Sisterhood of Sin -- 10 -- Out Of The Comfort Zone
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I have an ulterior motive for reminding my husband that he can order me to suck his cock. Actually I have three. Sucking his cock will give my overheated pussy a chance to cool down. Maybe that will help me make it more than two hours before I pull the pins keeping me in chastity. Secondly, he'll be able to last longer when I finally get this damn chastity belt off, get my ass spanked, and earn my orgasm. After only one hour, it's driving me a little crazy. I only had it on for no longer than 10 minutes while Serena was fitting it to me. I'm discovering now that it's a disturbingly effective design. I want so badly to have something rubbing my clit right now. And finally, when it is his turn in chastity, he will have to do what I want, and I intend to keep his tongue very busy. I hope his chastity device drives him just as crazy.
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