Always Faithful - Chapter Fifteen - Laura's Cruelty
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Over the next month, Laura sat for her portrait twice a week. Laura hinted and teased both Dan and Greg about sexual activity with Portrait, but she admitted nothing. Even so, every sitting began with sex; Laura could feel his cum inside her and taste him in her mouth when she posed. When Portrait couldn’t evoke just the facial expression he wanted for that part of the painting, Laura gave him her ass as sex toy. As far as Dan knew, everything Laura said about posing was tease. She told Greg about giving up her ass for art and he did use his belt to collect penance due.
Over the month she sat for her portrait and longer, Laura alternated time between her two men and her two homes. No pattern was obvious. She dated Greg some evenings wearing her wedding rings when she lived in her home with her husband. Equally, she continued having occasional dates with her husband when she was a housewife in her home with Greg. If there was a constant in these weeks it was sex. Every date with her two men included sex.
Laura still gave Greg his office blow jobs for their mutual pleasure, and to give Dan the cum breath kisses he seemed to enjoy. At least once a week she wore spectacularly sexy underwear to work under her conservative suits so she could get under her boss’s desk in style. When she lived with her husband they made love almost every night. She always had Dan fuck into her used hot sex pool on the nights Laura and Greg stopped for happy hour with the lawyers and she came home late.
Premonitions aren’t always from the ether of the gods. They may form from subconscious awareness of simple circumstances. Dan was aware that he suspected Laura would bring home cum breath or a hot pool of sexual juice in her vagina before he understood how he knew. The one time Laura asked him to buy a really sexy bra and panty set as a no occasion gift, Dan knew his wife would wear it when she was with Greg, not with him.
Slowly Dan observed on the days she wore one of her Business Lady suits to work she also wore very sexy underwear. Without fail, even if he didn’t see her dress in the morning, the BL suits meant hot stuff underneath. Hot stuff underneath also meant hot stuff for Dan when Laura came home. Whatever hot panties she wore that day were hot and wet on return. Even Laura didn’t recognize that she had fallen into a pattern. On those days she always personally removed her outer clothes, but she asked Dan to undress her bra, panties and stockings.
“Baby; would you use your teeth to take my panties off?”
Dan was delighted; he used his hands only to lift Laura’s hips; tongue would probe and lift the elastic away from her skin until his teeth could grip. First in front, Dan managed to tug the nylon down enough to reveal Laura’s pink button winking at him. He rolled her over. Dan used teeth, tongue and nose along Laura’s back channel to lower her panties in back. The flesh revealed was tempting, and Dan took his time kissing there until he rolled his wife face up again.
Now Dan could use teeth and tongue along Laura’s front crease to work her panties even lower. Again he took his time kissing enflamed lips. Laura moaned and encouraged him.
“Nice Baby, so nice. Do that for a while. Kiss me there; my pussy, kiss me!”
Suddenly Dan rolled her legs up and grabbed the sodden panty crotch in his mouth. He sat up lowering Laura to the bed. Above her, Laura saw her panties hanging from her husband’s mouth. He must know; he can feel how wet they are; he must be able to taste Greg and me. Dan knows what we taste like together.
“Can you taste us Baby? Don’t we taste good together? Take my panties out of your mouth and eat me before you fuck me. Get cum breath from my pussy tonight; Greg left some for you. Eat my cunt before you fuck into the hot cum we have waiting for you.”
Dan ate Greg’s cum and fucked into his leavings. He was panting and screaming joy along with his wife when they found their orgasm together. As Dan sucked and fucked his wife she chanted a rhythm for him; “Eat us, Taste us, Fuck us.” Laura was being faithful to both of her men while driving her husband to sexual heights.
Laura’s sex style when she lived in her home with Greg was different. When she dated her husband they had sex in their bed; then Laura showered away any trace before returning to Greg. She kept Dan aware that she was a wife with a lover, but Laura always posed as faithful housewife for Greg.
Laura had told Dan to find a suitable container for their mutual wedding rings when she lived with Greg. The small lined box was beautiful; Dan told her Artsy helped with the selection. That revelation brought a smirk to Laura’s face and a soundless chortle in her heart. In her mind, and between husband and wife the box came to be Artsy’s Box.
Through most of the fall, life could not get any better sexually for all three. Each of her men had all their middle aged crazy sexual desires filled by the same woman. That woman, Laura, had two men to stimulate and then satisfy her sexual peak time of life. As an aside she had twice a week trysts with Portrait. Laura had no reason to rock the boat she was sailing.
> > > > - -
Dinner for two is always an opportunity for intimate conversation. Of course sexual intimacy isn’t a given next step, Dan wasn’t sure that was what he wanted anyway. He wasn’t looking for sex when he called the older woman and asked if she might be available for a quiet dinner for two Wednesday evening. The woman had a depth Dan wished to know more about, and Laura was spending this week with Greg. Why not have a dinner date with the older woman.
“I think your dress does compare favorably to the fashion plate styles Artsy often wears. It suits your elegance. You look beautiful tonight.”
“Thank you, you most handsome gentleman; may I return the compliment? That suit looks Italian.”
“It is; a silk and wool blend I bought several years ago when we were on vacation. I took the time to have the tailoring done there as well; that was a smart choice.”
Their conversation was wide ranging. She wanted to explore Dan’s sudden interest in art for office display. Doing so, the older woman drew Dan out, and in drawing further developed his consciousness of art for art’s sake.
Dan led their conversation into a discussion about her marriage. How did you meet? Did you always do things together? How did you share your individual activities? The woman realized Dan was inspecting his relationship with Laura in discovering her marriage.
“Did you talk to your husband about his feelings when you took the artist to your bed and left husband in the living room?”
“Yes, of course we talked. He understood that I was paying homage to the capture of part of me. I never allowed myself to threatened him and he knew I never would.”
“Your husband must have been very understanding.”
“Yes, that too, he loved me completely, and we both knew that about each other.”
The older woman intruded into Dan’s questioning. “Your wife is posing now, isn’t she?”
“You suspect she is having an affair with Portrait?”
“Laura teases that she might be; I don’t know if she teases Greg too. She could be screwing Portrait, but I somehow doubt she is; she has two men to be faithful with.”
“Portrait can be demanding, and he is very good as an artist and a lover.”
“You have had him as a lover?”
“Yes, I have. He is one of the few lovers I have had since my husband died.”
“How many men before your husband died?”
“You can be gauche, can’t you, Daniel? The artist who pained me was my third. I had three additional before my husband became ill. How many I have had since is a lady’s private business.”
The dinner date ended in the woman’s den. A CD of a Viennese chamber group played Strauss waltzes as they danced. They shared a love seat and brandy. I don’t think I will take you to my bed tonight on our first date, but I would love to kiss and cuddle before the evening ends. Can you manage to put off sharing my bed until another night; perhaps on our second date?”
Dinner date evening closed for Dan with another brandy in his own den alone with his thoughts. I really didn’t expect sex, just the intimate conversation. She kisses with an ardor that surprises me. I love her attitude and refusal to grow old anything but gracefully. I didn’t know women in their sixties could look that good or kiss that passionately. I think I will ask her out again, and I think I will accept the offer of her bedroom.
> > > > - -
“Baby, these last two months have been fabulous for me. You are a big part of that fabulous feeling. I owe you. I love you.”
Fall weather kept them from Sunday brunch on the patio. The den would host them until spring. In another month or so it would be cool enough to sometimes light a fire. Both Laura and Dan loved that about winter, a burning fireplace on a cold day.
“You’re right; life seems to be working smoothly for us, for all three of us.”
“Yes, working for three of us,” Laura and her two men. “Baby, I do like having a lover; it suits me, and no matter what you might think, I know I have not been neglecting you.”
“I have filled in when you aren’t here.”
“I sometimes wish Artsy would take better care of you when I am with Greg, but that is her loss and not mine.” Laura changed subjects. “I need to do something special for my two men, for my two lovers.”
“You can start by saying your two men, your husband and your lover. Even put it the other way if you like, but I am still your only husband.”
“You may be my only husband, but I have two men and two lovers. Both Dan and Greg are my lovers, and I love both of you.”
Legal skills not needed to understand what was said and not said, Dan thought; “Hmmmm.”
“I want to treat both of my special men to a really nice night out. Would you join me for dinner Friday night Baby? I will ask Greg as well; just the three of us. My treat, I will pick someplace nice.”
I’ll give her her words; that’s just the way she is. I know she has feelings for Greg that go beyond just sex. He truly is her lover and you have been living with that fact. That is what she is trying to celebrate.
“Okay Baby, Friday night. You set it up with Greg. Tell me how you want me to dress. Other than that surprise me; I will even let you drive.”
Laura had almost as much difficulty convincing Greg. In the end she used a please do this for me kiss to convince him that she deserved a night with both of her men. By mid week Laura had reservations and told Dan and Greg business suits would be fine for dress. Laura would wear the jungle print dress that she wore in San Francisco. Greg had seen only a picture of her wearing that one.
Maitre de seated Laura precisely at nine. She had reserved a round table suitable for three overlooking the lake. Candles burned; there was a small floral centerpiece and stands with two bottles of chilled champagne. Laura had requested Greg’s favorite brand. The not full moon was rising, and ripples on the lake water sparkled in the moonlight. Across the lake, a getaway house showed lamplight on the back deck. A few boats were still on the water. The atmosphere for tonight seemed perfect.
Holding both of her men in hand, Laura wanted to break the ice early. “Just relax guys; we are all going to have a sensual evening meal together in a romantic setting. I know both of you have reservations. Let them go for me.” She gave each of her men a tender kiss and then asked Greg to pour champagne.
Dan relaxed first. He accepted long before that his wife had a lover; he knew her lover was not a baleful person. As Dan relaxed and opened up to the evening, Greg followed suit. By the time their appetizer course was over everyone reached the proper sensual state. In addition to the wine and flowers Laura had requested a platter of oysters on the half shell be waiting for them.
“Oh good, oysters; these should be perfect for our romantic dinner. They will put all of us in the mood for the evening.”
Laura handed Dan an oyster shell, then Greg, and finally took one herself. Shifting direct and inviting eyes between her lovers, she used her teeth to tug the flesh onto her tongue. Laura waited a moment for drama, and to be sure she had undivided attention. Greg received her first exaggerated air kiss and then her husband. Dan’s breath caught as a not pink tongue appeared between Laura’s lips. The oyster seemed alive; it wriggled and curled sensuously. Oyster tongue appeared, retreated and appeared again. When the grey tongue returned to Laura’s mouth Dan began to breathe again. He knew his cock could not get any harder in his pants.
Laura turned her attention to Greg. Their eyes locked and Greg returned her air kiss with one of his own. Grey tongue darted out like a snake and saw a pink tongue darting from her lover as return greeting. When the grey tongue licked Laura’s upper lip Greg duplicated. Laura leaned close to him and brought the oyster shell back to her lips. Slowly she returned the grey flesh to its home leaving just a tip at the edge of its shell.
Laura looked to Dan without turning; he was watching his wife intently. She saw labored breathing and knew she was the cause. Laura shivered inside and turned her eyes to Greg. They locked together and Greg watched as Laura stimulated both upper and lower lips with the rough side of the oyster shell. A quick glance back to her husband, and once again just as rapidly locking eyes with her lover, Laura sucked hard and drew the fleshy oyster between pressed lips and straight to her stomach in one devouring gulp.
Greg moved with the speed of Laura’s final swallowing exhibition. Left hand clutched her head and pulled her to his lips. His lips crushed hers and male tongue rammed between feminine lips like a piston. Laura gave herself completely to her lover’s kiss, and when they finally separated her eyes stayed with Greg as though Dan no longer existed.
Laura handed each another shell and they ate this round of oysters without dramatic visual effects.
“That was fun; I hope my guys liked the oyster show. Let’s sip champagne for a minute to let these oysters settle.”
Laura accepted compliments for her erotic ingenuity. Dan noticed her lipstick smeared with sucking and kissing; he told her so.
“You wouldn’t object to a kiss with smeared lips, would you?”
Dan accepted his wife’s kiss from lips smeared by her lover.
“Me too!” Greg demanded another kiss.
“You’re the trouble maker who smeared my lipstick, but okay, I like kissing you.”
Greg’s kiss was light this time.
“My hair is probably a mess too; someone seemed to have his hands in it. I’ll go freshen up after this glass.”
On return from the ladies room, Laura dribbled horseradish on her next oyster.
“Oh my, Wow, Hot, but good. Try one with some of these sauces. They are good that way too.”
All of the play with oysters, lubricated by champagne interlude, built the friendly and erotic atmosphere Laura wanted. They were having fun together. When only three oysters remained, Laura fed each of her men their last from her lips. She left her last on the platter.
“If I wasn’t such a good and proper girl, I would send one, or both, of you to the men’s room so I could have my last oyster with a special sauce.”
Laura signaled for the waiter to return to take their order.
Everything about dinner was wonderful, the setting perfect for romance, the food unique and flavorful, and the service discreet and flawless. Laura knew she had chosen the right restaurant to join her romantic triad. After initial awkward moments, both men participated in the erotic build up of the night. Dinner was interspersed with kisses and touches; Laura was the focal point of all attention. Eleven o’clock passed before they finished their meal.
Dan had commented earlier about couples dancing on the balcony; Laura wanted to dance. “Greg darling, I danced with Dan in this dress in San Francisco; will you take me out on the balcony for a dance here?”
They danced two songs, close, as lovers. Laura kept her head near Greg’s neck throughout. Returning to their table she spoke softly, “My last oyster is under my napkin by my plate.” At her table she released Greg’s hand and took her husband.
“Your turn Baby, I don’t want to short change my husband.”
Laura danced longer with Dan; they danced until she saw Greg sitting inside once more. She ended Dan’s last dance with a body pressing, lip pressing kiss. Once more she handed off a dance partner to his seat. Her last oyster perched on top of her napkin now. She saw the pearly sauce covering the grey flesh of oyster.
“Thank you Greg, this is a perfect gift to end a romantic dinner with two men I love.”
She showed the cum filled shell, then sucked both cum and oyster into her mouth. Dan looked at his wife astounded; his jaw dropped open.
Laura grabbed Dan behind his head the way Greg had kissed her earlier. She fed Dan the oyster in her mouth. Laura used her tongue to press it on him along with any remaining sperm sauce.
She took her car keys from her purse and gave them to her husband. “Take my car; Greg will bring me home. He can give me the kind of sex I need after our romantic dinner together. He will be better for me tonight, not you. Go, I want some time with Greg now. Go!”
Laura shared a final glass of champagne with Greg as they watched Dan slink away.
“Take me home and fuck my brains out for being such a bitch.”
When the couple arrived home, “Leave that dress in the car; I never want to see it again.”
Greg slapped her ass all the way from the car door to the front door. Laura carried her shoes and purse in hand and bent to receive his slaps. Every blow brought drips from her pussy. Within seconds of opening the front door, Laura found herself face down on the sofa with her ass bent over one arm. She heard Greg’s pants hit the floor before she felt his cock penetrate.
“Yes, fuck me hard, I need it. Fuck your slutty bitch.”
Greg mauled her tits as he violated her. “This is what you wanted; you set Dan up for just this, didn’t you?”
“Yes, yes, just fuck me hard.”
“You used me to fuck your husband. You used my cum in that oyster to fuck him over.”
“Yes, I used him because I need this from you. I need your cock like this; I need what you give me; I need what only you can give me. I wanted you to help me send Dan away. I wanted you to fuck me just like this. I want you to keep fucking me until we can’t fuck anymore.”
Laura’s words spewed into air punctuated by grunts and moans of raw sex.
Finally the excitement and stimulation of events overtook both lovers. Greg thrust hard and slapped his lover as both climaxed. They collapsed in a bundle on the sofa and then Greg rolled to the floor and pulled Laura with him.
“I knew you were going to eat my cum and that oyster. I was hard waiting, watching. When you kissed him and fed him I thought I would blow again, all over my shorts.”
They breathed hard and talked about the evening. Both agreed Laura made a good restaurant choice and they should go again, but as a couple. Greg even agreed that after his initial qualms, he relaxed and enjoyed the light sexual overtones of their threesome. He asked Laura if she preplanned tonight’s explosion with her husband.
“No, not preplanned at all. I was as excited as you that we had fun together. I might have gone home with him. We did drive my car, recall. You won the lady”
“There’s more than that; you were a bitch and you know it.”
“Okay, you won the bitch and you are doing a good job of taming her.”
“Is your ass still sore; I was swatting you long and hard.”
“Mmmmm, yes it is. Thank you for spanking me like that. I needed it, and you got me really wet, open and ready for you.”
“I will fuck you more tonight; I might spank you more too. I meant it when I said I never want to see that dress again. Go put on a gown and robe, one of the really sexy ones. Bring me shorts, a T shirt, and my sandals.”
“Are we going somewhere?”
“Yes, you are going to take that dress back and put it in your closet. I’ll explain as we drive.”
“Dressed like this?”
“Yes, let’s go.”
Dan stirred from his sleep when Laura entered their bedroom. “Sshhhh. Don’t get up. I am just hanging my dress and then going right back out. Greg said he never wanted to see this dress again.”
“Is he downstairs waiting for you?”
“Goodnight Dan, I love you. Sleep well.”
“After all that, all I did tonight, he still left the light on and the door unlocked.”
“Take your robe off; we are going to give your neighbors a thrill.”
Laura stood in a puddle of red nylon under her door light while Greg kissed all over her face and her breasts. When he finally walked Laura back to the car he carried the robe in one hand and gripped her ass firmly with the other.
“I’ll suck your cock right here if that’s what you want. I’ll suck you until you cum right here and right now.”
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