The Bun also Rises Chapter 1 - Mr 8:56
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She was tired.
She was tired and lonely.
She was tired, lonely and horny, it was 4:30am and she was on her way to work. For all the wonderful things people say about owning your own business, they fail to mention how you won't have a sex life, a decent nights sleep or a conversation longer than two minutes. Coincidentally that's the time it takes to make a cup of coffee and pass a dozen cookies across the counter.
She blindly stumbled through the back door, having to walk most of the way in the dark till she hit a light switch. Hell she really didn't need to turn the lights on, she knew where everything was, the dial for the flat top, the knob for the oven, hood fans, dishwasher and the lights for the store.
Holy hell she was tired. Sleep was something that liked to elude her. With all the worry about the bakery, her ill sister and the running of a household, she was spending too much time up late at night robbing Peter to pay Paul. Stretching the few pennies that she did have to cover the mountain of bills that never got smaller had become an art form, and she was Degas.
“It'll all be worth it in the end,” she mumbled under her breath. It was more a mantra for her then it was a statement of truth. She wanted desperately to believe it, but it was hard to see this all through to the end. There was just too much uncertainty in her life.
She pulled out all trays from the case, unwrapped them, hit the brew button on the coffee maker and pulled out the turnovers and croissants from the fridge to proof. It was 5 am. Time to open The Bun also Rises. Who in the hell set these hours?
She went into the back and started production for the day. Her first customer wouldn't be long, but she did have a bit of time to get some things started before the morning rush began. Muddling through her list of chores, she got lost in her thoughts. Lately all of her daydreams had been about one thing, well one person. The first man that had caught her eye in a while.
Mr 8:56.
Sweet Jesus, that man was hot. She continued with her chores and customers for the morning. Always with an eye to the clock. Just waiting and watching the minutes tick by. It was almost time, 8:30. She went into the back and looked at herself in the mirror. Well, it wasn't as bad as it could have been.
At 38, she had held up pretty well. She didn't think she was a bad looking girl. She wasn't skinny, but she wasn't fat either. Besides, what's the old saying? Never trust a skinny cook, that goes for bakers too. She was middle of the road, soft and round in the right places. She had a full round ass that she caught the locals taking a peek at more often then not.
She adjusted the girls. “Still looking good ladies,” she said to her breasts. Nice and full, not too big, good handfuls. Even though it was winter, she liked to wear a low cut shirt, nothing slutty mind you, but give the customers that were looking something to look at. Besides when the girls were out, the tips were better.
She brushed her long brown hair quick and replaced the ponytail holder. It was getting to be about that time that she would have to cut her hair. Get herself an “old lady” cut. Well she kept saying she was going to do it, but every time she went to the salon, it always ended up being just a trim. She couldn't part with it. She knew it made her look good, especially when she let it down and it would just brush along the top of her ass when she walked. Hey, there was nothing wrong with bringing a bit of attention to some of her finer 'assets'. Ha! She laughed to herself. Sometimes she did crack herself up. Alright, back to the situation at hand. T-minus seven minutes.
She tried to brush the flour from her shirt and get the dough out from under her finger nails. She never wore makeup to the bakery, but since he had started coming in she kept a tube of lip gloss. She grabbed it out of her purse and quick swiped it across her full lips. She dug the crusties out from the corner of her eyes, and pinched her cheeks to redden them up. That was all she had, it was as good as it was going to get. He had been making eyes at her up till now. Hopefully today would be no different.
Mr 8:56 had been coming into the bakery for a few weeks. Always the same order; a croissant, a small cup of coffee, two creams and one sugar. A smile came to her face as the door chime rang and the cold air rushed in. Four minutes to nine, right on time. She turned around and there he was. She saw him every day, and everyday he took her breath away. He was tall and elegant. He glided more then walked; he moved with the ease of a cat stalking its prey.
“Morning my sweet thing, you're looking lovely as always.”
Did normal eyes sparkle like that? And really, how does a man smell so incredibly good? “Ha! You're a liar and you know it, look at me... I'm a hot mess.”
“Me? Never! Mary, you look divine, as you do every morning. And what's more, you know it.”
Every morning they had the same conversation. He told her how pretty she was, she called him out on it. They made eyes at each other, he handed over the four dollars for the bill. Mary passed him a warm croissant and his coffee. He would wink at her, and say “au revior, mon petit choux”. Her panties would get damp and he would leave.
Mary didn't even know his name.
He had been coming in for a while and they had gotten to that awkward part where she should have asked his name by now, but didn't. So now she couldn't, because now it would just be weird. And with this man, this tall, hot, melt her heart, soak her panties, make her eyes roll back in her head when she thinks about him, man. This man, she did not want to have anything weird with.
He was the best part of the morning.
How much longer could she let this go on? She wanted to jump over the counter and attack him. Peel his clothes off and let him take her right there in the lobby. She wanted to feel his chest pressed against her back as he drove into her. His hands kneading her breasts as he licked and bit at her neck. She needed to feel him fill her.
Alright, she needed to say something, maybe ask him back for coffee in the afternoon, or out for a drink in the evening? It would be hard to get out of the house, but she had to at least try. Evenings were when she took care of her sister, so she didn't have to pay for a nurse to come in. But she deserved this. She'd been working her fingers to the bone for months on end. Dammit, it was her turn.
Mary had been alone far too long. There wasn't much of a selection in this small town. There had been some dates, but nothing was serious. She would get a couple kisses at the end of the night and that really seemed to be it. Even those kisses were blasé. No one had gotten into her pants in a long time, not that she didn't want them there, there just wasn't anyone interesting. Frankly after some of those lackluster dates she went home to her vibrator and had a much better time than she would have had with the guy. Ugh. How freaking depressing was that?
Can pussies be born again? Really it had been so long since a man had fucked her, she had to be a virgin again. Mr 8:56 was beginning to look like her last hope. The one and only road out of spinster-ville. The last train.
Back standing at the bench and kneading the bread dough, she made her decision. She couldn't sit idly and watch life pass her by. Tomorrow would be the day. She would say something, ask a few more questions. Be a bit more forward. Tomorrow was going to be her day.
Later, after she had gotten her sister settled for bed, she spent the rest of the evening in the bathroom. It was time to bring herself back to life. She lit a few candles and drew herself a bath. She had made up her mind that it was time to have a bit more “me” time. Enough of always breaking her back for others and coming away empty. She would always take care of her sister, but she had to draw the line somewhere. She was going to start to pare down some of the extras in her life, the volunteer work, and all the volunteering she did in the community. That stuff was still important but, dammit, so was she.
Mary got her arsenal and placed it on the edge of the tub. Undressing, she looked in the mirror. For a girl in late thirties she was doing well. Her hands ran across her stomach and up towards her full breasts. Cupping them she felt their weight, her thumbs grazed her nipples and they became taunt under her touch. She could feel the stirring between her thighs. Staring at her reflection in the mirror, she pinched and rolled her dark rosy nipples. Like little jolts, excitement ran from her tits right to her pussy. Oh yes indeed, tonight was going to be all about her.
She dumped a cap full of her favorite bath salts in the tub and sat down on the edge. She dipped her arm into the warm water and swirled it around mixing in the salts. She was surrounded by the heavenly scent of cherry blossoms. She swung her legs over the edges and dipped her toes in to the hot water. Mary let out a long sigh and slowly lowered herself into the tub. When was the last time that she had taken a bath?
Really, when was the last time she had taken a bath? She honestly couldn't remember. It had been hurry up and rush here and there for so long now. Liz had been sick for three long trying years. When she was diagnosed, it had been hospital visits and Doctors visits and calls to the insurance company. Now, for the most part, that was over. Sure, Mary still packed her up in the car and carted her here and there when she needed to go, but it had slowed down. With the home health aides coming in and doing a lot of the basic care for her, Mary was almost her sister again, instead of being her primary care giver.
Her head rested against a folded up towel, she sank deeper and deeper into the water. She was starting to relax. She could feel the tension slowly escaping her body. The warm water was up to her chin and steam was filling the air of her little bathroom. Mary pushed the thought of Liz from her mind. “No more worrying, at least for now. Give yourself a night off.” She demanded of herself.
She reached into the 'arsenal' on the side of the tub. It was time to get down to business. She got out a new razor and went to work. No more nonsense. Working her way up her leg, she caught every hair. Cleaning the blade she started again, ankle to thigh, smooth as a babies bottom. Now, time for the big one. It looked like a 1970's porno down there. Her bush was so full it would make Kay Parker proud. It was time for it to go.
She lifted herself out of the tub and sat on the cold porcelain ledge. Oh good heavens, she was going to have to use scissors. This was just ridiculous. “Never again, never, never, never, again,” she shook her head. A few snips here and a few snips there, much more manageable. Mary got out the shave cream and lathered her pussy up. “All right my little friend, it's time to let you shine.” Her razor glided over her warm supple skin. Concentrating on the task she worked from bottom to top, paying special attention to the crevasses, getting every last hair.
She finally got down to her pussy lips and spread them apart to get the edges. Her fingers grazed against her swollen clit. She was surprised. Mary hadn’t really been teasing herself, but she was just as turned on as if she had been. One finger slipped down to her opening, she found it juicy like an overripe peach. Her thumb plucked at her hard clit again.
Mary's legs tensed up and she gently stroked her little nub. Her toes curled in the hot steamy water as she spread her legs wider and wider. Usually she had a quick one a couple times a week in the shower. A special treat was when she got out the vibrator and went to bed a little early. Clearly it had been too long since she had done either.
She had to be very quiet. Her sister was in the next room and she really didn't want to explain the moans coming from the bathroom. Liz would know damn well what was going on in here, but she sure as shit wasn't going to go into it over her Cheerios in the morning. She bit into her bottom lip as her middle finger entered her hole. Mary drew a deep breath and steadied herself on the edge of the tub.
Seemingly from nowhere Mr. 8:56 popped into her mind.
Slowly she started to finger herself. She could see his face and feel his naked body against her. His hand was the one bringing her pleasure. Gently his hand opened her sex like the petals of a flower in the morning sun, spreading them wide and exposing her to him. She could feel his strong fingers glide down over her clit and enter her. In and out, delicately sliding deep into her pussy. She was going to make this last as long as she could.
Her thumb grazing her clit, she could feel her muscles tighten around her finger. She pulled out and pushed two in. She could smell him, he was there with her in the bath. Curling her fingers, she found that spongy bit of flesh and pushed and stroked. She could feel his hand on her breast, kneading and rolling her nipple between his thick calloused fingers. Mary's head rolled back as her climax started deep within her belly, slowly it rose as she pumped her in fingers in and out of her wet pussy.
“Oh fuck,” she breathlessly whispered. A low groan escaped her lips as her ass cheeks tightened against the cold porcelain tub. Her legs shot straight out and splashed water on to the bathroom floor as waves of pleasure over took her. Deeper she fucked herself as her orgasm rocketed through her body. Fire coursed through her veins as waves of pleasure overtook her.
She bent forward and pulled her dripping fingers from her pussy. Resting her elbows on her knees, she took several deep breaths and steadied herself. Her heart beats became slower and her breathing calmer.
Mary eased herself back down into the tub. She added another cap full of bath salts and slid deeper into the water till it was up to her chin. There is nothing so relaxing as a bath. Mary's arms floated up as she closed her eyes and began to daydream. Her thoughts naturally drifted towards the object of her wanton lust, Mr 8:56.
Maybe his name was Michael, or John, or Bill, or Harry. Was he a kind man? She knew he seemed nice enough when he came into the bakery, but really was he a gentle man? Mary needed a gentle man in her life. A man that would hold her hand when she needed it, and cry with her when times were hard. Someone to lift her up, and encourage her when her confidence failed her. She truly needed a partner in life. And she hoped, desperately hoped, that whatever his name was would be good enough to be her partner.
What would he be like in bed? Would he be a giving lover or a rough, take no prisoners sort? How big was his cock? Did he shave? She wasn't a superficial person. It really it didn't matter how big his manhood was, as long as he knew how to use it, or his tongue. Mary giggled to herself as she imagined him burying his head between her thighs and working her pussy over.
Oh god, what would it be like to have sex on a regular basis? To be able to roll over in the middle of the night and feel a heartbeat next to you. That was what Mary was missing in her life, another heart beat. That was the one thing that she was desperate to find. Maybe, just maybe, if she found someone to share her life with, they would be able to have a third heartbeat. That was something she hadn't thought about in so long. She had pretty much written off the chances of her having a baby.
A baby...
Mary sat straight up in the bathtub. “What the hell are you doing?” She scolded herself out loud. Thinking about a baby... was she nuts? She didn't even know his name! She had gone off the deep end, that was for damn sure. “Snap out of it you fool.” Mary lay back against the tub and let her head slip down and dip below the surface of the water. All the sounds became muffled and Mary was in her own world. “Be smart about this. Use your head and stop thinking with your heart and vagina.”
She pulled the drain plug and stood up. Closing the shower curtain she turned on the spray, grabbed her shampoo and began her regular routine. It was getting late. It was bed time. She hurried through the rest of it. Mary got of out of the shower, dried off, and pulled her old faded cotton nightgown over her head. Flipping off lights as she went, she stopped at her sisters room and stuck her head inside. Liz was sound asleep with the T.V. on again. She found the remote, turned it off, and pulled the door closed. Stumbling into her bedroom, she fell into bed, asleep before her head hit the pillow.
Morning arrived much to quickly. Seriously, who the hell came up with these hours? Mary walked through the bakery and got her day started. She nervously looked at the clock, time was ticking backwards. She had got up a few minutes early this morning and got dressed up as much as she could for the bakery. Jeans and a tight sweater, a nice pair of earrings and, yes, even a bit of makeup. Today she was making her stand, so to speak.
Finally after hours of customers and tons of cookies, 8:30 finally rolled around. Mary slipped into the back to check herself out. She stood in front of the mirror, reapplied her lip gloss and brushed her long hair. She had to keep it in a pony tail, but that would be ok. After adjusting the girls to make sure they were making their best show. She pulled down her lavender sweater and gave herself a little pep talk.
She took one last look, this was the best that she could do. She glanced up at the clock, it was 8:50. She made her way back to the front of the store and tried hard to look like she wasn't waiting for him to walk in the door. Thankfully another customer came in and gave her something to do. As she stood at the grill making an egg sandwich the door opened and cold air rushed in.
She turned around and smiled. Sending the egg sandwich on his way, she turned to Mr. 8:56 and smiled..
“Good morning lovely.”
“Good morning,” she poured his coffee. When she turned around, he was staring at her.
“You look,” he paused and drank her in. “You look amazing, Mary”
Mary's eyes dropped, and a smile spread across her face. Her stomach flip flopped like a fish out of water. Blushing, she said “thank you.” Then with a surge of courage she didn't know she possessed, she looked right into his beautiful gray eyes. In one long word, she blurted out. “Ididitforyou.”
He just stood there and kind of shook his head.
Mary began to laugh. Grinning she looked right at him, took a deep breath and said, “I did it just for you. I got up this morning, and chose my outfit, just for you. It's not what I wanted to wear, but I had to come to work, so this was the best I could do.”
Now it was his turn to blush. “Really? For me?”
“I hope it's okay. I mean I don't even really know you, but you come in every day, and you're so nice, and handsome, and I don't even know if you're single.” She was starting to babble again. “And, well I hope you're available, and maybe you think it would be nice to go out sometime, because I think it would be really lovely to maybe get to know you better.” Mary looked up at him with an expression filled with fear. Holy for fuck could she just stop for one second and breathe?
He looked at her and smiled. It was the kind of smile that lights up your whole face. “First, yes I'm available.” Moving right up to the counter, he reached over and took Mary's hand. “And Second, I want to get to know you better too. I've been coming in here every morning trying to decide if you were single, and if you were, would you go out with me.”
“You wanted to go out with me?”
Smiling even wider now, “Of course I do, any man would be an idiot not to see you're a complete package. I just couldn't tell if you were single or not, and I didn't want to make you feel uncomfortable by asking you out. I don't really know anyone around here to ask about you, so I played the wait and see game, hoping that soon you would make a move and give me a sign.”
Stunned she just stood there, looking at him. “Really?”
“Ha, ha. Yes, Really.”
“Well then. What are we going to do?” Mary asked.
“Let me take you out to dinner tonight.”
“Oh I would love to,” she answered. “I can't though.”
He just stood there looking a bit crestfallen. “Well how about tomorrow night? "
Mary smiled at him. “I have a sister who is ill, I can't go out at night without a bit of pre-planning.” She could see him start to question about her sister and stopped him in his tracks. “I'll tell you all about her soon. Are you free for coffee late this afternoon?”
“I get done with work around five.”
“Perfect, meet me back here when you get done, I'll close up and we can sit and have a cuppa and chat a bit. How does that sound?”
“Well not the fancy date I wanted to take you on, but that'll do. I'll be back after work.”
Mary had gotten his coffee and croissant ready, and handed it over. He handed her the four dollars. “I'm really happy about this. Coffee with you is going to be nice”
“I'll be back!” He turned and made his way to the door. Half way out Mary yelled.
He spun around, “What is it?”
“So this is going to be awkward, but... what's your name?”
“You don't know my name?” He started to laugh. It was a long belly laugh. “It's Joe. My name is Joe Ferguson.” He looked at her, “No I guess I never did tell you what it was. Its odd to introduce yourself to the lady at the bakery.”
“Well nice to meet Joe, I'm Mary Hemingway. I'll see you later then.” Mary gave him a little wave. The door shut and Mary let out a squeal. She couldn't believe it, it had worked. Coffee with Joe Ferguson in just a few hours.
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