The Piper Ch 4
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“They’re a good looking couple, but why are we looking at their holiday photos?”
“Like I said, she is a friend from the forum, they live… let’s say an adventurous sex life.”
Before Anna can finish, Joel interrupts, “No, Anna, we agreed a tour for two. I know you want to try other things, but I won’t share you with another man.”
“I am not asking for your permission to fuck Lucas.”
Joel interrupts again. “Anna, the card has been played. I have some pride, and our marriage won’t survive this.”
“Listen to me, Joel. I’m not asking for your permission to fuck Lucas. I am asking if you would consider having a threesome with Camille and me.”
It did not occur to Joel that his fantasy could be the one that Anna wanted to live out.
"Anna, have you thought this through? This is a huge leap. We've only been on your tour for two weeks. Do you really want to put Lucas through the pain that we have been through? Not even considering if our relationship could withstand seeing each other with someone else."
Joel searches Anna’s eyes, her expression, anxious for her response. Anna smiles and tenderly caresses his hand. She does not give him the ultimatum he was expecting, this is a decision they will make together.
"I have put a lot of thought into this Joel. Hear me out so I can explain. First, Camille and Lucas live a different lifestyle than most people. For a long time, Camille has had boyfriends, girlfriends or sometimes couples. She normally has long term relationships; the last one was with a couple that lasted over three years. Lucas supports her but doesn't participate."
"Why doesn't he play, he looks like a healthy guy?"
"It's a long story, but I will do my best to explain. Camille and Lucas met at church when they were around sixteen; they dated but didn't sleep together until they married at twenty. When they were in their mid-twenties, they were told they couldn't have kids. Camille couldn't handle the news and threw herself into all sorts of things to compensate, sports, charity work, she even earned a degree. Nothing filled the void. Eventually, Camille decided they should try swinging with other couples; to her surprise Lucas told her he would support her but he wouldn’t break his own marriage vows. They set some ground rules and have been doing it ever since."
"So Lucas has never had sex with anyone else but Camille?" Joel asks.
"Never had intercourse, but he participated in other ways with one lady Camille dated years ago."
"But how have they kept a lid on this, it could go bad so easily?" asks a confused Joel.
"They love each other, and Lucas knew if he didn’t give her this, he would lose Camille. Let me give you their ground rules. First rule, no one night stands, Camille is not a tart. She selects potential lovers from the forum. Never friends, work colleagues, or anyone they socialise with. Always someone interstate, they want distance between home and adventure. Second rule, they always get to know each other, they’re new friends. All parties have to be happy before bedtime. Third rule, if a man is involved, there's no intercourse until Lucas approves--anything else but not intercourse until Lucas is one-hundred percent happy. Fourth rule, after the first three week honeymoon period, get-togethers are restricted to, at most, one weekend every month. Camille wants a friend to have sex with, not a lover to love."
"So what does he do when she's... you know with her friends?"
"Depends, he likes to watch. They have a room at home set up with cameras, and a portable kit for when they’re away from home. I thought the pool house with the CCTV security would be ideal, keeps our house sacrosanct and allows Lucas to watch."
"Watch! I don't know if I could..." Joel is lost for the right word.
"Relax, perform?" Anna tries to help.
"Anything, while someone is watching us and tossing off."
"No he doesn’t. Camille tells me he saves it all for her, apparently the sex they have the day after is the best.”
"Okay, assuming we decide…"
Anna jumps up and kisses him. "God, I love you," she says.
"But I haven't agreed to anything."
"That doesn't matter, you have been open and considered the idea. No matter what you decide, I am just happy that you’re mine."
"When would we meet them, Anna?" Joel asks.
“This Saturday night."
Joel's jaw drops in surprise.
"I was going to bring this up on Monday, but Samantha was here. Camille and Lucas live in Brisbane. She's a national account manager for an electronics company and does an all states run every couple of months. They’re due here this weekend and have booked a few lay days here in Adelaide. They have a hotel room booked, but I would really like it if they could stay here, in our spare room." She looks at Joel with pleading, puppy dog eyes.
Anna continues before Joel can protest, "I've known Camille for years on the forum, and I met Lucas on their last trip to Adelaide. You will really like them. They're funny, nice, smart, genuine people. This will just be a meet and greet, no sex, no pressure."
Anna watches Joel's thoughtful face... silence... 
"Do it, tell them to come, just a meet and greet though."
Anna kisses Joel, jumps up from the lounge, and all but runs to the den. She logs on the “Forty, Foxy, and Frustrated” forum and messages Camille the good news. It is ten minutes before she emerges from the den with a smile like a kid at Christmas.
"She's wrapped, they are both excited about meeting you and staying here for the weekend. I am going to have to clean the house, book a nice restaurant, we need new sheets for the spare room." Anna’s eyes dart around the room as she appears to be making a mental list of things to do before her friend arrives.
"It's late and we’re going to bed. You've got a couple of days until they get here, plenty of time to panic."
Joel leads Anna to their bedroom and they go to bed. He climbs into bed and she climbs on top of him. She kisses him and starts to seductively rub herself against him.
"Mondays and Tuesdays only, remember young lady, your rules,“ Joel tells Anna as he rolls her off him.
"My rules and I get to break them," she says as she reaches for his cock.
"But, I don't want to, Anna. Since the Monday and Tuesday only rule has been in place, we have been a better couple in every possible way. I was thinking about it at work today, we have yin and yang now, we have balance."
"But I'm not like you Joel, I can't just shut down my urges. I won't be able to sleep."
"And I'm not like you Anna, I need to save my mojo if you want me to stay positive about this weekend. What did you do before the tour?"
Anna looks at Joel, and there is no need for any words. She swings out of bed, opens her dresser drawer and removes her magic vibrating wand.
"See you in five," she says as she goes into the bathroom and runs the shower.
Warm water running over her head always relaxes Anna, but it isn’t relaxation she is after, she needs relief. She leans back in the shower cubical and braces herself in the corner, the warm water now hitting her chest and abdomen. She spreads her legs as the water flows between her groin and down her legs.
She is already wet from their talk downstairs and from the attempted foreplay with Joel. She turns on the magic wand and rubs it slowly up and down the lips of her sex. With her free hand she grips her pubic hair gently, pulling it up. The tip of the vibrator finds its mark and a wave of pleasure rolls over her. The feeling is so nice that she contemplates delaying the relief she knows can be hers.
She pushes the wand control button twice, and the mild buzz turns to a soft hum. Closing her eyes, she pictures a well-remembered moment from the pool house. Emilio with his perfect body is standing, holding her, their mouths locked in a passionate kiss, her arms around his neck, her legs wrapped around his waist. He easily holds her weight, lifting and lowering her onto his wonderful, hard cock.
Another two pushes on the wand button and the hum increases. Emilio is urging her on, his tongue in her mouth, she is desperate, needing him. He carries her to the bed and lays her down. His powerful body over her, her legs still wrapped firmly around him. He is sliding inside her, penetrating her slowly, each thrust taking her deeper into the abyss. He is in total control and in this moment, she has given herself to him completely.
Another push and the wand is at full hum. The combination of hot water and magic wand takes her away. In her mind, Emilio stands up, spreads Anna's legs and slides out of her. He takes his cock and holds it against her clit, sliding back and forth, each thrust pushes over and past her clit as waves of pleasure roll over her. Anna watches, mesmerised by the sight of her lover's cock sliding back and forth against her. Emilio comes, shooting cum onto her pubic hair and belly. In unison Anna comes both in her daydream and the shower. She reaches out for balance, her legs shaking, her heart pounding.
Anna washes the wand, then dries herself and goes back to a sleepy Joel.
"Better?" he asks. "How was I in there?"
Anna smiles. "You were wonderful," she lies.
Joel pulls her to him and holds her in his arms and kisses her on the forehead.
"Goodnight, my love," he says.
Anna wakes up alone the next morning. Joel had left hours before to give his morning class. She has work today and there is a lot to do before Camille and Lucas arrive. As she showers, she contemplates the coming adventure. Both excitement and worry consume her as she thinks about how Joel will handle this stage of their tour.
As was her habit when Joel wasn't home, she goes to the den and logs onto the “Forty, Foxy, and Frustrated” forum. There is a private message from Camille. Anna clicks on it to open it.
Morning Anna
Just touching base, as I said last night we are both delighted that you and Joel have decided to consider having an adventure with us. About now you are having doubts, a million “what ifs” are racing through your mind. I know this because I believe I know you, and I have travelled this path many times before. It's normal to have these doubts.
Just remember, this weekend is a meet and greet, we have no expectations and advise you both to do to the same. At any time we can stop, we still have the motel booked as the company has paid in advance, so we can leave if you are uncomfortable. Regardless of what you and Joel decide, both Lucas and I are looking forward to a nice weekend.
Anna exhales deeply, her fears eased. Why was she so worried? Joel had agreed to the meet and greet, there is no commitment. As a best case scenario, they would both be having sex with a beautiful woman, worst case, they would have a fun weekend. Anna replies, simply stating her thanks and a love-you-too. She then checks for any updates.
Shui Ling had updated the “I own him what now?” post.
Hi guys
The decision is made. I have been trolling cuckold websites and have contacted a bull to service me. Crude I know, but that's what they call it. I am going to meet him for dinner this Saturday and if he is half as impressive in real life as he is on his profile I will bring him home and fuck him. My husband will both watch and clean up after. To be honest, I am more excited about watching him clean another man’s cum from my pussy than the sex itself.
My husband’s not sure, but I have him so under my thumb now that he will do whatever I tell him to. Thanks again Sofia, for the advice to have him wear the cage 24/7, it was this final submission that broke his will and made him my toy.
Shui Ling
There were the usual replies of both encouragement and warning. Anna adds a “good luck,” logs off, and goes to work. She always smiles when she thinks about her job. She is a gymnastics coach and administrator for a high school. The school produces some of Australia's best gymnasts, with some of her former students now training with the elite Australian Institute of Sport. Such is her reputation, that the Institute has often involved her in speciality programs. It was at one of these programs where she met Emilio.
She has driven the same route to work a thousand times. While she drives, she thinks about what her two daughters would think of her if they knew about her secret sex life. She is dragged from this thought by the screech of tyres on bitumen and the scream of a truck horn. She looks right and sees a truck bearing down on her. Panic sets in and she slams on the accelerator. The GTI automatic gearbox shifts down and the powerful engine throws the small car forward and out of harm’s way. The truck tyres smoke and horn screams as it flies past the GTIs back window, missing it by inches. So distracted was she, that she had just driven though a red light.
Anna pulls over on the verge. Her hands are shaking and tears are flowing as the reality of what had almost happened dawns on her. Suddenly bilious, she opens the door and throws up. It is at least fifteen minutes before she can get it together enough to call the school to tell them she can’t come in for the next few days as she is ill.
Once home, she pours herself a glass of water. Her hands shake so much, the water ripples in the glass. Anna isn't superstitious, but she knows instinctively that what had just happened is an omen. She is on the wrong side of forty and the clock is ticking. She knows she is being told that she must do whatever it takes to have her planned adventure. In the blink of an eye, she could miss this opportunity and the chance would be gone. She will mitigate the risk to her marriage, and if there is a price to pay, she will pay it. She drinks the water, straightens her spine, pulls her shoulders back, and holds her head high. Her stomach heaves and she throws up into the sink.
Once calm, she turns into Super Anna, there is so much to do. Anna's house is always immaculate, but before Camille and Lukas arrive, it will shine. She dusts, cleans, and polishes like a mad woman. Bakes biscuits, prepares the weekend’s menu, and shops. By the time Joel gets home, she is exhausted. She doesn’t tell him about the near car accident but lies that she is taking a few days to get ready. He would just fret and worry anyway. They have dinner and relax on the lounge before bed.
While cuddling on the couch, Anna says, "I'm really excited about Camille and Lucas visiting us."
She watches his reaction.
"To be honest Anna, I'm nervous. I will go through with the meet and greet but I am worried about the ramifications."
"I thought about what you told me last night, about maintaining your mojo and it got me thinking. I agree that we need to keep your balls full and you horny to get the most out of the tour, but I am the opposite; when I am too horny I get distracted and can't focus. I would like to try something just this once that may help us both."
Anna leads Joel up to the bedroom and tells him to remove his clothes and lay on the bed. He again reminds her of the Monday - Tuesday rule but she tells him to trust her. She ties a scarf to each of his wrists, then ties the ends to the bedpost. She then lifts his head and blindfolds him with another scarf.
"Joel, you need mojo and I need release, I intend to give us both tonight."
Anna takes off her clothes and lays beside him, turns on the TV and presses play for the DVD. A porn movie starts; a beautiful brunette is being fondled by four large black men. Anna starts to play with herself, first by just tweaking her nipples but then by moving her hand between her legs and rubbing herself.
Joel can hear the movie and feel his wife move beside him, and his cock lengthens and hardens. Anna knows his resolve will be tested by what she does next. She rubs harder for a few minutes and then says, "I’ve seen enough."
She climbs up, straddling his face but still facing the TV. "Lick me Joel," she commands.
His cock is now hard as he takes her in his mouth. He gently parts her lips with his tongue, finds her opening, and pushes into her. Anna leans back, but a tongue is no substitute for the cock she wants inside her. She tilts her pelvis until he finds her clit. Joel is getting good at this and he works his tongue around, doing his best to miss her sensitive clit. Anna squirms on top of him as she watches the four black men ravage the brunette. Joel sucks her clit into his mouth and flicks fast with the tip of his tongue. The brunette is now sandwiched between two men, one inside her pussy and one up her ass, and Anna loses control and orgasms.
She turns off the TV and rolls next to Joel. "I'm going to leave you tied up, just in case… can’t have you getting up to any mischief while I’m asleep. Goodnight. I love you," she tells him.
Anna lays beside Joel pretending to sleep, contemplating her plans for their tour. It seems so right when she is on the forum, it had been so right in the pool house with Emilio, why do her plans feel so wrong now? Joel is a good man, a loving supportive husband and father to her girls. He would be more than enough for any other woman. Why did she need more?
Joel lays quietly, measuring his breathing. He frees his hands of the silk scarfs that bound his wrists and puts an arm around Anna. The smell and taste of her was still on his lips, teasing him, testing his resolve; he had been the master of his domain for thirty-two years. At thirteen Joel’s Sensei had told him that masturbating would make him weak in mind, body and spirit. So he had stopped wanking. He had struggled at first, but over time he had learned to keep his sexual desires on a tight leash. He named these urges the ‘Beast.’ He had only let the beast free from its leash once and had ended up having an affair that almost cost him his marriage. When Anna had agreed to have him back, he had vowed to cage the beast, to never to let it control him again.
Now Anna’s sex tour was awaking the beast. Joel had seen its eyes when watching Anna and her boy toy. He had felt its sting when she had fingered his ass, he had tasted its breath when she had fed him his own cum. All these things had aroused and excited him; the beast was shaking its cage, threatening to run wild. If he sets the beast free to run with Anna, it may take them places they can’t come back from. Anna’s sex tour is a double edged sword. One side could free the beast; the other may not satisfy Anna’s desires. Either way, Joel could lose Anna, and that thought is too scary to even contemplate.
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