My Adventure With Max
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My name is Susan and I live with my mother, my stepdad and my stepbrother in Florida. I’m attending college in California, but am home on Christmas break. I haven’t been home in a while, but am enjoying time spent with my friends and family. My stepbrother Max, has been very excited to see me again. He’s grown into a good looking young man. His father had bought some home fitness equipment. My stepbrother has definitely been working out. He was already athletic looking. Now his biceps are big and his legs are more defined. He looks really good. Max is a good looking guy. He has short brown hair, and the most amazing green eyes you’ve ever seen. He has those bedroom eyes. He’s just so hunky looking. I bet he drives all the girls crazy. My parents went on a cruise for the week. They left me with my stepbrother. I’m sure everything will be okay. I’ve been noticing Max looking at me kind of funny. He’s always looking at my ass and breasts. He smiles and giggles to himself a lot.
The other day, I was out by the pool and I had removed my top, while I was sunbathing. I could see Max in the window spying on me. I think he was probably jerking off. I’m not sure, but why would somebody just stare out of a window for a long period of time. After a while, he came outside and was sitting on a chaise lounge.
"Max, can you please put some suntan lotion on my back?"
"I could do that for you."
Max sat on top of me and put the suntan lotion all over my back, I giggled to myself, because he had a huge hard on. I did not say a word to him. Later on, I did catch him rubbing his cock, while I was sunbathing. He definitely looked like he was up to something.
I guess, I was in the sun for a few hours. I started to get very horny. After seeing my stepbrother with a hard on, I decided to go inside and play with my vibrator. I left Max outside by the pool or at least I thought I did.
I went into my room and shut the door. I went over to my drawer and pulled out my vibrator with a few different attachments and plugged it in. I was really excited to play with my vibrator. I was unable to bring it to school. It's so big and very loud. It sounds like a power tool and I'd never be able to get away with it at the dorm. I put the wand right on my clitoris and moved it up and down. I took the attachment that was next to me and put it on and started to fuck myself with it.
It felt so good and my pussy started to squirt my hot cunt juices. I was moaning and groaning. I happened to notice, that my door was now open and Max was standing there naked, stroking his large cock. My stepbrother just came into the room and took my vibrator and moved it all around my pussy. I did not say a word. He put another attachment onto the wand and turned the vibrator up to the next position and fucked me hard with my vibrator. I was squirting all over the place.
He spread my legs and got to work on my hot, wet cunt. He was lapping my juices that were pouring out of my pussy from the wand. He took his time and made love to my pussy with his tongue. Licking and sucking on my pussy lips. He found my clitoris and just moved his tongue all around it. It made me so excited. My stepbrother parted my pussy lips with his tongue and started to tongue fuck me fast. I was grinding my wet bald pussy over his face. His face was covered in my pussy juices, but he continued to wildly lick my pussy. He was licking and sucking like a caged animal, who hadn't had food in quite a while. He brought me to orgasm about two times, before he wanted me to return the favor. Max stood up and I got on my knees and began to play with his warm and fleshy balls. My mouth was kissing and licking his balls from top to bottom. I then sucked at his left ball, while I rubbed the other one and then sucked the right ball and rubbed his left one. My stepbrother was moaning and groaning and had his hands in my hair. I took his cock and started to play with it. Hitting it across my chin and nose. I began to rub his cock over my lips. I never opened my mouth and just teased him slowly. I opened my mouth and took my stepbrother’s seven inch cock slowly down my throat. His cock was very long and easy to suck. I slurped and gagged on his hard cock. Max was holding my hair, while he watched me devour his meat. We then went to the bed and Max got on top of me and fucked me slowly. We shared a wonderful deep and passionate kiss. Our tongues were entwined and slowly exploring each other's mouths. He was playing with my one breast. Rubbing and massaging them with his hands over my firm and erect nipples. His cock felt so good, when he was thrusting into my pussy, I could feel it pressing along my g-spot, which made me very horny and filled with lust. I moaned uncontrollably, as I began to orgasm. My pussy soaked his cock, when he was fucking me slowly and passionately. We were kissing, while we were making love. It felt so good. My stepbrother's body is very athletic. His body felt so good against my skin. We made love for a few hours that day. After we were finished, we got dressed.
"Max, I have to go to the mall to get a few things. I'll see you later."
"I invited Ryan over to watch a movie. So I'll see you, when you get back."  I drove over to the mall and was walking around and bumped into one of my girlfriend's from high school.
"Hey Lara, I haven't seen you in ages. How have you been?"
"Susan, how is college going? Oh my god, I can't believe you're here."
"Everything is going really well. I love college and love living in California."
"How are things going with you, Lara?"
"Things are great. I too am going to college, but just a local college here in Florida."
"We should go grab a coffee and catch up."
"Let's do that."
We walked down by the food court and ordered some coffee's and shared a cinnamon roll. We sat down and just talked for a while. Lara and I were actually lovers in high school. I hadn't thought about her in years. But, after seeing her I really was getting rather horny.
Lara is a pretty girl. She is 5'5" and weighs around one hundred and ten pounds. She has blond hair and blue eyes. She really looks like a barbie doll. She has long legs and large breasts. I was getting all aroused being around her again. I was wondering if she was feeling the same way.
I have long brown hair and brown eyes. I'm 5'7" and weigh one hundred and fifteen pounds. I have long legs and big breasts.
"Lara, why don't you come to my house and we can hang out and go into the hot tub. My parents went on a cruise and I'm home with my step brother."
"I'd love to spend more time with you. Let's go."
We got up and walked back to the parking lot. We both went to our cars and then met up at my house. When we got to my house, my stepbrother and his friend were hanging out watching movies in the living room.
"Max, you remember my friend Lara."
"Hi Lara, nice to see you. This is my friend Ryan."
"Nice to meet you, Ryan."
"We're going to get changed and go into the hot tub."
Lara and I went upstairs into my room and I grabbed two bathing suits for the two of us. Lara and I are about the same size. We both got dressed and then went downstairs. She followed me outside to the hot tub. We both got into the hot tub and we sat down. Lara and I were talking and one thing led to the other and we started kissing. It felt so good to kiss her again. Our tongues were dancing in each other's mouths. The water was so hot and the bubbles were so strong coming out of the jets.
"Susan, I really want to be with you again. Seeing you again is making me horny."
"I really want you too, Lara."
We stood up and removed our bathing suits and we started kissing. Our breasts were pressed up against each other’s. My hand was rubbing her pussy and her hand was rubbing mine. We were fingering each other's cunt's and after a while, we both had orgasms. We just held each other for a really long time in the hot tub.
My stepbrother and Ryan came outside and went over by the pool area. They could see that Lara and I were all over each other. They went into the pool, but of course could see us playing with each other and kissing. It seemed that they had been drinking and were acting all drunk.
"Max, we should get together and have a foursome with them."
"Susan is my stepsister. I don't think I should. I mean I know we're not related, but still that would be kind of creepy."
"I guess you're right."
Max and Ryan walked over to the hot tub.
"Can we join you ladies?" Max asked.
"Sure, let's have a party." Ryan and my stepbrother got into the hot tub. Lara and I were kissing and then it just happened. Ryan started to kiss me and my stepbrother started to kiss Lara. We were all making out with each other in the hot tub. Both boys removed their bathing suits and the girls sat on top of each boy and started to fuck them.
Both Lara and I were moaning and groaning as both boys bucked their cocks deep into our cunts. I was kissing Ryan and Lara was kissing my stepbrother. I couldn't believe that I had sex with Max this morning, I made love to Lara, and now I was fucking Ryan. I felt like a complete slut, but was enjoying every minute of it. We then got out of the hot tub.
"Do you guys want to have some beers and play quarters?"
Max gave everybody a beer and we all started to play quarters. I hadn't played quarters in a while and remembered why I hadn't played. I was awful and was getting drunk the more we played. Seemed like the guys were much better at this game then Lara and myself. I guess by this time, I had already drank about four beers. A lot of time had passed and I needed to go to the bathroom. I excused myself and went into the house.
My stepbrother followed me into the house and barged into the bathroom. After I cleaned myself up in the bathroom, Max and I started to embrace. My breasts were firm and my nipples were erect. My stepbrother was feeling me all over and he lifted my leg onto the sink and started to fuck me hard. We both were moaning. His cock felt so good in my warm, wet hole. He let out a groan and his cum exploded into my pussy. Max got on his hands and knees and started to lick our cream pie out of my pussy. His tongue felt really good as he cleaned up his warm, hot come. We shared a kiss and we both went back outside. Ryan and Lara were now fucking on the chaise lounge. Ryan was pumping and thrusting fast into Lara’s pussy. My stepbrother and I went into the pool. We were all rather drunk and my stepbrother and I were just hot for each other. We went into the pool together. We were kissing each other and then I sat on top of him and we started to fuck again. I was bouncing up and down over his hard shaft. I really loved fucking my stepbrother. His cock was so long and straight and he hit my g-spot every time. We fucked in the pool and after a while, we went back to the table and had more drinks. Lara and Ryan really seemed to like each other. They fucked for a really long time and then after a while, they got dressed and left. Lara seemed really excited that she and Ryan had met up. Lara was a rather clingy person. That’s why we broke up in high school. She had gotten too attached to me.
My stepbrother and I cleaned up the mess after Ryan and Lara left. We then went into my bedroom and passed out together. We had lots of sex the whole week our parents were away. We agreed to never let them know that we were together. Even though we weren't related. And that is the story about when I had sex with my stepbrother.
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