Always Faithful - Chapter Ten
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Chapter Ten - Dan and Laura Expanding Relationships
Ending their lunch time confrontation, Dan paid their check and escorted Laura to his car. Dan dropped Laura back at her office. Lunch had been up and down. Home, Laura’s one word slip, was the downside. Dan’s parting kiss was perfunctory at best. Alone on the elevator, Laura knew she was the one who fucked up this time. Her afternoon demeanor made it obvious to everyone who came within her space. At three, Greg put an end to her funk.
“Laura, come in my office please.”
Greg locked the door and made Laura give him her panties. He balled the nylon and stuffed her mouth. “Bend over and hold on to the desk.” Four hard slaps stung. “Get on your knees and suck my cock you foul tempered bitch.”
Ten minutes later, Laura was at her desk with a smile on her face. Funk time was over. She promised Greg she would tell about lunch with Dan if he took her to dinner. From Greg’s last pounding slap on his lover’s rear through lunch the following Wednesday, Laura dwelled in a bliss she rarely had known.
Their sex life was outstanding, except they didn’t do a lot standing up, Laura thought, only twice. Their social life was great too. Greg did take her dancing Saturday night. They made an attractive couple. Sunday afternoon they picnicked in a park away from town. Shorts and a halter top could be as much fun as an evening dress, and a lot easier to throw in the washer after romping and rolling around. Laura devoted full attention to her affair with Greg with no thought at all of her husband. After lunch with the girls again on Wednesday, she decided to call Dan.
Dan hadn’t stayed at home in his funk either. Friday he returned to Gilly’s and found his kiss-on-the-cheek friend there again. She still wore those very high heels, but tonight she wore a very short denim skirt. Her top was just as tight. Dan bought two drinks and got each cheek kissed. They talked more. She was an artist; she had just started working in a gallery near Gilly’s to support her art career.
They had a good time together, conversation and mild flirting was fun. It was always the first step in a getting to know you routine. Her gallery was having an opening Sunday afternoon, a new artist, very up and coming. “Would you like to join me? I have to work, but mostly my work will be mingling. I’d like to mingle with you.” Dan got a lip kiss when he dropped her in front of her apartment.
Sunday afternoon was fun too, Dan saw his new friend in a dress for the first time. He thought she looked pretty good in a dress. Dan did notice the colorful scarf as an accent to her basic black dress. There were a number of other women at the opening, including two very attractive older women. Dan mingled and drank cheap white wine. His new friend mingled collecting and giving business cards. Her wine glass was mostly untouched. Dan suggested drinks following the opening and his friend asked if Gilly’s would be open Sunday.
Gilly’s was open on Sunday, but with a different crowd, mostly younger. Three drinks, acceptance for dinner Wednesday and a ride home brought the day to a pleasant end. The kiss Dan got at her doorstep held a hint of future promise. At home Dan turned his cell phone on again; Laura had called and left a message. She was just checking on him, gave her love to the voicemail, and told Dan he could call back or not.
Dan didn’t bother calling.
Dan did call Wednesday; Laura answered in cheery fashion, "Hi Baby, I’m glad you called - I was hoping it was you."
They talked about their weeks’ and Dan acknowledged her voice message. “No, I have something planned tonight; you can come for a visit tomorrow if you want to see me.”
“Well, I guess tomorrow will work, I am glad you aren’t just moping around the house.”
“I’ve kept myself occupied, and I bet you have too.”
“Yes, I have.”
“You can say we have, it’s okay, Baby, really, it is okay to say we.”
“Two weeks are almost over.”
“Have you had your fill yet, are you coming home, or do you want more time at your other home?”
“Dan, my home is with you, I’ll be home after this Friday. Will the door still be open for me?”
“Yes, Baby, the front door is always open for you.”
“I’ll see you Saturday.” Laura paused before continuing in an uncertain manner. “Sometime Saturday.”
“Make it Sunday, why don’t you? I’ll have the patio table set brunch for two at eleven.” Dan switched to his sarcasm voice. “Do you think you can make it by then?”
Dan was pissed, he waited until he heard Laura’s final I love you and the buzz of disconnect. His phone slammed down hard enough that his secretary called to him. Sometime Saturday, she can be a bitch. My wife can surely be an ever loving bitch.
The secretary came to his office door. “Is everything all right?”
Dan told her his wife had just called and annoyed him. “I am going to take a walk and work off this frustration. If you want to leave early and get away just close up and go.”
Dinner that evening with his new friend went better than Dan expected. His date looked stunning; her dress was a dramatic accent of colors that highlighted her figure. Dan told her so with great compliments. Dinner was delicious, their conversation spirited and fun. They talked mostly about art and Dan got a quick education. Along the way, Dan confessed that he was married and outlined what that marriage was like for the past few months.
Dancing at a trendy nightclub frequented by artsy types was even more entertaining. They danced until midnight. Dan’s admission did not dampen their fun. His date gave a short speech after opening her door.
“I like you Dan, but I am not going to date a married man. Don’t ignore me if you see me again, we can be friends. Come by the gallery, I’d like that. If your marriage situation changes, and it sounds like it might from what you’ve said, please let me know. You get one last kiss tonight; let’s enjoy it while we can.”
Dan drove home in dream state. He tasted that last kiss as he drove. He could still taste her as he hung his suit in the closet. Some of Laura’s dresses caught his eye. "We kissed with almost the same passion Laura and I do, but I could only taste her." Dan licked his lips, he felt inside his mouth with his tongue. "No Greg in that kiss. She kisses like Laura but with no Greg taste."
> > > > - -
After talking with Dan, Laura had doubts. Was Dan adapting once again to her new situation? Maybe Dan would always come around to her desires. "Is there another possibility? I don’t care; I am going to have three days and four nights with my lover. That sounds like a dream vacation, a fly away to the Bahamas dream vacation for two." Greg didn’t get the whole story -- all he heard from Laura was anything goes. Greg set the agenda for their time from now until Sunday morning.
Sex wasn’t everything, of course, but sex was the constant theme of Laura’s last few days of staying at Greg’s place. One desire Laura expressed when she surrendered decisions to Greg was, “I want my body to throb when I go back to Dan Sunday morning.”
Greg did get his wish to have sex with Laura in every room in his house. He even forced her to the back of his closet once. He tried to screw his lover into the closet wall. In the closet was one of their stand-up fucks. Laura thought Greg seemed unusually fascinated doing it in the kitchen.
Laura loved the sex play they had in the shower. She bent Greg toward the back wall and let the warm water play direct over his rear. Laura put her head under the waterfall and gave Greg’s backside a personal kiss. With her lover’s cock and balls in hand, she kissed, sucked, and fondled with a maddening slowness. The first time Laura played the game she went slowly, and the water turned cold. She practiced often enough to get the right tempo.
Laura did get her wish for strong action. At least once each night, Greg literally ravished her body. Until Friday evening, all bites and bruises were carefully hidden under clothed spots. After work Friday, even that caution vanished. When they went out for a stroll Saturday afternoon, hickeys adorned Laura’s neck, arms, and legs in places her clothes didn’t hide. Most of the passion marks represented orgasms one or both reached. Laura wore her marks with pride, she wanted others to notice. There was little doubt Dan would at brunch tomorrow.
Saturday evening the love pattern changed. Laura and Greg knew their two week idyll was ending, at least for a while. They made love, as tender a love making as possible. Laura gave her spirit to her lover; Greg accepted with the reverence due her gift. They were in their bed before ten Saturday night, but lights out came after one. Twice they made love to mutual orgasm; they touched, kissed, cuddled and talked of love for each other between sex times.
Sunday morning, Greg and Laura were both in the mood for a hard fucking. Greg doubled her over, fucking hard into Laura’s cunt and chewing on her breasts as he fucked. Laura urged him on as much as she could. Her shoulders and toes had enough grip to push hips to meet each thrust. Greg’s head was held tight to the nipple his mouth worked on. Laura’s screams of passion drove both onward and higher. Four days of near continuous sex prolonged Sunday’s finale. The end came as a drawn out exhausting climax. Lovers collapsed together into one another.
Laura had one final request. She maneuvered Greg to a sixty-nine position above her. “Seal me while I suck your cock clean. I want to keep all of us as a memory as long as I can. Seal my pussy lips swollen closed and then I need to get dressed and leave you for a while.”
Their parting kiss beside her car door was long and fierce. Greg kissed hard and used his teeth on Laura’s lips, just as he had on her pussy lips in the bedroom. Dan would know; Greg made sure Dan would know.
Being neither blind nor fool, Dan did know at once. He left his kitchen preparation work when he heard Laura at the door. Laura might need help with luggage first, came to Dan’s mind; that, and he wanted to greet her homecoming. Laura set what little luggage she had aside to greet her husband. Dan recognized the taste he missed the past two weeks in their kiss, glad that words came second after hugs and kisses. Dan carried his wife’s suit bag and small suitcase to their bedroom.
“Do you have more in the car?”
“No, that’s all I brought home. Mostly the three outfits from Business Lady, I want to show you the others.”
“Oh, okay. I guess you left the rest of your clothes with Greg?”
“Yes, I did. I thought it made more sense.”
Laura went to her dresser and picked up her rings. “May I put these on now?”
“Does the no luggage mean you are going back with Greg? Are you just spending a few days here, even the week?”
“No, I am back at home. I live here Baby, you know that. May I?”
“I will.” Dan put the wedding rings on her left hand, and Laura did the same for her husband.
They ate brunch and talked, more casual and friendly than just polite, but not truly intimate conversation. Laura described in superficial terms her two weeks living with Greg. Avoiding intimate description was a small problem; sex with her lover had been the main event of her last two weeks. Laura admitted that much; there was no sense trying to deny the obvious. She even told Dan she and Greg did eventually make love in every room.
“Did you find a new favorite place?”
“For some strange reason Greg seemed to like the kitchen as favorite alternative to the bedroom. He had me lean on the counter top so he could do me from behind.”
“What about you?”
“No question, I loved sex in his shower, his master bath has a separate shower stall, nice size, bigger and wider than most.”
“You like the bigger and wider, don’t you?”
“Yes, and I get your meaning Baby, that’s not exactly what I meant, but I heard you.”
“How about Greg’s back yard, did you fuck there too?”
“No, not the back yard, not the garage either. He did have me once in a closet; that was strange. We pushed his suits and my dress aside and he fucked me leaning against the back wall. That one was just strange, we seemed to be checking off places in the house when we screwed that time.”
“You still have new places for sex. New places to fuck the next time you want to move in with Greg is what I mean.”
“Let’s not go there as soon as I get home, okay? We should concentrate on us as in Dan and Laura, not Greg and Laura.”
“Did you do anything besides fuck, or was it just two weeks of sex?”
Laura didn’t care for the way Dan was leading their conversation, but she figured they had to get past his anger in order get back to normal. Laura talked first about things other than sex. She told of dinners out, dancing and the fun public times she had with her lover. She managed to talk for five minutes about their picnic in the park without mentioning going off to the bushes. When Laura talked about work life during her two weeks away she emphasized the restraint at work aspect because she was getting sex in the evening.
Dan couldn’t resist another shot. “And in the morning before going to work too, I’m sure that part helped.”
“We didn’t screw every morning before we went to work, Dan.”
“Forget to set the alarm for wake up fuck time, did you?”
“Dan, stop! I am trying to be open, honest and civil. Yes, I am your wife who is just home from spending two weeks with her lover. Yes, that is not an everyday thing most women do. If we dwell on me being with Greg for two weeks, we will just bitch and fight for a long time. That’s no good for us, individually or together.”
“All right, I know where you were, what you were doing. I’ll try to put it behind until the next time.”
Laura sat in his lap and kissed her husband. “Thank you, I think that’s best.”
“When are you going home to Greg again; did you and he decide?”
“You have a funny way of putting things behind; no Greg and I didn’t talk about future times.”
“You just left your clothes there to be ready for a quick getaway, right?”
“You expected that, didn’t you? I told you when I left I wanted some clothes at Greg’s place.”
“Yes, you did. You having a home with Greg really bothers me.”
“I’m glad you finally said it bothers you. That puts your feelings on the table. What I said at the restaurant was a slip of the tongue; a natural, but really bad, mistake on my part. I didn’t mean what I said. Not the way I said it, and especially not the way you heard me say Greg’s home is my home.”
“Laura, you are making it your home. You are making living with Greg available for you whenever you choose.”
“I live here; this is my home, here with you. I live here. Whatever Greg’s home is to me, it is no more than a lover’s home. The clothes I left there are a lover’s convenience and nothing more.”
“Sure it is!”
“Don’t let my clothes threaten you, threaten us. Please don’t, Dan.”
Discord and apprehension flavored their Sunday brunch on the patio. Laura tried a new track to break the tension. “Do we still have some champagne chilled?”
“Yes, it’s Piper if that’s okay. I don’t have any of Greg’s champagne.”
Laura ignored Dan’s jibe, “Piper is fine, a great champagne.” After filling her glass, Laura continued trying to get Dan to open up. “I really wanted to come home Wednesday to spend the night, I missed you.”
“I had dinner plans; I didn’t expect you home.”
Laura assumed a business dinner but decided to make a joke. “Who was she, pretty, anyone I might know?”
“No, you don’t know her at all. Just someone I met at Gilly’s, and yes, she is rather attractive. She’s an artist; she works at a gallery near Gilly’s.”
“When I asked who she was, I was being funny. I am glad you met someone. I hope you had a good time with her; you don’t have to mope around.”
“We had some fun, but not at all like you with Greg.”
“I repeat, I am really glad you had some fun.”
Their conversation shifted to Business Lady and Laura getting three outfits delivered. “All the girls in my office were jealous. By the end of the day, the office grapevine let every secretary in on my UPS shipment.”
“I’m glad you caused some excitement in your office. I told my VP when you first told me. That one suit I saw looked good on you. It looked proper, but just a little hot too.”
“There was one other thing that office gossip spread around about me.”
“Are you and Greg an item now?”
“Yes, one of the women noticed my missing rings.” Laura told Dan about getting dragged off to lunch with some of the secretaries. She was forced into admitting her affair.
“You were forced?”
“Well, talked into admitting. That was the day the Business Lady shipment arrived, by Friday everyone knew I was screwing Greg.” Laura raised her glass. “Since everyone knows I am fucking my boss, they know I spent at least some of last week at his place, why don’t we finish this champagne and go to the bedroom. You can check out the merchandise, so to speak.”
“I can already tell the merchandise is a little bruised and bed worn. You tried to cover the hickeys on your neck. I guess I should do a careful inspection.”
“Yes, I asked Greg to work me hard. I got a bit annoyed after you turned me down Wednesday. Most are from yesterday, we were careful about the office.”
“Don’t overwork the office grapevine.”
Dan noticed her new anklet in their bedroom. “A gift from Greg?”
“Yes, he asked me if I would wear a piece of jewelry from him. I think he meant a friendship ring sort of gift, but I suggested an ankle bracelet.”
Dan looked it over closely, “It’s pretty, it suits you; wear it in good health, good sex.” Laura opened her mouth about to object. Dan held his hand up as stop sign, “It’s okay, I understand.”
“Thank you, I am glad you don’t mind.”
Dan could tell as soon as Laura was nude on the bed that she had not been kidding about worked hard. The tips of her breasts were still swollen, she had bruises and teeth marks evident. Dan rolled her over, more hickeys at the base of her neck and several on her ass cheeks. Laura’s pussy showed the most savage swelling and bruising though, recent swelling.
“I asked him to seal me after we had sex this morning. I wanted to bring us home to you. Ram your cock into me Baby; he is still inside me waiting for you.”
Dan kissed her lips first and lightly ran his tongue up and then down her swollen length. His fingers pulled lips apart at the top of her slit. Dan licked gently making Laura moan and call his name with excitement. His spit formed a rivulet where his tongue had been before. Dan’s saliva would be their only lubrication. Dan separated Laura’s outer lips just enough to fit his cock tip. Time, now is the time, Dan pushed in forcefully.
Laura cried out loudly, feeling pain. Dan was in, completely inside his wife. He met Greg in Laura’s pussy and the lover’s leavings enveloped Dan’s cock. Her pool was very hot and full of Greg. Dan shivered completely, his body wracked in spasms brought on by entering the pool of love juices Laura carefully packaged and brought to their bed.
One thrust into the pool was all Dan needed. Two weeks of denial, two weeks of anger and frustration poured out of his balls, through his cock, and joined his wife and her lover inside her body. Dan shivered his orgasm and Laura held him tight. When her husband tried to pull away and continue, Laura held on.
“You belong here in me, just stay like this. I love you Baby, I love you so much, so much just like this. Stay in me always.”
Dan shook and cried.
By Thursday, Laura had restored most of the damage to their marriage and Dan’s confidence. Life returned to normal in their household. Friday at work, however, a potential problem cropped up.
“Good morning, Darling.” Laura kissed her boss warmly.
“May I have the honor of you by my side at the country club charity ball next Saturday,” Greg asked?
That earned an even warmer kiss. “Is this the tuxedo and red dress date I have been waiting for?”
“None other, it’s a big annual to-do.”
Laura curtseyed. “I accept your proposal. I’ll wear my red dress proudly and dance in your arms all evening.”
Lunch in their alcove Friday was the first sign of a red flag waving.
“Old Jacobs asked me this morning if I intended to take you to the country club.”
“Did he ask in approval, or disapproval?”
“Dis. He reminded me you are married; plus, you are my secretary.”
“I am both of those; I am also your lover.”
“Yes, and I told Jacobs essentially that. I also told him your husband is aware we are lovers and there would be no scandal.”
“I’ll bet that flipped Jacobs wig; telling him Dan knows and will not object.”
“Did you tell Dan about our date last night?”
“No, I will tell him this weekend.”
“Are you sure he won’t say no-way?”
“There will be some angst, he may ask me not to go with you. I have already accepted your proposal. Dan will hand me off to you at our door.”
“Are you sure that is the way to do it, me call for my date at your husband’s doorstep?”
“I am a very traditional girl; I thought you knew that much about me.”
Throughout lunch, they talked more about Dan as part of Laura’s love triangle. “How would you react darling; assume you and I are married, and I am dating Dan, could you accept me with another man?”
“No, absolutely not! I might not get a gun, but I might. Sometimes I think I show more sensitivity to Dan than you do.”
“Yes, you do. I appreciate that you do even if Dan never knows of your thoughts.”
“I know how much you love Dan, care for him. Do you need to twist him the way you do?”
“Yes, we both need the twist; maybe all three of us need the tension of twisting.”
They were about to return to work when Laura changed subjects.
“Remember when you wanted a picture of me on your desk? The one of me wearing those sexy undies posed on your desk?”
“Of course, I still want to have that picture, when can I bring my camera to work?” Greg got a quick kiss and a maybe, maybe soon.
“I was thinking I would like a picture of us having lunch here, in our hideaway alcove. Enough pictures of you and me to fill an album would be nice to keep forever. I have another thought, I wish we had someplace close to the office where we could do a non fattening lunch once a week. I think that would be very illicit and romantic.”
“A bedroom grotto as well as a lunchtime grotto - that would be special.”
“I would feel more like we deserve the office gossip if we did something like that once a week. We could sneak away together.”
“I want to get another piece of jewelry for our county club date.”
“A ring this time?”
“No, but a surprise. I hope you will like it enough to wear it often when we go out together.”
“Of course, tell me more.”
“No, no more now, it will be a surprise. Same jewelry store, next Wednesday.”
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