The Baby-Sitter's Cumming of Age
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Jackie and I married when we were in our early 20s. We had what I thought was a great sex life and, after about two years, came a beautiful daughter, Melinda, who was our only child. Because we both had busy working lives we hired a nanny to look after Melinda. That worked out okay, until about five years ago, when Jackie caught the nanny stealing.
Fortunately, Jackie knew that one of her friend's daughters was looking for a part time position as a babysitter/nanny. That's when sixteen year old Keren entered our lives. She was a short, sweet, attractive brunette who, as it turned out, got on really well with our seven year old. By now Melinda was at school, so Keren looked after her until we got home, or whenever she was needed at night.
As I mentioned, I thought that Jackie and I had a great sex life. Still, there were times when I got the feeling that she wasn't really at ease in bed with me, although I put that down to her religious upbringing. After a few years, however, I began to have this nagging feeling way in the back of my mind that there was something else at play.
Finally it all came out about two years ago. Jackie and I were having breakfast when, out of the blue, she burst into tears and told me that she had to leave. She had finally realized some years ago that she was a lesbian. Up until recently she had coped, but now she had fallen in love with one of her female co-workers. She didn't want to hurt me, but nor could she continue to live a lie because it would end up destroying everything.
I was stunned, but, somehow, not altogether surprised. Naturally, I was also hurt that she had kept this big secret for so long. Still, I knew she was right and, painfully, reluctantly, I let her go. Poor Melinda was really upset, and it took a lot of work to convince her that she was still loved. Jackie and I were gratified at how much support Keren provided in reconciling Melinda to the separation.
So, Jackie moved in with Caroline. By now it had been decided that rather than disrupting Melinda's life entirely, she would stay with me until she was old enough to make up her own mind about whom she wanted to live with. She could also spend weekends with Jackie and Caroline. Keren stayed on as the official babysitter and would look after Melinda if I was away on an overnight business trip, or working late.
I have to confess I found it hard not to be attracted to Keren, who by then had grown into a lovely, mature young woman of nineteen but, for Melinda's sake I kept to the boundaries. Besides, I thought, there was no way she would be interested in a thirty-four year 'old man'.
That is until one Friday evening. Melinda was at Jackie's for the weekend and I was planning on having a quiet evening after a busy week. I had just had a shower and was relaxing, wearing nothing but trackpants and a tee-shirt. The doorbell rang. Keren was standing on the porch with her night-bag slung over one shoulder.
"Hi," she said, cheerfully, "I'm ready to take over!"
"Huh? Ah, there must be some misunderstanding. Melinda's over with her mum for the weekend, and my business trip's still a couple of weeks away."
Her cheeks and neck started going red."Ohhh nooo! I must've mixed up the dates. Oh my gosh! I'm so sorry!"
Keren turned to leave. I felt sorry for her because her car had broken down and she'd walked over two kilometres, prepared to stay the night. The least I could do was offer her her favourite mocha coffee and give her a lift back home. She accepted gratefully and was soon seated on the couch working at something on her tablet.
While I was mixing up a brew I mulled over a few things. For one, in the years she had been baby-sitting she had never gotten her dates wrong. Nor had I ever seen her blush so much in my presence as she was this evening. And it might have been my imagination, but it didn't look like she was wearing a bra under her yellow top.
As Keren accepted her coffee, with her usual sweet, dimpled smile, I confirmed to myself that her nipples were more than obvious and her pert breasts had a definite, unsupported bounce. My brain was still churning as I sat down next to her. Looking down at her blue denim skirt I started wondering what she was wearing under it...or maybe not wearing.
"Whoa, careful!" I thought, as I felt my cock stiffening rapidly.
I crossed my legs to disguise the tent developing in my pants. Just then Keren asked for my help to unjam her tablet. As I leaned across to look she pressed her breast against my arm; she was breathing heavily and a slow, pink flush had again crept up her neck and cheeks. This girl definitely had something on her mind.
I took a deep breath and asked, "You didn't really mix up the dates, did you?"
Keren's face got redder, she sighed, sucked in her lower lip and shook her head. "Ummm...I...I..."
I gently lifted her chin and looked into her big brown eyes. "So what do you have in mind?”
She gave me a flushed smile. " know? be with you. To...sleep..." Her voice trailed off.
I took another deep breath. "Are you really sure about this?" “Please," I thought, “say yes!”
She licked her lips nervously and nodded, putting her tablet aside. When I leaned in and kissed her mouth she slid onto my lap. Her breath was hot and musky as her tongue sparred with mine. I pushed my left hand up under her top and gently squeezed her breasts, running my thumb over and around her stiff nipples. Keren paused to pull her top off.
Her round, 32b breasts were fully erect, her stiff deep red, pink tipped nipples centered on slightly peaked, deep red areolae. She giggled as I kissed my way down the nape of her neck, then kissed all over her breasts. Soon I was gently sucking and licking those gorgeous nipples, circling her areolae with the tip of my tongue. Keren sighed and stroked my hair. She was trembling slightly.
I looked up at her "Are you still ready for this?"
She smiled and nodded again, this time with more confidence. I pulled off my tee shirt and she stroked my chest as I resumed pleasuring her breasts. After a couple of minutes, her small hand took mine and guided it up under her skirt. I laid her down on the couch and we resumed our musky, hot kissing as I ran my hand and fingertips up and down her thighs.
Slowly I worked my hand up to her crotch as she opened her legs wider. I pushed her skirt up to reveal her plain, pale blue panties closely contoured over her rounded, hot-dog shaped mound. Keren sighed and moaned as I traced her mound with my fingertips then slowly ran a finger up and down her labial groove. She was so hot and wet, and she smelled wonderful.
When I found the ridge of her clitoral hood and lightly tickled it, her hips twitched and she gasped and giggled. Unbuttoning her skirt took but a second and she lifted her hips as I pulled it down her legs and onto the floor. Her sneakers followed.
That done, I started kissing and caressing my way down her gorgeous body, her womanly, estrogen-laden scent growing stronger the closer I got to her pussy. She hummed and sighed contentedly as I kissed down to her lower stomach and hips. I carefully eased her panties down her legs, then off and Keren opened her legs wide.
All I could do for a few seconds was gulp and stare at her wonderful little pussy. A trimmed strip of pubes led down to her clean shaven, shiny looking mound. Her pinky-brown inner labia were just visible, folded neatly between her labia majora. Smiling and blushing, Keren reached down and pulled herself wide open, exposing all the moist, hot pink goodies within.
If I thought my cock was stiff before, by now it was throbbing and pulsing. Keren leaned up on her elbows, watching intently as I pushed my trackpants down. She gulped at my stiff manhood then leaned forward and cautiously wrapped her hand around it as I leaned back.
"Oh wow," she sighed, "I didn't think the skin would be so soft."
Her fingertips traced my throbbing veins, her eyes intent and aroused. Now it was my turn to gasp and giggle, legs and hips twitching, as she felt around my red hot glans. A bead of pre-cum oozed from my slit and Keren took some on her fingertip and licked it.
"Umm!" she said and smiled, "it tastes like a salty egg."
Then she bent over to lick my glans, before slowly taking it into her mouth. Wild electrical signals pulsed up and down my cock and through my legs and backbone.
"Oh girl, that feels amazing!" I gasped.
At first she was a little awkward and gagged slightly as she took me in a little too deep. Fortunately, she was a quick learner and was soon working smoothly and rhythmically. Wow! I was enjoying myself so much it came as a bit of a shock when she suddenly stopped and pushed the coffee table away. She lay down on the deep rug, legs splayed wide open and looked up at me.
"I need you to cum inside me".
Again I asked, "Are you really sure about this?"
Again she nodded. “I want you to cum inside me.”
Still, in spite of my raging hormones I wanted to be certain that this was really what she wanted.
"I don't want to get you into trouble".
She smiled mischievously and rocked her hips. "I've taken precautions."
Reassured, I knelt down between her legs and was about to lean forward, cock poised for penetration, when Keren sat up and got a compact camera out of her bag. She got a little flustered as she handed it to me.
"Could film you entering me - uhh...this is my first time and...please?"
I just had to laugh, shaking my head at the amount of planning that had gone into her seduction of this 'old man'. I switched the camera to 'movie' then somehow held it steady in one hand as I rubbed my throbbing glans up and down her slit. Keren reached down and pulled her labia wide apart. I slowly eased my glans against her tiny vaginal opening.
She moaned as I pushed into her a few inches. She was tight, so I took my time. I started by easing in and out a few times. Finally, still filming the event, I slowly pushed all the way in.
"Ooooh...yeah!" moaned Keren, as I reached her cervix.
I started thrusting gently, using long, deep strokes. Then, placing the camera in a position where I thought it could capture events, I leaned forward and gently held Keren's hands above her head. We kissed as I started thrusting a little more powerfully. Keren's moans grew deeper and more nasal.
"Ohhhh it!" She urged.
I freed her hands and she ran them down my back to grasp my buttocks. Her legs opened even wider and she lifted her hips, increasing the depth of penetration. She started her own pelvic thrusts to meet mine, until we were fucking in rhythm. Keren's tight, moist muscles were working like magic and I could feel every little spasm that coursed through her. I just knew my orgasm was going to hit like a train.
Keren seemed to sense what was about to happen and she cried out "Ohhh yes...yeees...I'm ready...cum right up inside me! Fuck my brains out! Do it!"
That did it. I thrust deep and hard, clenching my buttocks. I let out a deep, loud grunt and Keren gasped and held her breath. A wave of spasms ran through her vaginal muscles. Big spurts of semen coursed through my pulsing cock and rocketed deep into her vagina. Stars seemed to explode before my eyes as I collapsed onto her.
We held each other's sweaty, shaking bodies, gasping and kissing deeply. After a couple of minutes I raised my head and looked into her eyes which, to my surprise, were slightly teary.
"Are you okay?" I asked.
She wiped away a tear. "Hmmmm, I'm better than okay. Thank you."
I laughed and gave her a long, deep kiss. "Thank you."
My cock was still deep inside her and I took my time leaning back and easing out of her. Her rippling muscles were reluctant to give me up and her oozing, wet vagina gave out little slurps and farts. We both laughed. A small trickle of our combined love juices oozed down Keren's perineum. She closed her eyes and rocked her hips.
"Mmmmm...I can still feel your hot cum inside me!" she purred.
She opened her eyes and smiled up at me. "Oh, could you get some like, really good close-ups of my first cream- pie?"
Only too happy to oblige, I picked up her camera as Keren teased her labia wide apart. Her vulva was a deep, wet pink and her redder clitoris looked like a glowing jewel. The milk-white cum oozing out of her completed a wonderful colour combination. I took pictures and a movie as Keren inspected herself.
"Oh my gosh, that looks so amazing!"
She pushed a couple of fingers into her creamy hole and licked them. "Tastes even better!" 
Keren spent the rest of the night with me and most of the next morning. I had plenty of opportunities to taste her cream pies. During breakfast, while we waited for some waffles to cook and a mocha coffee to brew, we had a quickie. Keren added a new ingredient to our coffee by crouching over the cups and allowing cream to ooze from her freshly fucked vagina. It was delicious, and I thanked her by eating at her Y.
After a long, intimate shower, I drove her home, parking in a secluded spot for another quickie before dropping her off. She rang later to tell me she was lying naked on her bed and masturbating as she watched her first fuck. Then she asked if she could contact me on Skype.
The names of my wife and daughter have been changed and some details altered to protect their true identities.
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