been enjoying the aroma of her very nice perfume the previous week, but thought it was too soon to mention something personal like that. When she arrived on Monday, I felt comfortable enough to say, “Wow, Amy, that’s really nice perfume you’re wearing. It has a very grown-up fragrance.”
She smiled at me and said, “Thanks, Mr. L., my mom bought it for me a couple of weeks ago.”
I replied, “You’re welcome, Amy. And you know, since we’re spending so much time together, why don’t you just call me Ed. I’d be more comfortable with that. Calling me Mr. L. makes me feel like an old man.”
Amy responded, “Okay, Ed, but I can’t call you that around my parents. They are very traditional and would be upset if they knew that I was calling an adult by their first name.”
By the end of that second week she was spending two and a half to three hours a day with me. It got to the point that we were talking about a lot of things in our lives besides just computers. I really liked her charm and quick wit. It felt like we were becoming friends, which was kind of weird given the difference in our ages.
On Monday of the third week, Amy was quieter than and not as happy as on previous days. I asked her what was the matter and she was reluctant to tell me. I kept pressing her until she said, “If you must know, it’s just a stupid boy from school. We have kept in touch over the summer, and I thought he liked me. Then last night we were talking and he said some awful things to me. I guess a girl like me will never get a boyfriend.”
I moved from my chair to the couch beside her and said, “It can’t be that bad, Amy. Boy’s your age can be pretty immature and say stupid things sometimes. I’m sure he didn’t mean whatever he said. What did he say to you anyway?”
She looked at me and responded, “I can’t tell you that, Ed. It’s too embarrassing. You’ve been so nice about overlooking my shortcomings and treating me like a normal person. I was just surprised when he came right out and said it.”
I rested my hand on her shoulder and replied, “Come on, Amy, I think we’ve become good enough friends that you can tell me anything and I won’t judge you. I’m on your side you know.”
Her eyes were starting to tear up as she sobbed, saying, “He told me that I was fat and ugly. If he felt that way, why did he become friends with me in the first place? I’ve been struggling with my weight since I turned twelve. I’m sick and tired of the way people treat me and don’t see me for who I really am. I’ve never been kissed nor even had a real boyfriend.”
I moved closer to her and wrapped my arm around her shoulder. Then I said, “That boy is an idiot, Amy. You are an intelligent and attractive girl that any boy would be lucky to have. Maybe I shouldn’t say this, but I find you to be very attractive, desirable and fun to be with, like any red blooded man would feel. You have amazing charm and personality for a girl your age. And you know, people would be able to see more of your womanly charms if you didn’t wear such baggy clothes.”
She calmed down a little when she heard my flattery, and we were able to continue with a shortened lesson. She was more introspective and deeper in thought than usual, and I really felt bad for her from the way that idiot kid talked to her.
The next day, before we started talking about computers, Amy was very preoccupied and finally looked me in the eyes, saying, “You know, Ed, even my parents tease me about my weight. You’re the only person who has ever said such nice things to me. You really seem to like me and accept me for who I am. Do you really mean the things you said? Am I really attractive and desirable to you? I mean, after all, Mrs. L. is so beautiful, and I don’t see how you could be attracted to an overweight, young girl like me.”
I was sensing a momentous breakthrough in our relationship, and my cock was getting hard as I thought about how to exploit it. I moved over next to her on the couch and put my arm snuggly around her before saying, “Yes, Amy, I meant every word of it. Those boys don’t know what they’re missing by ignoring you and treating you the way they do. I’d be knocking on your door if we were in school together. I am very attracted to you, and I have to admit that my desires aren’t that innocent either.”
Amy stared down at the floor as if trying to muster her courage before looking at me and saying, “Ed, I’m so embarrassed and afraid of what you’ll say, but I want to ask you something. Will you show me what it’s like to be kissed? Some girls I know talk about how wonderful it is, and I’d like to find out from someone who really cares about me.”
I couldn’t have hoped for a better opportunity. I was already hugging her and decided to let my actions speak for me. I twisted towards her and lifted her chin with my other hand. Then I leaned down and pressed my lips against hers. She responded by wrapping her arm around my back and holding me tightly to her, as she moved her lips against mine. Her lips were so soft and wet, and I decided not to spoil things by pushing my tongue into her mouth too soon. We kissed that way for a couple of minutes before I pulled away to gauge her reaction.
She was blushing as I continued to hold my body close to hers and asked, “How was that, Amy. Is that what you expected?”
Amy smiled and replied, “That was wonderful, Ed. I liked the feeling of being in your arms and our lips meshing like that. I want to do even more. One of the girls told me about French kissing, and I’d like to try that too.”
I leaned down to kiss her again, and slowly pressed my tongue against her lips. She was unsure what to do but slowly parted her lips as I pushed my tongue inside her mouth. It only took her a few seconds to reciprocate, and we were soon in a passionate kiss, swirling our tongues together. I loved the fresh, sweet taste and the feeling of kissing her tender, young mouth. Her quickly rising passion seemed to be wiping away years of feeling bad about herself.
We broke the kiss after about five minutes. Her cheeks were rosy and she was almost giggling. I could tell that she was aroused sexually just as I was. She hugged me tightly and said, “I don’t know what’s coming over me, but I feel so warm and tingly inside. Let’s kiss again and do it for much longer this time.”
As we began kissing again I pushed Amy’s back against the back of the couch. Then I slowly shifted my body so I was stretched out on the couch with my upper body partially pressed against hers. I wanted to see how she would react to that more-intimate, confined feeling of bodily contact. She responded by wrapping one arm around my back and the other around my neck, pulling me against her.
We kissed that way, with our tongues intertwined, for longer than I could ever remember kissing anyone else. My cock was rock hard and I knew that she must also be aroused, judging from the way she was instinctively humping her groin against my body. I knew that was my chance to see just how far she would let things go.
Her body felt warm and cushy as I slowly and carefully started rubbing and massaging the side of her torso with my free hand. I kept moving it ever closer to her braless breast that was covered only with a t-shirt. She started moaning and sucking harder on my tongue as my hand brushed the bottom of her breast. Since she didn’t try to pull away and stop me, I then cupped and kneaded her big, heavy breast and rubbed her thick, hard nipple with my thumb.
Amy was breathing hard into my mouth as I pulled her t-shirt up to expose her breasts and continued fondling them. I loved the feeling of her supple, young flesh, and just the idea that I was actually kissing and fondling a pretty Filipina only about one-third my age. After what seemed like a half-hour kissing and fondling her that way, I had to have a taste of her breasts.
I slowly broke our kiss and moved down her body, kissing her ears and neck on the way. I liked the contrast of her olive-brown skin against mine, which is lily white. She stiffened her body in anticipation of another new experience as my mouth covered her dark brown areola which was more than three inches across. I sucked her nipple, areola and as much of her tit flesh as I could into my mouth, and sucked hard as if I was nursing from her.
She wrapped her arms around my head and pulled me hard against her breasts, as she gasped and murmured, “Ohhhhhh fuck, I could never have imagined that anyone would put their mouth on my flesh like this, and how good it would feel.”
That was the first time I had ever heard her curse, and knew that she was consumed with lust. I shifted my position again so I could alternate sucking her breasts while at the same time placing my hand on her legs. Her knees were together as I began rubbing the top of her legs, and then little by little worked my fingers between them. Amy signed deeply as she spread her legs for me and I began rubbing her fleshy, inner thighs.
I liked the warm, meaty feeling of her inner thighs, as I worked my hand farther up the leg of her loose shorts towards her pussy. I took it slow so I wouldn’t alarm her, and soon felt the heat of her crotch as my hand squeezed between her bare, thick thighs. I badly wanted to complete my journey to her young pussy, but felt that it was better to be sure that I had her consent. I pulled my mouth off of her breast for a moment, but kept my hand between her thighs, and said, “Amy, I want to make love to every inch of your body. I need to know that you are okay with what we are doing. Do you know where all of this is leading?”
Amy smiled down at me and said, “Everything you’ve done for me is so wonderful, Ed. Nobody has ever shown me so much attention, love and caring. I have been feeling so bad about my body for a long time. Feeling your sucking mouth makes me want to make you happy any way I can. Just shut up and keep doing what you’re doing.”
I could hardly believe that that sweet, virgin girl was implicitly giving me the go ahead to fuck her. I couldn’t have imagined that I’d be able to go so far with her that day. At that moment I realized that she might not be protected and that I would be taking her cherry. I didn’t have any condoms and wanted to make sure that Amy knew the risks. I said, “You do realize that I will be taking your virginity today, don’t you, Amy? And you also need to know that I don’t have any condoms. Are you on any kind of birth control, sweetie?”
Amy replied, “My mother doesn’t even want to think about me going to get birth control. She’s convinced that I will wait until marriage before having sex. And until today, I thought I would too. So no, Ed, I’m not on birth control. My period mostly ended last night, and I had just a little spotting earlier this morning. So from what I learned in sex ed, I should be at my safest time. Please don’t let that stop you. I want you to make love to me in every way possible.”
I began sucking her tits again and moved my hand up under her panties until I felt the thick, moist hairs covering her vulva. She gasped and spread her legs farther when my fingers finally pressed against and a little inside her wet labia. I finger-fucked her young pussy, going ever deeper in her squirming body until I felt her hymen. Her chubby thighs and the heat and wetness of her of teen pussy reminded me so much of my experience with Melissa. I wanted to taste her pussy, and slid off of the couch between her legs and started pulling down her shorts and underwear.
She helped me remove her shorts and wet panties, and then spread her legs for me as I moved in to suck her. My mouth covered her sweet cunt and she lifted her thick thighs over my shoulders and around my back to pull my face tightly against her. I liked the feeling of being smothered in her flesh as I sucked and licked her pussy. Her pussy tasted so sweet, but slightly metallic, likely due to the spotting from her period. After sucking her that way for a few minutes, Amy raised her hips against my face, and held me even tighter as her body quivered in orgasm.
Her head was thrashing back and forth as she moaned, “Fuck, fuck, fuck, keep sucking my pussy, Ed. I had no idea that it would feel so good to have a man make love to my pussy with his mouth. But I’ve got to taste you too.”
I was eager to feel her mouth on my cock, so I pulled away from her pussy for a moment and said, “I want you to taste me too, Amy. Just lie on your side with your back to the couch, and I’ll turn the opposite way in front of you. That way we can enjoy sucking one another at the same time.”
She quickly moved into position as I moved in front of her. I left my shorts on so she would have the experience of rubbing my lump through my pants, and then discovering my bare cock. I covered her hairy pussy with my mouth again, as she began rubbing the bulge in my shorts. She was soon unfastening my shorts and began lowering them and my underwear. When my hard cock sprung out against her face she said, “Shit, Ed, your cock is so fucking big. My girlfriend told me that a boy she was dating has a dick only half this size.”
I pressed my hips towards her face and felt her wet mouth on my cock head. She swirled her tongue and probed the foreskin, then taking the first few inches into her mouth. She fondled my low-hanging balls as she began sucking me. I could hardly believe that mine was the first cock she had seen or sucked. I began thrusting into her young mouth as she moved her leg over my head and behind my back to hold me tightly against her cunt.
We sucked that way for what seemed like ten minutes, until I felt myself nearing orgasm. I pulled my mouth from her pussy and said, “I’m getting close to cumming, Amy. Let’s fuck now so I can shoot my first load into your virgin pussy. Come one, honey, we’ll take it nice and slow until you’re ready for me to take your cherry. I just need to get an old towel so we don’t make a mess here.”
I got up and quickly returned with a towel to lay on the couch under her. That was my first opportunity to see her entire body up close, and I liked seeing her full, cushy figure; nice tits; and hairy, fat pussy. She lay back, and as I moved between her legs, she said, “My girlfriend told me that it hurts less if you take me in one fast thrust. So just stick your cock in a little, and I’ll tell you when I’m ready.”
My emotions and lust were intense as I prepared to shove my big cock into that sweet, young, virgin girl and take her cherry. I pressed the head of my oozing cock into her very wet labia, and moved back and forth slightly to get it lubricated. I had about three inches of my cock in her when I felt the hymen membrane blocking my path. I pressed gently until Amy hugged my neck and kissed me deeply after saying, “Do it, Ed. Fuck me now.”
We continued kissing as I pulled back my cock and then pushed hard and fast against her hymen. I broke through on the first thrust, and then held my cock still within her as she whimpered into my mouth. I must have had about six inches of my cock in her as she broke our kiss and said, “It hurts, but not as much as I thought it would. Just keep still like that for a few more minutes until I’m ready.”
We continued kissing and it was still hard for me to understand how an inexperienced teen girl could have so much passion. She was soon moving her hips against me, and I knew that she was ready to be fucked. I moved back and forth gently until I felt my cock head pressing against her cervix. Then I held it there as she swiveled her hips. Her pussy was so wet and tight, but her uterus shifted and I was then buried in her to the balls.
I started fucking her more aggressively, while still making sure that she was comfortable. She soon wrapped her legs around my ass and fucked back against me. I could tell from her moaning and gasping as we kissed, that she was having her first ever orgasm from penetration. That put me over the edge and my cock exploded into her young cunt, filling her with a big load of my adult semen and sperm. She broke our kiss and panted, “Oh fuck, Ed. I can feel your big cock throbbing inside of me and your cum shooting against my womb.”
I kept stroking her with my softening cock for a few minutes as we both calmed down after our orgasms. Then I had an overwhelming urge to suck her pussy clean and started sliding down between her legs. There wasn’t much blood on the towel, and I used part of it to wipe the pink-tinted cum that was oozing out of her off the outside of her vulva.
Before I could begin sucking her pussy, she pushed my head back and said, “Wait, Ed, let me go to the bathroom to clean up, then you can suck me all afternoon if you want to. You’re such a nasty man for wanting to eat me right after being fucked and having my cherry broken. I’ll feel better if you’ll let me at sit in the bathtub for a few minutes to wash any remaining blood away.”
I replied, “Okay, Amy, but I do want to suck you clean after we fuck in the future.”
She was in the tub for about fifteen minutes and then came back to me on the couch. We were both naked and cuddled and kissed. We also explored one another’s bodies, and she enjoyed fondling and sucking my big balls. After relaxing that way for an hour or so, she wanted to fuck again and my cock was rock hard and ready for her.
Her pussy was still a little tender from having her hymen broken, so we fucked slow and easy until I shot my second load of the day into her cervix. Then I lay back on the couch and had her straddle my face with her meaty thighs. I loved it when she pressed her hairy, oozing pussy to my mouth as I began sucking our juices out of her and swallowing them. She liked being over me like that and was soon moving back and forth, fucking my face with her teen cunt.
These were all new experiences for her and she was surprised when she slid farther forward one time and my face was in her ample ass. I reached up and held her in place over me as I sucked her big ass crack and then her asshole. I thought that sucking her that way might turn her off, but she soon sat down more heavily on my face. She was moaning and gasping as she said, “You dirty, dirty man. You not only sucked your own cum from my pussy, but now you’re sucking my ass. That feels so fucking good, and I want you to do that all of the time.”
Then I was truly reliving my experiences with Melissa, as I lay under Amy, sucking and being smothered by her big ass. Amy loved being on top of me and having that kind control over me.
Following our first day of sex together, Amy couldn’t get enough of my cock. We fucked at least twice every day and I always sucked her pussy and ass after each fucking. She loved having me suck her ass and asshole, and would stay on top of me until I chewed, sucked and tongued her hole. She liked feeling me struggle as I twisted my face to breathe under her weight.
We enjoyed fucking bareback so I could eat my cum from her pussy. I insisted that she get some birth control. Amy ended up going to a teen pregnancy clinic to get birth control pills, without her mother’s knowledge. Then we were able to fuck without worrying about her becoming pregnant.
Amy and I continued our relationship for another six years. She went to college at UCI and lived at home, so we had opportunities almost every day to be together and suck and fuck. She got her degree in computer science and got married right after graduation. I’m very happy for her and the bright future she has with her husband. But I’ll sure miss that charming girl and her sexy, voluptuous body.
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