Interracial Matters - Jan's Story - Part VII
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Richard stood by the bed watching Jan as she stood in front of the wardrobe mirror looking at her reflection. She wore a long white silk chemise which gave her a virginal look and although not see-through it didn’t leave much to the imagination of the delights waiting underneath.
“What do you think?” she asked him as she ran her hands down the sides of her body.
“He... he’ll go nuts when he sees you in that,” Richard responded.
“You mean he will give me both nuts in quick succession,” she said with a wicked mile as she ran her hand over her tummy.
Richard stepped forward and ran a hand over the shoulder cross straps, down her back and over her bottom. Jan reached behind and gave his hand a playful slap. “Now. Now,” she told him. “You’re touching Ben’s property." 
Richard pulled his hand away. “He... he’s going to very horny when he gets here,” he told her.
Jan smiled. Ben would be; she knew that.
She had taken the last contraceptive pill as planned at the end of her cycle and they were all set to sleep together that night when he got a call from his mom in America telling him that a family relative had suddenly died. Ben had to go off that very evening. He had been away for a week now and had arrived back in the UK in the early hours of the morning. Ben had decided that he would be best to sleep off the jet lag first.
He had rung her just over an hour ago. Ben was now refreshed now and raring to go. Jan was ready for him too. She had bathed, got Richard to make sure that her pussy was nice and smooth, and she was dressed appropriately. Even the bed was turned down ready. More importantly, her body’s protection against pregnancy was much weaker than it was a week ago. In a few more days she would also be at her most fertile. Jan was very, very excited.
“You look stunning,” Richard suddenly chirped up from behind.
She turned and smiled at him. There was a tell tale bulge in the front of his trousers. She reached out and touched him. “Thank you,” she told him.
She wondered just who was the more excited about tonight. She knew that Ben was; that was self evident. She was exited too. She knew that she no longer had protection from Ben’s potent cum. It made her wet just thinking about it. But Richard was also very excited. “I hope that he impregnates you quickly,” he had told her earlier as he shaved her mound. “I can’t wait to see you swollen with his child.”
Jan gripped his bulge and moved her hand back and forth slowly.
“I’d love to help you both out,” he told her.
“I’m sure that we can manage things between us,” she told him.
“I... I would love to guide his cock into you,” Richard told her. “I could also hold your legs back in the air afterwards to make sure nothing spills out too quickly.”
“Ben will do all that,” she told him. “He’ll probably keep his black stick inside me long afterwards to prevent any leakages.”
Richard gasped. Jan knew that he was close to cumming so she let go. “You have the take-away to collect soon,” she told him.
He looked disgruntled as he lifted up his wrist to look at his watch. “I had better get going,” he told her.
Jan turned back to the mirror as the bedroom door closed. She turned sideways and ran her hand over her tummy as she looked at herself. She too was eager to see her belly swollen with child.
Within ten minutes of Richard leaving to pick up their Chinese take-away, Ben arrived. He gasped when she opened the door to him, dropped his bag, and stepped forward and threw his arms around her. Jan could feel his growing hardness as he pulled her tight against him.
“Missed you,” he said as he kissed her.
Jan reached down and fondled him. “Missed you too,” she told him.
His hand reached between her legs and pressed into the thin silk material. “Missed this as well,” he told her.
They pulled away from each other, allowing Ben to pick up his bag and close the door behind him. “Leave it in the hallway,” she told him. “Richard will take it up when he gets back with dinner. He cleared all his belongings from the bedroom while you were away so there’s plenty of room for your things.”
Ben reached for her and they kissed again. “You’re still serious about going ahead with it then?” he asked her.
“Of course,” she told him. “I’m pill free.”
He followed her into the kitchen and watched as she took the two remaining boxes of her contraception from the cupboard. “These are from last time I showed them to you,” she told him.
“I wasn’t checking,” he told her. “I...”
Jan reached up and kissed him. “When I gave you control of my body that first night I was serious about it and I knew the consequences. Nothing has changed,” she told him.
Ben hugged her, reaching around and squeezing her bottom. Jan felt his erection pressing into her. She knew that he was ready and eager to get started.
“I want you now,” he told her.
She reached down and held his bulge. “I want you too but how about we eat first?” she said. “Then you can get down to business.”
Ben smiled and pressed his hand into her groin again. “You’re in for some serious fucking later,” he told her.
Jan smiled. “Yeah. Yeah.”
Ben pulled her to him again just as the front door opened and closed. Richard had returned.
Their Chinese banquet meal was a long leisurely affair. Jan dragged things out, taking her time to tease both men. Richard was hoping to maybe get a peek at them fucking and Ben was obviously eager to get down to business. He was besotted with her nightwear. He kept touching her and would stare leeringly at her every time she got up and went to either fill the wine glasses or clear dishes away. After a while she decided that he had been teased enough and picked up her wine glass, “Shall we go and sit in the lounge?” she said to Ben.
Ben leapt to his feet and grabbed his glass as well. Jan looked down at his groin and saw his excitement. She reached and stroked his bulge before taking his hand. Turning to Richard, she said, “We’ll see you in the morning.”
There was a both a look of excitement and of sadness as he realised that his company would no longer be required.
Jan had already decided that she wanted this night to a memorable one. She wanted their lovemaking to be long and slow, a drawn out and meaningful act. She had always enjoyed their fucking; fast, furious and lustful fucking but they were beginning the process of making a baby tonight. They were creating a life. Tonight was special.
Ben had told her earlier that day that Charles had rang him and asked him again if he could help out. She wouldn’t have stopped Ben bringing him along if that was what he wanted but she was pleased when he had turned him down. He had told her that Charles had already fathered two children with a woman from the Philippines. She had been married to a Master Sergeant there who had served alongside Charles. They had both wanted him to get her pregnant and he duly obliged. She conceived quickly and nine months later had a baby girl. Charles resumed having sex with her a few weeks after the birth. She had not yet started taking contraception again and, of course, she became pregnant. Nine months later she gave birth to a boy. They resumed having sex again afterwards but this time the couple made sure that she was safe from pregnancy.
Charles had enjoyed getting her pregnant and was disappointed that he couldn’t help Ben get Jan pregnant but he understood that Ben wanted to do it for himself. There would always be doubt about who the actual father was otherwise and Ben wanted to take that honour for himself.
A she sat down with him on the settee she told him that she was glad that Charles wouldn’t be joining in. “I want this to be special for you,” she told him. “I want you to be the one to get me pregnant.”
They kissed. It was passionate and long. Jan resisted the temptation of immediately reaching for his bulge. She resisted the temptation to unzip his pants and release his cock. Likewise, Ben resisted the temptation to quickly slip his hand under the hem of her nightdress and touch her sex; instead he kept his hand on her breasts, stroking her nipples through the silk material.
They spent twenty or so minutes kissing and touching, resisting the temptation to take their fondling below the waist. Jan slipped a hand inside his shirt and fondled his chest. Occasionally she ventured down as far as belt of his trousers but always held back from going further. Likewise, Ben was similarly restrained. His hand ventured down occasionally to the top of her mound but he resisted the temptation to actually touch her. It proved to be highly arousing for the both of them.
Jan decided it was time for bed. She kissed him again and put her hand on his thigh. “I’m ready to make a start now if you are?” she told him.
Ben groaned and reached out to her groin. Jan parted her thighs for him to allow him room to feel the contours of her pussy. His fingers pressed into her pushing the silk material into her groove. Jan reciprocated by seeking out his bulge. “Come on, let’s get to bed,” she said.
Ben needed no further encouragement. He grabbed her hand and led her out of the room. Richard was still sitting at the kitchen table as they walked past to go upstairs. Ben smiled at him. He couldn’t remember just how many times he had smiled at a husband as he was taking his wife up to bed but he could remember exactly the number of times he had smiled at the husband as he took his wife up to bed to impregnate her. It was zero. Richard stared open mouthed at him and Ben smiled again.
As they climbed the stairs Ben ran his hand over her bottom as he followed on behind. The silk material clung to her and highlighted her pert bottom cheeks. Ben also noticed a wet patch just below her bottom and pressed his fingers against it. He knew that it was the result of her sexual excitement. He also knew that there would no need for any prolonged foreplay. She was ready. So was he.
By the time they reached the top of the stairs he already knew exactly what was going to happen to her once that bedroom door was closed behind them. That nightdress was going to be pushed right up above her waist; her legs were going to be splayed wide and made to rest on his shoulders. His hands would reach right under bottom and pull her tight against him and his cock was going to be buried deep inside her.
He would cum quickly the first time. That could not be avoided. He was excited; too excited to take his time to ensure that she came first. It was selfish, he knew that. The second time would be longer and more fulfilling. He wouldn’t pull out of her after he came. He would stay deep inside her, holding her there until he stiffened once more, and then he would fuck her all over again. Only then would he release her body and lie back with her resting in his arms until he regained his strength. It would be many hours before Jan would be allowed to finally roll over and get some sleep.
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