Just Another Tuesday
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I stood looking in the bathroom mirror at a woman who barely resembled the girl I remembered being not only a few hours ago. Her darkly lined jade green eyes sparkled with anticipation and a smile was forming at the corners of her blood red lips, as if she knew something no one else did.
This woman was dark and sensual, her cheeks flushed a deep red in the heat of the small bathroom and she took joy in the fact that her breasts were perfectly cupped in the black lace bra she had just put on.
Tonight was really nothing special. A week ago I had celebrated my twentieth birthday and usually I liked to do something special for my husband, since my birthday just so happened to land on Valentine's Day but this year due to a miscalculated shipping date I had only just received the lingerie I had bought for the occasion, so my plans were blown.That's online shopping for you...
Despite that, it was never too late to spice things up in the bedroom.
I laughed at myself in the mirror and ran my fingers through my dark brown hair trying to tousle it up a bit more. I really didn't look like myself at the moment, more like the very very sexy stripper version of myself. I adjusted the tiny little lace skirt of my French maid outfit and as I did so my heels clicked expectantly against the linoleum.
Placing my hands on the counter I stared long and hard at myself. I still couldn't figure out where the good girl version of me had run off too. She had apparently gone MIA for tonight and I was personally very okay with that.
A shiver ran down my spine as I took in the hungry eyes staring back at me. My heart jumped into my husband was going to love this.
I flicked off the light and gingerly opened the door, stepping into the bedroom where my husband was sitting on the bed, his back turned to me and completely absorbed in the book he was reading .
I laughed to myself, celebrating the perfect opportunity I had before me to sneak up on him. I came up behind him and put my hands over his eyes.
"I have a surprise for you," I whispered into his ear.
He chuckled, a smile forming quickly on his lips.
"Oh ya? What may I ask is this surprise?"
I trailed a kiss down his neck, biting down softy. Before I could reply he grabbed me and tossed me hard onto the bed. The book he had been reading fell to the floor.
I laughed and kept a hold on his arms, pulling him into me and kissing him long and hard.
He pulled away and as he took in my little outfit he smiled deviously, an eyebrow raising in the process. I came up on my elbows pulling myself closer to him, "What do you think?" I said challenging him with my eyes.
He ran a hand up my body and my breathing immediately quickened. He didn't respond but instead pulled me into him and grabbed both my wrists, pinning them above my head and biting down on my neck. I cried out in pleasure and a moan came unexpectedly from my lips, my legs wrapping around his waist. 
His hands were working themselves up my body. He trailed his fingers across my inner thighs, and up over my stomach. He cupped my breasts and pressed himself down in between my legs. I arched my back up against him in response.
I could feel the thoughts in my head getting hazy, in their place pure instinct took over. I fought against him and dug my nails into his back pulling his shirt over his head, and throwing it onto the floor where I was left with nothing less than his perfect body pressed bare against mine.
His lips fell roughly onto mine, overwhelming me with sudden desire. I pulled at his belt, undoing it as he undid the clasp to my bra and took my breast into his mouth, swirling his tongue over my hard nipples. I bit down on my lip as I suppressed the urge to moan.
He knew exactly what to do to work me right over the edge. His hand slipped underneath my panties and he began rubbing my clit in an agonizingly slow motion.
I really couldn't hold back now, I cried out in pleasure. With every moment that passed I could feel myself getting more and more wet.
He trailed kisses down my stomach until his lips were right over my panties. I could feel his breathe, hot and heavy through the thin lacy material. His eyes locked with mine and amusement played across his features as his bit down softy on my inner thigh.
I gripped the sheets and stared back, trying desperately to control my breathing. He moved to my other leg and then a little harder, bit down,as he did so his tongue brushed along the outer seam of my underwear.
Taking the material with his teeth he pulled them from me quickly and set to work in between my legs.
Driving two fingers into me he flicked roughly against my G spot sending me under another wave of passion. I couldn't hold back the moans anymore and I loudly expressed my pleasure. He brought himself down and I could feel his tongue swirling and flicking my clit in a rhythmic yet completely random motion that kept me guessing what he was going to do next.
I ran my fingers through his hair and as I did so pressed myself into his exploring tongue.
"Yes!" I cried out throwing my head back.
"Oh God Yes!"
I held back from the way my body was trying to send into an orgasm. I knew the longer I waited the better it was going to be and I wasn't nearly ready to finish. 
I grabbed at his bicep and pulled him up, as I did so I yanked his jeans and boxers off. He was already extremely hard. Pressing my hands into his chest I pushed him onto his back and before he could protest I had him in my mouth.
I let my tongue roll endlessly over his long hard shaft. Relaxing my throat I took him entirely into my mouth. I held my breath and came down even further, drawing my lips around him. I slowly came up, my tongue dancing along in the process. His fingers tangled into my hair and he gently pressed down.
I knew he wanted more but I wasn't going to let him win, I had complete and total control. I continued as slowly as possible, as I did so locking eyes with him and dragging the tip of my tongue up challenging him to fight back, even though I knew he couldn't while I had him in my mouth.
His breathing became heavier and his fingers dug further and further into my hair. Now I knew it was a waiting game.
Eventually one of us was going to break.
Suddenly I found myself on my back. He was grinding into me sending my stomach into a whole new set of flurries.
Bringing his lips down to my ear he whispered, "You're such a little tease.."
I laughed but the sound quickly turned into a scream of pleasure as he roughly drove himself into me,pounding me over and over until my eyes began to water and roll. I couldn't help the sounds that were escaping from my lips.
He was all over me, his hands running across my breasts and his mouth fiercely attacking mine. His fingers expertly began rubbing circles into my clit. I was losing all control.
"Please..." I begged. "Don't Stop. Oh God!"
My back arched up and I became aware of my fingers digging into the bed sheets as my orgasm overcame me. I let out a long hard moan as wave after wave of pleasure continued to overtake my body. Just when I thought it had ended, a new wave began.
All the while my husband never stopped or slowed down but quickened his pace as I writhed in total pleasure. He pressed himself entirely over me as he finished, then relaxed against my body, his face falling perfectly into the crook of my neck.
We both waited for our breathing to settle and for my shaking to die away. He pressed soft kisses into my neck and then gently pulled his lips into mine. I smiled framing his face with my hand and then trailing my fingers across his back and shoulders.
"Did you like the surprise?" I whispered.
He laughed, kissing me again then whispered back, "I think that won't be the last time we use that outfit."
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