OffWorld Slave Girl - Chapter 3
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Again, a warm and hearty welcome to my Earth readers. As previous readers are aware I had retired to the planet Rigel VI, on the outer rim of our galaxy and I continue the story of my adventures with the amazing local custom of pleasure-slaves.
The rich elite of this planet, of which I had become one of its newest members, bought and sold pleasure-slaves. Pleasure slaves were women (and men) who had submitted themselves to the auction houses in the big cities here.
They were escaping the terrible poverty out in the vast farmlands of this world. As a pleasure-slave they would have a much better life, living in rich surroundings, and doing little work other than the obvious.
They also had much better legal protection than farm workers; they could not be abused in any way. They also had to agree to be sold to the winning bidder at their auction, they could refuse if they so wished.
Pleasure-slaves were also paid a monthly allowance which they could do with as they pleased. They could also save up their allowances and eventually buy their freedom if they so wished, but this was rare, as a pleasure-slave was generally a good life.
I had purchased my first pleasure-slave. Her name was Melora; she was an eighteen year old ‘pure’ or virgin. She was blonde, petite and slim, with an incredible 34HH bust.
I had taken her back to my villa to start her new life. We had spent the evening losing her ‘pure’ status, as I fucked her, enjoying every inch of her stunning body. But as I fell asleep on her tits, I could have had no idea of the wonderful, sexy and intriguing request she would soon make…
I awoke in the morning after I had taken Melora’s ‘pureness’. I felt a wet sensation on my cock. I blearily looked down to see Melora slowly sucking me back to hardness.
“Good morning master,” she whispered, and immediately got back to blowing me.
It wasn't long before I was fully erect, and Melora got more and more urgent in her sucking. I sat up, enjoying the sight of the top of her blonde head bobbing up and down in my lap. I reached for her tits, enjoying the sensation of the full weight of them resting in my hands.
“Master, you have such a big cock,” she murmured in between mouthfuls of my dick, “Lovely, big powerful cock.”
“Mmm, this is called cock-worship Melora,” I told her, “I like being worshipped like this very much.”
“Yes master,” she started to say, but with one hand on top of her head I directed her back to sucking me. She obeyed.
“I think we will have many, many more of these cock-worshipping sessions, don't you?”
She nodded as she sucked me. I was getting closer to orgasm, and she duly speeded up her sucking motion.
I groped her tits again, and soon I was pumping her mouth full of my spunk. She swallowed the lot, and then cleaned me up with her tongue.
“Good girl,” I said, “Next time I want to come all over your pretty young face.”
“Yes master,” she smiled, sucking my balls.
I then took her into the shower where she washed every inch of my body lovingly.
Over the next few months I had her every day. I fucked her in every room in my villa, in the kitchen, in the basement, bent over the counter in the bathroom in front of the huge mirror.
I had her dress up in numerous lingerie sets. She did everything I asked with great enthusiasm.
I had really hit the jackpot with her. I had heard of men buying a new pleasure slave, and not really clicking with them in bed, and selling them on a few weeks later. That certainly wasn't going to happen here.
I also had to be careful with her, that she understood our relationship. She was young and impressionable. I didn't want her falling in love with me.
So once a week I would hire another pleasure slave from the local high class brothel. I would hire a different one each time. She would arrive at the door and I would have Melora answer and show her in and make her feel welcome.
I would then send Melora to her quarters while I fucked the slave from the brothel in my bedroom. I did this to make Melora understand we were not a couple, we were not in love. I felt this was the best course of action, to ensure our relationship was a correct one. It also meant I had the added bonus of fucking another sexy woman once a week.
I had heard stories of slaves falling for their masters, and it generally became problematic. I wanted to avoid all that.
Melora seemed quite happy with our relationship. She certainly enjoyed sex with me, and did not seem jealous of any other woman that got my attentions. So it seemed to be working very well.
Melora had one day off a week. She would go into town for shopping sometimes. She had made friends with another pleasure slave girl owned by one of my neighbours, and they would take their days off together sometimes and go for lunch somewhere.
Melora had a monthly allowance from me, but I would often give her some extra money for her day off, which she appreciated. She had bought a small comms device and would talk with her friend on it sometimes in the evenings.
However one day, a few months after I had purchased her, she told me something intriguing in bed, after I had had another lovely session fucking her and spunked all over her massive tits.
She said she had managed to get in contact with her mother, whom she hadn't seen for many years. She had been talking with her on her new comms device. She hoped I was okay with that.
I told her I was fine with it, I was happy she had reconnected with her mother.
She told me her mother was a pleasure slave too. She had been since she was eighteen, just like Melora. She had Melora when she was nineteen, but years later had the auction house take care of her daughter, where they lost contact.
Melora said her mother was now owned by a super-rich land owner out in the deep south farmlands. Apparently this landowner had numerous pleasure slaves.
Melora then asked me if I would allow her to travel out to this man’s homestead to meet with her mother. I was unsure whether to grant her request. The deep south lands were not without danger.
I had heard tales of bandits, and a more lawless state than here in the cities. I felt it would be far too dangerous to send her out there alone, that I might never see my busty sex kitten again.
I told her I thought it was a bad idea, and why. She understood my reasoning, but was clearly desperate to see her mother again. She asked perhaps I could travel there, and ask her mother’s owner for permission for her to travel to the city to visit with her daughter.
I thought it was very unlikely this land owner would agree to that. After all what would be in it for him?
Melora then pulled out her comms device from the bedside cabinet. She pulled up some photos of her mother she had sent Melora.
Her mother was a fairly attractive woman. I knew from what Melora had told me she was thirty-seven years old, although she looked a little younger in my opinion. She had dirty blonde hair, and a lovely dirty smile to go with it. Melora said her mother’s name was Helena.
I flicked through the photos until I came to one that really intrigued me. It was a picture of her mother sitting by the side of a pool; her feet dipped in the water. She wore a tiny little green bikini.
Helena’s skin was really tanned, I guessed due to the harsh sun and long days down in the deep south lands. She was slim and curvy.
What intrigued me most however was her bust. Helena had lovely huge tits, just like her daughter, only just being held in place by her skimpy bikini. I flicked through the rest of the few bikini photos Melora had on her comms device. I admired her mother’s lovely body, nice full peachy ass too.
I wondered who had taken these photos, perhaps her owner. More likely another pleasure slave there, two women fooling around poolside taking saucy photos of each other.
An idea began forming in my mind, an idea to travel out to this land owner’s homestead, an idea to attempt to meet Melora’s mother. But I did not let know Melora of my plans yet. Some research would be needed first.
I began asking around about this land owner. His name was Norton. Apparently he was one of the richest men on this world. His lands were vast.
I discovered he had many, many pleasure slaves, and a few wives too. I found out he travelled to the big cities annually, purchasing whatever he wanted, no matter the price.
After a few weeks of trying I had managed to contact an assistant of Norton’s. I had said I would be in the area with my jewellery stock sideline business, and that perhaps Norton would want to purchase some.
These super wealthy men often bought extravagant jewellery for their wives and pleasure slaves alike. His assistant agreed Norton would meet me, and view my merchandise.
So one night in bed with Melora I told her after sex I would be leaving the next day for the deep south. That I was going on a sales tour, and would be gone for about two weeks or so.
I also told her I would swing by her mother’s owners homestead. That I would enquire after her mother, and see what could be done to arrange for them to meet sometime.
Melora was very happy, and asked if she could accompany me. I told her it was too dangerous in the south lands, and I did not want to put my angel in danger, and I would return as soon as I could.
I also told her not to tell her mother I would be visiting her owner, as it might get her hopes up she might be able to visit her daughter, which could be dashed if her owner Norton would not allow it. She agreed to this also.
In the morning Melora worshipped my cock again when I awoke, slurping all over my dick until I blew my load over her fantastic tits. Just two hours later I was on a train headed for the south lands.
It would take almost three days to reach Norton’s homestead. Rigel VI was a gigantic planet. There were flights, but they were expensive, but more importantly their safety record was very poor. Almost every month there was news of another fatal crash.
So I would take a series of trains. I had a small private compartment on the train, and spent most of the journey sleeping. After three days I took a small private hover-taxi from the nearest town out to Norton’s homestead. It took over five hours, travelling over his vast farmlands.
I saw the south land people hard at work in the fields. It looked like a very hard life indeed, no wonder many women left this life to submit themselves to the auction houses in the big cities.
When I arrived at Norton’s homestead around noon, I was greeted by his assistant who led me through the grounds. A homestead was not a good description of Norton’s home. It was really a palace built into a cliff face, an incredible, beautiful achievement. His assistant told me Norton had designed and built it with his own construction team.
I was led to my own private quarters, a beautiful cool oasis in this arid hot climate. I washed up quickly, and then the assistant took me down to lunch with Norton.
I was led into a grand dining room, where Norton was already eating. He was a large portly man, in his late sixties, with a white beard, and used a cane to walk over to greet me.
“I apologise for starting without you, I didn't know when you would arrive,” he said.
“No problem sir,” I said, shaking his hand.
I sat with Norton and ate lunch with him. We talked of many things, he was an interesting man. But eventually talk turned to business, and I unpacked my jewellery case to show him my wares. I had brought my finest pieces as I assumed Norton would be a man who would appreciate them.
Norton examined each piece carefully, using a small magnifying glass at times to see the ornate detailing. He looked over one particularly expensive piece a number of times. He seemed quite knowledgeable about gemstones and metallurgy.
“Wonderful piece,” he said, “Congratulations, really wonderful work.”
“Thank you sir,” I replied, “Would you be interested in this piece?”
“Yes, yes indeed, it would look wonderful on one of my wives,” he said, then pointed to another piece, “This one would suit my favourite slave girl I think.”
“You have many slaves sir?” I enquired.
“Oh yes, I think twenty eight now. How about yourself?” he asked.
I told him I only had the one, as I had just recently moved to this planet, and had been enjoying her immensely.
“Yes, I remember my first slave girl. Good memories,” he laughed.
We talked about slave girls for a while, always a good subject among the elite of Rigel VI. After a while he suddenly motioned to one of the servants in the corner. A moment later a parade of nine young women walked into the dining room.
“Pick one you like, or two if you're up to it,” Norton cackled.
These women were in their mid to late twenties, they were all very attractive. This was a custom amongst the elite, to allow a guest to enjoy the company of one of their pleasure slaves.
The elite would always keep the eighteen to twenty-five year old women to themselves I had found, and that seemed the case here too. Norton was offering me his older girls, in their mid to late twenties. These elite guys prized the younger women above all else.
Not that I was complaining, some of these women were really stunning. But Helena, Melora’s mother was not in this line up. If I was to meet with Helena, I would have to be polite and careful with Norton.
I thanked Norton for his offer, and congratulated him on having such a lovely selection to choose from. He appreciated that, these elite guys loved to show off their wealth with the best looking pleasure slaves.
But I told him I was not from this world. That where I was from we appreciated the company of a more experienced and older women. Did he have any women that might fit that description?
I had to be careful; I did not want to offend my host. But I also knew the local custom was to try and grant any guests request if possible. Norton sat and thought for a moment, then nodded and whispered in his servant’s ear.
“Maybe I have a couple of ladies that may interest you,” he said. He waved the other girls away, and they left the room.
“We will go for a drink in the lounge while they make themselves beautiful for you,” Norton smiled, and stood. I followed him down the corridor to a large lounge where we were served cool fruit drinks.
We chatted some more about his pleasure slaves, and his wives too. He was terribly indiscrete about his youngest wife’s love of male pleasure slaves. He told me all about watching his wife sucking and fucking three men at a time, while he sat in his favourite armchair being sucked off himself by his favourite slave girl, enjoying the show.
A while later, and three smiling women walked into the lounge. They stood in front of myself and Norton, occasionally turning around so we could see them for all angles.
“Well, here they are,” Norton said, “Again, take your pick sir.”
These women were indeed older than the last selection. There was an attractive slim black lady, who I guessed was in her early forties, with a nice big thick ass. The next lady had a Latino look to her, quite pretty, in her mid-thirties I thought.
It was the last lady however I was most happy to see. It was Helena, Melora’s mother. I was sure of it. I had brought some of Melora’s photos of her mother with me on my computer, in case I wasn't sure.
But it was immediately obvious it was her. She had that lovely dirty grin, and that dirty blonde hair too. She wore a light pink see through sarong, under which she wore a skimpy white bikini.
Her tits looked massive. She obviously noticed me looking at them, and smiled at me, adjusting her bikini to show off even more cleavage. I was getting a semi hard-on just looking at her.
I smiled at Helena again, she grinned back, turned again to show me her bikini clad ass, then turned back to face me, pushing her tits together with her upper arms.
“Any ideas?” Norton asked.
“Sir, I'd very much like to get to know this lady here, if that’s okay with you?” I said, motioning toward Helena.
“Yes of course, dear boy,” he said, standing up, and motioning for Helena to come forward, “Now this is er…”
“Helena, master,” Helena said to Norton, smiling, slightly embarrassed that her owner had forgotten her name.
“Yes of course, Helena. This is Helena, dear boy,” Norton said, taking Helena’s hand and placing it in mine, “Helena why don’t you take my friend here up to one of the private jacuzzis and let him get bathed.”
“Yes master,” Helena replied. Norton then whispered something in her ear.
“Okay, enjoy sir. We'll talk business about your jewellery later,” Norton said to me, and the other two women took him by the arm and out of the room.
Helena smiled at me and led me by the arm in the opposite direction, down a corridor and out into a large courtyard set against the large cliff face.
“It’s very nice to meet you sir,” Helena beamed.
“Nice to meet you too Helena,” I replied.
“Will you be staying the night here sir?” she asked.
“Yes I believe so,” I said. She nodded, smiling again.
She led me across the courtyard, and up a long winding staircase. It took us halfway up the cliff face, eventually stopping on a large manmade ledge in the cliff. It was more like a small terrace; it had a large jacuzzi in the corner.
It was very secluded here, with large palm plants surrounding it. There was a small bathroom, with a shower, in an alcove cut into the cliff face. Another cut out in the rock face led into a small room with a large bed, with mirrors on the ceiling and another on the wall.
This was obviously a fuck pad, where Norton’s guests could enjoy his pleasure slaves.
“My master asked if you would like to bathe sir?” Helena asked, motioning to the large jacuzzi.
“Ah yes, that would be nice,” I replied.
I moved to the jacuzzi, and began removing my clothes. The jacuzzi was already full of water, the jets swirling it around. I put my hand in to check the temperature, it was perfect.
“Is it okay sir? I can adjust the temperature for you,” Helena asked.
“No it’s fine thank you,” I replied, removing my under shorts, standing completely naked in front of Melora’s mother.
There was no need to be embarrassed. She had no idea who I was, and besides she was a pleasure slave, so it felt completely normal. I caught Helena taking a quick peek at my cock, she smiled, turning away to fix me a drink from the drinks cabinet.
I climbed into the jacuzzi, settling back in one of the moulded comfortable seats, the water jets gently massaging my body. Helena came to the side of the jacuzzi and handed me my drink.
“Thank you Helena,” I said.
“Would you like me to assist you in bathing sir?” Helena asked, a glint in her eye.
She was being a little coy. Many pleasure slaves would already be naked and sucking me off by now. Perhaps she thought I was married and not sure how to proceed, not sure exactly whether I wanted to fuck her and keep it a secret, or just wanted a relaxing jacuzzi by myself.
If that was true, I thought I would keep her guessing for a while longer.
“Yes, I would appreciate that,” I replied.
Helena removed her sarong and high heels, keeping on her bikini, and climbed into the jacuzzi. She smiled, splashing water over those huge tits of hers.
She took some body scrub lotion, and knelt in front of me. She pulled one leg out of the water, applying the lotion and washing me. Then she washed my other leg.
“Turn round please sir,” she asked, giggling.
I did so, and she washed my back and neck, then my head. I turned back around and she washed my chest and arms. I was enjoying the sensation, and the view.
As she washed my arms her huge tits were inches from my face, jiggling and straining to stay inside her tiny white bikini, moving in time to her scrubbing action. I smiled, and as she sat back she beamed back at me.
“Stand up please sir,” she said.
I stood, and Helena knelt behind me washing my ass. Then she moved in front of me, applying lotion to my cock and balls, thoroughly washing and rinsing them.
“You have a lovely body sir,” she murmured.
She then applied a second load of lotion to my cock, massaging it in again, taking her time, not looking me in the eye, perhaps still unsure whether I wanted to fuck her or not. I started to get a semi-hard on.
I sat back down, Helena shifted to kneel in front of me again, her tits half under water.
“You a very pretty lady Helena,” I told her.
“Thank you sir,” she replied, smiling.
“And very, very sexy darling,” I grinned.
“Thank you sir,” she giggled.
She pulled herself closer, kneeling right in front of me, my legs wrapping around her hips. She leant in closer still to whisper in my ear, her tits pressing up against my chest.
“My master asked me to make you happy in any way I can,” she whispered, “I don’t know what your situation is sir, if you are married or not. But whatever you want it can be a secret, if that’s what you need.”
“Uh-huh,” I muttered, staring down at her massive cleavage.
“Sir, you can do whatever you want to me. I’ll do whatever you like to make you happy,” she continued to whisper in my ear, her hands back massaging my ever hardening cock, “I can suck you sir, you can fuck my mouth, my tits, my pussy, my ass. Whatever you like sir.”
I thought actions would speak louder than words, and reached up and put my hand round the back of her neck, and gently pulled her head down toward my cock. As I did so she expertly pushed the seat control button to lift my seat out of the water slightly, the top of the water now lapping at my balls.
Her lips reached the head of my cock; she kissed it, and slid her lips up and down the side of my shaft a few times, before taking me in her mouth. She slowly and expertly sucked me to full hardness.
“Mmm, sir you have a lovely big cock,” she giggled, “Gorgeous.”
“Thank you, darling,” I replied, “And you have lovely big tits.”
“You like busty girls sir?” she asked in between mouthfuls of dick.
“Yes, very much. How big are they?” I asked.
“36GG,” she replied, moving to suck on my balls.
“Wow,” I said, “Well let’s have a look at them then, shall we?”
I reached to untie the back of her bikini, pulling it off and throwing it out of the jacuzzi. I let her up from sucking me so I could admire her boobs.
My god, they were enormous, with lovely big nipples. Helena pulled me closer so I could bury my face in them. They were lovely, still quite firm. I groped and sucked on them for ages, just as I had done with her daughter's tits many times.
After ten minutes of playing with her huge breasts, I pushed Helena's head back down to suck me some more. I enjoyed watching Melora’s mother slobber all over my dick.
Her cock sucking technique was very, very good. I could tell she had plenty of experience in her almost twenty years of being a pleasure slave. She had certainly learned how to make men happy.
She almost never used her hands, managing with just her lips and tongue. God I felt huge, as I watched this busty slut suck me over and over again, her huge tits resting on my thighs. My hands groped her boobs as she continued to blow me.
“Good girl,” I encouraged her, “You really know how to suck a man, don't you Helena?”
She giggled, “Yes sir, I’ve been doing it a long time.”
I sat up a little, caressing her head in my lap, watching the top of her head bob up and down. It wasn't long before I was getting close to coming, and she could tell.
“Do you want to come now, sir? Or would you like to fuck me?” she asked.
“Suck me,” I simply said, pushing her face back on my cock.
“Yes sir,” she murmured in between mouthfuls of dick, “You can come where you want, in my mouth or on my face or tits, wherever you want.”
“I know dear, I will,” I told her.
She continued to suck me faster and more strongly until I could take it no more, and I pulled out to shoot stream after stream of spunk all over Melora’s mothers face. Helena smiled as my seed hit her face again and again, giggling.
“Thank you sir,” she said. She sat there smiling at me for some time, letting me take in the view of this busty slut with my come slowly dripping off her face on to her tits. She made no attempt to wipe it away, what a lovely image it was.
Eventually she cleaned herself up, and then me. We showered together, and then I dressed. Helena rang a buzzer on the wall, and almost immediately a servant appeared to escort me to my room to change for dinner.
“Thank you Helena,” I said.
“You’re very welcome sir. I hope I can be of service again,” she said, with a dirty grin and a glint in her eye.
Obviously she was hoping I would ask for her again later tonight. It was customary for these rich guys to lend one of their pleasure slaves to a guest for the night, and I was hoping Norton would be doing the same for me tonight.
The servant escorted me back to my quarters, informing me that dinner would be served in a few hours. I took a nap for a while, then took a stroll around Norton’s grounds. They were beautifully landscaped, and very large. I noticed two of the younger women Norton had offered to me earlier wandering around.
I approached them and had a quick chat with them; they seemed quite pleasant and relaxed. They asked if I had had a good bathe with Helena. Word got around quickly here I thought. I told them I had thoroughly enjoyed it; they giggled.
I bid them farewell, and slowly walked back to my quarters. I dressed for dinner, then sat on the cool shaded balcony and pondered my options.
I really had enjoyed my time with Helena, but I wanted to get to know her better. I was starting to think about asking Norton if I could buy Helena from him. To take Helena home with me, so that she could be together with Melora, but also so she could service me whenever I wished.
I wondered how that would work; mother and daughter living with and sleeping with the same master. There was no question I would ever ask them to have sex with me together at the same time. That would be abhorrent to me, and I would imagine against some local law anyway.
I wondered if Melora would find it strange, but she had handled me sleeping with other slaves from the local brothel many times. Perhaps I would call her and sound her out.
But first I would need to know how Helena would feel about it. Also, I had not made it known to her that I was her daughter’s master. That would have to be made clear first. She might question why I had not made that known in the first place, before allowing her to bathe and blow me.
Also, Norton would probably want to discuss money for the jewellery he wanted to purchase from me. But I would prefer to delay that conversation until tomorrow once I had spoken with Helena. I didn't want to negotiate for Helena with Norton until I sounded out Helena. That is assuming Norton would offer me one of his slaves for the night, and that he would allow me to choose Helena again.
All these things swirled in my mind, when the servant returned to escort me to dinner...
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