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Part 1.
Hi my name is, well, Rod. I am of afro-Caribbean origin. I am six foot seven inches tall, an ex-basketball player, now retired and living in London. My weight is around eighty six kilos. I am fifty four years old. Not married, but have had a few female ‘friends,’ no one regular and no one in particular at the moment.
As I mentioned, I live in London, actually, in the suburbs of London, in a sleepy village and my house is located in a small cul-de-sac with just six houses in it.
I am a very keen gardener and all the residents in the street pay me a modest sum for looking after their gardens.
I have lived here for eleven years and have come to know all the neighbours very well. Especially with a resident three doors down, whose name is Simon. Simon and I have become good friends.
Simon is a long distance lorry driver and can be away for days at a time. I think it was this, that was the cause of his divorce three years ago, but he still won custody of his only child, a daughter named Elisabeth, but everyone called her Liz. When he is away, he has a sister who looks after Liz.
Simon was throwing a party for Liz’s sixteenth birthday. All the neighbours were invited along with some other relatives and a lot of Liz’s friends.
Elisabeth is a very lively person, very active; she rides horses and has regular lessons throughout the week and work’s out at the gym in between the riding lessons after school. She has a bubbly personality all the time. I have known her since she was very young. She is very petite, looks like a doll, with green eyes and a very clean complexion. Her curly blond hair goes half way down her back. Liz also likes gardening and on occasions would come and help me. This has made us quite good friends.
The party was on a Friday evening because Simon had to leave around eleven that night to be at his depot to take a lorry load of good sover to the continent; in fact it was over to Germany. And then bring another lorry load of goods back over on the Sunday.
Everything was going well; music was up loud because we weren’t going to disturb the neighbours, they were all here, lots of drinks and lots of dancing done by all. It approached eleven o’clock and Simon came up to me and said he was leaving for work. He said that his sister was going to stay the night and look after Liz.
Now Simon’s sister’s name is Monica. Monica is a teacher, in her fifties as well. She is a little over weight, okay, she is a lot overweight. She has dark brown, shoulder length hair and blue eyes.
I have also known Monica for quite a few years. I know she likes a drink and I also know she fancies me. She on a lot of occasions has rubbed up against me, she always makes out that it was an accident and say’s 'sorry.' She would always greet me with a kiss on the lips and be very touchy feely with me, and she is single. I must admit, I was not attracted to Monica at all.
Everyone was in good spirits, and yes, Monica danced with me and groped me, as I knew she would. She had quite a bit to drink and was slurring her words.
People started to leave and I could see Monica was in no state to clear up the place, so I stayed behind and helped out.
Even in the state she was in, Monica offered to help clear up. So Monica and I, well mainly I, had just finished in the kitchen. It was around two in the morning when Liz said she was going to bed.
I was wiping my hands as Liz came up to me; I had to bend down so that she could kiss me, she kissed me on the cheek and said, “Good night, Rod, thanks for everything tonight, love you,” kissed me again and hopped off to her bedroom.
Monica and I finished in the kitchen about ten minutes later. I looked around and then said to Monica, “If you’re okay, then I’ll be heading off?”
She was just leaving the kitchen as she looked around and said, “O, yeah…I’m fi…fine…yes I’m fine,” and walked out.
She was a bit pissed, just managed to walk. I thought I should at least help her up the stairs. So I walked up to her and grabbed her round the waist and said, “I’ll help you up, come on.”
I was not at all surprised even in the state she was in, that she made a grab for my cock. I wiggled my hips and shook her off. Then I continued to take her upstairs. We got to the spare room where she usually slept. I placed her onto the bed and she grabbed me again, she started to undo my belt and said, “Let…let’s have…have a look… Rod. Wha… wha…what you… hiding.”
I brushed her hands away, but she kept clawing back. I was about to step back, when she undid my zipper and had her hand in my pants. She searched for my cock and found it. I was limp; uninterested in Monica. She was just not my type, for starters she was not that good looking and she wore clothes that did not suit her. And to be blunt, but not offensive, she is, well, overweight.
I tried to push her away; I took hold of her wrist and tried to get her hand out of my pants. But amazingly, she still had a lot of strength to fight me off.
She had managed to grab my cock and was tugging at it to get it out.
Okay, it’s time, not to be modest, but I have a big sex drive. I don’t cum lots, but I can get my cock back into action after I have cum, pretty quickly, its six inches flaccid and nine when in action. I am circumcised and hairless, to be honest, I am pretty bald all over, just a well-trimmed low cut head of hair. And one other thing or maybe I should say, feature, my cock is bent like a banana, curved towards my belly.
Some of the women I have had relationships with, okay, basically fucked, have said they like it that way as it seems to hit their G-spot.
Back to Monica, she got my cock out, okay, maybe I let her. I just thought if she sucked me off, then I would not have to go home and jack myself off and the way I was feeling, I had images of Liz in my head now that she was sixteen.
I helped Monica with my pants and dropped them to the floor. Monica immediately leapt forward with her mouth open and stuck my flaccid cock in. She started to suck, I had images of Liz in my head as my cock started to gain life.
I stood still as Monica sucked, her head bobbed in and out, she stroked my shaft. She continued for about five minutes. Then she let go of her grip on my cock and just sucked on it. She started to take off her dress and her knickers. I was not impressed, I thought shit and I hope she doesn’t want me to fuck her.
She took her top off and tugged on my shirt, indicating for me to get rid of it. I slowly removed my shirt and just thought, hurry up and blow me off.
She was naked, apart from the bra she had on, I was in no hurry to see those mountain boulders. I could not see her pussy as her belly over hung everything down there. I could not make out if she was clean or fully natural, to be honest I didn’t care, just thought hurry up; blow me off for fuck sakes.
Monica got more aggressive with her stroking, she sucked harder. I saw she had her hand under her belly, I think she was fingering herself or rubbed her clit, I was not sure, I could not see, again I didn’t care.
She then grabbed my cock with both hands and pulled me over to the bed as she rolled over onto the bed herself. She lay on her back and grabbed her legs from under her knees and lifted. I could now see her pussy, she was hairy and had a camel toe. I could just make out a tiny clit right at the top. I was not going to muff dive that, no fucking way.
Monica moaned and said, “Come on R… Rod… ma… make me… cum.”
The only phrase going through my head was shit no, shit no and shit no. I was not going to go down there. I thought if I resisted long enough, she would get tired and fall off to sleep. In the state she was, that was a very good possibility.
I rolled over onto my back next to her. She put her legs down. And I thought good that’s good, she’s fallen off to sleep.
But then Monica got up and straddled me, holy fuck she was big. She slapped my face and said, “I m… may be dr… dru… drunk, but I can st… still f… f… fuck.”
She grabbed my cock and guided it into herself. She started to hump me; she placed her hands onto my chest and humped. I did not move, I let her do all the work, hopefully that will tire her out.
But she carried on for about three more minutes and she moaned, “Ahh, ahh, f… fuc… ahh.”
She had an orgasm; I could not feel any sensation on my cock whatsoever. She fell on top of me and I managed to push her off to one side. She fell asleep, thank fuck for that.
I got off the bed and went to the bathroom along the hall to clean up. I thought Liz must be asleep so I’ll put my clothes on after.
I cleaned up and returned back to the bedroom again, when to my surprise and the biggest shock, I jumped back a couple of foot and placed my hands to hide my cock. There was Liz, standing there with my clothes in her hands.
She said, “I could hear Monica, moaning, I came up to the door and watched you two.”
I did not know what to say, so just, “Sorry Liz, I didn’t know… ”
Liz stopped me by saying, “It looked like you weren’t enjoying it and I could see your face Rod.”
I was stunned, I just ‘ummed and erred.’
Liz had my clothes up fairly high so I could not actually see her body at all. She started to lower my clothes and said, “Do you want these back? Or would you like to put me on that dick?”
My clothes were then on the floor and Liz’s beautifully naked body in full view. 'Holy fuckin' shit', my cock started to grow instantaneously. I stared at her fantastic hour glass figure. Her tits looked firm, rosy pink nipples. Her tiny waist, spread out to her fantastic broad hips. She had a clean pussy, now this one I would love to eat. Her skin glowed all over. A fantastic tight young frame any red blooded male would have an instant hard-on, upon looking at this naked creature in front of them.
I could not hide all of my cock; Liz could see and said, “Rod, I’ve already seen it. Let it go come on, let me get a proper look at it?”
I could not take my hands away; Liz stepped forward and moved them for me. She looked at my cock and then looked up to me, she said, “ I knew you must have a nice cock.”
She had a hold of both my hands one in each of hers, to the side. Liz bent slightly down and pocked her tongue out and licked my cock from base to the tip. She did that along both sides as well; she then took my cock into her mouth and sucked me off. I was definitely getting stiffer and this time I did not have to imagine that it was Liz, it was Liz was right there, my cock inside Liz’s sweet little mouth.
She sucked hard and soft, she took me all in and gagged. I was so surprised she could do that. She must have had experienced a few cocks I was sure.
Liz got up, took my hand and guided me towards the bed, I stopped half way there and said in a soft tone, “Liz, no not there.”
Liz looked up to me and said, “Come on Rod, it’ll be fun, she won’t be awake for hours.”
I was not as sure as Liz, I said, “No Liz, we can’t be sure.”
Liz let go of my hand and grabbed my cock, she squeezed and pulled it and made me walk to the bed.
Monica was laid on her back, naked with just her bra on; she breathed deep and heavy, a slight snore.
Liz got onto the bed and knelt besides Monica, I was stood to the side. Liz started to blow me off, she worked my shaft hard and she sucked hard on my bulbous, mushroomed cock-head. I was close to cumming. When Liz took my cock out and said, “You’ve got an unusually bent cock Rod; I bet it feels weird in me?”
Then she went straight back to sucking, she deep throated me, I was amazed.
I told her I was about to cum and she went back to stroking my shaft hard with my mushroom in her mouth.
I came, shit I blew about three or four loads. I thought Liz had swallowed, but she hadn’t. She had kept my cum in her mouth; then spun around and dribbled some onto Monica’s chest, onto her ample tits, just above her bra. Then she bent down and dribbled the rest onto Monica’s hairy pussy.
Liz looked back towards me and said, “There she’ll be happy with that.”
She stepped off the bed and said, “Let’s go.”
She led me to her bedroom and she jumped onto the bed, she did exactly what Monica had done. She was right, she must have been watching. She lifted her legs by pulling them up from under her knees and parted them. Liz looked over to me and said, “How’s this one? Is it a bit more appetising for you?”
I stroked my cock as I walked over to Liz and said, “Liz, you’re so beautiful, you’re definitely one hell of a fuck, I’m sure. But I shouldn’t be doing this, we shouldn’t be doing this.”
Liz started to put her legs together and said, “Ahh poor Rod’s, feeling guilty. Would you rather go home and wank off?”
I looked at her as she smiled so wickedly; she licked a finger and rubbed her rosy pink nipple. She then licked her finger again and said, as she started to rub her clit, “It’s okay, I’ll just finger myself off as usual, while I think of you wanking and blowing your load off.”
Oh fuck, I was weak and as Liz had said, I could not resist her charms; she was part of my dreams on many wanking sessions during the nights and plenty of jack-offs in the morning too. I had blown off so many times with her face in my head. Now there she was offering herself to me.
Liz seemed to get frustrated, I had not seen this in her before, as she said, “Rod, come here and screw me you wanker.”
I was not going to ‘screw’ her just yet; first I thought I wanted to eat her to actually have her juices on my tongue and taste her.
I knelt onto the bed and waddled forward, I planted my face into her pussy. She was not a camel toe; she had pussy lips, not big or long, but nice, very nice. She also had a small clit; it was small but compared to Monica’s it looked bigger.
I sucked on it and poked my tongue into her pussy, I tried to lap up her juices and she was so wet. And I was right, she tasted absolutely wonderful.
Liz moaned; she was louder than Monica. Liz was much more vocal; she thrust up her hips to mash up her clit onto my tongue. I sucked and ate her for another three minutes, when she announced, she was cumming and she had an orgasm. More juices flowed from her beautiful pussy. I just could not get enough, I had to have more. I nibbled on her clit harder, and yes, this definitely had her orgasmic again.
She was very hard with her thrusts and very loud with her vocal stream as well, “Fuckin' hell, fuck, suck me, yes, yes, yes.”
She had another sweet orgasm and then pushed my face off and said, “Fuck that was better than I had imagined. You eat a pussy well for an old man!”
She asked me to lie down and she sucked my cock to hardness again, it didn’t take long, about five minutes and I was ready, she came up and lined up my cock to her pussy, she put in my mushroom and said, “It’s bigger than I thought it would be, don’t move.”
She placed her hands onto my chest; I had hold of her hips. She closed her eyes and bit her lower lip and slowly lowered herself down.
Oh, my god, she was so fucking tight, I’ve never had a pussy as tight in my life, even though we were fairly wet, it felt dry going in. She was as tight as a fist around my cock.
She got about half of me in, when she had a pained expression on her face, I thought she had had enough of me in, I asked, “Liz, you okay? Does it hurt?”
I started to pull out, she thumped my chest indicating no, and she lowered again another inch or so.
Liz did not say anything; her expression was of great pain, for at least another minute. No words were exchanged. I couldn’t take my eyes off her amazing face as it looked quite wonderful and then I saw her face change to a smile. I knew I should not move, I’d let her take me in, in her own time.
She lowered herself slowly. Her face changed again to a very broad grin, and she whispered, “Oh, yeah, that’s a cock in my cunt.”
I asked her, “Liz you alright? Am I hurting you?”
Liz opened her eyes, came down to me and gently kissed me; she licked my lips and said, “Ever since I was old enough to know about sex, I’ve wanted a ‘Black Rod’ in me.”
I was contented and said, “I am glad I could help.”
I could feel her pussy pulse on my cock and an unusual wetness between our mating.
I asked, “Did you cum again so quickly?”
Liz smiled so happily and said, “No you fucker, that’s my hymen blown. You’ve just turned me into a woman.”
I could not believe it, I had broken Liz in and I said, “Liz you shouldn’t have. You should have told me before... ”
Liz smiled, put a finger onto my lips and said, “Oops, too late for that.”
She raised herself up about three inches and looked down, we both looked down. There was blood not a lot but enough to know what had happened. I was a bit ashamed of myself, but the feeling of me being Liz’s first soon outweighed that feeling.
Staring at the sight below, Liz moved slowly up and down, seeing the blood spread over my whole cock. She lowered herself to take my whole nine inches and then rose up till just my mushroom-head was in her. She did that over and over again.
My cock was in heaven, Liz was so fucking tight and I knew I was fucking a virgin. I wanted this to last forever. I felt I had to tell her, “Liz, I love your pussy, it’s so remarkably tight.”
Liz replied, “I’m happy for you, but you can’t feel what I can. Although I may not show it but my pussy, my cunt, is in absolute melt down. It’s sending me sensations along my whole body. I bet it’s just your cock for you.”
I replied, “Hey, I can feel pleasure, yes, okay on my cock, granted. But this new tightness of your cunt is a new out of this world sensation for me and my cock.”
Liz started to speed up and I could see her inner pussy walls clinging to my cock as she moved up.
We both looked at each other and it was then Liz said, “Fuck me!”
I started to move my cock with her movements and I started to fuck Liz. We slammed into each other hard. She shouted, “Fuck, I’m cumming, oh yes, yes, yes.”
We slammed hard for a long time, Liz had three more orgasms. On her third orgasm I said, “I’m cumming Liz, let me out!”
Liz did not hear me, over her cries of her ecstasy, I said again, “Liz, get off, I’m cumming.”
Liz carried on even harder and said, “Cum in me you fucker, I want the whole experience. I’m on the pill, just for this occasion.”
A relief washed over me, I let go and blew four or five loads. Liz kept fucking until I grabbed her hips and slowed her down to a Holt.
'Holy fucking shit', I was absolutely exhausted, Liz fell on top of me and clung on. We both breathed heavily; both could not speak a word, both totally shattered.
Then after ages my cock went limp and slipped out, Liz fell to my side. And we both fell blissfully asleep.
In the morning, about six o’clock or so, I was awoken by seeing Liz; she was wiping my cock with a wet towel. She must have washed herself off, as I could not see any blood on her pussy.
She saw me with my eyes open looking at her, she looked up to me and said, “Good morning, black banana.”
I smiled as she washed and sponged my cock and balls. My cock started to twitch and I said, “Morning Elisabeth, how are you this morning?”
She continued to wipe my growing cock and said, “I feel wonderful, thanks to you.”
I had the biggest grin on my face and said, “It was my pleasure and I want to thank you for it.”
Liz carried on and finished cleaning me up and said, “I have to go to the stables, I will be back in around three hours or so. I can see you’re hard again.”
I smiled and said, “Yeah, it happens when a young virgin, sorry, a young woman is holding my cock.”
Liz grinned, a very dirty grin and said, “I’d like to take care of that.”
She lowered her head and began to suck me off. I closed my eyes and put my hands behind my head.
Liz wanked my shaft and sucked my mushroom-head. I was exceptionally content; the thoughts going through my head were of exactly of what was going on.
Liz played with my balls as she blew me; she slobbered all over my cock. The sounds echoed around the room as she sucked.
I had my eyes closed and all of a sudden just as I enjoyed the moment, the sucking on my cock stopped. I opened my eyes and looked at Liz, she said, “I really need to go, can I suck hard to make you cum quicker.”
I was happy with that and said, “You suck as hard as you like. I’d like to see how hard you can suck me.”
Liz took in about half my cock and bit on it, she scrapped her teeth first down then back up to my mushroom-head. She did that a couple of more times. It felt so wonderful. Then she stopped at my mushroom-head and placed a hand on my shaft. She gripped it tight and started to stroke it. She moved her hand about two or three inches up and down. She sucked on my mushroom-head so hard that her cheeks were sunken in. She licked the tip and then sucked hard again.
I closed my eyes again as Liz continued for around seven minutes. I felt I was going to cum and I placed a hand onto Liz’s head and pushed her down and I said, “I’m cummin Liz.”
Liz took in my whole cock and I blew three spurts down her throat. I could hear her gulp it all down, she kept stroking my shaft as she took my cock out and kept her mouth open and made me shoot another three cum loads into her open mouth, she showed me the cum and then swallowed.
She licked her lips and said, “Oh, my god that was nice, now I don’t need any breakfast.”
I felt drained and my cock wilted. Liz said, “I really need to go, otherwise I will miss my lesson.”
I said, “Okay Liz, I’ll let myself out and see you when you get back. Come round to my place, if you want to?”
Liz replied, “Oh, I’ll be happy to do so.” She picked up the wet cloth and cleaned me up again and left.
I fell back onto the pillow closed my eyes and recalled the night’s events. And although not intentionally, I dozed off.
When I awoke, I looked at a clock on the wall which read, seven twenty. Shit, I thought and jumped to my feet. Then I realised all my clothes were in Monica’s room, shit, shit, shit. I had no choice but to go in there to retrieve them.
I gingerly walked out of Liz’s room and tried to sneak back into Monica’s room.
The door to Monica’s room was just slightly ajar; I tried to look through the gap to see if Monica was still asleep. I could not see enough, so had to open wider. Shit the door squeaked as it opened, I tried to open it so slowly but it still creaked. I could see my clothes on the floor and then caught a glimpse of Monica on the bed.
Shit, fuck, fuck. She was awake, she was rubbing her chest with one hand and as I opened the door further, I saw her other hand rubbed her pussy.
Oh fuck, she looked straight at me and said, “Morning lover. I’m glad we got together last night.”
I opened the door fully and walked in trying to hide my cock with one hand. Monica looked at what I was doing, she laughed and said, “Lover, why so shy, after what we did last night?”
I didn’t know what to say to her; all I knew in my head was that it was certainly not going to be the truth. Let her think whatever she wanted.
I stepped towards my clothes and bent down to pick them up. Monica asked, “Do you know what’s happened to Liz?”
Not knowing what she meant I asked, “Happened to Liz, what do you mean?”
Monica hushed me and said, “Not so loud. Do you know if Liz has left for her lesson yet?”
I was surprised, Monica knew what day it was, let alone the time of day. I said, “Yes, I heard her leave about an hour ago.”
I bent down again and picked up my pants and Monica said, “Lover, no need to rush off then. She’ll be gone for another two hours at least.”
Two words ran through my head again, shit, fuck, fuck, shit.
What does she expect from me now? Was my nightmare of last night going to become true: Fuck, shit, shit, Fuck.
I started to put my pants on and Monica said, “Lover, come here. I want a better look at that thing.”
I wanted to get away and said, “I have to get off, get some chores done.”
Monica giggled and said, “Get some chores done! Lover, it’s Saturday and I know you don’t usually have anything on, on Saturday’s. And you thought I was drunk. Now come here, Lover.”
I had no excuse, shit, fuck, shit, fuck.
Monica got up and sat on the edge of the bed, as I lowered my pants. I was now in arms reach as Monica grabbed my flaccid member and pulled me closer to her.
She tugged on my cock and said, “I can see you need a bit of inspiration Lover.”
Then Monica put my cock into her mouth and as she sucked me, she reached behind her and undid her bra. Holy fucking shit, those massive boulders flopped down. And although in my head, I had no desires for Monica, my cock was responding to Monica’s stimulation.
My cock grew to full fucking length after Monica’s forcefulness. Monica took it out and said, “Lover, you sure are ready.”
She took out my cock and put it between her tits. Monica placed her hands either side of her massive glands and squeezed them. It did give my cock a sensation of being in a tight pocket.
I simply could not resist but to thrust my cock between her boulders. My mushroom-head emerged out the top of her ample tits… Well bosoms, as tits sound like they were small, these things Monica had were fare from small. She put her mouth there, to except my advancing mushroom-head into her gaping hole of a mouth.
She would suck on my mushroom-head as it emerged from her bosoms and then I would withdraw and thrust again. This went on for several minutes and although I was afraid to admit it, it was quite stimulating and it felt great on my cock.
The only thing in my head which stopped me from enjoying that bosom fuck was that I was sure Monica would want me to fuck her.
Monica looked up and said, “Rod, I have to admit something.”
I was almost lost, just wanted to keep thrusting my cock between het boobs, I hesitated, but then asked, “What’s that?”
She released my cock from her boobs. I thought ‘fuck what are you doing.’ And she grabbed it in her hand and stroked it. She licked the tip and then said, “I was a bit drunk last night. I hope you enjoyed my pussy. But I don’t remember it. Sorry lover.”
I thought I had gotten away with it and said, “Oh, that’s okay, you were great.” I thought that was the right thing to say.
But then Monica went on and said, “The thing is Lover… I want to remember it. I want a memory of you fucking me. Please fuck me again, now!”
She briskly stroked my cock and sucked on my bulbous head, which barley fitted into her mouth. My thoughts again were not that good. But then I thought better that she had asked me for a fuck, than licking her out. I knew I was not going to get away without fucking her.
She did the same as last night again. She fell backwards onto the bed and pulled her legs up. She spread them and said, “I may be a bit dry for you down there, you can moisten me up if you like?”
Her folds of skin rolled around, her pussy was hairy and as I mentioned before she was a camel toe, and I was again definitely not going down on her and said, “You’ve wetted me just fine I’m sure.”
I had no choice; I was going to have to fuck her, shit, shit, shit.
I got between her legs and pointed my cock at her pussy, I had my hands either side of her head and jabbed my cock trying to find her entrance.
Monica had her eyes closed and pouted her lips, she wanted to be kissed I was sure. I found her opening and just as I was about to enter her, a thought came into my head, cause I did not want to look at her and did not want to kiss her while I had to fuck her, I said, "How about doggy, I would love to dog you!”
Monica opened her eyes, smiled and said, “Okay, I like that too.”
She grabbed my head in both hands and kissed me, she forced her tongue into my mouth. I thought I should seem willing. So I kissed her back, briefly, it felt like an awkward kiss, thank god it only lasted about fifteen seconds or so.
I backed myself off of her and was stood on my knees. Monica asked, “Do you want to do it on the bed or do you want me on the edge?”
I was not fussed; I just wanted it to be over as quickly as possible, so I said, “However you want it.”
Monica piled up three pillows, placed her arms onto them and stuck her ass out and said, “Okay, is this okay?”
I waddled up to her ass and lined my cock up to her hairy pussy and said, “Yeah, that’s fine.”
I placed a hand onto either of her ample ass cheeks grabbed her flesh and pushed my cock in. I was surprised it went in quite easily. I slipped in most of my cock with about three inches out and began to fuck her.
Monica instantly moaned and groaned and she was not very loud but constantly emitted her sounds of pleasure.
Monica was unquestionably nowhere near to Liz’s young, tight, oh so tight pussy. It was slippery, but I was not sure she could make me cum.
I had been fucking her for about five minutes when she thumped the pillow with her fist and shook her head, all she said was, “Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah.”
We kept fucking for another half an hour and she went through an orgasm every four or five minutes.
Then after forty minutes and another orgasm she said, “Fuckin' hell Lover, you’ve fucked me out, are you close to cumming?”
I found that to be a fairly easy fuck and said, “I can keep going for another half an hour or so.”
Monica turned her head and was about to say something when another orgasmic wave took over her. She closed her eyes and said, “Fuck, Lover, oh yeah that’s it, fuck yeah, fuck yeah, fuck yea… ”
She fell forward and my cock slipped out. Monica turned around an took hold of my cock and was very aggressive with her stroking, she had a tight fist hold on it and stroked hard, she sucked on my mushroom- head hard, harder than Liz had done earlier. It did feel good.
She carried on for about six or seven minutes and then I said, “I’m getting close now.”
Where upon Monica let my cock go and pushed me over onto the bed so that I was on my back. I was amazed for her size that she could move that quickly. She came up and mounted me, placed my cock into her so quickly, then started to hump away. I was out of breath, I just looked at her.
She placed her hands onto my lower arms and pinned me down, her boulders moved up and down, her belly flesh wallowed around and I could not see my cock going into her. She had her eyes closed and madly humped away, she was a bit louder now and shouted at the top of her voice, as she knew Liz was not around, “Cum for me, cum in my pussy, cum, cum, cum.”
Although she came down on me hard she did not hurt me. Then all of a sudden she slowed down and did not take long strokes. She moved just a couple of inches, she shuddered every ten seconds or so and said, “Oh god, yeah, that’s it right there, that’s it, fuck yeah, yes, yes, yes.”
She tightened her grip on my arms, she dug her fingers hard and she had a really big orgasm. I then felt her pussy throb on my cock; she still kept moving those same two inches in and out slowly. I was about to cum and I said to Monica, “I going to cum now.”
She said, “Not yet, give me one more, just one more like the last one.”
It wasn’t long before she shouted and this time she was the loudest, “Jesus fuckin' fuck, holy fuckin' shit. That’s it, blow it in now.”
I was going to blow whether she wanted me to or not I was ready, I blew my loads. I pushed my cock deep to release my seed, for all four, then five shots.
Monica just screamed with every blast, almost like she was being stabbed, “Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck.”
She rolled off me and lay to my side, she said, “Thanks’ Rod, I will remember this one. Did you enjoy this one better now that I’m a bit sober?”
I really did not want to answer her, but thought I should say something and said, “Yes, you were better.”
And then Monica said, “Let’s do it again tonight round my place.”
I needed to have an answer to get out of it, shit, what could I say! I lay there not saying anything for a long while trying to think of an answer. Monica then raised herself onto one elbow and traced a finger along my flaccid cock. She asked again, “What do you think Rod, can you manage it again tonight?”
I had my eyes closed still thinking of a plausible reply. I opened my eyes and said, “I would love to but my sister is coming to stay with me.”
Monica wrapped her fingers around my cock and said, “Oh that’s a shame. How long is she with you for?”
Shit does this woman never give up, I said, “I’m not sure, she’s on leave from work and has no plans to go anywhere. She may be a few days.”
Monica eased a few drops of cum out of my cock and licked her fingers, Monica was very unrelenting and said, “That’s okay, I can wait. I just hope you can!”
In my head ‘Oh, I can wait for ever,’ but said nothing.
I rose up onto my elbows and said, “I should get going now, Liz may be back soon.”
Monica placed her fingers back round my cock and said, “I want a lot more memories about this cock. I’ve always wondered how a black cock performs. And now that I know, I want more, I need more.”
Oh fuck, how did I let myself into this? But even bigger, how the hell was I going to get out of it. I may have to move.
I said nothing and got off the bed. I picked up my clothes and put them on one at a time. Monica lay on her back and licked her fingers.
I couldn’t get out of there quick enough when I said, “Bye Monica.” I thought that was the polite thing to say.
But I was recalled back as Monica said, “Hey Lover, no good bye kiss?”
I turned around and forced a smile on my face and went back to her. I was only going to kiss her on the cheek but Monica pouted her lips. I kissed her quickly and said, “Bye.”
I literally ran out the room and ran back home. I had to have a shower as quickly as possible. I spent much longer in the shower than I normally do, to make sure I was cleansed of Monica.
It was around nine o’clock in the morning; I had put on a pair of shorts and a tee shirt, then went to the kitchen and was having a coffee and thinking about the night or the morning which had just passed. And thought to myself that I had cum more that morning than I had ever done, and in different pussies. I had the biggest smile on my face and then the doorbell rang. First thought was fuck, hope it’s not Monica. I gingerly got up and went to the side window to see who it was.
A big relief came over me and my heart rate fell, it was Liz. The bell rang again and I opened the door.
Liz said, “Hi Rod, what you up to?”
I had the mug of coffee in my hand and raised it to show her and said, “Morning Liz, how was your lesson?”
Liz jumped up and down and said, “It was great I love a good ride.”
Standing at the door, Liz looked over both her shoulders and said, “Can I come in then?”
It wasn’t unusual for Liz to be around at my place, as I mentioned before, Liz often came to help me with the gardening, so I said, “Sure come on in and tell me all about it.”
Liz stepped in as I closed the door behind her; she knew my place well and walked into the kitchen.
I asked, “Have you been home or did you come straight here?”
She giggled and said, “Of course I’ve been home I had to shower to wash all the mud off.”
I was nervous as I asked, “Was Monica home? Is she okay?”
Liz looked around to me and said, “What do you mean okay, yes she was a bit chirpier that usual, but she was okay. I think she was still a bit merry from last night.”
Another big internal sigh from me, good, Monica obviously did not mention anything about her and me. And Liz was hopefully none the wiser about us two, apart from the bit she had seen Monica and I before I took Liz’s virginity.
Liz asked, “Did you get some sleep after I left?”
I lied, “Yes, I came home straight after you left and had a bit of a snooze.”
Usually we plan when Liz would come around to help, so I was a bit apprehensive as to what she was doing here at this time. I had a suspicion it had nothing to do with gardening. So I asked, “So how did your lesson go this morning?”
Liz was very chirpy, not unusual as she was always like that, it’s just her nature. Liz replied, “Lesson was great, instructor said I’m improving all the time. He wants me to enter a competition next month.”
I was pleased Liz was doing so well, I said, “That’s good, I’ll have to come and watch you next week.”
Liz said, “Instructor said I have to improve on my posture when I’m in the saddle.”
Liz is a very tiny girl; even now at sixteen she looks much younger. But to me she always looked to have a very upright posture, I asked, “Is there anything you can do to improve that, what sort of exercise has he asked you to do?”
Liz smiled at me and said, “Oh he’s asked me to be conscious of my back and keep it straight. And some other gym exercises too.”
I asked, “What sort of gym work? Anything I can help with?”
Liz came up to me close and grabbed my cock through the thin material of my shorts and said, “All the exercise I need to do on a daily basis is right here.”
My cock instantly started to stir at her touch. I put the mug down onto the counter and asked, “What do you have in mind?”
As if I didn’t know already. Liz pulled on the lace holding my shorts up and then pulled my shorts slowly down. By this time my cock was at half-mast. She wrapped her fingers around the shaft and said, “This took my virginity and now is going to be what I ride when I’m not on a horse.”
She took my big knob, which looked even bigger against her open lips and started to suck on it. This made the blood rush and stiffen my cock quicker than I can remember.
Liz stroked my bent banana and said, “It tastes a bit different to last night, cleaner.”
She looked like a little doll down there sucking on my cock; she got quite a bit in and sucked hard just like she had done earlier. She sucked for a few minutes then said, “Can we go up, or do you want to fuck me here?”
Obviously I did not want anyone to come and catch us by peering through the windows, so I said, “Yeah let’s go up.”
I picked up my shorts from the floor and we walked up to my bedroom, Liz kept hold of my cock as we walked.
We got to my bedroom and we stripped, I then picked Liz up in my arms and took her over to the bed where I laid her down. She rolled over onto her stomach, took hold of my cock and started to suck on it as I stood in front of her. I held her head and fucked her face for a while. I could feel my cock was about to explode my load and I let Liz know, “I’m about to cum.”
Liz stroked faster with a tighter grip, I was going to cum and I held her head still but forced my cock into her tiny mouth. I blew three loads down her throat and she swallowed the lot. Liz kept sucking softly as I withdrew; my mushroom-head was so sensitive, I twitched as Liz ran her tongue across it.
I said, “Fuck Liz, you suck well for a newbie.”
Liz took my cock out and said, “Oh, I’m no newbie at blow jobs, but I’ll get even better, you watch with all the practice I’m prepared to put in.”
I looked down to her and scuffed her hair and said, “I believe you will.”
I got onto the bed as Liz turned onto her back pulled up her knees and spread her legs and she said, “Remember this?”
How could I forget a beautifully young, clean and sweet looking pussy; she looked wet very wet. I went down on her and she even smelt so sweet. I licked and sucked on her clit and pussy lips, it had only been about three minutes when she grabbed my head and pushed me down hard and said, “Fuckin' hell, I’m cumming.”
She pushed me harder, I almost struggled for breath when Liz said, “Fuck yes, fuck, yes, fuck yesss.”
I could taste her flow of juice’s, she tasted sweeter now than before, she lifted my head off and panted heavy, her amazingly pert tits and her pointy nipples moved in a mesmerising movement up and down just heavenly.
My cock was hard again, ‘fuck,’ I thought how could it stay down with this naked creature in my bed.
I was laid next to Liz as she got up and looked at my cock and said, “You really are a stud, just like my horse.”
Liz move over on top of me and straddled over my cock, she took hold of it and guided me into her, she said, “It’ll be a bit easier this time I hope.”
Her eyes closed as I held her hips and let her take me in at her pace. Liz got about half of me in when she opened her eyes and said, “You’re a big bastard for this tiny cunt of mine and I don’t think it’s ever going to be easy getting you in, fuck.”
As she rose slightly and then back down, this time she went all the way, I was fully embedded into Liz. She stayed there for a while and I felt her pussy throb rapidly on my cock.
She asked, “Put your legs down Rod.”
I held her hips and lowered my legs so that they were flat on the bed. Liz slowly rose and fell like she was measuring my cock for her movement and she said, “Fuck this feels better than before.”
She had asked me not to move, she wanted to ride me at her pace for a while and it was quite a while, Liz had another orgasm then shortly after a third. Then what startled me more than Liz, was that her phone rang. It was in her skirt pocket on the floor. I looked at Liz and said, “Leave it, call them back later.”
Liz got off me and an audible pop could be heard as my cock came out of her tiny pussy, she said, “It might be dad, I’ll see what he wants.”
She went over and got her phone. It was her dad, Simon. Liz walked back over to me on the bed as she talked to Simon. I was about to get up when she slapped my thigh and pushed it back down to the bed.
She mounted me again and slipped onto my cock very slowly all the way down in one relaxed movement. God she was tight, I felt every inch of her as she slid onto my cock. Liz started to ride me a bit faster than before, as she talked she was a bit breathless and I heard her say, “Oh, I’m fine dad, I got out late for my lesson and am still riding.”
She picked up the pace and then said, “It should only be another hour or so now, then I’ll head back home.”
She had another orgasm and again gave an excuse to Simon, she said, “I’ve got a new horse this morning. He feels so nice to ride, I could ride this one forever and I’m getting to love him.”
Liz closed her eyes briefly every so often and bit her bottom lip. She said to Simon, “I’ll talk to you later dad, I’m going to go into a fast gallop and then a home run, ending with a wet splash, bye.”
She hung up and threw the phone over to her clothes. Liz really started riding hard and fast, I plunged harder and deeper into her. She had yet another orgasm, “Oh fuck, yes, fuck, fuck, fuccc.”
Her eyes closed but she kept a fast pace. She flopped down onto me but kept fucking. I placed my hands around her back and grabbed hold of her. I slid over to the edge of the bed and stood up. I could hold Liz onto my cock with no problems. We fucked hard, we fucked fast and I fucked Liz standing up through two more orgasms. She had her arms around me tight and dug her fingers into my back.
Liz shouted again, “Fuckin shit, another one.”
At that point I placed Liz onto the bed on her back and fucked her through her orgasm. I grabbed her legs and held them up. I took shallow thrusts, letting my mushroom-head rub up against her g-spot with my natural banana curve. I felt I was close to blowing an enormous amount of cum. Liz’s pussy was so fuckin' tight, I felt my mushroom-head had heated up so much, as Liz shouted, “Jesus fuckin' fuck, that’s so the right place, you fuckin' bastard keep it there, oh yesss.”
I looked down at our coupling; my big black cock shaft was being gripped by this tiny little white pussy, her pussy lips clung so nicely to my shaft. I moved just two inches in and out in slow movements.
And then after ten minutes Liz was there and shouted, “Oh yes, oh yes, that’s it, that’s it, that’s it. Jesus fuckkk.”
And I was there too as I buried my cock and blew deep into her pussy, Liz said, “Give me all of that cum, I want you to empty your black balls.”
I withdrew and then blew deep again, and again, I felt like my cock was shooting blood as cum, as Liz shouted, “Fuck me harder don’t stop, I’m cumming, I’m cumming, my cunt loves your black rod.”
I was wasted, I had no more to give, I put my arms out and dropped over Liz with my arms locked either side of her head.
My cock pulsed and I felt Liz’s pussy throb on my cock. She wrapped her arms around my back and literally lifted herself off the bed as she hugged me tightly. My cock was still buried in Liz, fuck it felt so incredible, Liz just felt so incredible. The grip I got on my cock from Liz’s tiny white tight cunt kept my cock from slipping out.
I stood up, Liz still clung onto me and I turned around and fell onto the bed. We both hugged each other tightly and then Liz started to kiss me, first with small pecks then open mouthed, as our tongues twisted around one another. We kissed for quite a while and I eventually felt my cock plop out of Liz.
We stopped kissing and Liz rolled off me to my side and said, “I’m really happy it was you I gave my virginity too.”
Just then the doorbell rang and we both looked at each other, I said, “I’ll see who it is, stay here.”
I grabbed a towel and put it on, ran downstairs and opened the door. It was Monica, shit what did she want? Did she think Liz was here?
I forced a smiled on my face and asked, “Oh, morning Monica, can I help you?”
She stepped in and elbowed the door slightly. Monica gave me a dirty smile and said, “Are you busy?” Then lowered her voice and said, “Lover,” as she tugged on my towel.
I clung onto the towel and said, “Ah, yeah, sorry I have a friend over,” and grinned.
She put her hand into the front opening of the towel and grabbed my cock, she stroked it with a loose grip and she said, “Slippery thing isn’t it!”
She took her hand out and smelt it and said, “Fresh, you do get around don’t you?”
She smirked and looked up past me towards the stairs as she wiped her hand on the towel and asked, “Have you seen Elizabeth? I thought she would have been back home by now after her morning ride.”
I coughed and said, “No, ahmm…no I haven’t seen her this morning.”
I was not sure if Monica had any idea or not about Liz and me, I was hoped not. And Monica asked again in a whisper, “Are you free later, Lover?”
I had already told Monica that I had my sister over for a few days. Not sure if she understood me, so I said, “I have my sister over later, remember I told you?”
Monica winked, looked up towards the stairs again and said, “Sister yeah, okay, I’ll see you in a few day’s then, I’ll call you.”
She patted my cock and said, “Rod, by name and rod by nature.” She then turned round and walked to her car.
I closed the door and thought shit, she suspected me with Liz, fuck how was I going to get that thought out of her head. Couse if I don’t, she’s likely to hold that over me and threaten to tell Simon, shit.
I had to hatch a plan to find out if she really knew anything at all.
I went back upstairs and Liz was still flat on her back on the bed spread-eagled. She looked over to me and said, “That was aunt Monica wasn’t it?”
Liz obviously had heard her voice from up here and I said, “Yes, you must have heard?”
Liz smiled and said, “I think she thinks she knows about us.”
I had the same suspicion and said, “Don’t worry I’ll sort it out.”
Liz got up and started to put her clothes back on and asked, “How do you think you’ll be able to do that?”
I shook my head and said, “I don’t know yet, I’ll find a way.”
Liz came up close to me and said, “You’re going to have to fuck her, you know that don’t you?
It seemed that Liz was a brighter girl than I gave her credit for.
I knew myself that fact, I indeed will have to fuck Monica to find out. I told Liz that I would like her not to come around for a while till I’ve sorted things out.
Liz looked disappointed her head fell and she said, “I need that thing in me soon.”
I said, “I too like fucking you, but we need to be careful.”
Simon came back on Sunday evening and I was over there chatting to him about his trip and we also had a few drinks.
I needed to catch Monica the next time she was here, but the whole week went by and there was no sign of her, but then the following week, Monday came and went but then on Tuesday I had seen Monica going into Simon’s place. I kept looking through the window to see when she would come out. It was seven and then eight o’clock at night, still no sign of her coming out. I began to think she was staying there the night. I was just about to give up when I saw her come out; she was walking to her car when I almost fell over myself running out the front door. I did not want to call out to her just in case Simon heard.
I did not have to rush as Monica is a large lady as I have mentioned, she would take ages to get to her car. Anyhow, I was just meters away when she saw me, she was about to call out when I put a finger to my lips and walked up to her.
The first thing she said to me was, “How’s my slippery rod.”
I smiled and asked, “Are you going home?”
She smirked and said, “Yes, unless you have other plans.”
I had to pluck up the courage and asked, “Would you like a drink with me before you head back home?”
She didn’t even hesitate and said, “Okay but I don’t NEED to get home tonight.”
We both walked together back to my place. We got in and as soon as I closed the door she threw her arms around me and started to kiss me, she forced her tongue into my mouth and sucked on my lips and then searched for my tongue and sucked on it, she said, “I know what you want and I’m guessing it’s what I want too.”
Her hand went down to my crotch and undid the zipper. She did that like a pro, she still kissed me as her hand went in and felt out my cock and sprung it loose. No matter how hard I tried from not getting hard, she stroked it and fondled it and there was no way I was staying limp with her enthusiasm.
I grabbed her wrist and said, “Don’t you want that drink first?”
My plan was to get her drunk again so I at least would not have to go down on her. Monica had other plans, shit, I wasn’t going to get the information I was after if she stays sober.
But to my surprise she said, “Okay, do you have any red wine?”
I said, “Yeah sure, let me get it.”
I went into the kitchen and Monica followed me. I went to get the bottle and I was surprised when Monica said, “You don’t mind me looking through your fridge?”
I thought for a lady of her size she must always be hungry and said, “Yeah sure go ahead help yourself to whatever takes your fancy.”
I opened the wine bottle and poured out a couple of glasses, I poured more out in hers than mine. I watched Monica going through the fridge and cupboards. It was strange what she took out and placed onto the table, from the fridge she took just a can of squirting cream, then from the cupboards she took out a bottle of honey and some peanut butter, she then turned around and walked up to me and said, “That will do for now, shall we go up?”
I was very confused and asked, “Are you taking that lot up with you?”
Monica smiled, gave me a wink and said, “Just wait, we’re going to have some fun.”
She kissed me on the lips and said, “Bring the wine and I’ll grab the rest.”
Monica had never been in my home before, but she lead the way, she walked upstairs, slowly kicked open the first door and saw it was the bathroom, she carried onto the next door and pushed it open and said, “Bingo!”
It was my bedroom, I followed her in and she looked around the room and saw a music centre, she asked, “Do you have Jazz?”
I placed the wine glasses down and said, “Yes.”
I went to the centre and put on the music; Monica turned round to face me from across the bed and said, “Louder, Lover!”
I turned it up, then Monica started to take her clothes off and said, “We know what we’re here for Lover, strip and get on the bed.”
I was shocked at how she commanded everything. I thought shit; I’m never going to get the info I was after. And since I had invited her there was no way I could back track out of this situation, fuck.
I started to take my clothes off, only two items tee shirt and shorts it was quick. I gazed over to Monica taking her clothes off; she was down to her bra. Shit, I had remembered those from last time.
She caught me as I glanced over to her and she said, “Bed.”
I lay on the bed and Monica came along side and she stroked and sucked my cock. She looked up and said, “You have a really nice big fuckin', cock-head, I bet it tastes great with wine.”
End Part 1.
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