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I was chatting one evening on an adult site when my wife Susan happened to peek over my shoulder.
“What are you doing? Who are you talking to?”
“I’m just chatting with a few people online.”
She watched for a while as the chat became progressively more sexual in nature. I was surprised when she pulled up a chair and joined me. One of the male chatters was asking some very personal questions to a female chatter.
“Wow. That guy is getting pretty personal.” Susan said as she leaned closer to the screen.
“Well, it is a sex chat site. So you are going to get lots of very personal and sexual questions and comments.” I replied.
She sat and watched intently for over a half an hour. She left the room and came back with her laptop. As she opened it she looked at me and smiled.
“Do you mind if I join you in the chat room?”
I was shocked that she would want to participate in a sex chat. But at the same time, I was aroused that she wanted to.
“Not at all, please join me.”
I gave her the website URL and it wasn’t long until she had her own chat name and joined me in the room. Naturally all the guys welcomed her as she entered. She smiled as they all used a different cheesy line to try and sway her to chat with them.
“Thanks you all for the warm welcome. I’m a chat virgin, so be gentle with me.”
That’s all the guys needed to hear. They loved newbies. Soon they were all chatting with her and forgetting all the other females in the room. Each wanted to be first to pop her chat cherry.
I sat back and watched as they all plied their wares trying to get her attention. After a while, one guy seemed to have caught her eye. I have to admit he had quite a way with words, a real chat charmer.
It took about 10 minutes before he asked her if he could whisper her. I thought to myself. She looked at me in a questioning manner. I nodded that she should agree to whisper with him.
“Okay, here we go. He’s going to get very sexual with her.”
I was aroused that wife agreed to whisper with him. Seems she was adapting to this chat thing very quickly. She slid her laptop between us so I could see what was being said. I marked myself as ‘away’ in chat so I could concentrate on my wife’s and her new best friend’s conversation.
He started with the usual questions. He asked her age and where she lived. She replied quickly to each of his questions, although she didn’t give her correct location. She was learning fast.
Then his questions became of the more personal nature. He asked her about her breasts and the typical ‘what are you wearing right now’ question. Again she replied to all his queries. I felt more arousal as she answered the question about her breasts. I think she noticed this and was even more eager to move into even more personal and sexual areas of questioning.
After about fifteen minutes of back and forth small talk, he finally asked the question I knew was coming.
“Will you send me a picture of you?”
Susan paused for a moment. Once again she looked my way for approval. I nodded yes.
“Sure, I can send you a picture of me.”
She asked for his email and before I knew it, she had sent him a picture of her from last summer at the beach. She had on a very tiny string bikini which left little to the imagination as to what her body looked like. I was becoming more and more aroused as the events unfolded.
“Damn, Susan. You have an incredible body. Amazing tits.”
I could have told him that.
“Why thank you, Stephen. I’m glad you like them.”
I could feel my cock growing in my boxers as my wife and her new friend became more sexual in their conversation. I just sat and watched, wondering how far she would go.
“Do you want to see a pic of me?” He asked.
Susan didn’t look to me for approval this time.
“Sure, I’d love to see what you look like.”
Soon she was opening her email. And there it was. Just as I thought, he had sent a pic of his cock to her. She didn’t seem shocked. In fact she scrolled and checked it out. She even zoomed in for a closer look. I couldn’t believe how closely she was examining this guy’s cock picture.
“Well, did you get it? What do you think”?
“Yes, I got it. Thank you. It’s quite a lovely cock. How big is it?”
My wife was asking this stranger how big his cock was. I know mine was getting bigger by the moment. I couldn’t believe how aroused I was becoming watching my wife and this strange man chatting.
“It’s almost eight inches.”
“Mmmm, very nice. Very nice indeed.”
Susan was typing how much she liked this guy’s cock. I wondered how much more arousing it would have been if she was speaking those words instead of typing them. Then she whispered to me that his cock looked very much like mine. I really didn’t look at it that closely at first, but with a second glance I had to agree with her.
“Would you suck it”?
She had a startled look on her face.
“Pardon me?”
“I mean, would you suck my cock if we ever met?”
Susan didn’t reply right away. I could see was thinking about her answer very intently. I wanted to tell her to say yes. Something inside me wanted my wife to say she would suck this stranger’s cock. I guess she felt the vibe I was sending. She glanced my way and was biting her lower lip. I knew by the look in her eyes what she was about to tell him. I felt my cock pulsate.
“Sure, why not.”
I thought I was going to cum in my pants when she said that. She actually told a complete stranger that she would suck his cock if they met. I guess I should have been mad at her saying that. But, in reality, it was what I was hoping she would say.
“Yes. Really, I would suck your cock.”
She looked at me and smiled. I smiled back. I’m sure she could tell I was aroused at the course their conversation was taking.
Her new friend didn’t type for a moment. I knew he was thinking. I wondered what his next move would be. It didn’t take long before I knew.
“Would you let me fuck you too?”
Oh, now I couldn’t wait to see what her answer was to that. Once again I didn’t have to wait long. She seemed to be typing her reply as she was reading his question.
“Yes, I would. I mean if I’m going to suck your cock, why wouldn’t I let you fuck me too.”
Silence from both me and her new online friend. I don’t know who was more stunned at her reply. I do know that my cock was rock hard. I don’t know where I wanted this conversation to go from here, but I knew I didn’t want it to end just yet. This was the most arousing chat I’ve ever been part of, even if I was just watching.
Before he could type his reply, Susan added the following.
“Of course my husband will have to be there.”
Was she seriously considering doing to this guy what she had said she would? 
I stared at her sitting by her laptop. She smiled seductively at me. I guess she really was considering it.
“Sure. Sure. I mean I wouldn’t care if he watched. Do you have a webcam?”
Susan looked at me. I nodded yes.
“Yes I do.”
“Do you want to cam with me with while we chat?”
I knew Susan didn’t know how to use the webcam so she looked at me before she answered. Once again I nodded and told her I would turn it on for her.
“That would be very nice, let me turn it on.”
I reached over and with a few key strokes I had her webcam on. As his image appeared on the screen I could see he was sitting at his computer in just his boxers. I knew before long he would probably have them off as well.
I stayed out of the line of sight of the webcam and tried to be as quiet as possible. I didn’t want him to know I was with Susan.
“Hi, my name is Stephen. You look awesome.”
“Hello, Stephen. I’m Susan. It’s very nice to meet you. You look very nice too.”
Susan was wearing a rather tight pullover top. I knew the tone of the conversation had aroused her because her nipples were pressing hard at her top. I knew Stephen had to notice. I mean, she had incredible nipples and they became quite hard when she was excited.
“So you really would suck my cock and let me fuck you if we met?”
“Yes I would. Like I said though, my husband would have to be with us. Besides, your cock looks very similar to his.”
“You have very sensual lips. I would love to feel them wrapped around my cock.”
“Mmmm, I do love that feeling myself.”
“So you enjoy sucking cock?”
“Yes, very much so.”
“I bet you are great at it too.”
“Well, I don’t know if I am great. I’ve never had any complaints.”
“I’d love to see you do that.”
“Well, maybe if we ever met you would get to see it and feel it.”
“Oh my God, Susan, that would be incredible.”
“I would hope you would think so afterwards.”
“You got me so hot right now. I wish you were here. My cock is like a piece of steel. I would love to see you sucking it right now.”
“I like when I’m watched. It makes me feel like I’m putting on a performance.”
I just sat and listened to what they were saying. I had no idea I would be so aroused by hearing my wife talk this way with a stranger. My cock was throbbing. I wanted to pull it out and let her suck me off right then.
“Is your husband around?”
“Yes, I think he’s here somewhere. Why do you ask?”
“Well, you said his cock and mine look very similar. I was thinking if you would suck him while I watch, I could pretend it was mine.”
“Hmmm, now that’s not a bad idea. Let me see if I can talk him into that.”
Susan got up from the chair and walked out of the camera view. She placed her hand on my cock and squeezed.
“Mmmmm, feels like you would like me to do what he said.”
I was so hot and horny. I wanted her to suck me and let me explode between those sweet lips of hers. And I have to admit, the thought of her performing for this guy was even more arousing.
“I’m all for it, if you don’t mind.” I said with a hopeful voice.
Susan sat back down and looked into the screen.
“I found him. He said he’d love for me to do that to him while you watched.”
“Oh my God, that’s fantastic. Can you do it now?”
“Sure. Let me get him in here.”
“Okay. Can I ask something else?”
“Sure, Stephen. What is it?”
“Could you just have the middle of his body on camera. I mean I want to see all of you, but just his cock and not his face. That way I can really imagine that it’s my cock you are sucking.”
“I think we can do that.”
Susan pulled my boxers down and my cock sprang out at full attention. I lay across the bottom of the bed with the top of my body facing the camera. My legs hung over the end of the bed. Susan positioned herself between my legs facing the camera. She pulled off her top and her fabulous tits were exposed for Stephen to see. I know my cock jerked and jumped as I thought of him looking at her tits.
“Oh God, Susan. Your tits are even more incredible than I had imagined. I’d love to be sucking your nipples as you suck his cock.”
“Mmmmm. That would feel so good.”
I later found out that he had taken his boxers off and was stroking his cock as they were talking. If I had known that when she was between my legs I probably would have shot my load all over her.
“Are you ready to suck my cock, Susan?”
“Mmmm, I’ve been waiting anxiously for this moment.”
She placed both hands on the side of my shaft and slowly slid them up and down, gently stroking me. My cock jerked in her hands. Her thumbs slid over my tip and she rubbed it with both of them. She knew just how to get me so hot.
After a few moments of stroking me, she lowered her head. Her silky smooth lips parted and I felt them surround my swollen tip. She gently licked my tip before her lips slid slowly down my shaft. It was all I could do not to cum and she slid my entire cock inside her mouth. I could feel her tongue swirling around my tip as she slowly pulled me out to my tip.
With just my tip between her soft lips, she sucked me in and out of her mouth ever so slowly. I could hear Stephen moaning. I could hear Susan moaning. She stared into my eyes as she slid me deep inside her once again. She knew how it drove me wild for me know that she knew I was watching her. She did love to perform.
I watched as my cock disappeared over and over into her mouth. Her tits swung seductively between my legs and she bobbed her head up and down on my throbbing cock. Knowing that he was watching was even more arousing than usual. I knew it wouldn’t be long until I blew my load.
Then I heard Stephen speaking.
“I’m almost ready to cum. Do you think we could time it so that we came at the same time?”
“Sure, I’ll try. Just let me know when you’re almost there.” I replied.
“Susan. When he cums, can you take the first load in your mouth and then let him pump the rest of it onto your face?”
Susan moaned and nodded. She was equally adept at swallowing or letting me pump my cum all over her.
Susan continued sliding my cock in and out of her mouth. Her lips would hold me tight as I would slide outward and then she would suck me back in until my tip hit the back of her throat. I was hoping Stephen would soon be ready. I didn’t know how much longer I could hold out.
A few moments later I heard him moaning.
“Oh God, I can’t wait any longer. I’m going to cum, Susan.”
That was my cue. I relaxed and let nature takes its course. Susan moaned as she felt my cock pulse. I could feel my hot cum blasting from my cock and pumping deep into Susan’s mouth. Before I could pulse and pump my second load she pulled me out to my tip. I could hear Stephen grunting and moaning as my second load of cum shot up over Susan’s face.
She licked her lips as my next load hit her on the top of her chest and ran down between her tits. My final load gushed out and covered one of her hard nipples. It looked so erotic that I managed to pump a final small load out right on top of it.
I looked at Susan. She had my cum at the corners of her mouth and dripping on her chin. Her chest and one of her tits was also covered with my creamy load. She looked so dam hot at that moment. I could hear Stephen moaning still.
“Mmmm, Susan. You were incredible. Your lips are like pure silk.”
“I’m glad you liked it. I loved feeling your hot cum pumping into my mouth and all over my body.”
It was as though they were together. I didn’t mind. It was actually very arousing to think that she had sucked him and let him cum in her and on her.
There was a little more small talk and then it was all over. I wished it had lasted longer. But then I always wish it would last longer when Susan would suck my cock. She truly was very gifted.
I got up and left the room. I heard Susan talking for just a few seconds and then I heard her tell him that she had a great time and hoped they could do it again sometime. I had to agree. It was quite an evening.
A few days later, she received an email from Stephen. He once again said how incredible the night was and that he only wished he could have been with her. Included in the email was a video. We were both curious to see it.
Susan clicked on the video. He had been videoing our sexual adventure. Only he had edited it to make it seem as though he was with Susan. I heard them introduce themselves to each other and then the questions of whether or not she would suck his cock. He did a great job with editing. It actually seemed as though they were together.
We sat and watched the entire video. He didn’t miss a second of what had happened. Now I know why he didn’t want my face in the video. He wanted it to appear as he and Susan actually were together. After all, his cock and mine looked very similar. And without a face, who would know. Plus he had their conversation on the video, even their moaning. He also included their goodbye at the end. I had to admit, he did a hell of a job with the video.
As I watched it, I became very aroused imagining that Susan was actually sucking Stephen’s cock instead of mine. I don’t think it would have mattered whose cock she had been sucking, it made me so hot to watch her. I forgot that it was mine and began wanting it to be some stranger’s cock.
The thought of seeing another man’s cock pulse and pump its hot load into Susan’s mouth made me so hard. Slowly I watched as it slid in and out of her mouth. Her soft lips caressing it as it did. She took it deep into her mouth and then held it tight with her lips as it slid out to its tip. My cock began to throb. As I watched him pump his hot load into her mouth and onto her face and tits, I felt my own cum flowing into my boxers. I couldn’t remember ever being so aroused. It was becoming a fantasy that I wanted so much to come true.
Susan watched with me. I knew she enjoyed hearing Stephen’s voice and hearing him moan. As she watched, she smiled and licked her lips.
“He really did a great job. It could very well have been his cock I was sucking instead of yours.”
“I was thinking the same thing. I hope you don’t take this the wrong way, but I actually imagined it to be his cock you were sucking in the video.”
“You did? And that didn’t bother you?”
“As a matter of fact, I found it very arousing thinking of you sucking another man’s cock and watching his cum fill your mouth and cover your body.”
“Mmmm. I kind of like that idea myself.”
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