Never Let Go
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In the doorway I stood watching my baby sleep. His breath steadily rising and falling and that peaceful look on his face was more than I could handle. I inched slowly over to the bed careful not to make a sound for I did not want to wake him. It was the first day he had off in weeks and he definitely needed his rest. Not to mention, we had a big day planned. We had Christmas shopping to do, gifts to wrap, cards to write and cookies to bake. But all that could wait because my baby needed his rest.
As I continued to stare at his beautiful face, I started teasing and twisting my nipples. Before long, I was wet and dripping with desire. My hand slid under my red lace panties and found my throbbing clit. I stood there gently rubbing my sex even allowing a soft moan to escape my lips. Next thing I knew, my Master eyes were open watching me play with myself.
I had become so involved in pleasuring myself that I didn't realize he was awake at first. The experience caused me to blush. I tried to stop but he encouraged me to continue to touch and feel myself as he watched. After a few minutes he motioned for me to join him on the bed.
He leaned over and whispered, "Baby girl, you are fucking hot. Stroke that clit for me while I feast on your pussy."
In an instant I was leaning back against the bed as he pulled my panties off and slid his tongue in my pussy. His tongue darted in and out of my cunt. Hearing the slurping noises and my guttural moans had me close to an explosive orgasm.
As if reading my thoughts, he looked up at me and ordered, "Don't you dare come yet, baby." Sighing, I slowed my touch against my clit and took a few deep breathes, trying to control my need to come as my love continued his heated attack on my pussy. His touch was amazing.
"Turn over," he instructed. A jolt of electricity shot through me for I knew what was coming next.
I managed to squeak out an audible, "Yes, Master." before his fingers found their way towards my ass, his prize possession.
My body tensed as two maybe three fingers became buried deep in me.
"Relax, baby. Trust me."
The sound of his voice calmed me instantaneously and I relaxed under his touch. He continued working his magic on my ass. With each finger penetration, I grew more and more excited knowing that my Master's cock was about to fuck my ass. His fingers moved from my ass to my pussy then back to my ass coating every inch of me in my pussy juice. My moans grew louder and louder.
"Stifle those moans, slave," he ordered as he tugged at my hair pulling my head up.
"Yes, Master, as you wish."
"Good girl," he said as I felt his hardness pressing up against me. He was teasing me but I didn't care.
Next thing I knew my ass was being opened by my Master's hard 9 inch cock. As he penetrated it slowly, he gave my right cheek a hard smack. I groaned with pleasure as I felt every inch of his manliness moving in and out of my ass.
"I told you not to make a sound," he grunted as he smacked my left cheek three times.
"I am sorry, Sir," I whispered as he thrust in me three more times before flipping me over to gain better access to my pussy.
Looking into his eyes I mouthed, "I love you, Daddy."
A smile spread across his face. I knew I made him happy. Full of excitement, I pulled my pussy tighter around him as my hips met his every thrust. Each thrust was full of love, want and need. I needed to cum badly. I wanted him to cum in me. I felt I was going to explode.
With a pleading look in my eyes, I begged, "Please, Master, can I cum? "
"Yes, Love. And let me hear your cries of passion as you release."
With that I moaned loudly and cried out my love for him as my pussy muscles spasmed. My orgasm was intense, hot and perfect. I pulled him in close, kissing his lips as he continued fucking me, never missing a beat. The weight of his cum filled balls rested at the base of my ass as his rock hard shaft slid in and out of my cunt.
A bead of sweat dripped from his forehead onto my cheek. From the look on his face, I knew his time had come. Crying out, "Yes baby, yes," I felt him shoot his load in me. Hot sticky come filled my cunt completely as he collapsed on me, never pulling his cock out. This is where I wanted him to be.
We lay arm in arm for hours, resting and hugging. The hell with shopping, cards and cookies all I needed was right here with me right now and I didn't want to let go.
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