Our Wonderful Summer
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Summer time in the Rockies is the best time of the year. The days are warm, and the nights cool very comfortably. My wife and I both enjoy this time of year. The view out our back picture window is breath taking. This year it is more so, because an old neighbor's daughter, Tiffany, came to visit.
Tiffany decided to visit the Rockies after her senior year of high school. Being from the east coast, she had never gotten to see the mountains . She has blossomed into quite a young woman. Standing five foot five, she has a nice, curvy ass. It goes well with her cute 34c breasts. Her green eyes and short brown hair make her young body look very sexy.
In a way, she reminds me of my wife in her younger days. My wife also has a cute ass. It was what I first noticed when I met her. Cheryl, my wife, has slightly smaller breasts, but they have stayed very firm through the years. For a woman in her mid thirties, she still looks fine! The fact that we decided not to have children means her body has not changed much over the years.
One great thing about my wife is her sex drive. She loves sex! She never turns down any request to suck my seven inch cock into her mouth. I swear, if she isn't swallowing my cum at least once a day, I knew she must be feeling ill. Most times, it is a blowjob in the morning, a quick fuck in the afternoon, and sucking and fucking before bed. I guess you can see why we had no children . We decided we didn't want the sex life to slow down for children.
When Tiffany decided to come visit, I hoped the sex life wouldn't slow down. It didn't! I could not help but notice some resemblance of my wife in her younger days when she arrived. She was one sweet looking piece of ass. I know my wife noticed my excitement for Tiffany after her first night there. She commented on how much more active I was when I fucked her that night. I was thinking of Tiffany while I pumped my wife's pussy full of cum. It was a big cum load, and my wife's pussy could not hold it all. It had been awhile since I came so much that my cum seeped back out of my wife's hot pussy.
The next day, Tiffany was sunbathing in the backyard. Looking out the kitchen window, I could see her in a barely there bikini. Our yard is secluded, and her top was undone. Sporting a hard on in my white shorts, I was rubbing myself against the counter.
"She turns you on, doesn't she?"
My wife had snuck up behind me. It was hard to deny how I felt . My hard on betrayed me. My wife chuckled, grabbed my waist, and pulled me backwards. With a quick yank, my shorts were pulled down. Getting in front of me, my wife sank to her knees.
"Think she can suck your cock as well as me?" 
With that question, my wife began to give me a long, slow, deep throat blowjob. There was no question she was going to give me a blowjob my cock hadn't felt in awhile. While I stared at my sexy young guest through the window, my wife was deepthroating me. Her tongue swirled around my swollen head. She would suck me in deeply, then slowly pull her mouth back up my shaft. Licking the side of my cock, she would squeeze my balls. Then she would go back down, taking all seven inches back in her mouth.
Precum flowed freely from my cock as I stared at Tiffany. I found myself wondering what kind of cock sucking talent Tiffany might have. Could Tiffany suck cock as well as my wife? Had Tiffany even sucked on a cock before ? I sure felt naughty thinking about a former neighbor's daughter in such a way, but I was dying to find out.
I was also dying to cum. I tried to fuck my wife's mouth, but she teased me. She would slow down if I tried to fuck her mouth. She was enjoying my lustful desire to cum. She was getting off on me leering at the young sexy barely dressed woman in the backyard while being sucked off. With a strangled cry, I grabbed my wife's head. Cum poured out of my cock, and once again it was a large amount. Cum oozed out of the corners of Cheryl's mouth. She could not swallow fast enough.
Standing up, my wife wiped the excess cum from her chin and neck. " I think I am going to like Tiffany's visit. I'll get to enjoy more cum while she is here," Cheryl said.
The rest of the day, Tiffany paraded around in her bikini. It was torture, I was always hard. My wife noticed, and seemed bemused. She would sneak up on me, and give my cock a quick squeeze. "See something you like?" she would ask. Then walk away chuckling while I stood in discomfort.
Bedtime could not arrive fast enough. After Tiffany went to bed, I went caveman. I dragged Cheryl to bed, and practically ripped off my wife's clothes. Her little game must have excited her too. She was sopping wet. In no time I was on top, pumping my hard on deep into my wife's pussy. I fucked her hard and deep. I wanted to pay her back for teasing me all day, but I couldn't hold back. I fucked her like a mad man, and my wife loved it. I could tell.
She was moaning louder than usual. Her legs wrapped around me, as she met my fuck thrusts with thrusts of her own. Every time I thrust inside her, her hips rose to meet me. If I had not been overcome by lust, I would have realized how much noise we were making. Once again, a super large load of cum shot out of my cock, and my wife's pussy gladly accepted it as she howled through an intense orgasm.
Catching my breath, I realized I needed to piss. Quietly slipping down the hall, I passed Tiffany's room. Her door was ajar, and what I saw froze me. Tiffany was naked on the bed, furiously fingering herself. Her eyes were almost closed , She was obviously horny, whimpering my name.
"Fuck me Greg. Give me your cock like you fuck Cheryl."
I don't think she knew I was there. She was lost in her fingering, enjoying how the fingers made her wet pussy feel. I could see her fingers sliding in and out. Her perfect breasts were heaving. Her hips were rising a bit, as she tried to finger fuck her shaved wet pussy deeper. My god, she even moaned like my wife.
Opening the door more, I walked in a few steps. The extra light caught Tiffany's eyes, and she looked over. She gasped a bit, but did not stop. She was too close to cumming. With a few more jabs of her fingers, she moaned, "Greg," and began to cum. I could see her legs shake and her pussy pulse as she fingered through a hot, juicy cum. The smile on her face is one I will never forget.
As Tiffany lay there, fingers in her tight young pussy, Cheryl walked up behind me. Tiffany's orgasmic moans had gotten my wife's attention. It was obvious what had just occurred. Our loud fucking had gotten Tiffany horny, and she had to cum. We didn't realize how horny we had made her.
"Damn, she is one hot bitch," my wife whispered in my ear. " No wonder you have been so horny Greg."
"Tiffany, did our fuck noise make you horny?" I asked. With a ragged heavy breath, she just nodded. I apologized, and once again she smiled. Sitting up, she looked at my rapidly growing cock, It was still covered with Cheryl's fuck juice. Standing, Tiffany walked over, and sank to her knees.
"Mmmmmm," was all she said as she took my cock into her mouth. I did nothing as that sexy young woman began to suck me. The irony was incredible. Now it was my old neighbor's daughter who was sucking me as I looked at my naked wife. It wasn't long before I was rock hard again, and enjoying a wonderful blowjob.
Tiffany didn't tease me like my wife did. She sucked my cock with gusto. Her technique was not the best, but her fervor made up for it As I was ready to cum, my wife urged Tiffany to take all my cock in her mouth. With a muffled cry, cum was once again pouring from my cock. Not as much as earlier in the day, but enough to keep Tiffany swallowing hard. She drank down every drop. I no longer had to wonder if she was someone who knew how to suck off a man.
Then Tiffany shocked me. Standing, she took Cheryl's hand, and led her to the bed. Sitting her down, Tiffany sank once again to her knees. She opened my wife's legs, and moved her mouth forward.
"I want more of Greg's cum, and yours too Cheryl."
And with that, Tiffany began to eat my wife's pussy. It soon became clear Tiffany also enjoyed eating pussy. My wife did not mind one bit. She really loves being eaten out. Cheryl laid back on the bed, and enjoyed Tiffany"s tongue. Once again, my wife's moans filled the air. All this hot sex once again got me hard. With Tiffany on the floor in front me, naked, I had to fuck her.
Getting behind Tiffany, I placed my hard cock between her moist pussy lips. Holding her waist, I slowly thrust forward. Wondering if she was a virgin, I entered a pussy that was very, very tight. I could hear Tiffany moan into my wife's pussy as I thrust into her. That also got my wife moaning louder. The room began to fill with the aroma of hot, juicy pussy.
It was heaven. My wife on the bed being eaten by Tiffany, me behind her, slowly fucking her doggie style. Tiffany pulled her mouth off Cheryl's pussy long enough to tell me to fuck her harder, yelling how much she loves a hard fuck by a big fucking dick. So much for her being a virgin!
That first night together was wonderful. My wife kept cumming in Tiffany's mouth. I was able to fuck Tiffany a long time without cumming. She had three orgasms from me fucking her doggie style. Each one was more intense than the last! Finally, with a shudder, I once again shot out what hot thick cum was still in my balls. I could not believe how much cum I had in me for one day. Needless to say, Tiffany's pussy enjoyed the first cum load it got to receive from me.
We stayed the night in Tiffany's bed. There was no reason to move. Tiffany held my cock all night, slowly stroking it. She kept it hard. In the morning, I received my first double blowjob. Both Tiffany and Cheryl took turns sucking, then shared my cum load with a passionate french kiss.
Tiffany is thinking about moving in. Cheryl and I will be glad if she does. I know my cock will be more than happy to take care of those two luscious pussies. Cheryl doesn't know it yet, but Tiffany wants me to take her anal virginity while my wife watches. I cannot wait for the day I get to fuck my Tiffany's wonderfully curved butt!!
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